Help Me Plan My EXTRAVAGANT Thanksgiving Party

Help Me Plan My EXTRAVAGANT Thanksgiving Party

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– What’s up you guys? Okay, I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before, but if you don’t know already my favorite holiday ever, of
all times, is Thanksgiving. So we do it big over
here at Chateau Houghton. I throw a huge party for all
of my friends and family. This one is going to be the
biggest and the best one ever. Can you tell that I’m
excited? I’m mad excited. Shout out to Rakuten for
sponsoring this video. So, to show you guys
how I plan my parties, literally from the beginning, we have yet to discuss this at all, you’re gonna watch the entire process of how I put together
the theme, the creative, how we make it happen, how
we bring my ideas to life. (upbeat music) so today is the day that I am meeting with my incredible event
planner from Sweet Life Events. It is Kim Carrion. Hey girl, hey. – Hey, how are you?
– How are you? I’m so glad you’re here.
– Good to see you. Thank you for having me. – One of the most important
things to us when party planning is figuring out a budget, and also deciding where
are we gonna splurge, and where are we gonna save? (cash register ringing)
Ding, Ding, Ding. Let’s save our money, people. So I love to use Rakuten because hello, they have the largest cash back program. You literally can use
their app, their website. Some of you may actually
know it as Ebates. They literally just changed their name. It is also a Chrome extension,
which is super cool, and they have over 3,000 retailers. So when you’re planning your party, you can use them in so many different ways to literally buy stuff, and then, what? Get cash back. That is the key. I want money back.
– It’s amazing. – ‘Cause if I’m gonna be spending, what am I getting from this? – It’s more for the budget. – Exactly. You can get cash back too by clicking the link in my description. It’ll take you to, and guess what? You’ll get a $10 welcome
bonus for signing up. So, let’s start with outside. What’re we gonna do for the entrance? ‘Cause my party starts as
soon as you hit that gate. I wanted to do a vintage
Southwestern harvest carnival. Does that make sense at all? – Yes, I get it. – Do you know what I mean?
– Yes. – So, like I want it to
feel like when they walk in, even though my house doesn’t feel very Southwestern carnival, how can we– – It doesn’t matter, we will transform it however you want it. – I know, you will transform it however. This woman is like a magician, people. So this year, guys, when
I tell you my whole family is coming from New York City, I’m talking about my Titi’s, my Theos, my primos and primas, my sister, the kids. This is the first time Israel’s
mom is gonna be with us, and I kind of wanted to pay homage to her, being from Santa Fe, New Mexico. So, when I’m talkin’ about Southwestern, have you done any research,
what is Southwestern? – You threw me for a
complete loop. (laughing) I was thinking more your
white, gold carnival, something colorful this year, but we can definitely go the– – Maybe we can go white gold. Okay, let’s sit, what do we
think our theme should be? ‘Cause I’m willing to change. – I love the carnival theme. – Love the carnival theme. – Love the Southwest thing also. – Like a harvest festival carnival. A harvest vintage festival? A harvest vintage carnival. – Western. – Do we still wanna go western? Guys, in the comments below, we’re gonna do it regardless, but I’m just curious if you
think my theme is whack. Now the reason I’m
adding the carnival part is because we’re gonna
have so many children here. My nieces are gonna be here and I just wanna give them an experience that feels like Titi’s Thanksgiving
is freaking Disney land. – So with the carnival, and
giving them Disney Land, I think we should definitely
go with a ferris wheel, some rides, some things that they can use. Last time we did pumpkin bowling. We did a lot of activities for the kids. – Yeah, she literally
set up different stations for different activities for the kids. But you guys, Kim just said, I’m gonna get a ferris
wheel, which I’ve been asking her since last year.
– She wanted one last year. – And I did not get one last year. It was a lot. I had to
figure out my budget, people. I tell you this, we’re
working on the savings part. – How about we create a whole
carnival station right here with games.
– With games? – [Kim] So the kids can play from here. – Bobbing for apples.
