How to Read the Signs on I-405 Express Toll Lanes

How to Read the Signs on I-405 Express Toll Lanes

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I-405 express toll lanes: How to read the signs. Everyone knows that time is money but one of the most common questions we’ve heard
about the I-405 express toll lanes is “How do I know how much it will cost
to use the Express toll lanes?” The express toll lanes run along I-405
between Bellevue and Lynnwood. There are designated access points every few miles. Between access points they are separated by double
white lines which are illegal to cross at all times. The rules depend on the time of day but
the signs will always be your guide. “How do I know when these lanes are free?” The express toll lanes are now free on
nights, weekends, and some holidays. When the signs say “OPEN TO ALL” that means
you can get into the lanes for free. You still need to use the designated access points,
but you don’t need a pass or a carpool. Signs on the direct access ramps at NE 6th St and
NE 128th St will say “HOV ONLY” on nights and weekends. Toll rate signs may also say “HOV ONLY” or “CLOSED”
when lanes are blocked by a collision or construction. “What about carpools?” Weekdays from 5 am – 7 pm carpools can use
these lanes for free with a Flex Pass. The signs will tell you how many people need
to be in the car to qualify. During peak hours, you’ll need three people in the car.
(Weekdays 5am- 9am and 4pm-7pm) From 9am to 3pm two people are enough. “How much will it cost if I’m not in a carpool?” The sign say up to three toll rates depending on
how far you travel. Tolls adjust with traffic conditions in order to
keep cars moving. “So, if I’m traveling all the way to the end
do I add up all three rates?” No. You only pay the rate for the zone
you’re traveling in. The signs tell you where each zone ends. In this example, if you start in Bellevue and exit
anywhere up to NE 124th St, you’d pay just 75 cents. Once you pass NE 124th St and continued
up to State Route 522 you would pay $1. If you travel past State Route 522 up to I-5,
you would pay $4 Southbound signs say NE 128th St,
NE 85th St, and NE 6th St. “What happens if the tolls change
while I’m driving?” You lock in the rate when you get in. What you see on sign when you enter
is always what you pay even if you see a higher rate down the road. “What happens if I don’t have a
Good To Go account?” Signs let drivers know that they have the option to
Pay By Mail if you don’t have an account. The Pay By Mail toll rate will be $2 higher
than the rate for drivers with a pass. To find out more go to

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  1. What if I travel past the 3rd zone? For example, I get into the toll lanes down where they start in Bellevue and exit where they end near I-5. What rate do I pay then?

  2. Can't wait until collisions go up 20% on 520 while people are trying to solve complex math equations in their head while driving. Nice job DOT.

  3. A question about 'when the lanes are Open' – you say, the express on ramps at 128th will say "HOV Only" but you leave the meaning of this ambiguous. Does that mean that these are open to all, or that you must enter/exit by the normal ramps but are free to get into the toll lanes that way?

  4. How does payment work when heading southbound and exiting on the 6th Ave express exit during nights and weekends (when the signs say open to all)? I know it shouldn't be used when you aren't an HOV, but what does that mean?1. If you're by yourself and accidentally take the exit, what happens? Are you charged?2. Does HOV in this case means 2 or 3 people?3. When you do exit with an HOV qualified number of people, do you have to set your Good to Go pass to be "HOV" or is leaving it on "Toll" ok? I noticed there is a camera that scans you as you get off on 6th, which is why I'm asking.

  5. Still doesn't make sense. so if I get in at the beginning do I pay 0.75 the whole time I stay in the lane or would it cost me 5.75?

  6. How are visitors to our area supposed to successfully navigate our roads if even the locals don't understand the rules? Its a good/helpful video, but take a minute to absorb just how much complexity there is to simply drive on a road.

  7. Why does this have to be so complicated? This video is almost as annoying and stressful as driving on 405.

  8. Oh wow! Brain overload. Get rid of that busy hand so I can focus on what you're saying. Next time: get someone with experience in cognitive training to review your video.

  9. How much is the fee for an #i405toll jumper? They cross the double white lines and needlessly endanger people traveling in the toll lanes.

  10. Regarding the I-405 portion of the video: "…[lanes are] separated by white lines, which are illegal to cross at all times. The rules depend on time of the day, but the signs will always be your guide."

    Which rules are time- dependent?

    Which signs is WSDOT talking about?

  11. So how much longer till that money earned on the toll Lanes is used to improve the southern side of 405?

    To be more specific, Renton to I-90. That side is a real slog till you get to I-90.

  12. I've lived here for three years and this is the first time that I understand how to drive on the tollway. Why is the information only in this video and not everywhere else?

  13. Why does it say you lock in the rate when you enter, yet that's not really true, since there are three different tolls for one highway? If I enter and it's .75, it should be .75 all the way up or down, using the express lanes, if what you say is true that a car locks in that first rate.

  14. i visited your state and i got charged for your HOV lanes, i had two people in my car. your rules are stupid and its good for rich people that have money to use the lane, HOV is not for rich people, our tax money build them. i will not come back to your state because of your stupid rules for your HOV. i would not mind you moved it up from two people to three people, but i mind when one person i there because he has the money to pay for the lane, you used my tax money to build it not just the rich people tax money, you know they don't pay their share as your president does not. you can keep your HOV and bad freeway system to yourselves, i go back to my beautiful state of Arizona and use our HOV for two people and no B.S. rules for making it easy for rich people to use our HOV lanes for their Express lanes. i cannot believe for such blue states, you guys are giving in to these rich people in your state. HOV lanes are not Express lanes for rich people.

  15. Regarding the 'lock in your rate when you enter':
    Say I'm going northbound and enter just north of the SR520 interchange with the intent to exit at the SR522 interchange. When I enter, the rate board says $0.75 until 124th st and $4 to SR522. But, when I pass the rate sign at 124th, it says $1.25 to SR522. If I stay in the toll lane from SR520 to SR522, would I pay the $4 that it said when I entered or the sum of the $0.75 and $1.25 or simply just $1.25?

  16. The simple logic in the video, that what you see, when you enter the express lanes, is what you are locked into and have to pay is actually not the case.
    When you enter the express lanes just before 5 AM and see FREE FREE FREE for all destinations you rightfully based on the video and the website expect not to get charged anything, but if you exit after 5 AM Good To Go is going to charge you at the exit point which is completely against their own rules and any common sense!
    Lock in your toll rate when you enter

    The toll rate you see on the sign when you enter is always what you pay, even if you see a higher rate down the road.

  17. Libtards scream "fairness" then go to create the epitome of class inequality.  Just stop it.  Vote republican.  Trump is a mere temporary employee.  The conservative ideology doesn't change.

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