Lazy Weekend! — Couple VLOG

Lazy Weekend! — Couple VLOG

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Let’s make some babies. **** this. This reminds me of a Instagram story that we made one year ago. It’s so great when your Mum goes for vacations and we can stay at her flat. Thank you auto-focus… I think there is steam on the lense. Nevermind. It’s the auto-focus. That’s… not better. So, we are at his Mum’s place. She’s not home… We should put this music “When Mum Is Not At Home”! *imitates music* We should better make a home party. I am making a home party already. I am sitting in the bathtub. I want to feel like a teenager again… throwing parties at my Mum’s place. Did you do this? Yes. Once or twice. Really? Yeah. How did she react? Well… she doesn’t know about it. Now she will know! Now it really looks like the Instagram story we made! I am laying exactly the same way. I even have the same wine glass! But we were listening to “Lykke Li”. One Year Ago Meow, come here. Your Spotify doesn’t work. Well, that’s your problem now. I also want to listen to music! So listen on your phone. But I need Spotify for this. When you use my Spotify I don’t have access to it myself! This is why we should use “Apple Music” instead. “Apple Music” sucks. Tim Cook is going to **** you so hard. (Evil Mastermind Plan – Cold Hand Attack) Are you retarded? **** you. Stupid puppy. Stay still! This will make a great thumbnail! What are we going to eat? *coughs* I don’t know. So, let’s eat and then record something. Would you like us to record something? You realise there is no point in asking them, right? Stop it, it’s unpleasant! We could also do breakfast at home… Are you done? *coughs* We have to cure you from the coughing. This reminds me of the VLOG I made a year ago. You look older though. Can you believe he will turn 27 in one month… No, wait! In one and a half week! He will be twenty f*cking seven on the 7th of February! You’re so old! We decided to stay this weekend at my Mum’s place. The reason for that is that my Dad came to Berlin due to some health related issues and decided to stay at our place… and we felt like taking a break from him. I can’t find anything in this kitchen! Where is everything!? What for did you turn on the TV? You don’t even understand what they are saying. Find me some plates! They’re right there. *laughs* Look at these! They don’t even fit you! But they keep my feet warm! I really want to go on a ship tour. Only if we both don’t have sea sickness. I’m sure I don’t. I’ve got a strong stomach. It has nothing to do with the stomach. It’s about your vegetable system. Vegetable system??? I don’t know how to pronounce it… Let’s ask Siri. Hey Siri, can you translate something from German to English? I can translate from German, but when it’s been set as the main language. На хуй. I think I am spelling it wrong in German… this doesn’t make sense. I suck at typing… So! It’s called… “vegetative nervous system”! I am surprised. Happy breakfast! This is so pervert… Alright, let’s go out! We tidy this place here and then go to our place, how about that? Yes sir. Yes sir. I look so handsome from this angle! I know I am terrible… I am sometimes so narcissistic . Narcissistic? Yes. No… wait… I don’t know how to pronounce it! Hey Siri! How to spell narcissist? Analysis. A – N – A – L…. Hey Siri! How to spell narcissist? Narcissist. N – A – R – C – I – S – S – I – S – T. Look at this. No, sorry. I like this position. I will stay here. Just give me the camera. No, I will not give away this view! I want to show everyone what Amazon does! I was here the whole day and night. And yet, somehow it says that I signed a package at a different address. It was probably signed by my Dad or Natsumi. Yes, but that’s the thing! It was a third person. Not me! Look at this. I can’t move my head, sorry. This angle is perfect. You’re discharging the battery for nothing. For nothing!? Look at me! Сука. I’m going to upload this. What am I supposed to see? There is nothing. Because you closed it! That’s not my fault. It’s the narcissist inside me. I’m just a poor boy – nobody loves me. He’s just a poor boy from a poor family! Okay, **** this. So here is the thing: one of Vitalii’s friends happens to be visiting Berlin and we are about to meet him. We found our friend from Moscow and we are going to eat now. We finally arrived at the burger place. Hopefully it will be as delicious as this vegan promised it. I do. This burger place used to be a public WC. So… we are waiting now for burgers in a bathroom. As I see everyone is already very excited. Wow. A vegan eating meat. Smells very nice… But doesn’t taste nice. So, we just eat very delicious burgers! Did you like it? So if Jakub is saying yes then they must be delicious. It was great. We really recommend this place. And now… we are going home!

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  1. You both don't look a day over 20. I'm sooooo jealous! Also: you two being together is amazingly adorable!

  2. maybe so a challenge when one of you is supossed to do something but the other one is telling the instructions only in his birth language(idk how to call it)

  3. Ухуххухуху кто-то порнуху смортииииииит😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  4. I’m just trying to watch your vlog,but I can’t,why? BECAUSE MY GRANDMOTHER IS VACUUMING AND MY DOG IS BARKING LOUD AS FUCK!

  5. Did someone else realized the hickeys at Vitali's neck..bcs i did …u did a perfect job Jakub … 😉

  6. Ля , так мило говорите по русски .
    Блять милые пиз*** .
    I am sorry 😹💘

  7. 5:19 у него там очень много засосов мне очееееееень нравится 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  8. 5:51 ЯКУБ СПАЛИЛСЯ С ПОРНУШКОЙ. теперь понятно, чем вы занимаетемь у мамы. 😂😂😍

  9. Виталий очень похожь на актёра который играет клоуна в "ОНО"

  10. Foi o primeiro casal gay de verdade, com quem eu acidentalmente entrei em contato, no seu canal, e foi amor à primeira vista, coletei todos os vídeos e também um quadro de avisos no Pinterest. Sou um casal maravilhoso da WITALII, composto e com uma beleza catártica, e o maravilhoso companheiro JACOB que pode apenas combiná-los com … Suas cenas íntimas são de uma ternura única e até divertida. Eu acho que foi o primeiro casal gay a postar seus vídeos … então outros chegaram bonitos, mas com pouco original e com tantos plágios WINEHOLIC. Eu acho que eles nunca podem ser combinados, muito menos desatualizados … todos os vídeos deles são uma festa para mim … não para enredos particulares, mas para a maneira de fazer e ser. 💘💘💘💘EMILIO , BERGAMO ITALY, ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Это была первая настоящая гей-пара, с которой я случайно соприкоснулся на твоей трубе, и это была любовь с первого взгляда, я собрал все их видео, а также фото доску объявлений на Pinterest. Я замечательная пара WITALII, составленная и с катарсической красотой, и замечательный компаньон ДЖЕЙКОБ, который может просто объединить их с … Их интимные сцены имеют уникальную и даже забавную нежность. Я думаю, что это была первая гей-пара, которая разместила свои видео … потом пришли другие, красивые, но с небольшим количеством оригинала и с таким большим количеством ВИНЕГОЛИЧЕСКОГО плагиата. Я думаю, что их никогда не удастся подобрать, не говоря уже об устаревших … каждое их видео – это вечеринка для меня … не для конкретных сюжетов, а для их образа действий и бытия. 💘💘💘💘EMILIO, BERGAMO ITALY ❤️❤️❤️

  12. I was just seeing all the vlog again and I just realized.


    They are beautiful sorry. ;;;;♡

  13. he same age like my mom.. he look like 7..8..9..ha..i dont know.. the real one is he look like 16 year old.. hihi..and dont forget.. twenty f*king seven..

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