– Yes. – What is the thing where you
hit something with the water? – Yes, exactly what I was thinking. I don’t know what it’s called, but that’s exactly what I was thinking. – I was still trying to figure out what we were gonna do with this section, and I was like, what if we made it like all the classic food stations. So we were gonna do a
popcorn person, obviously, you’ll have different types of popcorn. Carmel corn, then you’ll
have cheese popcorn, all different popcorn. Then you’ll have candy
apples, Carmel apples, candy apples, cotton candy
stands, all that good stuff. And then, what you gonna say, tell me? – All vintage carts. – All in vintage carts. So it’ll all look vintage style, and it’ll still not look
like cheesy carnival, but like aesthetically chic. Who gave the advice that
I should do a petting zoo? Oh, our sound guy here, he was like, “Yo, the only thing you’re
missing is a petting zoo.” Go ahead Kim, tell him that
you wanted to do it last year. – I wanted to do it last year, but Adrienne wasn’t a
fan of the petting zoo. She wasn’t not really
into the little animals. – I was like, me, the little animals, I’m not sure how this is gonna go. – But this year, since
we’re talking carnival, circus, vintage, I mean, I
think we should go bigger. Elephants, giraffes. – A elephant? Wait, Kim, you actually
could bring a elephant here? – Yes, we can bring whatever you want. I’ve had lions, I have
tigers, I’ve had giraffes. – Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. (Kim laughs) Let’s see where a elephant might be waiting for us in the foyer. Okay, so this is the actual entrance. If people decide to come
through the front door, what do we think we wanna do here? – Well, since we usually
don’t have a lot of guests come in this way I think we should not spend too much money here. – Got it, this is where we’ll
definitely be saving money because it’s just a walk through space. I think you also have to consider, where are people actually gonna spend the most of their time. But our foyer, what’re we thinking? – It’s more of a walk through, so maybe we’ll add some white pumpkins, some gold pumpkins, some candles, and we’ll just lead it straight up to where the fun’s really gonna happen. – Boom, let’s head to the fun. (upbeat music) Okay, so this is where all the
action is gonna be happening. This is definitely where
everyone hangs out. We’re actually having dinner up top. So this is the main
focal point of our party. – Last year, we did out here, a lot too. We had thousands of pumpkins,
we had a flower mart cart. – I got crazy with it. You literally took this rose garden down, and it was just a full pumpkin patch. And then we created this stunning arch. Oh my god, the arch that you made. – [Kim] The floral arch. It had branches, it had
leaves, it had florals, it was amazing. – I was missing the New York foliage, so she literally brought it to Bel Air. My struggle back here this
year is how do we top that? What do you have in mind? – Okay, so I am thinking
we definitely gonna get rid of all this furniture this year. I’m thinking since we’re gonna go with a vintage glam carnival,
and you want white and gold, I think we should bring
in some white furniture. – You also said that if we didn’t wanna actually bring in furniture,
obviously for budget purposes if it would easier to match
whatever your color theme is, you can also do what, covers? – You can always do covers. You can get some sheets, some material, and cover your own furniture
that you already have. – Such a smart tip. – And it just gives it
a whole different look. – So when we do our
budget we’ll figure out if we’re bringin’ in furniture or are we just coverin’
what we have, okay? I also really wanted to think about, what are the activities that
are gonna be happening here, and what is our entrance gonna be like going to our dinner at
the top of the hill? I know, we’re like legit thinking, guys. This is not pre planned.
– This is on the spot. – This is on the spot.
– This theme is brand new. – This is a real meeting
that we’re having. – We just went from Southwest to glam. – Okay, I have the craziest idea. Is there any way to stream
lights all the way across from those balconies up
top to something here. I don’t know if you
could put like fallows, or what do you wanna put, like sticks? – We would create it from each corner, and then we run the lines all across. – What holds those? – We can either run it from the balconies to some tresses on this end, or we can put tresses on
each corner of the backyard and they all can meet in the
center, or they can run across. – I think I want that. – Definitely. I think that would just
make the night so magical with just stars above us. – And that’s when the twinkle
lights come into play. – Okay, now where’s my elephant
(Kim laughs) coming in? ‘Cause now you got me
thinkin’ about this elephant, and I kinda wanna elephant now. A little baby elephant? Okay, I like that, right? – I do too. – Where do we put the baby elephant? Like, where does he hang out? Where does he meet and greet the children? – We’ll have definitely have
to create an area for him so that he’s not– – I feel realistically that’s
feels like more like a area where he would be. Oh my god, I have a genius idea. – Tell me. – ‘Cause really, kids wanna take a picture that they’ll have forever
in their families. So maybe that’s our photo
op area with the elephant. – Yes. – Isn’t that gonna be good? – I love it. – Okay, so that’s what’s
gonna happen over there. So, let me explain a bit more
of how we do Thanksgiving here in our house. We do breakfast, me and my mom, and all the ladies in my
family put on our aprons that say our names on them, and then at 10:00 am it’s
time to get down to cooking. To me, that’s like my
favorite part of Thanksgiving, is actually being in
the kitchen with my fam. You saw us. – Her moms were there.
