Live Cruise Questions and Answers

Live Cruise Questions and Answers

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hey cruisers were so happy to be here
it’s been a minute since we’ve had a livestream Q&A session and we are back
tonight we’re so excited we’re gonna spend about 45 minutes together maybe a
little bit longer if we have lots of cruise questions tonight’s live stream
is sponsored by where you can find reviews tips and photos
from real everyday cruisers I have to tell you guys a story about cruise line
calm and shipmate app there was a subscriber who got in touch with me last
week that said that they saved $800 on their cruise because they set a price
alert and to that person who deemed me on Facebook you know who you are I just
want to say thank you because that person wrote a review over on the
shipmate app and I happened to see it and I know who you are because $800 is a
lot of money and I’m not gonna forget that so make sure you guys are setting
price alerts when you search for a cruise on Cruise Line comm there’s a
little toggle switch where you set a price alert and then you just enter your
email address and they will email you when the price goes up or down for your
cruise and if you see a drop you can contact the cruise line or your travel
agent preferably before final payment by the way and see if you can get that
adjusted so make sure you guys are doing that before we continue today is
September 11th it’s the 18th anniversary of 9/11 and we just want to take a
moment to honor and say that we will never forget I think that goes without
saying right mr. Peru sips tea before we get too serious because that’s a serious
topic I want to thank everybody who watched our video today on our t j max
shopping spree we had a ton of fun a few weekends ago we set out to go to TJ Maxx
and find as many cool travel things as we possibly could for under $100 and we
had so much fun so if you’re not already subscribed to our cruisegear channel go
check it out if you scroll up in the chat a little bit you can find a link to
that video but we had a ton of fun I will try to link to it really fast if I
can I think I might actually be able to pop it in the chat how you doing there
that’s my Instagram link everything okay before we go on I want to say something
because I’ve got so much gear back here I’ve got lights blinking all over the
place all this stuff that I really don’t know how to use but I glanced over at
the monitor and I have to say you are the most dazzling light in front of me
right now you are sparkling and radiant and it’s unbelievable thank you dang
that’s really sweet all right back to art all right guys
let’s get some pro trick I’ve got a little 911 emotional there thank you
that’s really sweet okay he didn’t mean to make me cry guys
I just get emotional do you guys remember last October when we hit 50,000
subscribers on air and I started to cry it has happened before this will not be
the first time that Sheri gets all emotional anyways okay so we talked
about t.j.maxx shopping spree so good another thing I want to tell you guys is
our cruise is coming in hot it is coming in hot and I want you guys to follow us
on Instagram because what we do is a lot of times we go live in our stories over
on Instagram so I put a link in the chat a moment ago let me make sure it’s still
there and what you can do is you can spy on us while our on our cruise it’s like
little tiny mini vlogs they’re like sneak previews before we get back and
they’re happening in real time so you can kind of see what we’re doing every
day around the ship and you guys know that I think you know this that we
bought the internet package about the voom internet package so there should be
hopefully nothing standing between me and you and some good internet coverage
so good stuff make sure you’re following us they’re very excited I have so much
housekeeping stuff also we’re gonna try to go live on Facebook from harmony of
the Seas and if we do go live if you’re sitting on your Facebook app like on the
couch you’ll get a little notification that says cruisetipstv is live so watch
for that maybe we’ll do it during sail away maybe we’ll do it at perfect day at
CoCo Key you just never know but you want to be prepared so make sure you
keep your Facebook app on if we can announce it in advance we will but
that’s hard to do I know it’s really hard to do it’s harder to do on YouTube
guys it’s really hard for us to go live here it’s a lot
easier to go live on Facebook it’s just a kind of a one-click thing whereas here
on YouTube you have to set up an event and you have to click all these buttons
and YouTube just doesn’t like us sometimes and so I don’t want to force
everybody over to Facebook but the reality is that it’s just a lot easier
right so I’m not necessarily oh I think it’s easier it can be it’s easier for me it’s a lot easier okay so anyway I
really want to get to the questions cuz I know people have a lot of them but I
do want to remind all of you too that we also have a podcast so if you are not
familiar with cruisetipstv unplugged y’all need to get over to wherever you
listen to podcasts and listen to our podcast it’s a ton of fun we talk about
different things over there than we do here so mr. Chris Stubbs TV I’m ready to
answer questions they’re probably all like my goodness sakes what is going on
with her tonight she’s just going on and on but let’s get to some some questions
you have them queued up for me no not yet okay well then I’m just gonna jump
right in Jake I love your question Jake said do you have any specialty
restaurants planned so far sabor was great on Liberty Jake I gave
in and I bought the three night dining package okay so it was 99 dollars a
person by the way if you want to hear all about how much we’re paying for a
Royal Caribbean cruise next week’s podcast on Wednesday I’m gonna tell you
about every line item that we paid for on the cruise
airfare cruise price every single thing we paid for so that’s a good reason to
listen to the podcast anyway yes my dream restaurant Jake our I want to go
to what a wonderland I want to go to 150 Central Park am I saying that right guys
am I saying that right and I really want to try Jamie’s Italian now nothing
against sabor but I live in California we have really good Mexican food here
and I ain’t Mexican food many times per week so I may not be as likely to go to
sabor I’m also kind of interested in chops but the other three I’m more
interested in so that’s kind of what we’re thinking about okay let’s see here
I’m going to try to go from the bottom up here ooh
Mike and Cheryl want to know guys maybe you can help me with this because Mike
and Cheryl I don’t know the answer I haven’t stayed in Barcelona since we
were young uns but guys can we help Mike and Cheryl by
listing the best hotels near the Barcelona cruise port oh my friend Cindy
is here from a midlife girl guys Cindy is going on MSC Seaview in the Med and
cindy has a really great YouTube channel and a really great Instagram channel a
midlife girl Cindy if you want to link to them please feel free to do that you
