I-405 express toll lanes between Bellevue and Lynnwood – opening in 2015

I-405 express toll lanes between Bellevue and Lynnwood – opening in 2015

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[music] Puget Sound residents
like options. Mountain or lake. Hike or bike. Single or double
espresso shot. Now with the addition of
express toll lanes on I­-405, you’ll have an option
to do all those things a little bit easier
by skipping traffic. In fact, these new express
toll lanes are designed to keep traffic moving
at 45 mph or faster. To ease traffic congestion
and provide a solution to the growing demand
on I-­405, the Washington State Department
of Transportation is building express toll lanes,
adding capacity and giving drivers the
choice to pay a toll to access the HOV lanes for a more predictable trip. And the regular lanes will still be free for all drivers. The new I-405 express
toll lanes will be added between Northeast 6th Street
in Bellevue and I-5 in Lynnwood. From Northeast 6th St in
Bellevue to SR 522 in Bothell, it’ll be combined with
the existing HOV lane to create two express toll
lanes in both directions. The existing HOV lane from
SR 522 to I-5 will be converted to a single
express toll lane. Toll rates will adjust
depending on traffic, and drivers will pay the
rate they see upon entering the lanes. Tolls will change dynamically,
increasing as traffic increases, to keep traffic moving
45 miles per hour or faster in the toll lanes while
also reducing traffic in the regular lanes. Transit, vanpools,
motorcycles, and qualifying carpools will
continue to use the lanes for free with the appropriate
Good To Go! Pass with an active account. Rates shown are for
Good To Go! Pass holders. And tolls can be paid
with a Good To Go! account or by mail at a
higher toll rate. You can use any
Good To Go! Pass to pay tolls on the
I­-405 Express Toll Lanes. The Flex Pass offers the
choice to pay a toll for the express toll lanes or
ride free when you have enough people to
qualify as a carpool. It features a switch that
makes it easy to change between HOV and toll mode. Switch to HOV mode, meet the
occupancy requirements, and you ride for free. Forget to switch and you
will be charged a toll if the Flex Pass is
not in HOV mode. The Flex Pass lets you
ride free, as a carpool, so if you ride with any other
type of Good To Go! Pass you will be charged
a toll regardless of how many people are
in the vehicle. HOV occupancy requirements
will change based on the time of day. The number of people
required for HOV will always be shown in
signs above the lanes. The following scenario
illustrates what you might see while driving on
the express toll lanes. Starting from the I-405
mainline in downtown Bellevue near Northeast 6th, you see a
toll rate sign posting the destination-based
rates at that moment. The toll to go to 124th
Street is $2.00, so you decide to enter
the express toll lanes. The price you see upon
entering the express toll lane is the price you pay. For example, if you continue
north and pass the Northeast 70th Street exit,
and the toll for Northeast 124th Street
has changed to $2.50, don’t worry, you will still
pay the $2.00 toll you saw when you entered the lane. As you approach Northeast 124th
Street, on your right you will see one of the many dashed-line
exit points that allow you to safely merge right into the regular lanes from the express toll lanes. And from there, cross the regular lanes to the Northeast 124th Street exit from I-405. Remember, it is illegal to
cross the double white lines. Weave-lane and dashed-line
access points allow drivers to safely merge into or
out of express toll lanes. Direct-access ramps at
Northeast 128th Street and Northeast 6th Street
allow drivers to enter or exit the road directly
without merging through regular lanes. I­-405 Express Toll Lanes
and Good To Go! will get you there faster. They’re the latest
examples of how the Washington State
Department of Transportation provides safe and reliable transportation options to promote livable communities
for people and businesses. Learn more about I 405
express toll lane updates, pass details, and
exemption requirements at GoodToGo405.org.

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  1. The express lanes are a joke and nothing more then an expensive way to avoid creating more highways. People were using the HOV lanes too much so now you are charging for them. WADOT is broken, traffic congestion is not getting better, and tolling existing highways is not the fix.

