LEGO Hidden Side The Lighthouse of Darkness review! 70431

LEGO Hidden Side The Lighthouse of Darkness review! 70431

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Hey I have here today one of the season
two or year two lego hidden side sets it’s the lighthouse of darkness a nice
little kind of corner unit with a decent selection of figures before I get into
details here’s a quick look at everything together mostly for the sake
of scale so you see there is a dockside level there’s a lower level second level
upper level for the main structure and there’s also a cave area back here the
whole thing is intended to look worn down and thus extra creepy but honestly
from any reasonable distance it doesn’t look that bad I mean it has some some
stickers that represent where on the outer surface but other than that you
know the colors are bright enough and it just looks I don’t know believable to me
like something that would actually be in operation today they did a nice job
actually with the cliff side all the rock work there it’s fairly functional
as I will show you later on but you know it looks again fairly believable until
you get into the hidden side specific stuff so this in particular is for
ghost-detecting activities you rotate this around to expose the three
different major colors that are used in the hidden side augmented reality app
that you can get for many mobile devices you would scan a color in the game and
you know using your your camera through the app and then based on the color that
you choose that would set your detection parameters for looking for specific
classes of ghosts now back here this cave space is decent in previous videos
previous reviews of sets that use large small or medium sized we call ugly rock
pieces these preformed large rock pieces I’ve said you know what use the space
behind those there’s space back there especially with the bigger ones use that
as as a cave use that as explorable space Lego has kind of doubled down on
that idea here building back behind the halfway preformed rock face and this is
intended to be used you’re supposed to put figures down in here you can even
discover something little spike piece there done with a
golden unicorn horn piece I like that the tan is supposed to represent sand so
you just imagine when the tide goes up this all gets filled up with water I’ve
actually been to caves like this in real life that work just exactly the same way
you don’t have any dry access when the tide is in and also back here I actually
already knocked it off but what normally would hang from the ceiling from a
corner is this bat and it just has a clip on it so there’s a bar up in there
and it would sit up in there you wouldn’t be able to see it that well
anyway but that is one thing you can put in there that’s it
for this space there’s also something up on top another discoverable thing now
these have the green tile beneath to again signal to the app so various later
game activities will be able to use that to do detecting activities this is also
a spot to put a figure to scan it through the app it’s just a particular
place where ya will be looking for things based on what you need to do like
if you need to search a particular minifigure for a ghost then maybe
possessing them that you didn’t even realize all this back here is very
awkward oh it sticks out it’s got the red thing at the end of it that’s yeah
that’s very very awkward and it’s related to a mechanism that’s built into
here that means all of this is unusable space unfortunately all right we’ll come
back to that though first let’s get up to the inside of the lighthouse itself I
got the door open there to learn a little bit more light in sea there’s not
much space this is the ground level of the lighthouse
and there’s just a seat a table and I guess that’s supposed to be a chessboard
there yeah alright that looks a little bit lonely there’s no ladder or anything
to get up to the next level and the next level is even smaller there’s a single
seat there and then there’s a mixing panel and microphones I guess this is
the comms room and or control for a PA system and then finally you get up to
the very top and hey that is not what’s supposed to be there so what you expect
to see the lighthouse is this right the lens or the light itself is but that is
part of the possession of the entire White House’s involved with that so the
whole thing can get possessed and no matter what on one side you’re gonna see
the right thing on the other you’re gonna see the wrong thing whichever way
you want it to be so if I wanted it to be possessed right now well if I’m
looking at it from this side I need to rotate this around and I’m just turning
this knob up here just directly connected right through there’s another
color that potentially could be scanned so let the app know that the place is
now is now fully you know possessed no no glass is in there no faux glass is in
those windows which is too bad it would be nice if they included those parts and
then the balcony doesn’t have a lot of space but you can put figures on the
corners and just barely inside of here as long as they don’t have a lot of
accessories on them so you can’t put them around there and then looking
around the outside a little bit closer and you know all these spots that
represent where are done with stickers and it looks pretty nice at the front
with the door of ingot pieces on the sides and also these torches now these
can open up it’s also related to the possession of the entire thing so those
open up to show teeth inside you may have seen those from behind more teeth
here so all those teeth that are very awkward and then the big eye then
finally we go all the way down so here’s another spot where you can discover or
something it’s too bad that these don’t all have space to put something in there
like the one had the spike piece the unicorn horn piece that was nice I like
that you know doesn’t use very many pieces but to have something there even
if it’s just a stud or a tile that you can hide in the space it’s very
convenient I feel like it adds to the possibilities for people of all ages and
then there’s something else that you can discover right here yeah there’s a crab
down there imagine if that crap was possessed
it’s in the lavender color and then also there’s this blue color which can be
scanned by the app and this pier is pretty nice and I especially like what
they did here for the very simple lap at the end or
Lantern at the end so the last thing that’s related to the possession of the
entire location is for this back here you push that in and this happens these
toes come out they spread out they’re like claws they kind of look
like teeth also so maybe clawtooth or toothed claws but just imagine that’s
like the foot of the thing and then it just has lots of teeth and then it has a