are one of my favorite follows and I want everyone to know about you so link
away my love yes Courtney we will always be really transparent about everything
when we cruise as you guys know we pay for just about everything on a cruise
sometimes we were fortunate enough to have opportunities gifted to us but
we’ll always disclose that but the great majority of the time that is not the
case so just kind of throwing that out there so that you’re aware of it we are
paying for this entire cruise though I want you to know that let’s see here oh
so many good questions coming in yes l’idée nina we’ve been to mr. Sancho’s
in Cozumel it’s really really fun I actually like mr. San Jose and another
Beach Club that’s similar called not chica comb mr. San Jose is fun and
lively and they allow a lot of people in and they have a fun water park for kids
to play with in the water like inflatables not chica comb is more
tranquil and it’s just a little bit more mellow they limit to 100 passengers per
day and its really really excellent so be sure to check that out okay Jim ring
Jim great question you know what Jim this question about the sanctuary came
up for the podcast too Jim said to book the sanctuary on princess do you go to
the sanctuary or the Purser’s desk any idea my understanding and the research I
did this week on it Jim it says that you go to the sanctuary and I don’t feel
like it’s something that you actually reserve for the whole week I feel like
you reserved it right when you want to go so you walk up and say I want to be
here now for 4 hours or the full day pass or whatever and you buy it then but
my advice to you would be as soon as you get on your ship go straight to the
sanctuary and check that out and if there’s nobody
there then go to the front desk and ask them okay so good guys Rebecca Scott
needs to know what hotels are best in San Juan Puerto Rico inexpensive
preferably for pre cruise so if you’ve been to San Juan please let’s help our
friend Rebecca Steven thank you for the compliment on my shirt I have a new you
guys I’m gonna back up and show you this really quick I’m wearing shorts I never
wear shorts I hate shorts I have a new subscription box I’m obsessed with I was
contacted by a subscription box company called fashion FAS hom and they offered
to send me a few boxes for review and I cannot stop wearing the shirt and some
other things in the box so I’m gonna do a review on it on our cruisegear channel
and I have a $10 discount code if you’re interested DM me on Facebook direct
message that means direct message sorry and I’ll give you my link and my horse I
sound like I’m a little my voice is a little hoarse anyway okay Julia I
haven’t been to passion Island and Cosmo but I heard it’s really fun so go check
that out JP travel vlog I have been on Royal
Caribbean twice Liberty of the Seas and a long time ago majesty but never been
on one of the newer bigger ships Melanie we do not decorate our cabin door we’re
just not into it we’re kind of minimalist so it’s not our thing but a
lot of people do and it can be really fun okay let’s check and see mr.
Kristoff’s TV I didn’t see any of those questions I was reading from down here
sorry did you think I was reading those and then you got rid of him no okay they
just went away all right sounds good so I’m I might have gotten one of them
you know what crazy cat traveler I think I have seen that favor might have
reviewed that box I haven’t watched her video but I think it popped up in my
search feed oh there it is yes h3 family vlogs I got it back on so between
cruises already done and currently booked her at 13 carnival cruises you
want to try another line in the next year or so which line should you try h3
family vlogs oh it’s so hard for me to tell you that because I don’t know what
your interests are but if you like carnival
maybe try route a real pro bian or Norwegian give it a try
Chris and Lesley Bradley going on your first cruise over New Year’s looking for
reasonably priced hotel near Port of Miami any good suggestions oh yeah our
community can help you out with that Chris and Lesley Bradley let’s get some
Miami hotel suggestions here in the chat I’m a Hampton Inn fan honestly we have
really good luck with Hampton Inn the chain and so that’s what I look for Sara
I’ve never been on navigator of the Seas mr. crew Savini can you turn the fan for
me I’m hot thank you so much RN healthy lifestyle
you want some good excursions on Grand Turk my understanding is that it’s
really great just to walk down the beach and go to like Jack’s shack but if you
want some excursions on Grand Turk maybe our community can help you out here
tonight I haven’t been so we’ll see central Illinois Housing Network hi Nick
and Natasha what are we looking to at coke okay I think you guys mean what are
we looking forward to and I love that question I will tell you we’re so
excited we sprung for a thrill waterpark Cabana now for those of you who are
going to be going to perfect date coke okay you can rent a Cabana for on our
cruise planner it was 499 dollars you guys it includes six water park passes
so those water park passes right now are 93 dollars each so if you have six
people you have paid for the Cabana already right for the three of us it
didn’t exactly pay for the Cabana but we decided we wanted to vlog about it
because I’ve never seen anyone do a vlog on the cabanas in the waterpark not a
beach Cabana but the ones inside the water park and I am I burn really easily
so I love the idea of having our own personal sanctuary for shade also
there’s no bar inside of perfect day at Coco Keys waterpark area so you get bar
and food service in the Cabana so that’s a way for me to get bar service I don’t
even have to leave the water park all day if I don’t want to we will because
we want to film it but there were so many reasons that’s a lot of money for
us to spend on something guys $500 so I have not booked
any excursions in st. Thomas and st. Martin because we have spent so much
money on this cruise a lot a lot guys listened to that podcast and I’ll tell
you but in short just to give you a really quick breakdown on how much we’ve
been spending cruise itself was $2,700 for the three of us not bad for a
balcony guarantee right pretty good price the flights were $1,100 our drink
packages were several hundred dollars Internet was one hundred and forty six
dollars the three night dining package was two hundred and thirty dollars for
the three of us because we’ll get a refund for Junior once were on board so
all told we’re looking at about fifty five hundred bucks
did you know that honey he just went like this laughs I know because I’m like
the the reservationist in the family I like do all the arranging he’s kind of
like the money man sugar daddy right that sounded wrong but anyway
full disclosure yeah it’s a good thing we had a lot of time in between cruises
Chad Clarkson what do you think is better a cheaper cruise on Royal
Caribbean Royal Caribbean Carnival MSc thing going on NCL and paying more than