  2. The people at WASHDOT obviously don't care that they are now forcing people to pay twice to use the roads they already paid for once.  This is an agency that has no concern about actually improving traffic flow for taxpayers, but only for those who continue to fund their salaries for future projects.  Their plan actually increases traffic congestion for the vast majority of us.  We need a wholesale change in the mission of this backwards organization of unelected bureacrats.  They are supposed to be serving us, not punishing us if we fail to fund their future employment.

  3. So is this toll paying for this animation they had to make to explain this system?  And what about fixing the massive mess between Renton and Bellevue?

  4. Hmmm… in the video it shows when you enter in Bellevue it's 2+ ride free or $2.00… since the trip is destination based on entry, if mid-trip (say around NE 75th) it changes to 3+ or $2.50 can my 2+ car still ride free since when I entered and it was ride free? If I get pulled over what do I say to state patrol? Back in Bellevue I was riding free to my destination?

  5. DOT is creating a demand for the toll lanes and frustrating commuters in the process. 
    They won't listen and don't care how anyone feels about this.

  6. This is my prediction..  Because you must have 3 people in the carpool lanes at peak hours, the current 2 person carpools have to move into the normal traffic lanes, thus making them more crowded than they are today.  There's not many 3 person carpools (unless they're families) and it's almost impossible to get 3 people living outside of Bellevue to carpool at the same time of day to the same locations..  It's going to be worse in the normal lanes for sure.   You should have made it a 2 person Carpool until you actually see the toll lanes fill up or slow down due to volume, then move to 3 person somewhere in the future… Going to the 3 person car pool requirement is way to aggressive to begin with.. Look at 520..  almost vacant during rush hour outside of the buses… certainly not crowded.. 3 person carpools are a big mistake.  I'd drive myself without the hassle of getting a third or for that matter the need for a second.. no advantage..

  7. I have a car that only seats two. If full, would this qualify under 3+ HOV requirement? Nevertheless, keep up the good work! Excited to see this corridor move into the future.

  8. Now we pay nothing after 7 pm as carpool lanes are free to use. That's what reduces congestion not charging people to use carpool lanes

  9. I like how the video shows a car cutting of a Semi in the outside lane at 0:25.  If there was a true emphasis on "slower traffic keep right", this type of malarky wouldn't even be out there.  The current car pool lane/ bus in left lane is bad enough as it promotes carpools traveling a short distance to cut off all lanes of traffic to get to left lane just to cut off all lanes of traffic to get back to the right and take an offramp.

  10. I'm always amused to hear rich Eastside people complain about tolls. Try living on the East Coast for a while…..

  11. Its a novel idea, but 405 should be widened soon to get rid of bottlenecks. 45 MPH for HOV lanes is still way too slow.  the 405 corridor needs a Bus Rapid Transit only lanes or light rail.  The City of Bellevue's downtown along with Redmond's Microsoft campus is now the size of many major, older American downtown cores.

  12. Instead of all of this complicated mess that really only serves to line the pockets of an out-of-state company to operate the system, why don't we run a light-rail track up and down the 405 and I-5 corridors, connecting Everett to Renton and provide more bus routes from the rail stations? Isn't that more economical and scale-able for the long-term?

  13. I think tolling all the lanes would be preferable to this. The way it is now, revenue is tied to bad traffic. If traffic is bad, the state makes more money. It's a conflict of interest.

  14. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and couldn't follow along. Seems like this is intentionally made to be as confusing as possible so that the average driver falls into 1 of 2 scenarios 1.) Drivers get taken advantage of by paying an immense amount that they didn't originally plan on paying or 2.) Drivers completely stay away from the new lanes. This seem like a disservice to the vast majority of residents and should be immediately shut down.

