LEGO Christmas Tree 2019 Holiday promotional set 40338 review!

LEGO Christmas Tree 2019 Holiday promotional set 40338 review!

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everyone I’ve been making a lot of
upgrades to my general quality of life in the studio here and specifically for
all of you to my audio quality and aside for me to get back to looking at some
physical products that I can put my hands on in front of me I’m starting
small with this lego gift with purchase set that is has been made available
through a number of promotions around the world it’s the Christmas tree this
is the box that it comes in as the whole limited-edition thing they tend to do
this for the holiday season in particular yeah this is the one that
they picked out this time and the overall height there is measured at 22
centimeters eight point six six inches and set comes with 392 pieces there’s no
price for it because like I said it is a gift with purchase set and the
promotions that allowed you to get this have been different from region to
region focusing on just the built up thing here it is in relation to a figure
pushed right up next to it so it’s you know it’s pretty respectable in its it’s
real size for a lego thing it’s rather giant for a you know for a minifigure
two minifigures scale and it has a very nice little you can kind of call it an
action feature that’s built into it that I will demonstrate after I show you what
this looks like from all the angles all the way around it’s built up pretty
nicely they try to do different things with their brick and plate belts tree
builds from year to year you know there aren’t but there are but so many
different ways to do a brick or plate based tree I think but they do keep
experimenting as much as reasonably possible and this does work out pretty
well I think just on display in general and it does include a couple of gifts
well three gifts actually that are separately built up they’re just
individual things which are not able to be opened or anything these are just you
know bricks you see they’re bricks plates jumpers and tiles and some little
flower pieces head it on to the top and I will show you the spare pieces left
over at the end of this build after I go through everything here does
not come with any figures whatsoever and here is the nice feature you turn it
from the top and it spins at the base and there’s a little that kind of like a
little villager you see it is being a couple of train stations and a couple of
trains that go around and there you can see how they’re just set up with the 1
by 1 round tiles and some 1 by 1 studs to attach the stacks of plates on top
and that piece right there is just a 1 by 2 rounded plate so that’s the exact
same design that’s used for both of the trains and they just try to put in some
some snowy mountain and mountainous terrain appearance behind there with
some evergreen style trees that are done with sand green and then around the base
of this you can see they’ve got a nice base for the whole thing a little bit of
decoration around the sides as well each of the tiers is offset by approximately
45 degrees to the next and then they just alternate all the way up some of
these use the Technic ball pieces for ornaments and some of them just use gem
pieces you just have you know alternating colors going around you get
up to the top and that’s where it changes just a little bit and they have
the star up on top as well which is just one of those large it’s a snowflake
piece and it’s just done in a trans yellow color and they put a little
cookie star on the front of it as well you know just to give it a little extra
accent and then is just the the cupcake toppers or soft-serve pieces done in
silver for some additional ornaments lastly here’s what it looks like from a
little bit higher up so if you actually have this posed on a level that’s
beneath you know that’s beneath you just here’s what it may look like I think it
actually looks a little bit better when you don’t look at it directly from the
side it just feels a little bit more complete feels like it has a little bit
more depth yeah it’s just pretty nicely done you know it’s a very simple
mechanism to get this to spin up I can imagine
somebody adding on something on the base to make it motorized you know because
there’s just a Technic axle that’s going through there and I think that if you
change things up just a little bit you could connect something underneath here
and then just have ya know there are a number of ways you can do that with them
bevel pieces or something but that’s pretty much it for this one let me get
the spare pieces and there they are still in the tray that I use to actually
build things up in my building studio speaking of which if you want to see the
full build for this set you can check out the pure build in real time with
really good sound or the speed build your choice and those are on the
respective channels that you can find linked in the video description or from
my main channel page itself and that’s it for this set the 2019 holiday gift
with purchase Christmas tree from Lego thank you very much for watching I hope
you enjoyed this and I’ll talk to you again very soon

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  1. I could put that in the middle of my city it will work perfectly I bought the corner garage it’s coming soon so that means I’ll get that Christmas tree 🎅🏻

  2. It’s great that Lego knows that as avid fans and collectors, at this time of year, we’re going to be dumping as much money on them as possible.. it’s always cool to get free gifts !

  3. Well, actually before Jang upload this vid, I tried to watch from other channel, i really want to have this build, I found it in Shoppe it only cost Php 1.5k , too bad its already sold out now😔

  4. Got this back on that “VIP Weekend” they did. Haven’t opened it yet. It looks great, but I can’t bring myself to open it.

  5. I got this with the donut shop opening and thevone set I have wanted all year the harvester transporter over black friday I will not get any of the sets until Christmas because they are my christmas gifts.

  6. Great to know of your upgrades in life and that is a great LEGO GWP, it's a shame I missed it but I hope it becomes available again. The tree scale looks like something that you can find inside malls or certian big houses.

  7. This is probably one of, if not THE best free set that Lego has made. Well, obviously it's not free, since you have to buy something else to get it, but you get the idea…

  8. We all appreciate the effort you put into your content even if we can’t immediately notice. Thank you for always producing such high quality reviews.

  9. I bought Ninjago City at the Downtown Disney LEGO store the night before the mini gingerbread house gift with purchase promotion started, it was the only opportunity that I had to get Ninjago City and even though it was the night before the promotion and I was buying such an expensive set, the staff wouldn’t even consider giving me the promotion literally a few hours early. What’s worse is that the promotion had already started earlier that day on but the employee working the counter brushed it off saying "The website uses Eastern time so the promotion's already started on it, we use regular time so the promotion starts tomorrow". So annoying 😫………………………………………………………………………………. At least the computer system was running on Eastern time so I still got double VIP points.

  10. I’m jealous! I wish I could have purchased this set when I bought the Gingerbread House set from the LEGO store at the mall. I don’t think they ever offered this deal. It’s a really cool Christmas tree.

  11. By far the best part of getting a Lego set for any occasion is when you get ready to build it, clear out a table or put down some sort of carpet on the floor, sit down and just gently shake the box. All you hear is the sweet rattle of the hundreds of tiny pieces that you'll soon be putting together. This is followed closely by when you actually open the package and pour the bags out.

  12. I kinda want this one too but Lego's current promotion is a mini gingerbread house, which I'm excited for (snagged the Saturn V while it was on sale).

  13. Just FYI, I (non audiophile, normy) watch on my phone and never notice any audio changes day to day. But if I go back several years on your videos and compare to current quality I do notice.

  14. This is probably one of the best looking Lego Christmas trees that I've ever seen! Very nice! The only thing missing would be the ability to light it up, but that's OK, really like this one!

  15. I wanted to say how much I appreciate that you don't get the sets ahead of time from Lego rather you buy them and get them when everybody else can get them. It does make you "late" to the game but I would say many or most of us don't watch your videos because you have them first but really like to hear what you have to say about the set. Thanks for what you do!

  16. Missed this gift by mere minutes, shrugged my shoulder and thought oh well… Then I go on eBay to check an auction and find sellers, well selling multiple sets. I guess there was no limit to one per address on this set and kinda feel a little cheated the Scalpers on this.

  17. I got this, and it's great. Would make a great centrepiece for a town with the Christmas (minifig) crowds gathered around.

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