How I Express Creativity – My Favorite Crafty Mediums | @laurenfairwx

How I Express Creativity – My Favorite Crafty Mediums | @laurenfairwx

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You may have noticed over the years that
I like making craft projects in a lot of different mediums. By request, I’m going
to talk about some of my favorite ways to make things and also share with you
some of the mediums that I’ve been eyeing lately that I hope to try out
soon. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve enjoyed learning new ways to make things and
every year or so, I find myself just completely obsessing over tutorials and
supplies for a new medium that I want to learn. Even though it takes a fair amount
of time to learn and develop all of these new skills, if I hadn’t tried them
in the first place, I never would have discovered my favourites. Sometimes I
have this urge to create something and my current skill set just doesn’t do the
idea justice. By learning new skills, I’m able to kind of keep quenching that
creative thirst. So I’m going to start off with a bunch of my favorite mediums
that I love to create in. Probably the one that I’m best known for is sewing
plush toys. I started doing this back in 2010, but it was something that I had
wanted to do for a really long time. I’ve just always loved plush toys and as I
got older, it became more and more apparent that I just needed to learn how
to make them because they make me super happy! They’re soft and cute and I
finally just sat down and taught myself how to do it. I got a sewing machine, not
this, one a much less expensive one that broke less than a year later, but anyway,
I started out by designing my own patterns which is kind of backwards, I
feel like people usually start out by using other people’s patterns and then
learn how to design their own, but I just had these specific ideas for what I
wanted, so I just created them myself. I have a bunch of DIY tutorials right here
on my youtube channel where you can learn how to make some of the plushies
that I’ve designed and I also sell a bunch of the plushies that I make on my
Etsy shop which is called Fairweather Friends. I’ve also been really into
journaling as a way to express my creativity. I was really really into
journaling when I was in Middle School and high school, I pretty much wrote in a
journal every day for like five or six years. Certain times in my life, I’ve
stopped and started again and so lately I’ve been on a really big journaling
kick. I’ve been writing in a traveler’s notebook every single day and also
taking it when I travel and writing about the trips that I’m on. I’ve also
been bullet journaling to help keep myself organized and I just really like
journaling! I like working on my handwriting and practicing hand
lettering in the journals and just documenting my life so I remember the
things I want to remember. And for me, there’s just
something about writing with a pen on paper that I don’t really get to do that
much outside of journaling. Another medium that I enjoy working in is making
crafts out of felt and incorporating a little bit of embroidery. Felt is
really easy to find, it’s available in a ton of colors, it’s not that expensive,
and one thing that’s really great about working with felt is that it does not
stretch so I’ve been making like these little felt pins and I’ve made all kinds
of felt accessories and I’ve been practicing my embroidery on felt crafts
as opposed to like, on fabric in a hoop and I really like it. I also find that
it’s much quicker to design for felt than it is to design for, you know, the
other kinds of fabric that I make my plushies out of, so it’s kind of
refreshing to take a break from making plushies and just work with felt
for a little while. One thing that I’ve really been enjoying
lately is making buttons. I bought this super-heavy button press a
long time ago and I just kind of recently rediscovered it and so I’ve
been making so many buttons. Initially when I started, I would design the whole
button on my computer and then print out the sheet of button pieces and then cut
them out and just make them right into buttons from there. But I don’t really
like having to buy a lot of colorful ink for my printer, it’s super expensive. So
one thing that I’ve been doing lately is just doing like a little hand lettered
design, shrinking it down, printing it out in black and white, and then cutting them
out and then I go through magazines and find pages with lots of color and then I
cut the buttons out of those magazine pages and glue the hand lettered piece
on top. So I get a lot of color without using a ton of printer ink. I feel like
they look more professional because nothing colorful ever really looks that
good coming out of my printer, which is not a fancy printer at all. And then as a
result, every single one looks completely different because the backgrounds are
completely unique. Really nice button presses are really expensive, I would not
have purchased one for myself if I didn’t know that I was you know, about to
go on a tour and I could probably sell 300 of them without any problems, but if
you’re thinking about getting one and I’ll link to the one that I have in the
video description below, you may want to think about maybe splitting it with a
group of friends and sharing it so that you all can kind of work on it. The
