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Tura, Garo hills Village Tour: Episode 12  Tribe food, Meghalaya | North east India

Tura, Garo hills Village Tour: Episode 12 Tribe food, Meghalaya | North east India

Namaskar friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali. Right now, we are in Tura, the district headquarters […]


  1. I live in Jamestown NY. The Comedy Center is a big deal for this small but well known community. I'm thrilled that Lewis mentioned this. For the opening there are some great performers. Trump was not included. There have been some major developements for this event. New hotels, new streets, new signs. I will confess most of us still shop at the dollar stores. We just drive by the new things. But, if you are coming in to see, it should be fun! We adore Lucy in Jamestown. Although she was actually born in Celoron which is a suburb of Jamestown. When you come there is now a big hotel in Celoron just waiting for your arrival. You should visit as this area has a great history including the Chautaugua Institute. A place of art and learning from way back when.

  2. All Americans should be this angry and NOT take the summer off. Protest every day until your criminal lunatic-in-chief, his grotesque scumball family and his brown-nosing Nazi minions are expunged.

  3. If George Carlin were still alive, he'd personally make it his mission to run Trump out of office. And he'd succeed by making life miserable for the Russian Asset-In-Chief.

  4. All in All…. I get the feeling that the far left and the late nite comedy shows will be angry for at least Six more years. The Deplorable's are far too upset about how things have been….. and the Deplorable's are having too much fun watching the LEFT have daily melt downs.

  5. Loveable Freak! Lewis Black gives me the chills. He's so perfectly balanced between comedy and outrage! He's like a caucasian Mr. T.

  6. BBQ, relax, have a good time.. – that's all so being American in summer this supreme (idiot) leader wants his loyal patient subjects to be is, NKoreans, Russians, or even Germans during the 30's and 40's.- all in the name of (doctored) democracy and the constitutional rights, which only the president has, currently

  7. I LOVE LUCY!!! 😍

    Her character was from James and her birthday in real life is August 1st!! 🙏🙌🙌 They are really Honoring her! 👏👏👏

  8. trump can make world peace right now, id still hate him, hes gross. i hate *all politicians but im guna tell u if obama made world peace i wouldnt hate him. *besides bernie

  9. Jesus! For a second there, I thought I'd heard "Lucille Ball's incestuous home". There's no hope for me – my mind is on the gutter.

  10. Can we have a summer from January 1st to December 31st please? Trump could just stay ar Mar-a-Lago…

  11. We need a new Lewis Black special! HAHAHAHA! ..Colbert on edge praying that Lewis won't scream out the truth, "THE RUSSIA THING IS ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT!" Phew…Lewis behaved because he's a good little boy and he's on the show to sell a product so he has to keep his morality and his mouth in check. SO SAD!

  12. Trump would shrivel up if did not speak for 5 seconds he would eat worms on TV if we stopped paying attention for 6 seconds rip George C.

  13. I did not hear him talking about Michelle Osama and fatty foods I mean to be fair I have not meticulously followed his career but I doubt he said anything

  14. For the summer " the president needs to SHUT UP!!! hahaha yes indeed! He didn't even meet with military personnel on the Fourth of july!! He played golf! First president in history since the holiday was announced not to meet with and give honor to our military and veterans of our country!! That screams treason in your eye America!!

  15. National comedy center…sounds like a big fuckin' thing…I gotta see the big fuckin' thing–as soon as they build a big fuckin' thing casino and spa. 🤣

  16. Hello he is sooo right⛱⛱ 🕯🍦🍦🍿🍿🕯heis sucking the pleasure out of the summer and I'm a summer baby and it's annoying✔🦁🌅⛱

  17. I’ve been born and raised in Jamestown, and when he asked what we’re known for I got so nervous 😂 Generally we’re not known for many good things, our town is struggling with the opioid epidemic and crime rates rising. They built the comedy center to hopefully help. Lucyfest is one of our biggest times if the year, although she was technically born in Celeron, NY and moved to Jamestown within the first few years of her life. Ever heard of that ugly Lucy statue? It’s in Celeron in Lucille Ball Memorial Park, along with the updated version that is absolutely beautiful. Hopefully the comedy center will bring great things to this town, god knows we need the help ❤️

  18. Colbert is a liberal, twit. He is disrespectful to the highest office in the land and therefore he sucks

  19. It's absolutely amazing. Black had a severe mental breakdown @ the age of twelve, that unfortunately continues to this day, but figured out how to turn crazy into cash. Sitting across the demeaning, fragile and uncouth king of the 11:35pm spot on tv. Entertainment @ it's pinnacle..

  20. Love you Lewis ! He has the greatest live shows and is the only one i know that comes out into the lobby and thanks his fans by signing autographs and taking pictures until everyone is gone!

  21. Stop covering him..its all you talk are all making money off him and you've made him the best president in history..highest approval rating..

  22. I always liked Lewis Black, I find myself becoming more like him as I age, sarcastic and outrageous, I wish I could be as funny. Thanks for all Mr. Black, you're a cutting edge!

  23. You have a lot of very good comedians in America, how about you elect a few good comedians, if they'd run? Anything would be better than a bunch of sad clowns picking your pockets, laughing all the way to their yachts or jets or golf courses.

  24. F*uck spineless ColBert, BHO and Clintons could take a Sh*t on their dinner plates and they would still ask for more while their lips are stuck to their Assh*le.

  25. Hey, Lewis Black, Of your Dump libitard ass doesn’t have anything good to say? Have a steaming cup of stfu! 63 Million Americans say your wrong JINO!

  26. a liberal that got famous for non logical hysteria and irrational anger. and a liberal host so desperate to keep his liberal viewers, he wheels out a tired old man from another century that rambles. yup the death of liberalism

  27. Do yourselves a favor and don’t come to Jamestown NY there’s nothing new here nothing special save your money and catch your favorite comedian on tour

  28. Freaking stupid people NEED to STOP whatever they are doing NOW…. Otherwise, Lewis's health will go down the drain..

  29. yet lewis black was the one who said if you want to stimulate the economy, do a public works project…build something big…doesnt matter what it is "like a wall" as long as its big and a fuckin thing…that creates jobs…and that stimulates the economy. hmmmm.

  30. First time I saw Lewis Black, I was afraid either he, or I, was about to have a heart attack.  He still gets me shaking a little, though I generally agree with him and he's very funny as well.

  31. Lewis Black ridiculously reminds me of Jerry Springer & Bill Sykes in Oliver & Company! ROFL LOL

  32. Lewis here’s a way to reclaim your summer! Just take that jack leg cooobear and leave the USA. This way we the people can take back our summer without two fools spoiling it!!!!!”

  33. Someday, I want to go there and listen to Lewis Black yell at me " Why the fuck are you here, there is nothing to see!"

  34. Lewis Black just yells on camera for young and ignorant viewers to be momentarily entertained by his animated body movements and his off-key voice. The people who enjoy comedians and speakers like this guy are small-minded and incapable of serious critical thinking. If you say you like Lewis Black, I automatically look down on you!

  35. You turn the TV or the computer DON'T!!!!
    LMAO LMAO!!!!

    If I say I like Cosby. will it take straight jail LMAO LMAO!!!!

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