– They were here setting up. My mom is there. Like we are literally throwing down. The men last year actually
made the stuffing. So we do that and then we
get dressed for dinner. Dinner is at 3 o’clock ,
and dinner is served up top. We have servers and we have menus. We need menus this year again. And while we go around the table saying what we’re thankful for, people are receiving their dinner plates that are exactly what they
picked off of their menu. So we actually do a little
cheers before we go up. We do a prayer down here by the bar, and it’s just our immediate family that does this sit down dinner,
it’s about 20, 25 people. We have our private family dinner, and at 6 o’clock the
doors open to everyone. Sadly, in Hollywood a lot
of people come out here to pursue their dreams, but
this is not where they’re from, this is not where their families live, and most people go home
for Christmas holidays but they’re here alone for Thanksgiving. And we had so many friends
that were experiencing that, and me and Israel just said one year, “Let’s open our doors and
invite them to come here “and make them our family.” And it’s been that way
for the last three years. I told you all about this meal, now let me take you up
to where it all happens. Join us. Okay, I’m gonna let Kim explain the magic that she created for this table. And I know for so many of us, we try to do, it’s called
tablescaping, right? Amazing tablescaping for our Thanksgiving. All of us have tables in our house. This is literally something
that so many of us could do. She got super creative with it. So let’s get all the tips and tricks. What did we create for
Thanksgiving last year? So last year we had a full floral runner that ran from that side of the table all the way down to the very end. It cascaded completely down
to the bottom of the floor. In between all the
flowers we had pumpkins. We had gold pumpkins. – [Adrienne] And they were all like, were they spray painted gold? – [Kim] They were spray painted gold. – So all of our pumpkins were gold. Now again, that’s something
that you could do. Get pumpkins, spray paint them gold. Get cash back for it. You know what I’m saying? – We just added all kinds of pampas grass. – Pampas grass, guys, that
is so in style right now. Everyone’s obsessed with it. I’ve seen it all over Instagram. Like literally everyone
is adding that pampas in the entrance of their foyers for decor. It is so the it thing right now. I honestly don’t know how
you’re gonna out do last year. What are we going to do this year? – We should definitely go with
white pumpkins, of course. – White pumpkins, okay. I’m just putting it out there, you guys, I can’t wait to do the
episode that shows you how all of this went, or
post pictures and videos ’cause you’re gonna be like, “Wait, what? “The transformation is insane.” Now one of the main things though is like, you get the decor
together, you get all that, the next thing is now, “Well
the place looks amazing, but what am I gonna look like?” deciding what you’re
wearing for Thanksgiving is a whole other mission, people. So literally this year I’m going all out, splurging on the actual party, but oh this girl is gonna be
on a budget for her outfit. You know, I love high and
low, and for my outfits I always love to find a great bargain. So I literally went on Rakuten’s website. You can go to where their clothing is, Express is on there, Macy’s is on there. Your girl needs options,
so I got multiple options of cute outfits, and then once we put the whole party together
I’ll figure out which one looks the best with the decor. Listen, I’m all about a theme, people, so my outfit has to go
with the background, has to go with my tablescape. So I love that. I definitely wanted cash
back on my outfit, okay? You can get cash back too by clicking the link in my description. It’ll take you to, and guess what? You’ll get a $10 welcome
bonus for signing up. You can even get additional,
double or triple, savings on top of black Friday and cyber Monday. And the cool thing is that it’s
completely free to sign up. You know you’re gonna be right there. – I’m signing up for sure. – What’s my outfit for
Thanksgiving, people? What’s my look gonna be? So now that we know what the theme is, now that we know that I got
options of what I’m gonna wear, we’re just gonna go over the
details of it now, right? There’s so much more to discuss but I’m so glad that you
guys kinda have an idea of what my incredible
Thanksgiving is going to be like. I can’t wait to show them the pictures. – I can’t wait for you guys
to see it come to life. – When you guys see how it comes together and comes to life, you’re
gonna be like, “What!” – And she makes my job so easy. She already knows what she wants, so. – She makes all my visions come true. – Come to life.
– I love it. I love it. Thanks for Rakuten for
sponsoring this video. I can’t wait to see what you’re
doing for your Thanksgiving. Give me some tips and tricks below. Don’t forget to subscribe to see how all of this comes together. Love you guys! (lips smacking) (soft upbeat music)

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