button pieces themselves are really inexpensive, which is helpful. and one
more medium that I’m really into is card-making. I love that when somebody’s
birthday is coming up, I could just like make
them a card cause I’m really a procrastinator.
I always forget to buy people cards for their birthday and so I’m always like,
pulling card stock out of my supply stash and just making them by hand on
the spot and I really like doing that. I feel like people really enjoy handmade
cards and I’ve also done a bunch of fun tutorials on this channel where I like,
make really complicated cards with like little 3d elements that stand off the
page. At some point I just bought this huge twenty dollar block of every color
of the rainbow cardstock that you could ever want and so now, anytime I want to
make any kind of card, I pretty much have what I need right
here and that’s really fun. So there are a couple crafting mediums that I didn’t
want to go without mentioning, but these are ones that I wish I were better at, I
want to work on them more but I just haven’t had the time. A while back, I
learned how to knit and crochet and when I was in college, I had a lot more free
time on my hands, so I really did a lot of knitting and crocheting and I made a lot
of gifts for people. Crocheting little toys was actually my first foray into
making my own plushies, so that has a special place in my heart. And I wish I
had more time for it because I love them. I have all these really great books full
of crochet patterns and they’re quicker to work up than the knit projects which
a lot of times, I would do like big scarves and it took me a long time but I, you
know, had time to work on them. And another things I really have been
meaning to get better at is scrapbooking. I have so many great scrapbooking
supplies and just a zillion pictures of my kid and I really want to put together
a big scrapbook with a ton of photos of his first couple of years and I just
haven’t had time. I hope that by the time he could look back at them and enjoy
them, that they exist because I, you know, had that growing up. My mom had these huge
scrapbooks for me and my sisters and we loved looking through them and I’m so
crafty and I want to do that for him but yeah. Just haven’t had the time. So now
I’m going to talk about three mediums that I have been completely obsessing
over and I really really want to try them when I have a chance to learn how
to do that and develop the skill properly. So for a while, I was completely
obsessing over polymer clay. There are so many great polymer clay tutorials on
YouTube and I bought a bunch of it and I just have not had time. I think I maybe
made two or three little projects, but then I had to go back to the stuff that
was actually making me money, because this is my job and I
just make stuff for fun all the time. I need to like, shelter and feed my family
so that kind of got put on the back burner but there are so many fun colors
and I’ve seen so many beautiful polymer clay sculptures out there. You can just
make it in your house, you don’t need to have like a big fancy expensive kiln and
a bunch of ventilation for it. I hope that at some point I can try that again
because it looks like a lot of fun. Another thing that I’m actively learning
how to do is linocut block printing. I thought of this recently because I
wanted to have a bunch of stuff printed and I just couldn’t afford it, so I
started looking into a bunch of different printing methods and this
seems like right up my alley. You buy a block of linoleum and you draw your
design on it and you cut it out with these little tools and then you put ink
on it and stamp it onto whatever you want to print on and so I hope that soon
I get a chance to actually try this because it looks like so much fun. This
is my current obsession that I’m trying to learn how to do and so I hope that
pretty soon I have some prints that I can share with you. And then the third
crafty medium that I’ve been wanting to try is digital painting. I’ve been a
graphic designer for a really long time now and I love working on the computer.
It’s so nice to you know, have a blank slate and make a mark and not like it
and just be able to like literally grab it and move it around.
There’s so little pressure compared to like, painting for real on a canvas and
so I really want to try digital painting. A lot of my stuff is just you know, very
clean vectors and I just want to get as messy as you can get with a digital
medium, but I’ve been watching a bunch of tutorials for digital painting and I
have been thinking about trying it and ever since I had my son and my amount of
time that I had to create things was drastically reduced, I’ve been feeling
like it’s probably a good idea to get some kind of digital art store up online
that can print my stuff on demand and send it out to people for me. It’s a big
time saver. So I’ve been working in a sketchbook and I think that at some
point I’m going to trace a bunch of my designs and try to paint them digitally
on my computer. What are your favorite ways to express yourself creatively and do
you have any recommendations for crafty mediums that I should try? Let me know in
the comments below and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my channel
and click the notification bell so you can see what I make next. Thanks for
watching and I’ll see you soon!