a little bit more to get perks like free dinner and drinks on mcl and your voice
is fine oh thanks Chad ah Chad I know what you mean about Norwegian it’s a lot
more expensive to get those perks Chad so for me I wouldn’t go for the perks I
would do two cruises on another line or I would book a sail away rate on
Norwegian and not get the perks because he can save thousands just my two cents
my opinion doesn’t mean it’s right just mine Kimmy says first-time cruisers
going to Alaska in May anything you can share tonight for first-time cruisers
you think we should no Kimmy I would love to I there’s so many things watch
our videos go into your cruise with an open mind and an open heart and a very
good attitude there’s no such thing as a perfect cruise there’s no such thing as
a perfect trip have grace when you’re interacting with other people be kind to
your service people and they will be very
very kind back to you be a generous tipper and don’t overpack have a blast
and direct message me on Facebook if you have any questions here to help you my
dear I already got our in live style so we
can go starting with Laura I’ll start with Laura and you can do the ones at
the top great Laura says I literally binge all your podcast episodes today
and I’m a new fan of your channel thanks for sharing all this info Thank You
Laura I’m so glad you’re here and new to us I
feel like I saw a message from you somewhere today you wrote to me on
Facebook didn’t you Mandy said are you guys excited to go on the ultimate abyss
and what shows are you looking forward to watching on harmony yeah we’re
excited about abyss but junior is kind of weird about it huh did he say he’s
not that into it he doesn’t want to get his scraped he doesn’t want to scrape
his back so he knows he needs to wear long sleeves but he’s Marvelettes lied
guy he’s kind of skin and bones guys so he’s worried about like his spine but I
think I’ll be fine if he just follows the instructions and holds on and brings
in his elbows right and like puts his feet in the thing I’m excited about it
cuz I have to get wet so I can like bring it I can go on a slide and I have
to mess up my hair so yeah funny okay Mandy said what shows
are you looking forward to watching on harmony okay Mandy I want to let you
know that we’re booked for several shows the fine line aqua show Columbus the
musical and Greece and I feel like maybe one the ice show 1887 so we booked for
all of them we usually don’t go to the shows more than one or two times on a
cruise but I booked all four of them because I know I have no choice I have
to book them and if I don’t want to go I’ll just do it later uncle John Kerry
thank you very much for the super chat and John and Tonya know what happens on
September 9th they’re wishing us a happy wedding anniversary thank you very much
John and Tony you guys mean the world to us yeah so it’s our 21st wedding
anniversary next Thursday guys so this cruise that
we’re going on it’s kind of a 21st anniversary present to us we’re really
excited about that mr. Kristen Stevie we’re going to be
scrambling around though packing for a cruise are we gonna like go out to
dinner and celebrate or something are we just gonna be we’re just gonna be
celebrating on the crew what do you think being together is
enough for me ah you’re precious thank you so you
think um you think April that he will be okay and he won’t scrape himself okay
good April said pay it and put it behind you
enjoy hi Kimberly oh my gosh you guys are here hi can
really hi Riley are you all watching tonight is the whole family nice to see
you okay let’s get back to questions what do
we have Oh guys our wonderful travel agent is in
the house tonight Wendy from dream vacations who booked this cruise for us
is amazing and I will link to after this goes live guys I’m gonna link in the
description to Wendy’s special website for cruisetipstv followers hi Wendy
let’s see what can we do tonight for Noemi
Noemi said nine nights Caribbean and one night in Miami carry on only crazy or
nah Noemi nah it is not crazy girlfriend it’s a
warm weather destination warm weather destinations are super duper easy to
pack carry on only four pack some of hold on
wait pack some of where are they oh I got something new Noemi hold on okay I
can’t find them but there are these cute little sink detergents I want to find
him for you oh I can’t find him Noemi okay well so much for blowing out the
mic I don’t know where they went I bought these new little sink detergent
things Noemi that you can do laundry and your sink if you’re not sailing with
Carnival a princess where you have laundry laundromats so when we do our
packing videos just keep an eye out for me and I’ll show them to you and I’ll
get a link to them I’m gonna make a Caribbean Mike okay okay I’m gonna make
a Caribbean cruise store on Amazon for you and I’ll put those in there okay
all right hi she SH wha says how much tips is recommended for room steward on
top of the prepay gratuity that’s up to your discretion it depends on the
service you receive and if you can afford to tip extra we usually give him
about $20 extra total maybe ten in the beginning ten in the end I
given more before for exceptional stewards who maybe had to just put up
with a lot during the week all right let’s see here Mary Ellen Dillon said sherry do you
know what perks you get from carnival when you book while you’re on a cruise
let me see if they have a I don’t think that they have a very good future cruise
program from what I remember but I’ll check for you and we can see actually
you know what I think they do offer a little bit of onboard credit so here’s
what their website says it says that you can get 50 percent off a deposit a two
category upgrade and up to $50 per stateroom of onboard credit so it’s it’s
a little bit of onboard credit not a ton I like that
50% off deposit that’s cool but there are more robust programs in the industry
oh my gosh Sequoia first-time crews are on princess
any tips for new or first-time Cruiser you’re pretty nervous well you have made
an excellent choice we have cruised the most with princess and we love princess
it’s a very relaxing cruise line you’re going to be in very good hands we have
Anna Princess Cruises playlist if you go to our channel and you click on
playlists you can watch princess cruise videos packing for Princess cruise vlogs
for a pimp’s at Princess cruise you’re going to do just great
princess makes it easy for you not to worry about things you don’t have to
make a lot of extra reservations for things it’s just gonna be a relaxing
traditional cruise experience but you just go ahead and send me a direct
message on our Facebook channel cruisetipstv if you have any questions
Denise Rosado said best checked luggage brand going on a two week Caribbean
cruise from Boston in November you tend to overpack I would recommend jumping on
the e bags website Denise and look for some good checked chuckle adesh there
there’s so many good brands I can’t even begin to name just one you’ve got a bags
you’ve got Samsonite you’ve got del C you’ve got it luggage we like a carry-on
