HUGE Costco & Sprouts HAUL || 2 Week Menu Plan with Prices $

HUGE Costco & Sprouts HAUL || 2 Week Menu Plan with Prices $

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mostly sweet love nuts it's Costco day and we're also gonna stop at sprouts and try to stock up on our fruits and veggies so today for a Costco run we have the whole crew with us including who's Americans so Griffin's first time going to Costco Griffin was born a week ago and he was a week past his due date all of the freezer meals that I made are just about done so we're gonna go ahead and try to shop for the next two weeks worth of dinners we're gonna head on out and when I get home I'll show you what I got and I will share our meal plan you guys ready what are the rules guys no fine yeah I'm what up now don't cry you guys ready let's go baby train what's that Lily you what is it is it watermelon juice what does it taste like Lily what kind of book did you find Ariel Ariel is is a princess book how much is it $8.99 press a button what'd you find wait how much is it $9.99 okay what what is it fun with here's the plain maps and here's all the characters all cute where's Judy got to pull them and this is Nicorette that is so cool yes guys are pretty good so they're gonna share a smoothie you ready okay we're back from Costco and here's Griffin hello so for this trip I was focusing on getting enough ingredients for two weeks worth of meals so I'm gonna go ahead and share with you what I got from Costco and from sprouts I will share with you the prices and then my menu plan okay I got my helper Mackenzie with me say hello okay so we'll start with the only non-food item that we got this time and that was this lunchbox and this was $13.99 yes it was $13.99 and it came in several different colors and basically it's a three-in-one bento says it converts from leak-proof bento containers to three separate containers and it's also expandable I thought this would be great for our Park playdate and when we go on day trips I will go ahead and do a review on this in my Costco corner so watch for that in an upcoming episode if you're interested in how this looks on the inside should we start in the dairy section okay so we got this big thing of sour cream this big thing was only for 39 and then we got a big cup of cottage cheese which was 499 package of string cheese this has 60 sticks and it was 9:59 I got this big box of crackers and this big box of crackers was only $4.99 and it comes with five individual boxes with different flavors so we have green emceed multigrain whole-grain original and crisp and buttery what I'd like to do with these is I like to take the crackers and some cheese and some salami and the kids will make their own Lunchables and then they have a big watermelon and these one rounds with $4.99 now which is dollar more than they used to be at Costco but these are much bigger this is ginormous then we have a large package of romaine lettuce for some salads this week it's big ol package with only $2.99 kale salad I like so much and this is only for 49 bucks two big bunches of bananas these organic banana h3 cantata cheese $1.99 then for an easy dinner or a couple dinners actually I got this big bag of chicken tamales and this package comes with 15 tamales they're packaged in three pack of five and I can tell you that these will freeze really well and this was $15.99 and over here is probably my deal of the day these are foster farms turkey hot dogs and this big package has six packs this whole thing with only $4.99 so I went ahead and picked up two packages because I plan on putting most of these in the freezer and that'll be good for a quick dinner for the kids or possibly lunch and then I have this double pack of low-sodium salami and this was $13.99 and it comes with two two pound packages and then of course we put all those hot dogs you have to have the hot dog buns and this comes with 24 buns and was only 349 and these two I'll probably freeze each eight pack for another easy dinner and it picks up this three pound package of five cheese tortellini each package is one and a half pounds and I'll go ahead and cook it up for the kids and then throw some basil pesto on there and they love it this basil pesto I picked up for $7.99 and a lot of times I like to make my own pesto not very hard to make but I just you know with the new babies I decided just to get the jarred stuff this time and then I got a big package of the unsalted cashews these are my favorite and this two and a half pound container was $14.99 and I picked up some organic salsa the Costco brand for two of these it was $7.99 okay my grand total from Costco I spent about one hundred and thirty seven dollars now I'll show you what I got from sprouts so if you haven't heard of sprouts before sprouts is similar to a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods I'd say it's larger than a Trader Joe's but smaller than the Whole Foods and what I really like about sprouts is they have really good deals on produce so let me show you the deal of the day were these pineapples do you like pineapple yeah I love the smell yeah these pineapples were only 2 for $3 which usually a whole pineapple is $3 so that is a great deal my second deal of the day were the cantaloupes these are really nice size cantaloupes and they were only 98 cents of and then I picked up some sweet potatoes a bag of onions the sweet potatoes were 149 the onions were about $3 bag I picked up some organic grapes and these are only 198 a pound for organic grapes that is a really good deal I got six ears of corn and they were three for a dollar they got a big bunch of cilantro and one jalapeno and that's gonna be front for some cilantro lime salad dressing that I'm going to put on one of my meals this week I picked up some really nice peppers and these were two for a dollar I picked up two pounds of broccoli these were only 99 cents a pound and a cucumber which was 98 cents my grand total for what I bought at sprouts was $22 okay here's my two weeks dinner menu plan one Sunday we'll be having Huli Huli chicken which is an awesome recipe by the six sisters I will go ahead and put a link to this recipe in the description box below basically it's just like a pineapple juice and soy sauce marinated chicken it's awesome on the grill then on Monday will be having Cafe Rio pork salad if you haven't heard of Cafe Rio you are missing out they are an awesome Mexican inspired restaurant with an excellent pork salad I'll go ahead and put that in the description box below as well if you want the recipe for that on Tuesday we will be having tortellini with pesto on Wednesday is burrito bowls with some of the leftover pork from the salad on Thursday we'll be having meatball subs with broccoli Friday we'll be having chicken tamales with salad and Saturday will be a leftover night and then for the following week we'll be having on Sunday roasted chicken with sweet potatoes on Monday Italian sausages peppers on Tuesday will be having taco soup I'm gonna mix it up this time though and make it with cornbread so we're still using the top of soup from the freezer meals that I need and Wednesday will be grilled turkey dogs with a side of kale salad Thursday will be a pineapple sausage with fried rice Friday I'll be pulling out some frozen dough and some frozen pepperonis and making some pizza with a side salad and then Saturday will be leftover night again so like I said if I have a recipe to any of these things I will go ahead and link them in the description box below if you want to try them up I hope you enjoyed this haul

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  1. I love your portion size for your kids most healthy and fun things on your breakfast lunches and dinners its like what I do I like healthy things and portions for kids now days I grew up with a lot of instant and frozen and very artificial things but now that I have my baby well he's 14 monts old lol but I love him eating mostly homemade things with veritves of thing I can't eat just two things like chicken and mac n cheese I need some greens ya know so I feed my baby the sane as you just love it

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