Japan’s BEST Summer FOOD – UNAGI

Japan’s BEST Summer FOOD – UNAGI

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  1. Well I just landed in Tokyo and about to kick off 4 months in Japan and I'm hungry AF, so guess what … imma put some unagi in my facehole! Thanks for the idea Uwaga Pies!

  2. All your j-vlogs are great! Please don't let us wait long time until the next one. Hope to accidentally meet you in Tokyo this summer, impossible?

  3. Where I come from we have smoked eel and stewed eel. A real delicatessen . Since it is nearly an endangered species it is really expensive nowadays. Greetings from the Netherlands.

  4. Its funny i remember a episode of FRIENDS when UNAGI means…definitly not food ;D

  5. There was exactly 1 shot of someone eating something in this video. For a 5 min video about several different dishes, this is really super weird. Like, bad weird.

  6. What sushi you recommend for newbie? I tried futomaki and Did not taste to me.(T▽T)

    …but bao zai was delicious (Yaa, know that it's chinese food).

  7. I can learn something new with every new video! I think it's useful ^^ Thank you very much and I'm wait for more!

  8. Come on ! We all know that unagi is a state of total awareness and that only by achieving true unagi you can be prepare for any danger that may befall you.

  9. Somehow unagi is my worst memory from japan. this combo of sweet salty and umami just doesnt work for me but I agree there is nothing you can compare it to
    Very nice video though ♡

  10. I love unagi so much. But I don't really like season changes in food. I want to buy my fav things all year round 🙁

  11. Oh man what a coincidence that you were just outside the unagi restaurant! 🙂
    Anyways, great movie as usual.

  12. Krzysiu, kiedy mówisz po angielsku postaraj się skupić na emocjach związanych z tym o czym mówisz, a nie jak mówisz.

  13. ヨーロッパでは鰻はどーやって食べるんですか?

  14. Hm, jestem na theUwagaPies po raz pierwszy, ale staram się być w miarę na bieżąco z vlogami i widać, że dość sporą macie różnice między subami porównując oba te kanały. I tak na pierwszy rzut oka, widzę, że poruszacie tu mega ciekawe i praktyczne tematy związane z Japonią, jednak w porównaniu do vlogów, te filmy są trochę.. sztywne, jakby to was stresowało, plus może trochę za długie kadry ? We vlogach wyglądacie na bardziej rozluźnionych, a tu tak jakbyście byli trochę zmęczeni, zestresowani, ale to tylko moje luźne obserwacje, świetna robota <3

  15. You should have mentioned why unagi is so expensive and why it is getting even more more so by the year. Also, did you know that most of it is imported either from China or Taiwan? The one you ate was from where?

  16. Awesome video. People, I know eels are creepy looking and slimy, but they taste like super-rich beef in that sweet sauce! It tastes like yummy BBQ. And I've only had it in the US, I can't imagine what it is like in Japan.

  17. 外国人の皆さんお願いです。ウナギの美味しさだけは日本に住む者だけの秘密にしておいて下さい。

  18. Dwoje poRAKÓW gadających po angielskiemu we japanii. Co ja oglądam? Ojczystego języka się wstydzą czy zapomli?

  19. Funny how people cook the same food so different dependingwhere they come from.
    How did the British end adding jelly to fresh water eels?

  20. I doubt Unagi has anything to with help overcoming the summer heat stress.
    You eat it because it just tastes good.
    Eat it year round.

    If you can afford it.
    It's kinda expensive.

  21. 身が痩せたウナギはあんまり美味しくないよね。

  22. Wow. The author doesn't know that the dollar sign ALWAYS is positioned on the LEFT!! $10.00. NEVER 10$!!! That's so ignorant!

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