Graduate programs: MSc Tourism and Hospitality

Graduate programs: MSc Tourism and Hospitality

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[music] Statia Elliot:
The Master’s of Science program in Tourism and
Hospitality is a very specialized program. It’s a niche program, very
much focused on research. It’s very suited for
individuals that want to carry on perhaps
in a career in academia. Many go on to
consider their PhD, which we also have here
at the University of Guelph. It makes us unique as a
university in Canada to have that depth
of curriculum. A lot of our students also have
an interest in going on to a career in research in
hospitality and tourism, and really our program will
prepare them for that like no other program. Lena Liang:
Our master’s program is designed for a two-year
program, it varies depending on how you control
your time, so it’s a very flexible program. You don’t have to take up to
two years or you don’t have to take three years to finish it. If you can do it, you
can do it right away. Statia Elliot:
We bring in a small cohort each year, and they’re in very
small classroom settings, which gives them access to
world renowned faculty and those faculty are
actually the professors who are teaching the courses. The first year of their
program they’re undertaking course work, three courses
in the fall, three in the winter, very focused on tourism
and hospitality from faculty who are experts in the area. The second year of the
program they’re undertaking their own research, and it
can be a research program that’s very much focused on
their individual area of interest. This gives them the ability to
customize and delve really deeply into a subject that
they’re very passionate about. We’ve had students
study topics from the appeal of Airbnb, to studies comparing hotel
pricing in Canada and China, to a student who looked at
the issues around terrorism and its impact on travel
these days, and we have a student who looked at
the educational dimensions of Arctic cruising while on
a cruise ship in the Arctic. Lena Liang:
My research topic is on Airbnb and why people
will purchase Airbnb. So people actually care more
about the local experience rather than the price. We were expecting for
the price to be more affecting people to
purchase Airbnb. The professors here are
very insightful and they use lots of very
insightful theories and concepts that we
use in the tourism area. They also offer different
office hours so we can go and visit them, and just talk to
them to get some ideas of what they are doing right now
for their research projects. I think that is very helpful
for me in terms of finding different ideas to get to
know this area more. Statia Elliot:
We’re looking for students that have a real curiosity
in understanding and researching
hospitality and tourism. [music]

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