Huskies Annual Christmas Card Exchange

Huskies Annual Christmas Card Exchange

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♪ Guess what we’re doing today! ♪ Kira is like: “I don’t like this puffy collar!” “I don’t know how I feel about this”
“puffy thing hanging down my neck!” [laughter] So, we have…
You really don’t like that, do you? We have quite a few… Are you pawding? …Announcements for today! Yesterday’s more of announcement video
than anything else. So, announcement number one (1). We have a sale going on right now. At!
If you are looking to get some Snow Dogs merch… There’s a sale going on right now.
Code link is down below. There’s a coupon code: BF25. Like ‘Black Friday 25?’ It will be for up to 25% per cent off.
Not everything is 25% off. Is like an automatic thing the way it works
on the site, so anyway… If you go there and want to buy something,
you’ll get up tp 25% off. Hey! Please don’t rip that into pieces! Hey! Don’t eat that! Come here!
Come here! I’ll fix it! Aww! Get it out of your mouth!
Out of your mouth! Out of your mouth! Thank you! So… Update number two (2). 2020 ‘Gone To The Snow Dogs’ calendars
are also finally, available! If you guys wants to get one
of those for the holidays, there’s a link for that down below as well. And… Update number three (3). A lot of you have been asking if we
are going to do it again this year? Kira? You are still chewing on your collar?
You want to tell what update number three (3) is? Alright you guys!
Ready for it? ♪ The Christmas Card Exchange! ♪ For those of you that had been around for a while,
you already know what this is! Every year we do a Christmas Card Exchange! Let me explain to you,
how it works! Ready? Here we go! Step One (1): Send a Christmas card to: Please make sure it says
“Christmas Card Exchange” on it because it makes it easier to file. Step two (2): If you have an extra stamp,
a U.S. Postage Stamp. Please include it in your card! If you have a few extra you would like to thrown in?
That would be helpful as well! This doesn’t cost a lot in postage,
so by you guys sending us a stamp to send you a card back, or a couple
of extra stamps for other people who may had forgotten to put
a stamp in there… That really helps with being able
to do this Christmas Card Exchange! And step three (3):
Make sure that you write your return address legibly! You can even write it on the back
of your card as well if you want. But when writing on the envelope,
please make sure is legible or printed. Printing is a lot easier to read than cursive,
for me anyway cause… You know! [laughs] So, print your return address legibly
if you want to be sure to get a card back! And step four (4): Sometimes it takes me a long time to get thru
all of these, because we get quite a few cards. If you don’t get one back before Christmas,
I’m really sorry! When do we need your cards by? We would like to have all of the cards to us,
before Christmas (12/24). Try to get it sent out and have it here
before December 24 as we don’t get mail on the 25th. [laughs] That’s it! That’s how the
Christmas Card Exchange works! We’ve done this every year
for the past few years. We always have a lot of fun with it. It’s so much fun to see all the different Christmas cards
we get from you guys from all over the place. And yes, I’m not a big fan of glitter! I don’t like glitter in my cards! You guys all know that, but if you send
a glitter card, I’m still going to open it. I get it! Lots of pretty Christmas cards have glitter! I’ve come to this understanding
through the years! That Christmas just means glitter apparently!
That’s all it means! [laughs] One last amazing announcement today! Today, November 29th of 2019… Is our ten (10) year anniversary
of creating this YouTube channel. I started this channel ten (10) years ago.
November 29, of 2009. We uploaded our first video
testing out our ‘Flip’ cam. The rest is history!
Now we are, where we are! I thought about doing a really cool
ten year montage, which I still may do. It doesn’t have to go up today. We’re now in our tenth year and
we can do it whenever we want. But… I thought you guys would
like to hear that. So yeah! That’s all the news
and updates we have for today. There’s a sale at We have our calendars available. We’re doing Christmas Card Exchange. Christmas is coming! My goodness! Christmas is coming!
Your first Christmas Kira! My gosh!
You don’t even know what to do! Alright you guys!
That is all we have for today’s video. As always… Thanks so much for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive and dream big!
We will see you again soon! Ten (10) years!
Can you believe we’ve been doing this for ten years? Thank you guys so much for
supporting everything we do. For being here, loving our dogs,
coming out to the meet and greets. For seeing us, supporting us on ‘Patreon’,
buying our merch and watching our videos. For sharing our videos and… Makes we want to cry… [laughs] Thank you guys for being… Amazing! And for going thru a lot with us… In the ten (10) years we’ve been doing this,
we lost three (3) dogs with you guys! Shiloh, Oakley and Shelby.
Can you believe that? We have five (5) Huskies
in the time we’ve been doing this. That’s just crazy to me! Alright, I’m going to go before I cry! Thanks for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive and dream big!
We will see you again soon! Good bye Pawdience! ♪ Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog! ♪ ♪ Sing a song with your sweet voice ♪ ♪ I know, You’ve been a good little girl ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Come and join us for a new adventure! ♪ ♪ Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come ♪ ♪ into our Siberian world! ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪

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  1. So many crazy announcements in today's video! Thank you all for supporting us over the past 10 years! Blows my mind that we have been doing this for 10 years now!
    2020 Calendars:
    Merch Sale Use code BF25

  2. that's awesome!!! Congratulations!!! on the 10 year anniversary …hope you do it for 10 more!!! please dont cry…it makes me cry!! although I definitely understand!! 😏😊💗🍁

  3. I think Kira is going to make a great big mess with the Christmas paper and the toys. Memphis will be her Memphisy self and just look at Kira like “ this puppy is nuts mom”, I am so looking forward to Kira and tree video and the gift video. She does not disappoint.

  4. 10 whole years on the platform and it all started with a Flip camera. Can't get much more classic than that. I think my Flip is still functioning though not to the same extent that it once did.

    I may take part in this year's exchange. I've liked talking with you a bit more as of late. It's a helpful reminder that there's still a place for me on here.

  5. When will the tree go up? I can't wait to see Kira's reaction to it. I miss all those wonderful dogs of the past.

  6. Aww I'm so happy for you, but you didn't loose your 3 dogs,their still watching over you all, I would say you miss them a lot, I haven't lost a dog yet, and I'm so scared for when my dog passes, her name is buddie, we thought she was a boy when we bought her XD, she's a springer spaniel, I think she's 7 or 8

  7. I love it how you still have shelby as your profile picture

    I miss Shelby and Oakley dokely

    Im here for memphis but kira uhhh cute but i dont feell like shes an og anymore she feels like a replacement. For oakley or shiloh

    No offence tho just my thoughts…..

  8. Yes I can belive you have done this for ten years. And I have looked at you for ten years. Hope Jamie and you get a real Christmas tree this year! You can have it outdoor! Have a nice veekend, the seasons first snowflakes fall yesterday hear in the south Sweden! BarbroSweden

  9. Happy 10 years! Wow, it's been a while huh? I've only been here for the last few years, but it's been wonderful. I work at Michael's (a craft store for those not in the US) and I get covered in glitter every day I'm at work XD It's just the hazards of the season (plus working at a craft store in general XD) Gonna start working on a card for you guys; I think I'm gonna hand color one again 😉 Anywho, hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season! Hugs and love from California!

  10. Good news my mom let me get a husky I’m getting it in summer because we have a skiing trip and we wanna train it the right way and not pee in the cage

  11. I’m more impressed that i finished Christmas cards and shopping all in the same day. Plus I ordered my Gone to the Snow Dogs colander. Started at 7am finished at 9pm. I am totally looking forward to Kira and the tree and wrapping paper.

  12. Hey, I was wondering if I could teach my senior dog some of the tricks or commands in the training playlist, yes ik that I could teach an adult dog these commands but dogs can only know so many words and I’m wondering if I could still teach my dog this even if she can’t learn anymore words?

  13. Wow! I can't believe you've been doing this for 10 years! You guys are amazing and I love the things that you do. I have been watching your videos for about 7 years as of now. (also your dogs are beautiful ) 💚

  14. I'm currently working on my Christmas cards (just taking a little break). I have one ready to go for you guys. I also added my Christmas card from last year because I have extras (I had to bend that one to make it fit in the envelope, sorry).

  15. Love watching the doggies they are so funny and cute 10 years congratulations hope the next 10 years are good and i bet Shiloh Oakley and shelby are having a party in doggy heven …have a brill Christmas memphis and kira

  16. Of course I will participate! 😍 The girls deserve a card! Also, I will try and send the card but it might be late 😔

  17. Can you please tell my mom that I can trust that you will not use our address against us please I want to take part in the Exchange.

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