from go penguin that’s wonderful there’s just so many choices okay
MS Mary said should I stick with one line to build my loyalty
or give various cruise lines a try and have a great time MS Mary I really like
the idea of in the beginning of your cruising career trying a bunch of
different lines seeing which ones you like and then starting to build loyalty
with the one that has kind of spoken to you the most but as you know from our
cruising patterns we’re all over the road we like a lot of different lines
for a lot of different reasons and we like to mix it up with that said we have
cruised a ton with princess and we’ve built some loyalty there and we are
enjoying that so I think you can kind of do both I really do
niolani Rios so the Cabana is 500 includes the thrill waterpark for six
yes it does and it also includes bottled water in a little ice chest six towels
bar service and like a cabana Butler to bring you bar drinks you do if you do
not have the drink package which we do have a drink package you will have to
pay for them but they will also bring you food hello no brainer for me
I don’t remember paying $500 for any one single experience in my cruising life
but this just made sense because of the the water park passes right we’ll see
how it is we’ll vlog about it will let you know okey-dokey
Kevin elm said excursion recommended recommendations for Grand taint Grand
Cayman and st. Thomas Kevin if you haven’t swum up with the stingrays or
swam with the stingrays in Grand Cayman it is a thrill I do recommend it it’s
one of those things you got to do once in your life I have friends who just
went scuba diving and Grand Cayman time of their life my best scuba dive of my
whole life was in Grand Cayman if you’re a diver or even if you’re not a diver
and you want to try it give it a try or you could also just take a taxi to Seven
Mile Beach to one of the many different places to chill for the day and you’ll
have a blast in st. Thomas there’s a ton to do we’re new st. Thomas people we’ve
never been but we think we’re just gonna take a taxi – magens bay and spend the
day there because we spent so much money on our cruise we don’t want to spend
anything else excursions so we’ll let you know what happens but a lot of our
friends here in the chat they’ve been to st. Thomas and they can hook you up
Brianna we have been to Belize in Cozumel yes I would recommend
ruins but they’re long days if you’re going to Cozumel and you’re going to
Chichen itzá that is a very long day I’d rather have you go to Cancun for a week
and go to Chichen itzá that way but if you’re really dead set on it just know
that it’s a long boat ride to the mainland followed by a very long bus
ride to the ruins and that’s gonna be your whole day I’d rather see you stay
on Cozumel and not go to the mainland at all in Belize go to one of the reefs and
do some snorkeling Isabelle said I want to ask about being late for cruise
check-in we’re supposed to check in between 12:00 and 3:00 and the ship
sells at 5:00 but what happens if we show up at 3:30 or 4:00 what will happen
is the bill there will be a hard stop listed in your check-in that’ll tell you
when is the latest time you can go and you have to be on board before the
muster drill so I think if you get on like at 3:00 3:30 you’re okay but check
with the check on the cruise line website they should tell you right there
queen of fun travel said what are some good excursions for Japan for Co Bao’s
akka Mount Fuji and Tokyo Oh Japan I love it love it love it love Japan and
hopefully guys you’re gonna be seeing us go back very soon we’re so in love with
that country I’ve never been to Kobe in Osaka you can spend the day in Osaka or
you can take the train or an excursion to Kyoto I do recommend that you go see
Kyoto but know that it is big crowded and a little more metropolitan than you
have seen on TV and you have seen on Instagram all of that romance is there
like the gion district but it’s very crowded everywhere in Japan pretty much
is crowded so just know that Mount Fuji is spectacular
if your ship offers an excursion to Fuji or partway up fuji great go for it
in Tokyo we didn’t spend any time in the city we were in Yokohama but I think a
one day city tour in Tokyo might be nice and then do your own thing
healed by his stripes any tips on obtaining passport stamps while cruising
yeah that’s tricky my suggestion because it’s different in every single cruise
port is to ask when you’re getting off the ship and there’s officers standing
there ask them if they know or ask the Port Authority someone’s gonna
be kind of clearing you to go through just keep asking people until they give
you an answer would be my advice for you okay Erica likes my shirt too I know you
guys I’m telling you my new service my new fashion subscription service is so
good and it’s really inexpensive compared to the other subscription box I
subscribe to and they have a lot of sizes so I’m really happy about it thank
you okay Robert Hodge says is it better to
book excursions to the Cruise Line is a new cruise or is it to help you does it
help you to book your own how do you get comfortable with booking your own are
there risks and booking and you’re on your own
yes Robert we’ve made several videos about this topic called things like must
dues if you’re self booking excursions so search on our channel for must do
self booking and you’re gonna find it or just search excursion must dues but
here’s what I would recommend if you’re a new Cruiser and you want to give the
cruise line excursions a try go for it absolutely we still booked
with the cruise lines all the time those tours may be a little bit more crowded
they might be a little more expensive they might not but you’re gonna feel
safe and then you’re gonna feel more comfortable next time how you get more
comfortable is experience and planning you plan very carefully you ensure that
you leave extremely big amount of cushion time on the front and back end
of your excursion so you don’t book anything early in the morning or
anything that comes back late anything more than two hours nothing too close to
your departure time you’re all aboard time so for example if you’re in Port
somewhere from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. you want to book an excursion it’s like 9 to 2 ok
2 hours of cushion time on either end and being as specific as I can you also
need to make sure that if you place a deposit on an excursion that you make
that there is a guarantee that that deposit will be refunded to you if the
cruise does not dock because cruise lines all the time have to reroute for
whether they can be late there could be delays you need a guarantee in writing
that you’re protected and you need a return to ship gear
from that provider those are very common things these days to find in an
excursion provider they’re dealing with cruise ship passengers all the time and
if they do not get you back to the ship they’re not going to get repeat business
so we find them to be just as safe just as reliable and generally less expensive
and less crowded but we booked both all right Ashley Elliott said have you ever
