LEGO Creator Cruising Adventures 3-in-1 review 🛥️ 31083

LEGO Creator Cruising Adventures 3-in-1 review 🛥️ 31083

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hello everyone this is the Lego creator
cruising adventures three-in-one set that means there are three official
build options you can only build one of those options at a time with the parts
from one single set I will show you all three of those options in this one video
and I’m gonna start with this one but I won’t spend a lot of time on it because
I have just a feeling that the least number of people will be interested in
this particular build possibility that they yes this one includes a helicopter
which delightfully is fully brick built on brick and plate build and has some
studs on the side construction and such and it makes it kind of unique amongst
Lego helicopters it’s a very Creator style helicopter it will easily hold two
people in there they can be seated it even has a console in the front I just
want to pop all of this off to get your people in there so that works just fine
I think there might even be a way to get a third person back there I have to
cheat just a little bit but I think it can kind of work the rotor blades on
this are longer than usual but the tail is very very stubby and short usually
it’s the rotor blades that they go short on but yeah it’s it’s a helicopter we
get a lot of helicopters from Lego this one is quite different but I still don’t
think it’s all that impressive probably to most folks I do appreciate the fact
that it’s made from pieces of a set that was originally designed to create a
large boat though you also create this helicopter landing pad which reminds me
very much between this and the helicopter together reminds me very much
of the kind of the hub screen from the Lego Jurassic world video game when
you’re doing the Jurassic Park campaigns one of the hub screens just reminds me
of this very much and actually I have this little console over here on the
side I’m not sure exactly what that’s for if that’s for placing your
reservation or confirming your reservation kind of your ticket to do a
height a sightseeing ride on this but it looks like this is down by the beach
song sandy and everything and this also comes
with what looks like a beachfront control tower and the three figures I’ll
show you the three figures in just a second here but let’s focus on the
control tower tower build for just it well about a minute hopefully I can get
through it the it fine build for the palm tree over there on the left and
this thing is small in cross-section but they did put a fair amount of detail
into the interior and the exterior both up the transceiver dish up there got a
radar bar up there who cuts your control tower with a couple of printed consoles
in there so you put one single figure in there and down below just looks like a
break room and you know we’ve got enough space to sit and eat and yeah it it
works out and it’s right along the beach so probably a nice place to hang out
three figures in the set two adults one child the male over on the Left has dual
molded legs that’s a good thing very much I appreciate it and other than that
there’s nothing too special here he also has on the left the very new face that’s
also included in the creator expert roster for somebody it looks like he’s
about to throw up we’re just feeling a little bit sick but I think that each of
these figures looks just fine in the middle as the alternate face but we’ve
seen that many many many times by now but I like the torso there in the center
as well and yeah they’re just very summery but there’s not too much new
here and they include a single lime green colored surfboard in the set so if
you want multiple figures to use it they’ll just have to share this build
option feels like it has a lot more going for it already they Center this
one around the beach house you could consider this to be a vacation
destination or maybe it’s just some folks who live in a really nice place
where they’re basically just always able to enjoy great weather and having a good
time so the main structure here is small but it again has some good detail inside
of it this one has two stories once again the upper story can be removed
on this one to give you easier access down below it just has a single seat up
on the top and a single like a table or something off to the sides imagine that
being a set of drawers as well but it’s just kind of a like a a sunning deck a
tanning deck up there but this has a kitchen they even have a small door off
to the side that you can open like a half door to get in and out but the
kitchen looks pretty good I like the fan hood ventilation hood over the stove
I appreciate the build for the sink you know something beyond the kind of
the minimum that’s necessary they actually use a sideways build therefore
the sink and a couple directions with window pieces our window frame pieces
and there’s a TV up above you can swing the TV out if you want to hang out
outside got some some space to place some things outside not really a grill
there so you would be preparing food on the inside and then you can just set it
down outside for folks to come get it you have your main entrance over on the
side you get a dock it has life preserver rings out there you get this
whole boat and you can put two people on there one down in the hull and then one
back on the on the stern there this is not supposed to be a a sail at the back
it’s just a flag like it looks like the mainsail for this thing is very skinny I
wish there was some way to extend that out would have been better but you know
it’s a boat it’s a sailing boat and yeah you can angle the sail around you can
put people in it so that’s not bad I also kind of like what they did here for
