Holland, Michigan: Things to Do on Summer Vacations

Holland, Michigan: Things to Do on Summer Vacations

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Holland, Michigan, is a historic community
with deep Dutch roots and lots of charm, but with its own style and American flavor. Located
within close proximity to Canada, this makes for a perfect spontaneous trip or planned
vacation. Friendly, clean, and filled with fun activities, Holland has an array of venues
to entertain and inspire the senses. Hello, I am Shannon. Thousands of tourists
visit Holland each year to discover why Downtown Holland has earned the “Great American Main
Street” award, and I am thrilled to be one of them today. Join me as we discover Holland’s
rich Dutch cultural heritage, gorgeous Lake Michigan beaches and an eclectic downtown
district. With its beautiful architecture and fantastic
shopping, dining, and numerous festivities year round, downtown Holland creates a thriving
center that is both hip and historic. On Thursday evenings in the summer, you can even watch
30 different street performers in 30 different locations!
Shopping is a must when visiting Holland. Between the exceptional boutiques downtown,
the antique malls, and neighboring retail centers, you can find quality merchandise
and fashion for reasonable prices. There are also plenty of restaurants, pubs
and coffee shops to enjoy in downtown Holland. Pick your flavor and indulge! Your visit to Holland isn’t complete without
exploring its Dutch cultural highlights and history. Windmill Island Gardens is a swirl
of colors and history to behold. The only authentic operational Dutch windmill in the
United States, this is a special treat not to miss. Enjoy a guided tour through the grounds
from your host in traditional Dutch attire. The view from the deck is spectacular with
36 acres of manicured gardens, dikes and canals to behold.
A perfect summer destination for some beach fun, Lake Michigan offers gorgeous sunsets
and a beautiful coastline. Come take a swim and sunbathe, boat or just enjoy the view
and a picnic. Holland State Park is bustling with excitement
and beach activities. Enjoy the many water sports available on the lake with convenient
rentals for kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddle boards available. You can also visit nearby
Tunnel Park, where you’ll pass through the unique tunnel dug into the towering sand dunes
that leads directly to the lakeshore. I have loved the historical, natural and creative
aspects of this beautiful community. This is truly a hip American town bursting with
beauty and charm; plan your visit to Holland, Michigan today!

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  1. Lol downtown is alright but you should go visit Grand Rapids downtown! Oh and if you're in holland going down 136th st you should go to the one stop liquor store, they have some snacks and alcohol lolololol

  2. '
    pretty lady on this video…
    in the city of holland must be FREE FREE parking lot anyday anytime anywhere…
    no no fee parking meters / no no parking services validations / no no parking validations machines meters

  3. I lived here in the 70s; I had friends who were Dutch but they didn't care; they were Americans; the Dutch culture is all hype and very commercial; after your first year, reality sets in and you see the place has big problems; it's a nice place to pass through; very pretty, some nice people, 20% of the people are Hispanic but you won't find any in this video. Holland has its crime, and you don't see Dutch people walking around in clogs and pigtails, the population is transient because of Hope College and the factories that reside here; lots of legal immigrants live and work in Holland, and come and go between the southwest and the north. It was once a small town where everyone trusted each other and Hope College was really fun, Skyles Tavern, The Hitching Post Diner, it was great, hope it's as much fun, I miss it, for what it was back then. Many of my friends left by the 80s because of the rise of mass shootings, a few, I heard. Gun violence supposedly rose up. The police took good care, and the place is all right now.

  4. very nice I love dutch peaple 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😎😎😎

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