single line so that’s how the whole thing becomes possessed but most of the
time you don’t see most of that stuff so I feel like for folks who aren’t even
really in to the hidden side theme itself this is a very good starting
point to make just a corner lighthouse unit you know you can leave off these
pieces leave off the purple pieces inside if they’re too visible to you or
don’t just leave them in there because they’re not that visible most of the
time leave this stuff retracted we’re just gonna pull back there leave the
axles off the back if they get in the way know all this stuff just leave that
off and you know the seals up pretty nicely makes for a pretty respectable
display that is independent of the theme and that is easy to leave off as well
you know one thing works out pretty well so just for one last look when it is
fully possessed that’s what it looks like you know it’s not that much of a
difference it’s mostly just opening these up knocked that off not the first
time I’ve done that close those up rotate this around push these back in
from the back and that’s that see looks looks pretty decent around the back
similar except for that and these things that stick out take a closer look at the
figures now Jack and Parker are returning main characters from the first
season they just have new headgear pieces that are dual molded each but the
clothes have not changed so you’ll see just a couple of variations of torso
prints for these and yeah this is just mostly
familiar-looking stuff except for what’s going on with the heads they’ve got
their their mobile devices that are running the hidden side app if but you
know in universe they’re just searching for ghosts and such and looking at these
around the backs they also have pretty good torso prints on the backs and
alternate face they’re alternate face they’re very useful expressions all four
of them in my opinion next up on the left is Klaus storm word and on the
right is Jenny Napo I believe that’s how it’s
pronounced it’s n APO Napo or NATO where well it looks like she’s been underwater
for entirely too long and with the colors there Oh No kind of looks like
it’s representing something rather rather old like has she just been
suspended in animation underwater this whole time is she actually possessed by
a ghost we may never know but then maybe you will find out through the hidden
side what’s interesting here to me mostly is the inclusion of the air tank
piece there’s an updated version of the classic space inter tank piece in dark
orange also goes with the helmet and some of the other parts on here just
imagine a classic spaceman or at least a neo classic space man or a woman in dark
orange I don’t know how I feel about that it’s interesting that it may be
possible at some point in the future but yeah it’s it’s different I like getting
different colors for things you can always use them for custom stuff here
are the prints on the backs of the torsos one of them has an alternate face
not the other and then finally fronts fully exposed and this guy looks like he
could be like my older brother or something so hidden side does not
include like hair pieces to go with these figures as alternates but instead
they give you these parts to turn them into fully possessed versions of
themselves so you can put whatever whatever headgear that you want on there
but you know there are these two extra head pieces that are transparent
and for the guy on the left you also get that very flowy but not glow-in-the-dark
bright spring green colored I guess wet beard or just blowing in the wind beard
here’s a skeleton so if you want you could pose that inside of the cave space
he has either of megaphone there you know maybe this is a person that used to
operate the lighthouse back in before it was or can be a foghorn back before
there was technology like radios and everything or you could see it as a
blunderbuss you know like a gun of some sort it’s
based around a agents gun piece down in there
use your imagination figure out how you want that to go or try to tie it into
the canonical story it’s entirely up to you it’s just a skeleton with a thing
the set also includes this most ATS water scooter jet ski ski-doo thing ever
made by a co by a longshot I mean this is so much more 80s than anything they
ever did in the eighties it’s it’s just ridiculous that’s because of the colors
mostly a little bit with the style also this has a ghost detector on the side of
it you can easily leave that off if you want but this is pretty cool for what
it’s intended to be I hate the colors myself but I get it and it you know it
makes sense again from what it’s supposed to be and you can’t put two
figures on there these are the spare parts and they are numerous and kind of
fantastic if he asked me even before looking over at the left side just the
regular spare parts here I mean the 2×2 painted silver almost Chrome metallic
dish there the Golden Gun piece the golden unicorn horn piece this candle
flame an extra beard piece I mean one of those little guys the all-black
microphone that’s all interesting stuff but then there are all of these this is
an entirely new for 2020 pack of blast and splat pieces so you can use those
however you want this style has a bar on one side and a bar on the other put in
hand you put in a hollow stud do whatever you want
these fit particularly well over hand because there’s a bar underneath you
know so you can kind of show energy that’s building up in the hand of a a
ghost of some sort or these can be like lightning hands coming out just attached
into a figures hand there or you know hang them from something these also work
really well attached to hands because of the placement there but again you can
use it with hollow stud or anything like that to put it onto something and then
this one picks that up over here has a stud sized hole or an anti stud sized
hole so you can attach that to a single stud anywhere absolutely anywhere and
the idea is that this would be just like ectoplasm unlicensed ectoplasm fits a
you know just stuck up to a wall or something so you get all of these and
you can use them however you want you can use them however you want also
finally that’s what the spent sticker sheet looks like so you have an idea of
how many stickers are used in total and again most of those so these two and all
these up here are used just to represent where on the outer surface of the
lighthouse and then the others are just little details
survey says $50 us for this here set that’s not too bad I mean if it was a
city set it would be 70 nah at least 60 it was Star Wars it’d be 70 if it was
done as a city set it would have far less detail and a couple more very very
obvious action features probably less figures and be probably 70 bucks I think
this is a pretty good deal pretty decent deal considering the fact that Lego is
expensive you know just letting that I think that goes being at peace with that
