Istanbul Turkey tourism places/attractions (capital city): things to do in Turkey

Istanbul Turkey tourism places/attractions (capital city): things to do in Turkey

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Oh hi, you caught me in Istanbul
in front of the Blue Mosque It was begun by Sultan Ahmet I in the 17th century Meant to rival the Hagia Sophia or Aya Sophia Built by Emperor Justinian. How cool; See you. Now I’ve seen some giant stone heads in my day, But this, this takes the cake. Oh, hi, welcome back I’m here at the Istanbul Archeological
Museum And I’m about to show you guys thousands of Years of history, c’mon it’s going to be great

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  1. Turkish history is full of genocides and stealing lands and historical buildings made from neighbor countries.
    1) West Turkey if full with buildings made from Ancient Greeks and from the Byzantine Empire but they advertise them as theirs…
    2) East Turkey is stolen lands from the Kurds and from Armenians

  2. Turkey is a victim of terrorism you moron. Hundreds killed by Islamist bombings. Since it is both secular and democratic, the Islamists consider Turkey as an enemy state.

  3. @biron555 istanbul is situated in Turkey, a turkish country. So istanbul is not an arabic city! But perhaps you mean the calligraphy in mosques. That is really arabic. But this is just because of the religion islam, in which arabic is the main language. Nevertheless istanbul is turkish.

  4. Instanbul is turkish???????/We greeks built it and 1 day will take it fucking back!Everyone knows u turks didnt invent or build anything useful, u just copied or destroyed civilazations!

  5. I don't think Biron was implying that it was an 'arabic city'. Just that it has an interesting mix of culture from recent history.

    A good illustration is the Hagia Sophia: It has been an orthodox cathedral, a Roman catholic cathedral (influenced by European culture), and a mosque (influenced by Arabic culture). Like Turkey today, it is now secular.

  6. Hi, im a muslim girl studying in malaysia, i have a university project on turkey, can i please use some parts of this video as they might help me? really appreciate your positive response.

  7. You will even not find 1 % Arabic culture in our Turkish culture. Let me remind you that we Turks are Altaic people and Arabs are Semitic. Different cultures and languages. The only thing which is connecting us is the Islam 😉

  8. Visit Turkey except if you are a journalist:   Hurriyet 12/18/2013: ‘Turkey has been named the world’s number one jailer of journalists for the second consecutive year, followed closely by Iran and China, a U.S.-based watchdog said Dec. 18.’

  9. Visit ‘hospitable’ Turkey but do not make the fatal mistake to complain about the mistreatment you are about to receive… “Mr Copson jumped in to protect girlfriend Erin Brown, 18, after angry shop staff started lobbing, belts, bags and shoes at her following a row over a refund on a faulty bag last week.  But as Callum stepped in to shield Erin from the onslaught a 14-year-old local boy snatched up a knife, dashed into the shop and plunged the blade into Mr Copson's stomach then fled. Read more: “have a nice vacation in Turkey now … you have been warned … 

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