Just Cruise – Honda Goldwing – MotoGeo Adventures

Just Cruise – Honda Goldwing – MotoGeo Adventures

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(upbeat rock music) – Cheers. (upbeat adventurous music) – [Voiceover] After the high
speed thrills of Pikes Peak, I thought I would go
after the total opposite for my next adventure, so I got the most luxurious
motorcycle on the planet, the Honda Goldwing, and then set off on a no-rush cruise around the southern Sierra Nevadas. (upbeat adventurous music) (motorcycle revving over music) (motorcycle revving over music) (loud bang over music) (clattering over music) – [Voiceover] Lake Isabella. (motorcycle engine starts and revs) – [Voiceover] Once I
arrived at Lake Isabella, it was time for lunch and after asking the locals where I could get a big tasty burger, there was only one place to go. And yes, of course, and with no remorse, I ordered the biggest burger they served. As for this adventure, I didn’t have to worry about
the power to weight ratio. (upbeat adventurous music) – Ha, ha, ha! I shouldn’t even make it
healthy, should I really? When my child was born,
he weighed like that. (upbeat adventurous music) – [Voiceover] Leaving town was where the real two-wheel fun began as now it was time to take the big Honda Goldwing trail riding as I checked out Lake Isabella. (upbeat adventurous music) (motorcycle revving over music) (motorcycle revving over music) (motorcycle revving over music) After riding the dusty trails, it was then time to hit
the fantastic twisty roads of the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, which provided me with nonstop corners, solitude, and many beautiful views as we cruised towards the summit. (motorcycle revving) (fast paced adventurous music) (motorcycle revving over music) (motorcycle revving over music) – Woo! (laughing) (motorcycle revving over music) – [Voiceover] Hitting the
twisties was a great way to get to know the Goldwing and at the end of the day, after enjoying a gorgeous sunset, it was then time to find a place to camp and get close to nature. (upbeat adventurous music) (unzipping) (claps) – Camping life. Woo hoo! Let’s put the kettle on. (splashing) British Tetley Tea, woo hoo! Cheers. So yesterday, we took the giant
Honda Goldwing for a cruise, got out of the millions
of people of Los Angeles, and here we are in the heart
of the Sequoia National Forest. There is nobody around, the roads are fantastic. Today we’re going to
head towards the coast and we’re going to go through Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, and end
our day at Pismo Beach. I can’t wait. Let’s get back on this beast. (upbeat adventurous music) (motorcycle revving over music) (motorcycle revving over music) (motorcycle revving over music) – [Voiceover] The best thing about taking the lesser traveled road is you never know what
you’re going to find. But believe me, you always
find things of interest, no matter which direction you go. (upbeat music) (motorcycle revving over music) (motorcycle revving over music) Both Kern and San Luis Obispo
County didn’t disappoint. There was lots to see and stop for as I left the sequoia trees behind me and cruised towards the coast. (groaning) (laughing) (upbeat adventurous music) (motorcycle revving over music) (motorcycle revving over music) (motorcycle revving over music) (motorcycle revving over music) (motorcycle revving over music) (motorcycle revving over music) – Look at these bad boys. First class. (motorcycle revving over music) (motorcycle revving over music) (motorcycle revving over music) (motorcycle revving over music) (motorcycle revving over music) (motorcycle revving over music) – We made it to San Luis Obispo, it’s lunchtime and I’ve gone for the
biggest thing on the menu. Tri-tip. Ha, ha! It’s a good choice. (motorcycle engine running) – [Voiceover] Bubblegum
Alley is definitely a mixture of amazement and disgust, but looking at all that
gum stuck to the walls made me want some. (sighing) – (smacking lips) Still minty. (upbeat music) So here we are at Pismo Beach. Pay your daily fee
(laughing) and you can ride all
the way down the coast, right on the beach, right next to the sea. Cruising down the beach at sunset. Woo hoo! Motorbikes, the ticket to your dreams. (upbeat music)

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  1. Glad to see you enjoyed our stomping grounds on the Central Coast! The tri-tip is good at Firestone, but the pulled pork with a side of fries is the way to go…

  2. Awesome video! I've been riding a 150cc here in brazil for about a year and I can't describe how much fun you can get on a motorcycle. Great work, keep it up!

