How To Look More Muscular Fast For Summer (WORKOUT) | THENX

How To Look More Muscular Fast For Summer (WORKOUT) | THENX

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    (Don't worry if you didn't win, we do this every Sunday!)

  2. What’s your weight and height? I’m 17, 6 ft and 82 kg I’ve been bulking for a while and I’ve lost definition in my abs (without tensing). What kind of weight should I try and get to to regain the definition, whilst keeping muscle mass?

  3. I saw some a comment about his abs shape. Can someone tell me what affects the shape of the abs and how someone can achieve a TV ad six pack?

  4. Everyone is talking about how ripped he is, but I just want to know who is his tattoo artist because they are done beautifully.

  5. I thank tou so much @OFFICIALTHENX
    your videos have help me transform from a 130 lb 15 yo skinny/fat to a 160lb muscular specimen that has self confidence now

  6. Monster….. I'm feeling the vibz, keep up the dedication and motivation for the people…… Bc in the end it helps your worth… Meaning HEALTH………💯💯👊👊

  7. It’s crazy how you see him walking around and you think he’s ripped, and then he starts working out and you can see him flexing, AND YOUR HEAD EXPLODES

  8. You videos are a life saver!!!! I did your ab work outs and my legs chest abs and arms were sore after 2 days!!!! You are such a great Trainer!!

  9. Крис красавчик! Спасибо за подсказки!!!! 💪💪💪💪

  10. Ryan Clark 👇 …. You come here to use Chris as a Instructor. Why knock him for being in shape already? You say "This is a workout for people already in shape"… now that's bullshit. I am still chubby I won't lie, but since I found Chris's workouts I have lost 15lbs of fat. My upper body doesn't jiggle anymore when I run, my stomach is yet to be desired but I am down 3 pants sizes. Now I'm not going to say I jumped right in and kept up with Chris's pace because that would be a out right lie. I still can't keep up with him lol and yes I can do handstand pushups now, only 5 but still. My first attempt at the Handstand Pushups I lost my strength and fell flat on my Face lol literally busted my nose on the hardwood floor. I kept at it and am making decent progress for month and a half I have been doing these workouts. My goal isn't even to look like Chris lol that body would be a nightmare to maintain. Anyway, I guess the point of what I'm saying is that you shouldn't be here shutting on the man for showing us how to get in shape. There are alot of insecure people watching these videos, myself included who can be discouraged by you saying "It isn't possible". I get embarrassed doing situps by myself even, watching my stomach round out instead of abs getting tighter. But it's a long road, it's hard work and it takes discipline. Not everyone has the drive to get in shape. Or they feel good about it until they actually do it then they are discouraged because they can't keep up to the video, I did. Either way man, just don't trash people's goals. If you wanna Troll YouTube workout videos while you binge watch Sttranger Things with your Mom on Netflix while you two stuff cheeseburgers in your face then so be it, but don't act like being fit from fat is unattainable just because you don't have the energy to reach for it. I'm sure there is a Paula Abdule VHS in your Moms closet somewhere lol maybe that would be more your speed 🤔 … My advice to anyone watching Chris and entertaining the idea of using his Advice and Workouts, do it. Setup a Calorie Deficit for yourself and put 2 weeks in. A real attempt. You will see a difference. My favorite part is how I feel mentally. Try it out. You won't regret it. I probably sound like a Paid Chris Heria sponsor lol but his App is amazing too. It does cost money, but no more then the 4 chocolate bars your about to eat this week. He will change you, if you let him.

  11. Chris Heria i have learnt many things from your video thanks man for explaining the things so well,just incorporated many exercises in my workout routine

  12. I know there not on but he says ac is a problem in the gym and he has fans all over also im not criticising because its helping me

  13. This guy talks down on AC yet he has fans all over the room… hmmm?
    Nah jk man, this guy's awesome! Keep up the good work! 😀

  14. Nah u just lower ur body fat percentage by working ur ass off and doing fuck ton of body weight excersize. There are different body types some have very large oblieces and some have very small.

  15. Ryan clark said it – this is not practical -which i get , I just wish you would sell it as what you do, we are not fit people , if we try to do this we will be discouraged.

  16. What he said is true. I was doing isolation exercises in the gym for almost 3 years and can never get passed the point where I can develop amazing physique (body fat is still high). The only way to get pass that point is to eat really really clean diet but I don't wanna miss out on occasional cravings like ice cream, bubble tea, fried chicken lol. I recently started doing calisthenics, guess what, within 3 months, my body fat dropped a lot, chest, abs, obliques, backs muscles are way more defined. Not to say that calisthenics is the only deciding factor. One additional thing which I did was to remove one bowl of rice from my diet and replace it with more protein-rich foods. I usually have two bowls per day. That's it, pretty easy. When I started calisthenics(during summer), I was sweating like crazy and it felt awesome, unlike in the gym where I was just enjoying the ac and not breaking any sweats. Right now, I eat out almost once every two days, have ice-creams/cravings occasionally on weekends and my body is still in shape. It feels good to stay in shape but it's also important to listen to your body. I can't go on strict diets like chicken breast with brocolli every day, I probably won't be happy. I just feel that calisthenics and a slight tweak in my diet is what I need to get to my goals (being in shape and happy!).

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