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  1. Well this is me requesting you do a polymer clay video. And a digital painting video. I'm hoping I can get into digital painting. I'm currently saving for a better computer.

  2. I really enjoy my cricut! I love being able to make beautiful paper designs pretty easily and I’ve had a couple projects lately that have been a fun problem solving challenge. I cut out some adhesive vinyl to put on water bottles for an upcoming event, but the logo was an oval and it wouldn’t lay down flat on the curve of the water bottle. I had to keep tweaking the design on the computer to figure out how to get it to work correctly. I am more logical than artistic so it’s fun when I get to use both sides together.

    Scrapbooking is also something I want to do! I always made scrapbooks with my mom as a kid and put school papers and such in them, but I haven’t made any as an adult. I think I could add so many elements with my cricut that I need to do it, I just have to find the time!

  3. Very jealous of all your crafty talent! I like crafting, but do not have the patience or focus for it lol. I let all of my crafty-ness come out during Gishwhes lol

  4. I love trying out different crafting mediums, but dislike that it always seems so expensive and difficult to get all of the necessary materials to try something new that I may not end up enjoying or being good at. Plus, I only have so much free time for crafting, so trying something new means I can't work on another project in a medium that I already like. I admire your ability to craft in so many diverse ways!

  5. I love using polymer clay! I've only used it once to make a disney clock but I love how it turned out. This is a link to a pic of it on Twitter if you want to see! (Disclaimer: I'm not a great artist!!! It's not perfect lol)

  6. OMG LINOCUT BLOCK PRINTING IS MY SPECIALITY!!! Sorry for all the caps but in love this craft!. Its so underrated. Many artists hate this because its so time consuming but I love it!!! A linocut piece of mine was actually in the capitol building for a year and I was so proud!!!!

  7. Maybe you could fund the work time to try these mediums through Patreon? An option could be to make a reward category for “experiments” where we get to preview what you’re doing before you feel ready to make a video or receive one terrible (but probably still cute in that wonky way) learning piece a year in the mail like a tiny lopsided sculpture or a messy print or whatever. The idea would be to provide support for you but have a low-pressure but fun reward in return.

  8. You could combine your love of journaling with your desire to scrapbook by junk journaling. Look up Youtubers Johanna Clough and MyLifeMits. Their stuff is amazing, and they both have kids so it’ll give you a good idea of how they combine traditional journaling with other aspects of journaling/scrapbooking. Johanna will blow your mind with her use of sewing in her journals.

  9. I weirdly adore the fact that we don't share any mediums, yet your videos inspire me to pursue my passions, just as you pursue yours. It makes me so happy that you inspire me, and others, to follow our artistic dreams.

  10. I like taking old books that were going to be thrown away (typically Harry Potter ones. I work in a library so they are easy to come by) and re use the pages to give them a new life. I do different things with them. You can use them for anything you would use patterned paper for. I have made paper beads out of them then strung them into bracelets with house colored seed beads. I have taken strips of them and covered old gross looking picture frames with them. I have made Christmas tree ornaments with it. Really the possibilities are endless. It makes your craft a little bit more nerdy and fun.
    I also took up embroidery this summer. I have been working on making patches for a Harry Potter/ Wizard Rock themes jean jacket. Unfortunately, I haven’t had as much time as I wish I did to work on that project since I am taking a few classes this summer.

  11. My favorite thing to create is food. I love how you can make a snitch on a pizza and the smell will bring friends and family into the kichen just to see and taste the great thing called food.

  12. You should try art journaling! I’ve been loving being able to draw/paint using fun prompts. One that I did recently was “what’s in my heart” where I drew a big heart and filled it with hand lettering and fun doodles of things I love! It’s great for the days when I don’t feel like writing a long journal entry but still have a lot to say, if that makes any sense!

