Holiness of Goa | Episode 1 | Travel Vlog | Watch Goa at its best | Tripping Wheels

Holiness of Goa | Episode 1 | Travel Vlog | Watch Goa at its best | Tripping Wheels

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Hey guys! So, we are all set. This is Saurabh That’s Peri I am PD Peri’s Bike That’s my bike But where are we going? Shhh… We are on our way to Goa which is around 570 Kms from Bangalore Highway is really smooth so I think we should hit Goa by evening. Now we are in Maollem We reached Goa yesterday night. After 12 hours of ride 568 Kms of a stretch It’s 9 in the morning now and we are really hungry We are here to have some breakfast Let’s get some breakfast and then we will start for Anjuna Right now we are at Anjuna We booked a room here Not a room actually, some beds since this is a backpacker’s hostel We are budget travelling we need to save some money Most of the time you will be out of your stay so it’s better to save money there We will give you a room tour after that we are going to Chhapora Fort Now we are at Chhapora fort The sun is setting Chhapora fort is in the northern part of Goa This fort was built because the coastline and surroundings is visible It’s a safe location to keep a watch on the enemy Portugese ruled here The Marathas were here Some 16 years back Aamir, Saif and… Akshay Khanna came here and Dil Chahta Hai was shot here That;s the location Where the Dil Chahta Hai’s iconic frame was shot I think now we’ll go to Curlies? We’ll go to Anjuna, we’ll roam around let’s see what we get there BRING ON THE NIGHT We came back to our stay in Anjuna They are setting up a Barbeque here They have some nice music playing Good music Barbecue and optimum temperature beer What’s better than that so we are at our stay in Anjuna and we met this guy Sanjeev! from Mumbai It’s his 15th trip to Goa, in last one year So Sanjeev, 15 times to Goa!! How do you manage it man? Well just sneak out from the house that’s it What do you love about Goa? The best thing I like here is wake up in the morning and go for a run at the beach I like to stay at hostels I get to meet people like you Right now we are at Baga And aaj HOLI HAI People are playing Holi Clicking selfies and few have gone too wild It’s quite happening here So, if you haven’t been to Baga, please do How many times have you been to Goa? I’ve been here 11 times 1st time Coming back next year 1st time no, 2nd time actually last time didn’t get to see much Came with my wife that’s why Maybe, 80 times 80 times??? 3 times an year for 24 years What do you like about Goa? Everything The people are nice The food’s nice The beaches are nice everything is really nice Culture is awesome everybody is free-minded everybody is lively Ashwin Beach is very nice Arambol Beach is very nice Vagator Normally we come up to the beach everyday! and in the evening go to a nice restaurant What’s the craziest thing you have done in Goa? Nearly crashed a bike Nearly fell of a bike we went to a jungle book and I sat on top of an elephant and it gave me a massive shower Probably the craziest thing was going to a Holi party and there was paint, and eggs and water everywhere You only live once? False You live everyday You only die once Live for today Yesterday is gone Tomorrow may never come Shhhhhh Came to celebrate Holi especially in Goa Why so? Because, Holi in Goa is different The very colour here is different

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