sat through a timeshare presentation for mr. pussy can you move that one up for
me Ashley’s move Roberts I can see Ashley’s
we haven’t sat through a timeshare presentation for anything but we’ve been
approached about it a million gazillion times I still can’t see it mr. mrs. UE
at Roberts comment I can’t see Ashley’s comment sorry Carol
this is fashion FA Sh om but I have a referral link so you can get $10 off so
I’m gonna get it in the description of this video after we’re done here
because a lot of people are asking about it so I want you to get your $10 off
I’ll do a video review of it over on Curtis gear because it’s so great so
much more inexpensive I love it all right
no we haven’t sat through Ashley a free a timeshare presentation for a free
cruise I’ve heard that people have done it I’m just afraid of the heavy pressure
of the sales people I went and stayed in a resort in Cabo one time and it was a
timeshare resort and somehow they got my cellphone number and it’s been six years
and they still get phone calls from them like once a month trying to help so I’m
afraid of it okay um suga is my king said how hard is
it to go on excursions and get around imports in Alaska with a 7 month old and
a 3 year old any tips 9 day Carnival Cruise next year
yes I have very specific tips for you I want you to take an umbrella stroller
small umbrella stroller for each child one for the 7 month old or one for the 3
year old or a double stroller the stroller gives you freedom at that age
you need that freedom because you can’t carry the kid around the reason I’m
saying umbrella strollers is because sometimes a double won’t fit in the
hallway or your crew room and you need something a foldable
umbrella stroller with a little umbrella I guess looks why they call it an
umbrella stroller isn’t it that will protect them if it drizzles is gonna be
great for naps and you guys are gonna be able to relax don’t over plan just enjoy
walk around the towns go out to lunch and enjoy Alaska you can do excursions
later if you want to go out to Mendenhall Glacier and Juneau you can do
that with the kids totally fine but don’t over book yourself CRH said would
you book with third party excursion companies do you recommend some yes we
do it all the time Sierra we like to book our excursions
through the shipmate app we also use TripAdvisor to research them and look at
the reviews for the particular company sometimes we book directly with the
company sometimes we use a shore excursion third party like ship mate app
is technically a third party they use something like Shore Fox for your
booking so you can absolutely do it Steven K said has anybody tried the
seafood tower from Carnival yet no but Steve and I keep hearing about the
seafood tower and everybody loves it they say it’s amazing Cyndi a mid-life
girl says does Royal Caribbean have guests laundry no they don’t and Cyndi I
tell ya it drives me mad I’m you I’m getting used to it now though cuz MSC
doesn’t either so we sent our laundry out on MSC and
that was actually kind of nice as like Oh for $30 I can have it all washed
folded pressed hung on hangers it was like okay this isn’t that either but
yeah I like to do my own Felicia Walker says has junior editor been to the kids
clubs on Princess if yes did he like it he loved it in on our cruise to Asia
Felicia it was his favorite experience we couldn’t get him out of the kids club
he’ll probably love it on Royal Caribbean to some kids on princess find
that it’s more subdued and they don’t like it as much but our son he’s
addicted he loves it it’s his favorite so raven hamilton says first-time cruise
on royal caribbean harmony to seize any advice on a ship this large is an
interior balcony a good option yeah there’s so much to do raven that i think
you’re gonna be fine if you’re saving a lot of money on an
interior balcony or boardwalk or Central Park balcony go for it
we’re cruising on that ship in just a few short weeks so we’ll let you know
when we get back make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook
and here for all the coverage CG miyamura said are there any adult only
areas you can pay for on Carnival horizon other than the Havana area for
Havana staterooms well I think they should have a serenity area but it’s not
even you don’t even have to pay to go there so serenity and you could always
go to the spa Kimmy said flying from Hawaii to Seattle you’re not able to
take advantage of the free flights to port any other perks or credits you can
take advantage of in place I’m assuming you’re talking about Norwegian Kimmy and
that’s the question you’re gonna have to ask the cruise line I’m not sure how
that works but I would think so yeah I would think that you don’t have to have
the free air perk so call them and ask them if you can swap it out all right
Thank You Mellie for the kind words from Venezuela we appreciate it
Chad Clark said while I’m talking about my age what would you recommend I think
I’m too young for Princess cruise line even though I’m going on the Carnival
Magic in January what do you recommend for someone your age Chad I don’t know
your age do you know Chad’s age Chad drop it is digits in the well not those
do you know think I don’t think you’re ever too young for price are you I
cruised on Princess in my 20s and I loved it but it is subdued I mean if
you’re if you want a party it’s not for you in my opinion right so Chad use your
gut instinct if you feel like it’s too if it’s if you’re too young for it then
try it once or don’t do it longer Princess Cruises ten nights and up or
anything more than seven nights is gonna be a much older demographic but we like
that but cruising Mimi said suggestions for a New Year’s Eve cruise and what
favorite cruise line does the community suggest cruising Mimi it depends a lot
on you all the cruise lines are great it just depends on what you’re looking for
but all of the lines do newsy very beautifully they have fun things they
have balloon drops they have countdowns they have parties so pick a cruise line
that you love and see if they have a New Year’s Eve celebration for you Jonathan
Perry says going on your first cruise December and carnival pride is
pressurized sunscreen allowed you hate lotion yeah it’s allowed no problem
Jonathan the sprays and stuff you’re fine
I can’t see West Coast Davies question you’re gonna help me thank you
West Coast Davy isn’t too crazy paying 800 for a chairs program I don’t think
it is I don’t think it’s crazy if it gives you peace of mind and that’s for
two people I’m assuming um you know a drink package is what you make of it if
not having to think about a giant bill at the end of your cruise is a factor
and you’re gonna drink more than five or six drinks a day it’s worth it we have a
drink package estimator on our website it’s
forward slash estimator right yeah you can play around with it West Coast Davy
if you want to but no I don’t I don’t think it’s crazy if it’s something you
want to do if you want to drink and you don’t want to be worried just know that