  13. Linocut Printing in school and I remember it being fun but also dangerous (because me being clumsy and sharp cutting tools is never a good idea) and I didn't like all the shavings that made a lot of mess. But the thought process behind it with it being backwards and also all the ways to texture an area were great!

  14. I love your videos! You are so sweet & lovely to watch & I love your content – plus I have the same traveller’s notebook as you! X

  15. Rock painting is seriously a thing here in GA. People paint rocks and leave them in parks with a hashtag on the back to capture, a little like a geocache. There’s also rock swaps, take a rock, leave a rock.

  16. As for your digital paintings store- girl, you can even have stuff like your end screen pattern on scarves, sheets, laptop/phone covers etc!!! Those would be AMAZING and could sell well with soooo many people and suppliers! Just putting it out there ^^ ❤️

  17. Hi Lauren, be prepared to have your socks knocked off! I just know you'll love this craft idea I have for you! Have you ever tried paper pieced quilting? I thought it looked to complicated for my skill set until I saw "The Project of Doom" (or PoD), it's a HP themed book case quilt. I just knew I head to learn how to do this, so I watched tutorials, and finally couldn't wait to get my hands on it! There are also multiple facebook groups dedicated to projects from this website including a group dedicated just to swapping fabric.I had never done a quilt before in my life, but now this is my new obsession.

  18. I started bullet journaling about a month ago, which I'm loving! It combines two of my favorite things – being organized and being creative – without putting too much pressure on being creative if I'm not feeling it at the moment. I also have always enjoyed making homemade cards. When I was younger I'd do it on the computer with a card graphics program or something and now I just do them by hand. They're not anywhere near as intricate as yours (although I have tried a couple of yours before!) but my family and friends love them.

  19. Wow! I was just in Ithaca last Tuesday. My son was born there and we had to get a copy of his birth certificate.
    Hi from a fellow craftier in Watertown NY.
    Kathy B.

  20. I picked up crochet about six months ago and I love it! I also love watercolor and jewelry making with resin and natural elements. I definitely want to try printmaking in the future- it looks so fun!

  21. I love bullet journaling, and your traveler's notebook vlogs inspired me to keep a travel journal/scrapbooky type thing on my recent trip to the UK! I'm planning to make a video about it hopefully soon. I also like putting together cosplays, even though I don't have a sewing machine 😛
    I've also recently gotten hooked on watching DIY videos from folks who make dollhouse furniture and other miniatures… I haven't made any myself, but they're so soothing to watch and cute to look at.

  22. I'm currently obsessed with chalk pastels. I'm new to them, but I just love the vibrant colours and the blending. I also enrolled in a program at the college teaching the adobe creative suite and I'm really loving that as well. Other than that, my favourite craft is knitting.

  23. I make assembled boxes which is really a collage in a box! I have just had two boxes exhibited in a local gallery and my inspiration is an American assemblage artist called Joseph Cornell. I also made one based on Starkid's AVPM and one of my most popular designs was Alice in Wonderland. If you would like to check them out I have a FB page and website called Denise's Boxes . I loved this video Lauren and especially the hoop with all the felt animals on it, please keep making the tutorials – you are a natural teacher! Also my sister did a 'Doodling Harry Potter' workshop at Leakycon Dublin and 140 people turned up! Her name is Moyra Blayney and she has a fab art page as well. Hugs from Belfast x

  24. Awww, I love making cards! I used to be a little ruefully embarrassed because I go into these near-trances where I will make cards for hours and make dozens, but since I broke my arm awhile ago I have been really going through them – can't wait to be able to make more but I'm so glad I had such an enormous stash.

  25. Love your videos! I have to leave a comment to tell you that I feel somehow connected with you after watching so many of your videos in the past couple days. Especially in this one, because how we create, always want to try out new mediums (I love working with all the mediums that you mentioned int the video, and love to learn and get better at some of them too). Thanks for sharing your passion and it inspired me to keep working on it after I had my son.

  26. I am always overwhelmed by all the different crafts that I want to do more of, to the point where I don't end up doing anything… it has been a while since I've created something just for myself. I've been very interested in 3D paper art though… And I got a cricut machine for graduation that I totally need to play with more.

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