How to spend a weekend in Prague? | Meggin’s Perfect Weekend

How to spend a weekend in Prague? |  Meggin’s Perfect Weekend

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Hello and welcome to my perfect weekend in
Prague!” And it begins on the Charles Bridge, the most
photographed landmark in Prague. This ancient structure connects the castle
side with the old town. “This city in many ways feel stuck in time. The Charles Bridge for example is over 600
years old. I’m going to show you some of the historical
parts of Prague this weekend and I’m going to take you on some fun excursions so let’s
go!” My first excursion is a boat ride on the Vltava
river. The boats are anchored right next to the Charles
Bridge and offer an easy way to get a good first impression of Prague, including the
most impressive sites on the water. Capitain Gabriel Vaszi not only knows the
city well, but also the details of his little boat. “What’s so special about it?” “It’s one of the newest boats which the owner
of the company built. It’s completely from mahagony, the benches,
the roof, the inside…”) Does this river have special significance
for you? “Of course it has. It flows through Prague which makes it really
beautiful and from the river here in the city you can see almost all of the historical center. This is my activity tip for a weekend in Prague. A romantic boat tour on the Vltava river. The 45 minute trip is certainly worth it! “Ok Captain Gabriel thank you very much. That was a lot of fun!” Next I make my way over to the old town which
has been listed as a world heritage site since 1992. One of the world’s oldest astronomical clocks
is located on the main square. First installed in 1410, it’s an attraction
that draws in the crowds. Twelve apostles make an appearance every hour. But you have to act fast as the whole show
is over after about one minute! “The bells have tolled and now I’m going to
make my way up this very steep tower but I’m told the views from atop are worth it!” “One thousand one, one thousand two… there
is actually an elevator but shhhhh!” Once up in the 70 meter tower, I can see why
this is a popular destination. You can enjoy far-reaching views of the city
and some of its other landmarks, including the 14th century Teyn (teen) gothic cathedral. Back on the main old town square, I take a
moment to enjoy Prague’s lively atmosphere. Meanwhile, statues honoring Prague’s historic
figures can be found throughout the city. Like this giant, 11-meter tribute to the Jewish
writer Franz Kafka by Czech artist David Cerny. It’s not easy to get a picture of it since
it’s in constant motion but once it does stand still, the resemblence comes to life. Prague’s architecture is an eye-catcher as
well. The art nouveau movement flourished here at
the turn of the 19th century, thanks in part to Czech artist Alfonse Mucha. There is a museum dedicated to his art, including
theater posters for the Parisian actress Sarah Bernhardt. These works shot him to fame, overnight. “After a long day of sight seeing I’ve certainly
worked up an appetite so I’m going to kill two birds with one stone. I’m going to try some typical Czech cuisine
and Czech beer. The U Medvídků restaurant is popular with
both tourists and locals. Manager Vladimir Janco is proud of his country’s
beer tradition: “I think we are more better like in Germany” That´s quite a statement “Daily for each person in the Czech Republic
we drink more beer like the Germans.” How many types of beer do you have here? In this moment – ten Ok give me your 3 best! Time now to absorb some of that beer with
a hearty meal, for which Czech cuisine is known. “Oh my goodness this is half of a duck!” Roasted duck with dumplings and beer is my
culinary tip for Prague! And it rounds off a perfect day. My second day in Prague begins with a quick
history lesson with tour guide Vladimir Handlir. Holy Roman Emporer Charles the 4th is omnipresent. “So tell me how Charles IV impacted the city?” “Charles the fourth left an indelible mark
on Prag. He expanded it, founding the so-called lesser
town or the newer part of town. It was three times bigger than the old town. He also founded Prag university in 1348 and
he built the Charles Bridge.” As we walk along the bridge, Vladimir points
out a set of windows which were part of Prague’s darker history. “The Prague defenestration marked the beginning
of the protestant, Bohemian revolt against the Catholic Hapsburgs. It also marked the beginning of the 30 year’s
war.” After observing the castle from a distance
I decide it’s time to head up there. But why walk when I can travel in style! Next up, Prague Castle and for that I’m going
to need some horse power. Hi Lucy! What have we got here! “This is an Oldtimer car for the old feeling
of Prague” “All right…” As I said before, Prague feel frozen in time
so this car fits right in as we slowly make our way over the old brick roads up to the
castle. The driver takes me on streets through the
lesser town, or Mala Strana, on the left bank of the river. The buildings are a mix of architectural styles
including restored Baroque and Renaissance. After about 15 minutes we reached our destination. Prague Castle is one of the largest structures
of its kind. Once home to princes and kings, today it is
the residence of the Czech president. A walk through the inner court yard leads
to the St. Vitus Cathedral. This house of worship dates back to the 14th
century and was only consecrated in 1929. It’s the site where numerous Bohemian kings
were crowned. Not far from the cathedral is the so-called
golden lane, named for the goldsmiths who once lived here. “This is one of the most visited streets in
Prague and you can certainly see that is true.” “As you know I took a nice ride to Prague
castle but you can take the stairs and afterwards you will get an amazing view of the city with
the Charles Bridge in the background. These are my must-sees on my weekend in Prague:
Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.” After all this site-seeing, I’m on the lookout
now for a souvenir from Prague. Bohemian crystal is famous here so I visit
the shop of American designer Karen Feldman to experience her modern take on this centuries
old tradition. She’s been working in Prague for more than
20 years, selling her designs all over Europe. “What makes bohemian crystal really unique
is their talent for engraving. So lots of countries can blow, they can cut,
but the Czechs have the best engravours in the world.” Karen is also proud to count famous luxury
brands among her clientel. “This is my shopping tip for my weekend in
Prague. If you want a nice souvenir, then try looking
for some Bohemian crystal.” “I’ve done quite a bit of walking on my weekend
in Prague so now I’m going to treat myself to a form of relaxation that I have never
experienced before.” That’s right… a beer spa. I will soon learn that there is more that
you can do with Czech beer than just drink it. Katerina Setkova tells me exactly how this
is going to work: “A beer bath… what are the benefits?” “I have to tell you, you’re not going to have
a bath in the real beer… it would be really unhealthy for your skin… “But at the same time I can drink the beer.” “Of course you can drink the beer. And you can drink as much as you want to and
you can draft it yourself.” Katerina gives me a hand in both drafting
a mug of beer as well as preparing the water for a relaxing bath. So, there is only one thing left to do! “A beer bath is my special tip for a weekend
in Prague. And this wraps up my tour here. So, join me again soon as I explore more exciting
European destinations. Till then it’s happy travels.”

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  1. Wow! Prague is always in my travel plan. Amazing city. Everything you cover is breath taking. Lifestyle Europe. 💪Meggin travel in style.

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