fact it is a a premium toy and/or collectible system 50 bucks for this
amount of stuff for this level of sophistication the number of pieces and
sizes of pieces number of figures how good they are it all makes sense to me
personally you’re not happy with all of this
like this ski-doo jetski the color scheme is just
so over-the-top it just goes so far into everything that I personally hated about
the eighties that I kind of hate it and it’s it’s purely just bias for that you
know I just think of the outfits that would be worn and I just think of you
know like Southern California beaches and and Florida just in the 80s it’s
just so terrible so I kind of hate that for that reason though the build is good
the build of this is mostly good I do wish then it came with an extra
piece for the lens up here so that you wouldn’t have to see the eye for the
other side if you didn’t wanted it if you didn’t want it other than that
everything else that’s kind of monster and you know hidden inside specific to
this as I already showed is easy to either hide away or leave off completely
that said if you do leave that stuff off it’s great I think that a lot of people
will buy this and enjoy it or at least be able to enjoy it get in buying it as
something that’s not intended to be used for a hidden side you know folks who
will never download that hidden side AR app will get this and will just stick it
in the corner of a layout somewhere put it you know hook it up with the the
old-time fishing shop or something like that off to the side you know and just
use it as a sure side thing that’s just normal cuz it does look plenty good now
it’s not built all the way around it would definitely be a lot more expensive
if it was probably they could have built maybe another quarter of it if they left
all the hidden hidden side specific stuff out of this build maybe but it
still wouldn’t be full it would definitely be more expensive it was full
around and I think it’s okay that they did it this way because it does look so
good from a wide range of angles you know you have that 90 degree viewing
range there was just so much better than than ones that are that are that are set
up you know structure-based sets that are just a facade so you start to turn
you see they’re all there’s nothing there you know this this is this is a
nice compromise lots of usable space to put figures even
though the interior space is definitely limited still you can put figures on it
about it around it under it and stuff so I think that just generally speaking
it’s a pretty successful set it was enjoyable to put it together too because
nothing gets too boring or repetitive I really liked how they added these these
fronts these foldable fronts on because it’s all studs on the side construction
the studs are forward those sounds pretty cool there’s only just a little
strip of stacked stuff along the back here and you know you do some assembly
as it goes together fairly quickly I really like the dock area I like what
they did with the the terrain on this so just generally speaking a pretty well
done set whether you want it for hidden side purposes or not and the price I
think is reasonable I couldn’t ask for it to be much better if you can get it
for less great but 50 is not a ripoff in my personal opinion I did try out the
dar app the game the latest updated game with this set in particular and I was
having a little bit of trouble that might have been device specific if
something was going on but I was have a little bit of trouble with it
registering might apps or attacks against ghosts for the most part it
hasn’t changed since last year last year when I reviewed all of the original sets
for hidden side I tried to show gameplay footage for every single one and it’s
it’s it’s just the same from one to the next thing you see the thing you see
some stuff around the edges and then you tap to shoot at ghosts the main thing
that you do you know search for things this one does add in for this year
doesn’t add in some new things as you can search for with these little
discoverable areas and the biggest thing that they’ve added in this year to the
app game is local multiplayer so you have one person being the ghost hunter
like before with or yeah yeah with a set scuse me
with a set and you can have other people playing as ghosts which previously could
be done even without a saying you could just go free with the app I’m just
destroying everything here I’m ruining everything that the video is ruined but
then you could have the two together so you can have one person playing as a
ghost hunter and seeking them and you’d have multiple other people in the same
area the same physical space playing as the ghosts and you know like directing
their ghosts around hiding them having them change colors and everything so you
can actually have a multiplayer experience with a local multiplayer
experience that’s a nice upgrade appreciate it but still I don’t
personally find the app experience to be a huge add to this feel like it doesn’t
add that much and interesting Lee I’ve continued to get feedback from parents
as well as kids on occasion about and Lego store employees about how these
hidden side sets are being used and how they are being perceived by customers
and a lot of folks well from what I’ve heard a lot of parents in particular are
not big fans of the whole AR app integration thing because they want
their kids to be getting off their dang phones and playing with something
physical so when they get LEGO sets they don’t want them to be integrated with
online stuff work you know mobile app based stuff and there does remain the
confusion with the packaging of these hidden side sets some stores will still
put them on shelves backwards so you can actually see what you’re getting
although I feel like the graphic design the specifics the graphic design work
done this year is are a little bit better a little bit more clear like that
is a lot more clear I think then but are the ones from from last year just
lighthouse but still I think it’s better to show the actual product fairly
realistic if not an actual photograph to just kind of let you see immediately
what it is as it is right now you either kind of look at it in or wonder about it
some more like how much is that how much of that is real and is this just trying
to be an art print or something and maybe that’ll get your your curiosity
piqued which can be a good thing or you just see all of them on the shelves
fairly close to each other and they all look kind of the same and it all just
becomes a blur I’ve seen folks having that problem as well anyway enough on
that you see the build for this I did the real-time build as usual and I also
have the speed build check out either one if you’d like to
I’ll be back here very soon with my next video so I’ll talk to you then