Carnival has a limit of per day limit on your alcoholic drinks I think it’s 15 all right
Angie said what is there to do for 18 year olds on Carnival can you go to the
clubs and just not drink I don’t know I think it can I think you can go to the
clubs and just not drink Angie unless they say over 21 what do we think guys
but what to do on Carnival there’s so much you’ll have a blast you’ll probably
make friends on day one make sure that you go to any events for your age group
and make friends on day one captain Dirk in the house with a ten dollar super
chat Thank You captain Dirk your question is love your broadcasts what
are the advantages and disadvantages of an obstructed interior room versus a
general interior room on Carnival I’m assuming captain Dirk that you mean an
obstructed ocean view because an interior doesn’t have a window so
there’s nothing to obstruct so I’m gonna assume that’s what you mean if that’s
the case you’re you’re going to pay less in an obstructed view cabin than a full
view cabin but the disadvantage is going to be that there’s going to be something
blocking your view it could be a very small obstruction like the top of
a lifeboat it could be total obstruction from a
lifeboat or a structure a part of the structure of the ship a beam some cruise
lines even consider a metallic barrier along your instead of having a glass
view barrier or balcony what on earth is that called a railing if they have a
metallic railing they’ll even consider that obstructed so if you really want
that view and you book obstructed you might not get it but those are I would
say are the advantages and disadvantages and thank you ever so much for the super
chat that was very kind time to shine said I’ve never had to trade money do
you do this on the ship or off the ship pens on where you’re cruising time to
shine most of the time if you’re traveling traveling abroad we recommend
that you get your currency at the airport but if you’re going to multiple
countries you might want to get some currency before you cruise like for
example if you’re going to Europe maybe when you land in Rome or Barcelona go to
the airport ATM not an exchange counter a nice Bank
ATM and get some cash their luxurious soaps Lesley Stedman said is the Wi-Fi
package worth it on Carnival to me it is I find it to be reasonably priced I
think it’s worth it yes Noemi I have already oh yes I have tried the
fabfitfun style service once I liked it but I wasn’t crazy about it so I didn’t
do it again bill Bongo said what’s the best wildlife excursion in Alaska if you
like whale watching whale watching is awesome I like going to see the Bears so
to me I’m going to the Alaska Wildlife Sanctuary was really fun I liked that
that was great there’s also a lot of things a lot of things where you can
like float down a river and see Eagles the Chilkat Preserve is one of those
where you can do that all right luxurious soaps Leslie said we booked an
excursion and Cozumel to swim with dolphins is it hard to find a taxi no
very easy to find taxis in Cozumel do not worried do not worry you should make
it back to the ship in time just make sure you have a 2-hour cushion okay
third party excursion recommendations I mentioned a few earlier but I like to
book through shipmate I like to research on TripAdvisor I like
Shore Fox you’ve got shore excursion ear there’s
just so many of them out there okay I can’t see Karen’s question we’re moving
fast guys we’re moving fast all right mm-hmm
all right let’s see here Karen Ellie said what do you recommend to do in st.
Kitts for people who are going to say kits for the first time I recommend
doing some kind of an island tour that’s something that I’ve heard people say
over and over again I haven’t been to st. Kitts but I would do that and if
we’re going back for a second time you might want to do something like goes to
do a resort for the day type thing but go see the island Joanna the Wi-Fi on
MSC is hit-and-miss just like any other ship that would be my answer
Kristin Hood said we’re going on our first first cruise in two weeks to the
Mexican Riviera Carnival Splendor excited and nervous any tips
have a blast Kristen the service is really good on that ship the ship is a
little older make sure you know that it’s not a brand new giant sparkling big
ship it is a ton of fun highly highly recommend the thermal suite day pass or
week pass for the spa we had a spa cabin loved those eucalyptus steam rooms
they’re phenomenal um yes okay so Mrs W W said can you talk more about the
refreshment package on Royal Caribbean you want to get it but it seems
expensive one hundred twenty two dollars for four days watch for sales in your
cruise planner Mrs W W for four days yeah that does sound a wee bit expensive
we paid 21 dollars a day for mr. cruisetipstv refreshment package so
that’s cheaper what oh yeah I don’t know maybe she hasn’t seen that episode Mrs W
W we did an episode on the drink the Royal Caribbean drink package why we
booked it you might want to watch it it’s only a few episodes back on our
Channel it explains it but I think you need to watch that pricing and wait till
it comes down that does seem a little high to me
Jim ring said what’s the best port stock for well watching in Alaska I’ve only
ever been in Juneau Jim but it was great and a lot of people do whale watching
Juno I’m ready for Melissa’s question Denisha said that eighteen year olds
and go to the nightclub but not have drinks Daisy I’m sorry you didn’t get
the notification I see you here okay let’s see Melissa said do you know when
Carnival will post the rest of the cruises for 2021 s only showing through
April probably May I would think maybe around November Melissa to start
watching for those but it really varies Vanessa we haven’t been on a Disney
cruise we’re open to it but it has to be the prices would have to come way down
Linda Elliott said what are the best times to do laundry on Princess Linda
I’m your girl not on formal night or sea days would be my answer
earlier in the cruise is less crowded than later in the cruise so if you
really like for example wanted to do laundry on day 2 no one’s gonna be in
there so you could take all your shore day clothes do a quick load and then
wait until a little later in the cruise early morning it’s always a good place
to start Carol said where did you see the Bears
eating salmon during your Alaska cruise we did in Ketchikan we did the Alaska
rain forest sanctuary the bear walk they’ve they’ve recently renamed but if
you search for Alaska rain forest sanctuary they will pop up Nancy said
what exactly do you get with the thermal spa Nancy on that ship on Carnival
Splendor you get access to the thermal suite which has a bunch of different
steam rooms dry saunas and hot tubs and you can buy passes for the day or the
duration of your cruise and you get to go relax in there and it’s tranquil and
wonderful Amanda said is it worth the upgrade from Carnival to upgrade to a
spa balcony it’s 120 if you’re gonna use the spa pass I think so I did like the
extra amenities like the the the robe and the and the slippers and even mr.