  3. haven't been here for quite some time. Glad to see that watching Jamie ride and eat is still great fun 😉 Thanks for the fantastic moto-entertainment!

  4. Hey Jamie, do you figure out where you can camp before you set off or do you just find a nice spot and hope no one comes and kicks you out?

  5. Love your videos Jamie especially the ones where you go near my hometown of Porterville CA I dont get to go up there as much as i'd like.

  6. It seems like any motorcycle under Jamie's legs can do anything, but the idea is that any motorcycle can do anything: It happens that Jamie is doing it better … he he

  7. salut moto geo quel est la meilleure moto gt pour faire de la route merci de me répondre ou quel est la meilleure moto

  8. Wow, what a ride!  That's not a bike it's the Starship Enterprise on two wheels!!  Glad to see the Tetley T-Bags are still making a home for themselves in your enviable stateside life!  The only way you could have improved that trip was by having that cracking little hitchhiker you picked up on one of your previous vids as a pillion ;0) Fabulous filmography as ever – looks like a stunning ride, thanks for taking the time to post…..

  9. Well done folks it was good to see a Honda Goldwing being ridden properly. I mean just because it's a heavy bike doesn't mean it can't be ridden like a bike should be ridden!

  10. Nice to see the big bike getting the shakedown from Motogeo. I never imagined the Goldwing being ridden on such badly rutted dirt roads and the like. As always Jaime, your videos inspire true adventure and thinking outside the comfort zone box. Fun stuff and oh yeah, score yourself some Yorkshire Tea for the next adventure!

  11. I would have gut rot if I ate like you do on motorcycle trips lol big greasy hamburger churning in my stomach, wouldn't be a good day.

  12. Jamie's videos are always the best but just wondering why does he have his backpack on with so much storage space on the Goldwing….but to take it off-road…kudos!!!

  13. Great video as usual. Jamie is a top notch presenter. But the music is pure sh?t, loud, driving guitar tracks are horrible on YouTube video. Please try something else next time.

  14. Jamie, another great video, but with all that onboard storage, why did you choose to wear the backpack whilst riding?

  15. For my 65th birthday, I rode old 66 from Oklahoma to New Mexico, then interstate to Yuma, Az., then to San Diego, up the coast to Sacramento, up and down the mountains on I-8- to Reno, then to Vegas and back. I got to see a lot of road that was on my bucket list. I imagine that coming from the Uk that you were pretty amazed at the landscape changes here.

  16. Zhou ride like there's no problems, that big old goldwing didn't stop your fun off road, you were like a lead guitar in a slow song, good video, maybe your next video can be canal spy dear, thanks

  17. Finally someone who knows how to choose the right music. great camera work and music selection a real professional production should be on discovery channel. MOTOGEO damn good show.

  18. need extra space for your clothes when traveling??? Have a look at this.


  19. When I was a kid, I remember watching the Goldwings and said to me that when I grow up I would have one. After starting to drive motorcycles in the last year and getting my first bike, now I see it as too bulky. Even seems that in some turns in the road it might get scratched by the pavement. Nice video though!

  20. no way i would ride a bike that big on beach/dirt.. not with my lack of skills!! haha.. he handles it with ease… 33 people thumbs down this?? pfft.. ..Heading back to the states soon to finish my cross US trip on an Honda ST.. got some great ideas form this channel.

  21. excellent video. the most real motovlogger you are ! always a pleasure to hear your opinion of a bike. you are actually a talented rider , disciplined rider . fantastic rides and scenery. love your lust for life and them huge burgers!!!! wow ! its all adventure as you say. thanks …all the best wishes.

  22. That was a great video! That's the exact color I am looking to get. I am trying to figure out where you put your tent? Oh and the dead squire was a nice touch.

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