the the entranceway and made it a little nicer than it needs to be you can come
down to the beach you’ve got a little bit of stairway coming down there yeah
you can see the water is coming in a little bit of wave action there you get
a separate build over here you can put that wherever you want to kind of spread
things out with some more sand another spot to hang out and just relax you can
change the angle of the umbrella there and the girl is building a sandcastle
there and there is also an outdoor shower which is
around beach settings and that’s a good use of pieces you know rather than
leaving all this good stuff behind they made something that’s very appropriate
to the scene and just makes sense and you know helps to expand the whole thing
let me go ahead and show you the main build the the house build there around
the back in case you’re interested in just this appears from different angles
doesn’t look so great from back here but I do appreciate all the windows that are
used on the back be clear panels to let more light in just helps the whole thing
to look more bright than what if they went with a solid wall back there and
more finished than it would if they left a lot of that space completely open so
yeah this kind of makes for a nice small place set in my opinion and now I’m
going to slow down quite a bit because there is a lot more to see with this
main build as usual the main build option uses up well in this case not all
of the pieces but almost all of the pieces in the set it leaves behind
notably the four step wide windscreen that’s
gonna be used for the helicopter but this boat is even larger than I realized
it was going to be it is a full twelve studs wide and it is fully brick built
except for I guess these three layered sections at the front that are kind of
you know boat specific parts there I believe that’s the first time we’ve
gotten those pieces in in dark blue I didn’t actually check that but I don’t
recognize them in that color previously but this is such a good build for the
boat again Verde actually looked at the figures by now but you know there’s a
good amount of studs on the side construction to just create the pattern
here and it’s nice and flush out to the sides there’s plenty of detail in this
for the figures to actually interact with got the fishing pole off the back
got the diving deck which looks very nice you know there’s some texture in
here where it doesn’t even need to exist in
my opinion nice ladder with the studs on the side construction there just works
really really well they’ve got a little bit of stairway to get down into the
main interior space life-preserver rings around the outside a lot of different
building techniques were used here look at those other builds separately and in
just a minute a lot of pieces that haven’t been used a whole lot up to this
point and yeah I love the shaping it it seems like it was really designed
specifically to look like this it doesn’t look like it was trying to I
don’t know doesn’t look like it was trying to be just a Lego boat it looks
like it was trying to have a level of realism that’s beyond what you normally
see in these minifigs scaled sets other than the creator expert sets they just
really got the proportions nice with this again with the printed pieces all
three of the printed pieces printed console pieces are used up there at the
upper control deck in this build you have the the mast section up here with a
brick built bird off to the side again radar dish in this case and some some
other sensor equipment you can take this entire top section off as well easily to
get access to the interior that all comes off together I mean you can put
probably three figures up here you can also seat one back at the back and that
slightly convoluted build but it gives a nice rounding on the corner there I feel
like that whole maybe you should start on the side there I mean it should be
faced inward or something if you’re not gonna use that seat but this just has
such nice shaping and then when you actually look inside this look at how
much detail there is in there I mean this is this is proper you actually have
the galley area you have the head now there isn’t a door on the head the
restroom area but it’s a pretty proper build
the toilet they even have a little bit of boundary kind of drain there again
sideways construction for the sink basin itself to you know get some depth there
similar to the build on on the house and you have plenty of space to lay down
although honestly you’re gonna have trouble fitting more than one figure on
that bed even though it is four studs wide it’s just kind of how it works out
with the size of figures but you’ve got some instrumentation up on the wall
there and once again the fold-out TV and some storage space right here you can
open that up using that single small card door not a lot of storage space
there the only thing on this that is plain at all is this part of the wall
but that’s because they needed to have space for the door to open up so I guess
they could have used up a couple more studs of space but that’s it otherwise
the floor plan of this is pretty complete and you know you do need to
have space to put figures in there so I think that works out pretty well
I like how they got this coming across but kept the windows going are the
simulated window panes going all the way back even past that for the sake of
consistency this is nice and smooth here at the front it’s just good this is
really good it truly is better than I expected and
it’s a really good building experience there are so many different ways that
you build for this that it feels good it feels like more of an advanced build
than usual for these three and one minifig compatible sets or even though