  15. Let's do the math for those commuting to Seattle:
    Daily rate: $3 / 405 + $3 / 520 = $6 one way = $12 per day commute cost
    Total for one month = $360 for 30 days, or $280 approx if you don't travel to Seattle on weekends.
    Total for a year = $4320 (for $360/month) or $3360(for $280/month)

    If the toll is $4 on 405 and/or 520 because you are traveling at peak hours, the total will be about $5000/year. I am not even counting parking and gas cost, because those are constant variables irrespective of toll. $5000 per person or family is ridiculously expensive amount to pay for roads. Looks like they want to remind us that WA does not have income tax. Where is the plan for metro train?

  16. As a person with a 2-seater hybrid vehicle who carpools – I'm really unhappy with this.  At least give me a break and let me pay half the toll, like you previously SAID you were going to do.  Or make an exception for fully occupied vehicles.  If you want to reduce the number of carpoolers, add a requirement for all 'persons' to be of legal driving age.  A parent with a kid in the back is not carpooling.

  17. We need to fire the whole lot of WSDOT. They no longer care about easing the traffic for cars, their priorities are bikes, buses and toll lanes.  They dont publish reports on fixing the commuter problems, only the special interests.   Now they take the HOV lane, which is already SLOW, and make it toll, and that fixes it?  Can they even do math in Olympia?!

    So, they say the lanes will be going 45mph now? I know we legalized marijuana, but they shouldn't be smoking it on the job.

  18. I think most rich or working people will pay the $2.50 or whatever it is. It's worth a minute of billable time.

  19. This is total B.S. Right now I carpool with my Wife to use the carpool. As I'll never pay you a f'ing dime to use your toll lanes, you've just put another car on the road – we'll be driving separately after this goes into place as there's no incentive. This is 100% revenue based. Any politician that voted for this should be ousted. What a sham. Shame on The WSDOT and The State of WA.

  20. Dump the carpool lane, dump the toll lanes, dump the existing WSDOT staff, hire qualified DOT employees and watch the problem solve itself. After all, did we not pay for all of these lanes? This whole thing is nothing but their idea of how we should modify our lives to justify their (WSDOT's) existence. Its pretty obvious they have no idea what 405 is really like.

  21. Don't insult our intelligence by trying to pass this off as a way to add convenience.  It's a way to further pick the pockets of the public, nothing more.  One of the perks of being a motorcyclist or ride-sharing was to SAVE money and, not still pay tolls.  And drivers will still continue to suck at merging despite having to pay tolls, so really, is it actually going to help traffic?  Nope.  Just charging us for the traffic we're already in.

  22. "Building" toll lanes?  No, converting HOV lanes built by taxpayer dollars to extremely high fees in these toll lanes that were built for……HIGH OCCUPANCY VEHICLES.  This new 'pay to drive faster' will not help traffic and once again penalizes those that cannot afford to pay.  Getting more cars off the road will help ease traffic.  Building new roads will help ease traffic.  Requiring infrastructure improvement with EVERY new construction project (not only freeways and highways, but feeder streets too) will help, instead of the current pell-mell  rubber stamping approval of all growth.  Why oh why, WSDOT, don't you study other states' roadways and see how they move people?  Las Vegas, for example, wants people in casinos and not stuck in traffic and has the best 'side streets' I've ever seen–all are at least 8 lanes wide it seems so you can choose either those or the freeway, depending on traffic.  There are many solutions, this is clearly a poor one.

  23. Express and HOV lanes are a joke. Majority of people don't carpool and don't want to carpool. The money would have been better spent on opening those lanes for everyone. Everyone should boycott this system and show them what we think.

