Keep Your Train Tickets | Travel Motivation | 2018

Keep Your Train Tickets | Travel Motivation | 2018

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keep your train tickets even if you don't see a reason for it even if they're crumpled or torn even if you know you'll never ride that train again even if you read a book about minimalism that convinces you to cut back on your possessions that's cool cut back on clothing but keep your train tickets keep your postcards all of them even the ones written by people you don't speak to anymore life is long and people go apart but someone once thought enough to write to you and mail it respect the thought and respect the postcard that little card journeyed around the world into your mailbox in the endless mail cycle of bills and tax forms a postcard offers hope keep the free map you get when you visit a new city even if it's falling apart even if someone scribbled messy directions for a seafood restaurant by the park even if you don't imagine you'll ever be back to that city fold it up and find a place for it in your luggage I know your bag is getting heavy but do it anyway and when you get home keep it all in a shoebox keep that shoebox in the back of a closet or in a dusty attic some place you'll forget about until five or ten years down the road you'll stumble upon that box and get lost again you'll visit a city you've thought you'd never go back to we'll speak to a friend for the first time in years you'll ride a train who had long since forgotten I'm not telling you to stop using technology I'm not going to call out selfie sticks and hashtags or to lament the loss of a more authentic way of living I can't the only way I'm communicating with you now is do a video what I will say is to be careful not to let technology use you are we really going to measure our memories through likes on a computer screen keep taking pictures keep updating your status keep downloading the newest app if you feel it adds value to your life but keep some old boarding passes and metro tickets to in 30 years your online friends won't care what's in that shoebox they won't care whose scribble directions on the city map or who sent you that postcard but there will be a few people who do care a few people who will sit beside you in an attic and open an old shoebox a few people who do want to know where that train was going or maybe there will just be one person maybe you'll look up and see your wife or husband or your grandchild or maybe just your own reflection in a dusty mirror looking older than you remember for whenever this day does come for whoever is beside you as you go through the attics of your life keep your train tickets as always i'm dan from the new travel thanks for listening so here's the deal guys I don't have a drone I'm not that good at editing and I don't have sexy bikinis in my thumbnails but I love making travel videos and I work hard to make every video better than the one before so that sounds good to you guys I invite you to join the journey subscribe and I will see you next week

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  1. My tears fell down when i saw that thailand railway ticket… I still have it, all the boarding passes, all the currency of countries i visited, tickets to museums, from time to time i see it and talk to myself that this is indeed what i treasure the most.

  2. haha and that's why i have a drawer of tickets that no longer have the print any more. na man, I just threw away the bunch. My images on blog and videos have now replaced them.

  3. What a great inspiring, motivational video. I still kept all my tickets and stuff from my travel because I want to be able to show to my kids one day and tell stories since the future might be different especially with the technology. I strongly believe that memories are so much valuable rather than materialistic stuff.

  4. Such a beautiful video! I've alwaysssss kept train tickets and anything from museums or exhibitions, etc. but earlier this year as I was cleaning out my room, I made the stupid decision to recycle it all. Kinda regret it now but I still have a shoe box full of polaroids so I guess that'll do hahaa.

  5. I always keep the train tickets from my past trips and every time I found them I start to smile and to remember the amazing adventure I had 🙂

  6. Very good point. We should not measure our memories by likes on social media. I saw a bus ticket in Vietnam in your video haha. Looking forward to more videos from you : )

  7. So poetic, love the video. I am guilty of throwing away trip stuff from very old trips. I do still have all my albums though … like the film kind you had to print and those are precious.

  8. Wow! I've always enjoyed your videos, but this one hit home! My mother-in-law had been ill and just passed away. Each time we'd visit, she'd sit with the grand kids, go through her travel books filled with tickets and pictures she had taken, and talk with the kids about the places she had been. Those books were on the table at her viewing and were a wonderful tribute to her life. Thanks for reaffirming why I want to start taking more pictures and holding on to those tickets.:-)

  9. It really is a great idea to keep tokens of your travels for great memories. Nice video

  10. I love this! I send myself a post card from every place I visit with my favorite or most memorable things about that place on it. I can't wait to look back at them 10 years from now

  11. Awesome video, great reminder to hold on to those simple things. I usually save mine for tax purposes, but at least I'm saving them and may someday look back at the boxes full of paperwork and remember those good times, thanks!

  12. Oh the feels! 😍😆😐😊😕😯 So many feels! We just got back from an AMAZING summer, and I just can't seem to get rid of the maps, and the kids' work books, and the parking passes. They don't take up a lot of room at all, but still I feel like I should get rid of them, but I don't want to. Thank you for saying it's OK to keep these mementos!! ❤

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