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  1. I adore its detailed effort in these new sets. Why can't Creator Sets be like this instead of going all bright and gimmicky with their designs? I don't mind shrink down sets, provided, it's more detail, strong in build quality and ofc no stickers.

  2. 14:15 Modern decal sheets have that black strip (visible on the left-hand side) which are great as they can be cut out and used as detailing decals. You can use them for pinstriping, tire skid marks on road plates, or even use them to connect pieces together or as hinges (I know that's cheating, but whatever). Point is the possibilities are endless. Even the white negative space on decal sheets can be used in interesting ways. The best part of all is that they were made by Lego, so you know they're perfectly compatible with Lego pieces and won't be too hard to remove or leave behind a hard to remove sticky residue. Have fun exploring the possibilities of what most would consider trash.

  3. I agree. I'd rather see these sets without the phone app all together. They could use the app sections of the sets for more cool hidden features. These sets really should be a "Part 2" of the Monster Fighters line since people really liked that theme. More eerie and surprise hidden features and forget the phone.

  4. I am for sure that guy that buys these sets and will never download the app. I love the Hidden side sets, but I will be leaving off the Moster stuff. Only difference is, As I stock pile sets (because Im moving) for my city, I get a couple of them so that I can MOC it out for a better/bigger build

  5. I like the Hidden Side theme for the fact most of the building sets look good without the monster features but can also have the dual play features. I am not interested in the app and wouldn't let my kids play with a phone anyway.

  6. Eventually I'll have enough money to get all these Hidden Side sets and use them for a Night Vale Lego City. Will require me getting a lot of tan baseplates too, as it is a desert community. Something I'll have to invest on Bricklink for, as these sets will be long discontinued by the time I can afford all of them.