  24. This is nothing but satanic evil communist control. We the people did not vote for this and we the people need to resist this fraudulent crime on our rights to freely travel. Whoever is responsible for this evil should be removed from any position of authority. I know Hollywood and media has been used to mock and scoff anyone exposing what is called the "New world Order" and the "Illuminati" but this not a theory people. This state is being taken over by satanists who hate your Constitutional freedoms and rights to travel without tolls. It's not just about the money. It's about total enslavement and if these tolls are not destroyed and completely removed from main highways, I swear to God your children will be slaves and die young by the hnds of those who pass these laws. There goal and mission is to bind you to total enslaving unconstitutional laws that go against the liberty in Christ and what our founding Fathers told us to fight against. If you support this evil in any way, you are supporting the anti-Christ rising to enslave this world and your eternal soul is in grave danger of God's most harshest judgements that are coming against these wicked rulers who have infiltrated and hijacked our Constitutional Republic.

    Take these tolls down or you will reap the harvest of what you have sown against humanity. Your wicked hearts of tyranny support and the love of money will fall.

  25. What a nightmare! What happened to not driving with distractions like cell phones or texting?!? Now people are going to be distracted looking up at the signs for where to go and how much to pay and looking down at the lines to see where to cross and where not to! Not to mention taking away their freedoms and money. I can't believe the people of Seattle have allowed this to happen. Nightmare.

  26. This is going to be a colossal disaster. Way too complicated and too many elements that require things to line up perfectly to work like they think it will.

  27. This is concerning. When we met in Olympia over 5 plus years ago there was no mention of increasing from 2 to 3 people. And if I'm seeing this right your idea is to take already congested lanes and reduce it by 1 to increase the HOV lanes to 2. That's Brilliant.

    People, don't expect it to be cheap (which is what the opponents feared) I have seen as high as 7 or 9$ on 167, (but on average its about 3$) with no real visible change in traffic so I call BS on "it goes by traffic flow" as its pretty much the same every day in certain areas but the price is like day trading on the stock market..  The cost will be to cover the  high priced system that will make it so those that can afford it have a faster comfortable commute while those that cant will have an even  longer commute. And who voted on this? Not the people. Your so called adhering to government regulations for HOV funding dictates you do it this way?  I spent 4 days in Dallas and ended up with 27$ in tolls with there approach which I think we are headed as well where all lanes will be tolled. Lovely.

    How about working on actually getting light rail to better locations or better bus routes and exit ramps off of HOV so buses don't have to cut across 3 to 4 lines from HOV to exit causing major road congestion. This does nothing for S bound lane congestion and if you think of implementing in that direction it will just make it more of nightmare. It takes (from the HOV Lane) and average of 15 (some times 20 minutes) just to get from Bellevue 6th St to the I-90 interchange. I know this to be true because for the last 10 years I've been commuting from Auburn to Bellevue and back by car.

  28. Is this going to cut down on "jumpers"..people that I call that jump over to the HOV with no one else in their car to get out of the heavy traffic, then they jump back over just before they think they will get caught. I hardly ever see any state patrol around for that…I see it everyday.  Now WSDOT, will that decrease or increase?  I don't see that getting better cause people take those chances when trying to avoid heavy traffic.

  29. What this does is increase congestion and cause longer commute times. Note they will never talk about how horrible they have made it for people who can't afford the premium fees to drive in the "special" elitist lanes. I will change my shopping habits due to this, and be forced to use more surface and neighborhood streets.

  30. I don't think I have ever seen a major change like this that was so unanimously hated – usually there is a solid standing on each side of the issue. Not here.

  31. Their advertisement and song/jingle says that by taking the 405 express toll lanes you can "RUSH through Rush Hour" which basically encourages drivers to rush/drive fast/be in a hurry/move quickly/etc. which does not send a very safe message to drivers. I think the marketing and advertising campaign needs to change. I don't like the message this sends to all the speedsters out there, especially when I worry enough about driving with my kids in the car.

  32. The new I-405 freeway, no wait I-405 Feeway makes you buy a flex pass for carpooling for free, pay $10 just to go 45mph ,and add more traffic on general purpose lanes because I guess 2 people aren't enough to go on for free. Nothing in this country is free anymore.

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