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hi guys, I just woke up And I have like half an hour to pack my stuff because I’m leaving Arambol today The day to leave around after 11 days has
finally come. I wasn’t planning to stay there for so long so I was very happy to
finally move on. And a couple of days earlier I met Sam. Do you remember my
huge breakfast at German Bakery? That’s him but we didn’t know each other yet I decided to rent a car with him and his
friends Mari and Janna to go together to South Goa I was very confused whether
to share this video or not because it wasn’t the best day to be honest. Anyway let’s dive into the story Sam was arranging a car and we were
supposed to leave at 10 a.m. so I was already stressed that I’d be late
because of all my packing It took me 1,5 hour. I am finally fully packed, going to check out and to meet my friends and we’re waiting for our car I was in a hurry to check out and pay my bill How much he told you? – 300 300 no I was told 300 and I’ve been here 11 days Not a 300 my friend Can you call Lucky? He’s the one who told me No no Okay I ask him because no he left from here he didn’t
work here. He left from here No yesterday morning he go from here Okay He’s very crazy guy One minute, huh, I talk first Oh my god, is it… It wasn’t nice. Eleven days ago I was told 300 and today suddenly they say 500 but there was no… the guy who gave me the room at that time he’s not here so that’s why
Eventually I paid 300 Oh my god I’m walking with my backpack
on and everybody asked me if I… if I need a room but I don’t I’m leaving – Oh it’s so sad, na? – Yes Take care out of yourself Thank you! You want rooms my friend? You have already? No, I’m leaving – You’re leaving, ah Hi! I had problems checking out Why? Hi! T-t-t… (My darling is foreigner) Mari Is trying to spell my name and in… So is it Japanese? This is katakana, this is kanji this is hiragana WHAT?! Kanji – Justyna So we’ve been waiting for the car for
three hours now but it’s coming in 35 minutes at least it’s supposed to come 35 minutes… 3 o’clock he said Yeah it’s in 35 minutes They have very nice cakes. Last time I tried mango cheese pie No, it was… No, it was lemon cheese cake last time Take picture of in him, he’s [?] This is the main Market Street in Arambol with all the shops for tourists You can get amazing out there Now we are going up towards the town outside of the touristy area to have a lunch in a local
restaurant with lower prices, good food local food. It’s the kind of place I’d
prefer to go to Who I share my thali with? Who? Cat My sweetie, so pretty Sharing her thali with cat We haven’t left Arambol yet and it’s 4 o’clock How nice are these houses and the sea is over there Yeah so just behind those front beach
restaurants and huts you will find guest houses like this Today is the day of waiting We’ve been waiting for the car the whole day, like 6 hours Now I’m waiting for everybody to get ready so we could finally leave Can anybody translate this kashmiri/persian for me in the comments? 🙂 Just after leaving that petrol station
which was still in the Arambol, we didn’t even left the town yet when I realized
that whole trip was a mistake I’m sure you could feel the negative
vibe in the air throughout the whole video and I’m really sorry about that,
but it’s also a part of my story and it is a part of traveling in general. It’s
not always joyful, relaxing and awesome sometimes it’s the opposite and you
don’t always meet the right people Let’s just say some of us didn’t get along If you want to see how I spend those days in the perfect, perfect place under
somewhat imperfect circumstances then subscribe and hit that Bell button not
to miss any of my upcoming vlogs Thank you so much for bearing with me today
and I hope to see you next time in South Goa Bye! 5:20 we’re leaving Arambol Finally

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  1. It could be annoying when you travel. However, when you look back, it adds more fun to remember your travel, right?

  2. Your vlogs in Goa remind me of the Channel "Beer for breakfast" day 81 ("Scammed in Goa") and day 82 ("Happy New year from Goa). It's so sad but, of course, not only in India. Your vlog is very well composed and the story captivating.

  3. I understand that feeling for being a tourist on the beach getting approached so much. It can be overwhelming and annoying! And thats mean that they gave you two different rates for a night

  4. Finally went to South Goa! It's so beautiful:

  5. Natural beauty with mind
    Look stunning nice shoot waiting to ur next visit dear i m staying in Mumbai but home near arambal its a place like heaven may i know watup

  6. Sorry, that you had to go through all that negative ordeal… Goa was different 10-15years back… I would really suggest you to plan your next trip to Tarkarli, Malvan. Just @50km away from Goa, but the serenity of the place and the kind hearted people of Malvan are way too better than Goa…

  7. That guy was not speaking kashmiri , might be persian though. In the end while driving he was speaking Hindi

  8. Just came back from arambol..saw a lot a lot of guys bothering girls from other countries. Visit with a friend next time. Be safe. Nice vlog

  9. I am suggesting you some places to visit in India.
    – Changu Lake, Lachung, Darjeeling, Sandakphu, ( All in West Bengal & Sikkim)
    – Auli, Kasol
    Please visit sometime.

  10. Even though i am from India, I should say, its not that much safe to roam around lonely as this country have so many kinds of people whose behaviour cannot be predicted. So while residing in some strangers home and roaming; especially in villages at night, I recommend to take an extra care, also dont trust everybody who welcomes you.

  11. Plz you come gujrat gir and visit sasan gir jungel asin lione see… I help you … Plzz contect me 8000343572

  12. Liked this video. And pls don't think it's 'boring', we viewers like the story in all it's reality, which is what makes your videos special 🙂

  13. I never been to Goa, but I hear it is very expensive. You got a room for 300? so cheap? You will not get that cheap at Calcutta. Best wishes. Regards.

  14. I can see your self esteem going up from all the Indian attention, because you may not get the same love and care back home.
    But pls dont take advantage of the situation.
    hope you pay for your own expense.
    all the best.

  15. Hi sweetheart….video is nice…and more over you looks stunning beautiful….can we add on facebook ???…if yes…plz tell me your profile name.. I wil add you…

  16. Lol you just encountered "tharkis"
    Indians are not as cool as you think.
    I think I've commented this before.
    You need to know that one of the reasons you were treated so nice and sometimes like a royalty is only because you're white. Indians are obsessed with white people.

    Although most of these guys would irritate you, they're harmless.
    But some of course think that banging a white chick would be a great achievement.
    This happens especially in Goa. Because they think goa is cooler than all the other places in India lol.

    I always felt cringy seeing the way guys danced around you for attention and approval or something like that, but this is the first time I felt sad.
    It takes a lot to travel solo to a totally different country and do what you're doing. Especially in India !
    This is a totally different place even in Asia.
    I hope you get nicer people the next time you're here.
    I've been watching your videos since the past 3 days after my dinner lol. It's fun
    There's a place called Mangalore in Karnataka. Do visit there. Coz you like beaches.
    There are 2 or 3 so underrated beaches there. You could be totally alone and undisturbed . And the people are nicer .
    Alright I'm gonna get back to watching other videos 😁

  17. Looks like u got scammed for money big time and the guys in this video weren't trust worthy at all …these guys look like a part of a full fledged scam

  18. I think if you don't pick this kind boy much better , because in video they come doing wrong so hope you understand what mean

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