Crewson TV went with me to the thermal sweets on Carnival Splendor and he
really liked it and he’s a germaphobe so he usually doesn’t do things like that
like he’s a hot tub no way man he calls it people soup you guys know
this so I think it’s worth it go for it Amanda I think it’s worth it
do it alright let’s get some more questions here so many people in the
chat tonight we’re having fun um are we caught up there’s no way we’re caught up
oh wow queen of fun travel has a recommendation
the blue Safari catamaran snorkeling in st. Kitts
be chat nevus they had lunch on the catamaran and rum punch ten of those so
much fun okay queen of fun travel that sounds like my kind of day I am loving
that good night Julia all right yeah crazy cat traveler you’re talking about
the key on Royal Caribbean yes if anyone’s asking I don’t know if I miss
this question we are not getting the key on Royal Caribbean it would be $90 a day
for the three of us no way I’m not gonna do that
we don’t need any special treatment on the cruise I’m sure it’ll be really nice
to have priority everything and it’s gonna be a crowded ship so be great but
Mama’s spending a lot of money on other stuff so I’m not gonna do it and you pay
for every person in your cabin even junior that’s a lot Abby if your drink
package goes down in price after you paid well the cruise line adjust it if
it’s Royal Caribbean they will call them and ask them immediately if you see it
happen deal with it immediately get it taken care of but don’t waste any time
because that lot that price could go up and down okay yeah John Carnival
Splendor leading to Long Beach permanently to reposition to Australia
on October 5th my dad is on that cruise he’s repositioning with them must be
nice to have so much time right okay I think we’re pretty caught up here yeah
anybody use questions get missed if I missed you type now I can see all the
comments and we’re relatively caught up but I want to make sure that we do not
miss anyone okay Stevie our sale date is coming in hot it’s really soon and we’re
going to st. Thomas st. Maarten and perfect day at CoCo Key yeah excited
really excited cool Daisy wants to know if anybody’s done
the glass boat tour posts recently on Royal for Queen’s staircase and Nassau
areas I’ve never heard of that one that’s cool Karen said they will give
you your money back and charge you again if you yeah exactly okay cruising Mimi
said can you share with us the disinfectant wipes used that you sell in
your store and if they kill norovirus yes I can share those with you let me
just get you a link really quickly you got it
can you do that for me mister Kristoff’s TV is gonna put a link in there for you
they our Clorox wipes and yes they do kill
norovirus okay no problem yeah I know Jake $90 is $29.99 per person for all
three of us I’m not going to do that okay Jim how to use a Cruz gift card
onboard you go to the person’s just to redeem doesn’t get posted yes you can do
that sometimes if you have a cruise gift card though you can load it into your
cruise personalize er for that cruise line when you register your credit card
if it’s not evident how to do that give a call to the cruise line and ask them
how to do it but yeah my understanding is you can go to the front desk and
apply it to your account that is totally fine okay Karen we don’t use
walkie-talkies anymore so I don’t know the answer to that Danielle Adriatico
said which all-inclusive resort do you recommend in Cabo and Virata I liked hot
with enviro we like now amber and Hyatt Ziva in Cabo there’s not as many
available but I personally stayed at the Riu Palace on a land vacation and if Rio
palace is available that’s a real treat I would do that
Janine wants to know what is a repositioning cruise do you get the same
benefits yes you do Janine it’s simply a cruise that starts in one place and ends
in another sometimes between seasons so like if a cruise ship is repositioning
from Alaska for their summer season to the Mexican Riviera for their winter
season they might have a cruise in between that repositions that ship so
that cruise might be from Seattle to Los Angeles include different ports
sometimes they’re cheaper a lot of times they’re cheaper but they always include
the same perks almost always okay all right Jaffe Co primero said you’re
taking Royal Princess to Alaska round-trip LA they just alerted you
you’ll miss Victoria is there anything you can do I don’t understand your
question exactly but don’t worry about missing Victoria that’s no big deal it’s
a beautiful city but you’ll be fine kindly you get to mr. Santos by taxi
they are waiting for you with posted rates when you get out of that cruise
terminal walk to the taxi stand there will be a sign that says this is how
much it costs to go to mr. Sancho’s misty gray said what’s the weather like
in September in October in New York I think it’s fall like misty and you
should plan for typical East Coast fall weather so combination of like sweaters
windbreakers maybe a jacket yes I midlife girl you’re right the the wipes
do need to sit on the surface for a little bit to kill the germs you are so
right okay Melissa wants recommendations for excursions in Civitavecchia in Rome
I would do some kind of a ship sponsored tour if I were you that’s the time when
I’d probably do one with the cruise line and go do a nice Rome City tour like a
nice walking tour would be good let’s see here John Gemelli California Coastal
San Francisco excursion if you can go to Muir Woods beautiful try to get up there
to the to the Muir Woods area if there’s an excursion to do that otherwise you
could just walk around San Francisco Steve said any idea on the loyalty
program between Royal Caribbean and the subsidiaries like celebrity Steve do you
mean like sharing I’m not sure Caitlyn Howell said any plans to cruise
to Australia in New Zealand in the next few years yeah for sure especially New
Zealand I would love to come back to Australia though as well if we can
afford it because those flights are gonna be very expensive we would love to
do that Kimberly the weather on our cruise is going to be probably pretty
muggy and pretty uncomfortably hot so that’s why we got the Cabana to I need a
lot of shade Jr and I just we melt in the heat I just don’t like the heat
Kylie I think I got your question about travel to mr. Sancho’s oh my gosh Norah
