KUALA LUMPUR AIRPORT GUIDE : KLIA 2 (Immigration, Customs, Tourist Sim, Currency Exchange, Etc.)

KUALA LUMPUR AIRPORT GUIDE : KLIA 2  (Immigration, Customs, Tourist Sim, Currency Exchange, Etc.)

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Its 5:30 am in India I like this Airport. It reminds me of the Prague airport Its very neat and clean. Not crowded like DMK in Bangkok This is a free buggy service Priority is given to disabled people, pregnant ladies, elderly and other needy people Though they have not mentioned whom to contact for this service! Probably you can ask your flight crew for help in this regard Feel free to ask the flight steward or the hostess to arrange a buggy for you at the airport I request you to avoid using packaged drinking water as much as possible I’ll try my best to do this trip without buying water I’ve got the water refilled This is the Arrival hall This is the place where you are required to complete the Immigration formalities The queue is too long Its 8:05. Let’s see when I reach there its 8:25 am I am still standing in the queue This is the queue It may take another 15-20 minutes Its 8:40 am. I am done with Immigration This is the duty-free area That is the baggage claim area After arrival in a foreign country, you have to go through immigration formalities At the counter I was asked for … They asked me – For how many days I will be traveling in Malaysia? I told them 7 days The scanned my finger tips Thats it They allowed entry and stamped my passport Isn’t it easy! So don’t get nervous by hearing Immigration next time Now I am going to complete the customs formalities I have crossed the customs check area These are the lists of certain things which are not allowed to enter Malaysia. So do check before coming here These are the things which can’t be brought from Thailand I was waiting for this place Tourist Information center Though there is no body at this time Now I have come out of the main Arrival part of this building There is another information desk over there But again no one is there I would recommend using washrooms at the airports For me, paying a full-day tariff to a hotel just to use their washroom for an hour doesn’t make sense Although you get a lot more comfort there, but… I usually use AIrport’s washroom as they are generally clean Budget travellers can follow this trick to save money I am going to brush my teeth There are lot of stores to exchange currency and get something to eat This is a supermarket store – jaya grocer This is a mobile store Let me show you what kind of plans they are offering for the tourists! Digi has sister companies in these countries There are lot of Tamils in Malaysia So he was offering almost similar things This is another Telco – Maxis Digi is offering 1 GB data between 1 to 7 pm/day with this plan I think this is more suitable for tourists like me who have come here for a week You can also use whatsapp, FB messenger, line & wechat for free under this pack Even your passport is not required if you take the 7 days pack from them Getting a Sim is very easy Pay them 20 Ringgit and they will give you a pre-activated sim Now I want to withdraw local currency from an ATM During my 7 days trip to Thailand, I withdrew 14000 INR So I think I will withdraw a similar amount This is a currency exchange point Here you can exchange your Indian Rupees directly with Malaysian Ringgit For each 100 Rs, they give you 5.35 Ringgit Usually, Indian currency is not acceptable in foreign countries. But they accept it here Though I am also carrying US Dollars with me which is accepted almost everywhere in the world I have got this to eat for 8 Ringgit Now I am going to sit somewhere and eat also have to charge my mobile phone This is one of the mobile phone charging stations at this airport (Gateway mall) People are relaxing while charging their phones I just took a power nap Now I am feeling fresh and energised Let me show you where did I sleep! I must appreciate this trolley I sandwiched myself between these 2 bags … … and relaxed for an hour I used this to charge my mobile phone I think unlike railway stations and bus terminals, airports offer you a sense of security But still you not be careless with your belongings How do you say Thanks in Malay? TERIMA KASIH TERIMA KASIH πŸ™‚

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  1. Brother m going to Malaysia first time can you plzz tell me that are there any funds need to show on arival at kualalampur airport?

  2. "Pani aur hawa, yeh aapko nature ne diya hai free mein, yeh free mein hi rehna chahiye, sab ke liya" (nature has provided us with free water & air, and it should always be free)
    This should be a basic that mankind should follow.

  3. Muze ek question hai ki ..muze 2 month Baad Bali se Chennai Jana hai to 1 stop kaulalampur ka hai 3 hrs layover to muze vaha rukne ke liye Vissa lagega kya please answer mi.

  4. Hi bro can you tell me how much money shall i need to visit kuala lumpur for 3days with couple me and my brother. And does the immigration officier check funds or only return ticket and e visa after approved entry.

  5. water and air by the honorable nature /used it /said by y. plz tell everyone to don't waste your water and air. because in india many people and municipality wasted water to badly. also polluted air by Indian. so v plz tell people to avoid that /hope who love you they follow that. thank y .for better india

  6. hi im going to kualalumpur for 8 days but i have hotel booking for only 3 days . is it ok or i should have hotel booking for entire stay

  7. sir tour kaisay karte paisa kaha se ata hi batao na alagh se vidio banakar
    kya hambhi aishay travel karsakte hi plz bato

  8. Hey Varun, at 14:00 you have mentioned that "There is a separate video coming on that". Still waiting for it. Could you please tell where did you buy a sim and which one?

  9. Thnx a lot brother for this kind of information …It would be very helpful for me,whenever I will travelling abroad.thnx a lot again.

  10. ungliyo ke fingerprints … lolz πŸ˜€ …….. BTW your vedios are awsm we watch it with family… thanks

  11. learned oone thing from you that not to buy water bottle while travelling..i used to buy 200-300 rs water bottle while travelling..by avoiding this 2 things can be saved i.e, environment will be free of plastic and money .:-) so will try not to buy on future journeys:-)

  12. Bro kya content dete ho yrr manna padega you are the best information vlogger i have a dream to travel the world and you made it easy for me

  13. I like how India has so much spoken language, that even Indian and India Tamil descendant can't communicate without english.

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