Harmony of the Seas Packing Hits and Misses

Harmony of the Seas Packing Hits and Misses

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Today’s video is brought to you by our
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your sailing and start your review hey cruisers while the memories of our Royal
Caribbean harmony of the Seas cruise are still fresh in our minds we wanted to
give you a little debrief on how our packing game worked out on this cruise
but if you haven’t already go back and watch our pack with me video for this
particular cruise to get an idea of what we packed so that this hits and misses
video will make more sense it’s linked down below ok so let’s start with the
things that we packed that fell a little flat for us this is the stuff we didn’t
really use or we felt was a waste of space in our carry-on bags for me the
first thing was a dressy shoes on our next Caribbean cruise I might ditch the
fancy formal night shoes and pair my formal night dresses with my everyday
dinner sandals I found the fancies just to be a little bit too uncomfortable
while traversing such a ginormous ship and in this case it was a waste of space
in my suitcase and I felt like my regular dinner shoes were formal enough
also I think we all packed a bit too many clothes for this trip even going
carry-on only my husband and son each pulled out about 5 t-shirts
totally unworn from our suitcases at the end of the cruise and we got home so
next time I think we’ll pack about 25% less in the t-shirt and shorts category
and we also found we didn’t really need our water shoes in the port’s that we
visited we all use them once and they were great but the reality is we
couldn’t easily gone without them based on the activities that we had planned
for this cruise so if you’re visiting rocky or coral lined beach areas take
your water shoes but if not consider ditching them to save precious space in
your suitcase their item I never used on this cruise
was my trusty travel alarm clock Royal Caribbean’s TV screens and our
mobile devices showed the time so we just never pulled out the tried and true
little alarm clock out of our suitcase it’s kind of sad I know another thing I
over packed on this trip was jewelry Caribbean cruises are super casual and I
wore less than half of my bracelets necklaces and earrings on this cruise
I’ll just keep that in mind next time and pack a few of my favorite pieces but
not a whole bunch all right now on to the winds this is the stuff we use daily
and will keep on our must pack list the first little gem is a brand new brand of
sunscreen that we stumbled upon inadvertently from no ad which I’ll link
to down in the description going carry-on only we didn’t pack sunscreen
on the plane and we bought it out of necessity at our hotel gift shop
we loved the tropical scent and the way it works for everyone’s skin in our
family even those of us who are a bit on the sensitive side it’s really good
stuff you guys speaking of Sun and fun we all packed
and wore several swimsuits on this cruise I think three swimsuits is the
magic number for us on a warm weather cruise like this and it made it so that
dry swimsuits were always at the ready for our next big beach adventure now mr.
cruise tips TV is a big fan of hybrid shorts and his three pair of those
turned out to be super functional for him on this Cruise they’re good for
swimming and terrific for bumming around the ship now because this Cruise was so
warm and we were traveling during the summer months we each wore our
flip-flops sandals constantly around the ship in port and for me even on the
airplane I didn’t even wear my sneakers you guys one pair was enough for each of
us but I’m glad we chose worn in comfortable sandals for daily wear now
hats and sunglasses also got daily use on this cruise the Sun was crazy fierce
most of the time so we were glad we were prepared
I found myself reaching for just one particular pair of sunglasses most of
the time so I may leave my second pair at home next time now the next item was
something we discovered we needed on this crew
and that is a shoulder bag I had packed a beach day backpack but our travel
agent surprised us with its cute beach bag on our first day it turns out I used
it in every single port to carry bulky beach towels and then my husband carried
the smaller items in his backpack the pockets in the backpack came in handy
for things like water bottles camera gear spare batteries chapstick sunscreen
stuff like that my wet swimsuit bag here at this little wander wet bag also got a
lot of use on this cruise it’s a favorite of mine so I’ll link it below
it’s from wander wet bags now the last items that we found we needed more than
ever on this cruise we’re a moisturizer and chapstick after long beach in pool
days our skin was pretty parched so we went through a lot of those supplies to
keep our skin and lips hydrated well that’s it for our hits and misses on
this cruise here’s our question of the day for you what is one thing you always
take on a cruise and one thing you’ve packed that you could leave behind let
us know in the comments below and come back soon for more vlog Tober
Fest goodness until tomorrow we’ll see on the high seas

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  1. LOVE your videos! Iโ€™m going on my first cruise one month from tomorrow! I have to admit.. Iโ€™m addicted to this channel ๐Ÿšขโค๏ธ

  2. On our recent Alaska cruise I wore everything I took. Some of the other items not so much. Mostly cabin stuff. I didn't wear all of my jewelry either because I was still recovering from an injury and couldn't manage it.

  3. I love my crossbody little red purse since I have to carry medication on me and I can hang it on the handle of my scooter. I took too many magnets. This ship had more hanging spots than expected.

  4. yea.. after my 4th RCI cruise i gave up packing for formal stuff…as the only gal in the testorone valley, the boys and their dad lived in 3 shorts, 2 pants and couple shirts. I just stick with 3 dresses, skirts and interchangeable tops..2 pairs of shoes each max . Great video!

  5. Shoes are always the hardest to pack for us. Dont want to go with too few but dont want to take too many. I think it is always about finding multi use shoes that will work is many scenarios. Gotta keep searching.

  6. I always pack way too many โ€œoutfitsโ€ and not enough lounge shorts and t shirts. I never want to wear my put together outfits when I have pool/ocean water and sunscreen on my skin.

  7. Hi, Sheri! You are so adorable! Did you miss your magnets & magnetic hooks? I know you specifically said you were not taking them this trip. I'm trying to filter my "useful" items for our cruise to the Bahamas in 2 weeks.