the non minifig compatible ones just feels advanced it feels like it’s really
nicely setup and you know what what almost looks good just like that you
know put a roof on it and I think he could be just set like that even like I
like how the shaping works out even just there when it’s not complete so yeah all
good things I have to say about this and practically nothing bad I guess the the
worst thing about it is the fact that it won’t actually float but
you never expect a nonunitary hull to be able to float I personally prefer to
have the the building experience because this was really good but fortunately you
know if you do need something for kids to use in the bathtub there are always
plenty of City sets either available or recently available that have the unitary
halls that’ll actually float so this definitely serves its purpose it has its
place in the market and I think it is well done but that is just the
maintenance eat they give us this whole beachside scene which again has some
sand it has another palm tree and that’s a cool technique for connecting things
together in a three by three cross just using a couple of those corner 2 by 2
tile pieces that just does the job quite well it’s nice that the trunk of the
palm tree there is bent off in one direction and yeah little little beach
towel set up here with a checkerboard pattern interestingly using light aqua
as the light color there that looks really really good and to me it kind of
kind of plays tricks on my eyes because I don’t see that being as bright of a
color as it actually is normally when you see light aqua it just shines but
here against the red it really gets toned down and just feels almost like a
sand green just slightly slightly more pale this is a cooler that can actually
open and can actually hold key frozen popsicle in there again sideways
construction using window frames and this also has one of the so far
relatively rare tan colored windowpane pieces of the glass insert piece there
and yeah that’s pretty much it for this one couple of food items there again
this umbrella is not able to be handled in it out but I like this sandcastle I
think I like it better than the the other one well it is more complex and
you know gives you a place for the the crab to live it can
finned the castle lastly this build option gives us a water scooter on side
lot of people call it a jetski that’s a specific brand name but it doesn’t
matter you see exactly what it is and I think it’s great it’s just one more
thing to play with and/or pose and display and the way it’s built well this
will not float either but it gives you a lot of range of motion for the figure to
sit or stand in their figure can actually sit back a bit you can stand
you know you can see how I’ve got the legs splayed just slightly here it’s
because they use the panel piece here the 1 by 2 panel piece with the vertical
vertical plate in the center so the figures legs can just kind of be clipped
on to that a little bit just push that in there and I get it misaligned ooh
there we go so she can get down a little bit lower you can angle the handlebars
differently how you want I know it’s a little bit vertical you can also bring
her back I mean her back I think that looks a
little bit better there but there are options and they even make it look like
it has a proper water jet outlet there so small but really really good one of
the better jetski water scooter things I think that they’ve ever done in its
overall as I especially like just how much flexibility you get with the writer
figure so I think the main build for this set is absolutely fantastic to the
point where I’m actually going to keep this unmodified in my LEGO City for an
extended period of time which is something that I generally try not do
because I’m trying to go for a city full of just custom creations but this is so
good that I want to keep it just like that it really looks great to me and I’m
proud to have Legos work on display at least for a good amount of time as for
the other builds well neither of them is bad I think that this one is better and
more interesting certainly has more plate possibilities as far as I can see
and you know it’s larger as well this is not bad though
the helicopter has funky proportions but the control tower there has a lot more
going for it than I expected for something of that size there’s only one
thing that I I guess I don’t like about this set and that is the price in the US
even though that is a pretty big boat and it looks great I don’t feel like it
is a $60 boat in the u.s. yeah 60 US dollar boat I don’t feel like these
little side builds bring it up to a $60 value either I think 50 would be about
as far as I could go and yeah I’m looking at the price depart ratio but
that’s just one thing to look at more important to me is what I what I sense
for value for what I actually get when I when I look at this in front of me when
I look at its size 50 yeah I could do 50 for this with the side builds and with
only three figures three fingers maybe a little bit little bit low for that but
it’s okay but yeah 50 for sure 60 is pushing it looks like the price is a
little bit more reasonable in other markets but that’s that’s all that I
have for complaints about this one hope that you’ve enjoyed my look at this set
let me know in the comments if you have any preference between these I think
most folks are gonna prefer this but how about preference between these two bills
the two alternate builds which do you prefer
and why always great to see different people’s opinions
other viewers like to see that as well so I thank you in advance for that and I
thank you for watching up to this point hope you’ve enjoyed the video I’ll be
talking to you again as soon as I can you

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