Holiness of Goa | Episode 2 | Travel Vlog | Watch Goa at its best | Tripping Wheels

Holiness of Goa | Episode 2 | Travel Vlog | Watch Goa at its best | Tripping Wheels

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So we came here mostly because of two reasons No1: It’s quite an under-rated place there is absolutely nobody here And the 2nd reason is they say it’s a haunted place but apparently the view is really nice. So let’s see if we can talk to some ghosts we will take some interview We woke up to a quiet morning in Goa. Hostel was empty, people were gone Holi was over. When everyone left for their offices we were now wondering what we would do for the remaining days? till now we witnessed Goa’s holi, met Goa’s people who come here from far off to roam and chill. Now we will hit Goa’s streets Churches of Goa, hills of Goa Goan fish, Goan market, Goan FENI Till now we were at Anjuna, which is in the northern part of Goa Now we will head towards the southern part of Goa and explore the city there Big foot got it’s name from the impression of the foot of a man who, as the legend goes, once prayed here on one foot for years, leaving a mark on the rock. It is essentially a miniature Goan village built to recreate the rural life of old days in Goa The Goa we know and the Goa they showed us are poles apart. Throughout the way we came across signboards saying, “World’s most dangerous animal is this way” Although, there was nothing dangerous about the place. Instead, what we found was a mirror in a cage. These are the world’s most dangerous animals. After Lautolim we turned back towards north. this time to visit the oldest Church in Goa The Basilica of Bom Jesus Basilica is a major tourist attraction and also a UNESCO world heritage site. which is aptly acknowledged because of the grandeur of the Roman architecture and it’s charming interiors. Consecrated in May 1605, Basilica is home to the mortal remains, of St Francis Xavier. Basilica is a beautiful marvel but it was too crowded and we were looking for some PEACE What do you do here? Fish Shrimps Little shrimps Nobody visits this place? Many people come But only on one day eve of January 6th BIG FEAST Only on one day. Sleep here, dance wildly, do anything. Enjoy the Life We sleep nearby only at night The event which he was talking about was the day known as The Three Kings day. which is celebrated every year on 6th of Jan. BUT, we didn’t come here for this reason they say it’s a haunted place as you can see there is nobody absolutely nobody The name of the place is Three Kings Chapel Three Kings Chapel is claimed to be one of the most haunted places in Goa. We came up across dozens of blogs which tell us a dark story of this place. There were three Kings Neither of the three went along well All three wanted to rule the territory All three wanted their dominance in the region So one of the kings, once invited the other two for dinner. but he had poisoned the food The other two kings died but, when the villagers heard of this then they came out in numbers to protest This made the third King nervous and he committed suicide. and they say that the ghosts of the three kings still haunt the place So; If you want to experience paranormal activities DO NOT come here because you won’t find any But do come here to watch the sunset Bet your spirit would not want to leave this place. After Goa sightseeing, we three headed back to our hostel. expecting no company at all But to our surprise, we met 4 backpackers from Europe. Ray Emily Simon Lia From a tiny island of Jersey now backpacking in South Asia for 18 months. My name is Ray Like ray of sunshine -What do you do? Nothing. Travel I come from Jersey It’s a tiny little island in between England and France Our population is 1 hundred thousand -Tech parks of Bangalore have that population It’s 9×5 miles in area and i have lived there my whole life Pretty much and if you don’t know someone, your friend knows them or your friend’s sister We went to Sri Lanka for a month and then the next half of the trip was India spent 3 months here and the next place we will go to is Nepal after that, will go most of South Asia We haven’t actually planned the trip yet it’s just kind of an..idea So you quit your job and you are backpacking? Yeah, I quit my job sold my stuff, sold my car have actually nothing left in my name apart from my backpack We don’t have any commitments at the moment so it’s always been like a goal for us to go travelling What’s the most bizarre thing you have seen in India that stumped you? One of the first things were the cows They are evereywhere It;s scary the other day and my friends were like, RAY There was a cow running at me THIS close behind me That is just something I would have never experienced. The driving is INSANE There is NO logic We rented a car it didn’t’ crash but honestly I just don’t understand how How you can do it? and just do it so relaxed! The people are accustomed to it This is what I find here because the driving is more like erratic everyone is a 100 times more aware so I haven’t seen any crashes or anything It was more me I was worried about like my driving skills The only other thing I would say is.. People’s selling technique They’re hard sellers over here They don’t let you say NO for an answer I ended up buying the weirdest things i just don’t need but I bought it anyway I just can’t say No for an answer Being English is like crazy polite and I find it so difficult to say NO to people I have got myself into situations like I am standing at a shop and there are 9 people around me like there’s jewellery on my arms, on my hair! Honestly, there were crazy situations Goa is CRAZY! And we also met a solo backpacker, who stays here for free, in return of her voluntary work at this hostel. When I am travelling, I am not really thinking that OH, I wanna go and see the sunrise from a cliff I am thinking that I wanna see the culture, the food habits meet the people stay for more than a week so, that’s how I came up with this concept of volunteering where I get to stay in a place rent free What challenges have you faced so far, while backpacking? I am budget traveller I don’t really travel by air I take local trains sometimes I go in the general compartment so the problem for me is I wanna go to the bathroom, where do I keep my backpack? so I am in the bathroom, and my backpack is here and the train is moving and I am trying to do my business For our final day in Goa Panchali suggested us to visit a sweet water lake at Arambol beach! And beachside lake is something, we never witnessed before. So off we were next morning and parked somewhere in the streets of Arambol. We followed a narrow path, which led us through shops and cafes of all kinds And after walking around for 20 mins, we were finally at our destination. Right now we are at Arambol beach One of the beaches in the northern most part of Goa You definitely should visit this place it’s a beautiful place Right in between coconut trees a fresh water lake! Imagine how cool is that So this was GOA where you find people from all over the world who come to wash away their routine, with the waves of the ocean, to dive in absolute liberty and freedom to find a lost path to create memories So, we will come back here again to the same old places with much more enthusiasm and surrender ourselves completely to the Holiness of Goa

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  1. This is a really nice edit. India is a place I have been wanting to visit for such a long time. You have captured the essence of the place really well. I appreciate videos like this as it motivates me to get more active and create more content! All the best on your future adventures. Peace.

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