  8. Needed and bought a smaller beach bag that had a soft rope handle. The large one was unnecessary and the handle was painful on my shoulder

  9. My husband and I are going on our first cruise on carnival in 2021. Your videos have helped us alot. We are gonna be "Cruisers"!! Yah!! Thank you and Mr Cruise tips TV for your videos. Ps- I love your hat. ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ–

  10. Good afternoon! I packed a curling iron in my carry on and never used it so that will be something I won't pack again. We go on a gospel cruise and they had it where it was more casual dress- so I won't need to bring as many dress skirts- I can wear my jean skirts. I always seem to pack to many tops even though I re wear and mix and match with my skirts. I do kinda regret the carryon I bought- it's a travelon brand underseater and you can't get much in it- it has all these pockets(plastic) inside but I found unusable for the most part or you will have trouble zipping up your carryon- wish I had bought a different type- more like what I see you using would of been better I think.

  11. I always pack way too many clothes… one thing I always take is my kindle for those lazy times at the beach and pool

  12. I agree, I packed to many Heels tried that, pain.Thanks for you're take.# large cross body works.๐Ÿ›ณ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ’š pack to many clothes. # Chill vibes

  13. Only been on one cruise so far, got 2 more booked. I more or less used everything I packed in a eBags Motherlode Junior backpack on a 5-night cruise, but would leave behind one of two books, and leave out 2 pairs of socks since sink laundry was easy. When you're packing light, every item has to earn the right to put weight in your bag.

  14. I always take over the counter meds for a variety of ailments. Those are pricey on board. Also bandaids and some antibiotic ointment. The one thing I have discovered I could do without is jewelry to match every outfit. I keep it very simple now. No one cares if I wear the same necklace the whole trip! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I wore my sparkly flip flops for formal night LOL. I wore my sport sandals the rest of the time. I made water "slippers" which were nice on the hot pool deck.
    We've really pared down over the years. There was nothing this time that i said i wish i hadn't brought! A first! Although I wish i didn't have to take my heating pad and ice pack!

  16. One thing we always take are our 2 portable bedside fans… great for white noise and air movement. We definitely didn't bring enough (any) cold meds!! Had to buy from the shop and spent a fortune on it. Next cruise I'll look like a cold med drug trafficker! My wife didn't use her hair dryer but if the one in the cabin didn't work or worked poorly, she was prepared!

  17. Awwwwww! Mrs. CCTV thanks for your educational channel. Hope you go back to DOLLAR TREE because so many of the items you own, I've got a DT version of! Anyway… I ALWAYS bring a few flameless votive candles (yes from DOLLAR TREE) to place around my cabin at night. I travel (solo, btw) on NCL so no need for formal attire, but I've learned to also ditch the dressy shoes for the same reason as you. Also next time I pack, I will force myself to remove a few items of clothing because invariably something ends up not being worn. Thanks again!!

  18. I always take my Birkenstocks can not live without them
    I couldโ€™ve left behind some of my earrings because I wore the same earrings the whole time after the first night where the pair I was wearing one of the, fell off and idk where it is. But I only needed that one pair

  19. Best tips ever! I went to the Symphony last month and pack to many dresses, now for Oasis of the Seas in January, Iยดm gonna take your advise that we can wear the same dress in the night and for the next day. Also I left my dress shoes, where not necessary. I agree with you on the jewelry, I pack a lot too!

  20. I took a lot of "what if" stuff on my first cruise and ended up wasting money and packing space. I don't even use those items in my daily life! I guess it was the excitement of going. Next time, I'm doing carry on only and making my cruise a more relaxing experience. I agree about the shoes. I took new, fancy shoes the last time and they killed my feet.

  21. Totally with you on the shoes. I always bring something too fancy for walking around the ship that I never end up wearing. My one essential is a comfy fly-home outfit that I put aside specifically so I don't have to pick through the 'leftovers' at the end of the cruise!

  22. Hello to the Cruise Tips TV family – my family and I have only been on one short (3 night) cruise so far and are preparing for our second 13 night cruise in January. I love both your channels and I have learnt so much – thank you. On my first cruise the things I needed was kids pain medication (had to buy onboard $$$), clothes to join in the (white night) theme evening, a small crossbody bag to carry essentials (I lost my prescription sunglasses! $$), seas sickness tablets for my daughter, and a sleeping "aid" – I loved the rocking of the ship but couldn't sleep!. In terms of what I needed and used a lot, I think a light weight jersey drape cardigan. If I had discovered your channel sooner I am sure my first cruise would gone a lot smoother! Hopefully see you guys one day on the high seas!!

  23. The things I could leave behind are the 'just in case' items and I always pack monochromatic clothes that I Can mix and match with each other – bonus points if they are quick dry or are dark to hide stains and accidents

  24. Best thing was a small dollar store cross body purse that could hold my phone, hair accessories, lipstick, cabin card etc for when I am at the pool or when I am at dinner. I could have left out some of my shoes…I pack too many!

  25. Off to Norway next week and going right up north so am packing a mixture of clothes so can layer up. Winter clothing takes up double the suitcase space of summer clothes.

  26. I only wear one "fancy" pair of 2" heeled, sparkly flip flops that work for port days and formal nights. They are nudish-gold and go with EVERYTHING yet are super comfortable. I also only wear my fav earrings, necklace and bracelet the whole trip. I love never having to think about what shoes or jewelry to wear! My hubby still brings too many t-shirts, since he always buys them at port stops. Next time two should be sufficient.

  27. I leave behind formal wear and bring only 1 extra pair of shoes. I try to never forget my chargers for electronics.

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