  7. I have no interest in the Hiden side game but some of the builds and parts are great here. If I got this set I'd probably Mod it tho make it a bit taller. Love the broken brick affect.

  8. The boxes are awful. Overwatch had great boxes with both sides being useful.
    I love the theme / set. I might buy it even though I already have three previous lighthouses.

  9. I feel this theme is really hindered by the transformative gimmicks. The setting is great, but so much of the parts are wasted on having a couple ghoulish green bits pop out.

  10. My 5 and 3 had tremendous fun with the app. They are so young and I’ve actually been looking for a good platform for them to get into video games as they already spend a load of time playing with lego. I think the gaming is pretty limited and rather dull, but it meant I could justify getting cool lego sets that my kids wouldn’t have thought twice about if not for the crazy gimmicks! (Let’s face it – no 5 year old would be interested in a shrimp shack if not for the monsters). Win win in my book 😉

  11. When I see sets like this I only wish TLG would give the same amount of attention to every theme (mainly Marvel but also SW, DC and City are kind of meh these days)

  12. I think the Scooby Doo lighthouse looks better (and it has a pretty cool motorboat). Especially when it adds one extra level, like i did.

  13. The shrimp boat is the only Hidden Side set I've gotten so far, and this would look real nice alongside it, I think. Really love how they did the lighthouse lens, and the slight offsetting of the lighthouse itself is really nice as well. Good set!

  14. I am so glad that you did a review on the hidden side lighthouse.It is one that I am inteerested in. You did a great job . Thank You so much.

  15. This one goes for $70 Canadian, but I’ve seen it on sale for $55. Will definitely pick it up at that price. I kinda want two of them so I can build an entire lighthouse that isn’t possessed.

  16. Hey Jang have you ever lost your voice and been unable to create videos for a time? I have strep throat and haven't been able to speak for the past 3 days and it got me thinking how some people, such as yourself, require their voice to do their work. Luckily in my job I don't, though.

  17. You don't look like your carrying the weight of the world upon your shoulders quite as much, that's good, I hope you're feeling a bit better

  18. The lighthouse, School bus and gravyeard was the sets that got me hooked on Hidden Side 🙂
    They should have included a couple of plates and bricks just to cover up the technic mechanism behind the lighthouse.

  19. I was thinking during the video of getting two sets and making the lighthouse another level taller with a bit more interior space (without the ghost stuff). I figured it would be too expensive though and was pleasantly surprised by the price. For $100 you could make a nice MOC, still might wait for a sale though.

  20. I just realized the four Hidden Side colors and also the colors of the 4 Nintendo Switch Lites, interesting coincidence. Those colors all do look good together, so I guess it makes sense they've been grouped together multiple times

  21. I like this, I’d take out ALL the Hidden Side bits n bobs, and rebuild some of it to just become a retro lighthouse. I gotta say, I would have just walked past this box on sale, as it just looks like a computer game of some kind. But the fact is, this is a real attractive build in its own right. Thanks JANG. Lee UK 🇬🇧

  22. I like the lighthouse, with the exception that it always bugs me when they don't include a ladder or some kind of way for minifigs to get to the different levels, but the possessed version seems a little random? I really like the lens turning into an eye of Sauron kind of thing, but other than that it just seems to be random spikes. I wish it looked more like an animal or just some kind of coherent character, like maybe if tentacles came out of the bottom so it was kind of squid shaped.

  23. Hey Jang, for future hidden side sets, could we get a view of it without all the decayed stickers and such? I'm definitely the type to get a hidden side set and leave the decay off, so seeing how it looks like that would be great. Thanks! Adding this to my list of ones I might pick up X3

  24. I removed the weird foot thing and eye to make it a light house for my city. oh and the weird machine deal on the right.

  25. I feel bad for Jang with his content being marked for kids as the reviews are so much more than what youtubes algorithm sees them as most kids wouldn't be able to understand the wide range of vocab and detail that Jang uses when reviewing these sets there not as basic as most reviews out there

  26. This set and many other Hidden Side sets are heavyli discounted in Germany. I bought the Lighthouse for 27 € and the Hidden Side train set for 42 €. They don't seem to sell well, but this way one get four Sets for less then half the asking price by Lego, which is pretty nice.

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