yeah you’re gonna be cruising with my dad how fun he doesn’t look anything
like me so you won’t know it’s him my dad and I could not look more anymore
different my dad looks like a character from like what’s that what I’m trying to
think of those Cheech and Chong he looks like a character from Cheech and Chong I
love you dad oh my goodness I’m gonna try to answer a few more questions here
yeah April good suggestion okay no Shanice Allen I’ve never been to Aruba
but I’m there’s so many beautiful things to do there
Daniel what you do when you’re shopping for a repositioning cruise it’s kind of
tricky because it’s not it’s not that easy to just to shop for something like
repositioning but go to a site like Cruise Line comm and they do have some
categories that are kind of like that that you can search for or search for a
particular ship you’re interested in and see if you can catch a midseason does
anybody else have any tips on how to search for repositioning I’m gonna go to
cruise line comm real quick and see if you can just search by repositioning I
bet you they have added that type of category let me see so they’ve got all
destinations I don’t actually see a repositioning category that’s tricky
isn’t it yeah you kind of have to look for you have to look by ship and then
see where they are in between they’re different seasons okay alright guys we
are going to sign off now I don’t have to feed my child tonight I know a lot of
times you know that we’re trying to go do that we ate dinner beforehand since
we started at 6:30 Rene I’m not sure if texting works on that app I’m sorry
Melisande nice the arcades are not just for teens and kids adults can totally go
unless the arcade is within the kids center which they usually are not
alright guys I think we almost got all the questions tonight if I’ve missed you
you can definitely send me a direct message over on Facebook and I’ll try to
do my best to get back to you and thank you all so much for being here I also
wanted to remind everyone about our intro to cruising master class in about
a month or so we’re going to be closing the cart on the intro to clues cruising
master class for just a little while while we update some information so it’s
not going to be on sale for a while so when it comes back online it’s gonna be
a little more expensive but the same content will be in there if you want to
get in on the price this year go to our website click on
tutorials and use the code 2019 for five dollars off it is a video and checklist
serious for new cruisers and its really awesome it’s very inexpensive so if
that’s something that you’re interested in check it out before we raise the
price other than that guys I think we’re going to go live again next week
Monday night at 6:00 or 6:30 so stay tuned we will keep you very closely
posted thank you for being here love you guys you’re the best
have a wonderful night thank you for putting up with my emotional start to
our livestream today and stay tuned for all the fun updates that are coming for
our crews and our packing serious and all that good stuff until next time good
night and we’ll see you on the high seas Hey click me to subscribe

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  1. Hi friends! We will not have power until late tonight. The livestream has been postponed until Wednesday at 6:30pm Pacific.
    We are safe and FAR from the fire!

  2. Oh boy, I've done probably 10 timeshare presentations, usually when we're trying to kill time. Wyndham has been the best for following through with useful incentives, but also the most sneaky and manipulative. Grandview, Diamond Resorts, Westgate, they're all awful about renting their properties out as a hotel, leaving you the off season scraps, and pressuring you to upgrade upon arrival. Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, and Disney are better, but they're basically inflated priced resorts that make owners feel like they're saving money.

    Usually the free cruise is BS, an off season Bahamas or Baja cruise on Carnival, in the bunk bed cabin. I threw mine away, with fees there was only $50 in savings. If you upgrade to a normal inside cabin, the price gets hiked above booking yourself.

  3. Arancini from Jamie’s. Tagliatelle from Jamie’s. So good…also when you book interior balconies with the oasis class ships they often give you perks. My Central Park balcony on the Oasis came with a complimentary sea day lunch at Giovanni’s, a bottle of wine and casino lessons. Taking my 6th cruise next April on the amplified Oasis.

  4. I recently found your channel after doing some research for the Panama Canal cruise with Princess, and I loved your video blogs on that cruise. I'm now a big fan of your channel 🙂 Great tips!!!!

  5. Time shares are not worth it !!! You end up paying FOREVER. And so will your kids! My father-in-law bought one in 1983 for $8000 !🤬🤬🤬 He used it twice. He was able to rent it but always for less than the annual maintenance. We are paying thousands just to get rid of it.

  6. I’ve been checking your page everyday for a new video. Lol yay and what your husband said was so cute and sweet. You can tell he’s so in love the way he said dang❤️❤️❤️ love your channel. Carnival Sunrise January 2020 for my birthday

  7. Also guys echoing on what was said about checking for price alerts. If you just want to book your cruise and don’t have the $300 deposit book the one that has a cheaper deposit * it will be higher in price but as you pay on it (before your final payment is due) go back online and check the prices. I booked the half off deposit special and then saw the regular prices were $130 cheaper and we already paid $250 toward our cruise so I called carnival and let them know we saw a cheaper price. It did change our deposit to $300 but since we already paid on it we only owed $50 more. A great steal plus we were paying for the onboard credit . Careful with that because it was $40 extra a person for $50 per stateroom credit so we had that taken off once we noticed. Dropped our price from $337 pp to $272

  8. Omggg 🥺 I literally teared up too, so sweet. I love you guys and your channel, so wholesome!

    P.S You have to see ALL of the shows on the Harmony! They’re all amazing!!

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