Los Angeles: Tourist Attractions Vs. Hidden Gems • Tourist Trapped

Los Angeles: Tourist Attractions Vs. Hidden Gems • Tourist Trapped

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(applauding tourists approach) (a synchronized snap of cameras) – What’s the best way
to experience a city? I, Ryan Bergara, tend to enjoy a town’s most famous offerings. – And I, Shane Madej, prefer to head off the beaten path, and dig
up a city’s secret wonders. – Today, we’ll present both
sides, tourist attractions. – The charges!
– No! – It’s too late!
– Oh no! – Oh!
– Oh my goodness. – And hidden gems. – This is like a science lesson. – Yeah, it’s crazy talk. – To determine which
experience reigns supreme. – [Both] This is “Tourist Trapped.” – [Ryan] Los Angeles,
a sprawling metropolis of 4 million people, where
dreams and several prime time crime scene investigation shows are made. – [Shane] For an annual
48.3 million visitors, L.A. is a much sought
after vacation destination with boundless offerings. – [Ryan] The West Side beaches of Venice and Santa Monica, that’s a
rollercoaster on the ocean. – [Shane] The historical
charm and movie magic of Hollywood. – [Ryan] Outrageously
priced window shopping on Rodeo Drive. – [Shane] The super
chill, East Side, lousy, with coffee and ice cream
shops, and also Scientologists. – [Ryan] Foodie paradise in K-Town. – [Shane] The hip art scene of Downtown. – And the Valley.
(sirens blaring) But without further ado, we arrive at our first attraction, the commute. So a majority of your
time in L.A. is spent right here, white-knuckling it in traffic. – Thrilling. – Not really.
– No. – [Ryan] But you get used to it. It becomes a way of life. – Now before I expose us
to some actual culture, we’re going to be
visiting one of your funny little tourist spots, right? – Yeah, it’s a place I’ve
been looking at for awhile. I’ve seen them zipping around town. I’ve always wanted to get on top of one, and now I feel like you’re curious what I’m about to take us to. – A little bit, yeah. (dramatic music) – Here we are. – Okay. – [Ryan] This is the best day of my life. – It’s a tour bus? – You’ve seen these buses around. Haven’t you always wanted to get on one? – Not particularly, but. – Now you are, let’s do it. – Yes, okay. – [Ryan] A Hollywood tradition, star and sight seeing tours
have delighted tourists for decades, as a quick
way to treat your eyeballs to the city’s most iconic offerings. These buses also offer the
promise of seeing a celebrity, whether it be Justin Bieber on Melrose, or Adam Sandler watering his front lawn. – Okay, everyone, welcome to Hollywood. My name is Lisa. Let’s go see L.A.. – Fun to observe a filthy
neighborhood from the comfort of a moving vehicle. – You know, I’ve never
owned a convertible, but this makes me wanna own a convertible. A convertible bus just like this. – Specifically a convertible bus. – Just like this. – [Lisa] At nine o’clock,
the Hollywood sign. – I wake up every morning,
and I look at that thing, I shed a tear. – Right now, we’re going
to Mulholland Drive. We’re gonna see some stars, maybe. This is Sasha Baron-Cohen’s house. – You think he ever just
walks out full “Borat”? – [Ryan] I actually
ordered a mankini myself after I saw that movie. – He really pulls it off. – I didn’t.
– Could you? You did not.
– No. I threw it away immediately. – I can imagine. – [Lisa] Can you see a lot of
giant mansions up on the hill? ‘Cause that’s where
Denzel Washington lives. – Denzel!
– Zel! – [Lisa] Samuel L. Jackson,
my boyfriend Mark Wahlberg. – This is the big league. – [Lisa] Oh, let’s not
forget Mr. Steve Harvey. – And of course, Steve Harvey. (bright adventure music) – [Lisa] Ladies and gentlemen,
on your right hand side, the Beverly Hills Hotel. – Wow.
– That turned you into Al Pacino, wow!
(Ryan laughing) You got a big sign! – [Lisa] The Chateau Marmont, everyone, is sadly where John Belushi
died March the 5th, 1982. – A nice jovial thought, as
we pass The Laugh Factory. – Hey, that’s where Kramer dies. (Ryan laughing) Fun as this is, I wanna see celebs. – That was never a promise,
that we would see celebrities, but if it is celebrities that you want, there is something that is
packaged with this tour, usually, that we’re
about to go to right now. I know I told you this was one experience. I’m squeezing two into one. Sporting a collection of
over 200 eerily accurate wax figures, Tussaud’s is
an undeniable crowd-pleaser, in that it allows for a close up encounter with your favorite celebrities, even allowing guests to touch, in a respectful manner, the
way likeness of their dreams. You said you wanted celebrities, right? – I did. – Take your pick. Let’s browse the room. Rihanna, Justin, Lorde,
thank you for coming. – I’ll say this about Jen. – I don’t feel comfortable
with you holding her that way. Maybe–
– She is one of the few celebs that I’ve seen in person. She took my breath away. – Now compare those
feelings to the feelings you first felt when you laid
your eyes on your girlfriend for the first time. – Not even close to–
– In which direction? – To the, who needs J.Lo? That’s what I’m saying. – You sure that’s what you’re saying? – Absolutely. – You did beeline to
J.Lo and immediately went – Well, I just–
– To this. – Well, how fun is it
to prom pose with them, is all I’m saying? – I’m sure it’s fun for you. – You’re a little close there. – That’s what you were doing. – Eh.
– I was doing what you were doing.
– A little close. – Stop caressing him. – Okay, well, I just wanted to
see if the stubble was real, but it’s, you almost wish
they could make them warm. (whimsical music) Really pink lips. You ever see how pink his lips are? – You do have a gift to
isolate the creepiest thing on any statute. I gotta say, seeing you next to him does shatter my illusion a bit. You’re not a superhero. – I think I’m buffer than him, too. – I don’t think you could do a pushup. – I’ve done three or four in my day. – [Ryan] In your life? – [Shane] Every day, four pushups. – I don’t think so. – Good hammer. – Okay. (laughing) – Initially, I scoffed
at the appeal of staring into the cold, dead
eyes of Whoopi Goldberg, but it’s an experience second to none. Now, in lieu of more wax people, we turn to the real thing,
and while this artsy Angelino might not have his name
on the Walk of Fame, he’s certainly turning
heads with his glitzy garden in the hills of Echo Park. All right, off to a
bit of a touristy start here in Los Angeles. – I’d say a perfect start. So what are we gonna looking at, guys? Back yard, is that what this is? – [Shane] Well, it’s an
artist’s backyard, yes. – So it’s a backyard. – Don’t embarrass me
in front of the artist. This is Randyland, and
we’re about to meet Randy. – I think you do a good job
of embarrassing yourself. – Excuse me?
– Nothing. This is a little creepy. You know, this is playing
like a horror movie, right? – It’s fine. Hello? (eerie music) – Hello? Hi, welcome to Randyland. – That’s Randy.
– Ooh, boy. – [Shane] Phantasma-Gloria at Randyland, a dizzying array of multicolored bottles arranged into kaleidoscopic murals, has stood in Echo Park for over a decade. With a quick trip to the
Randyland Facebook page, you can schedule an intimate
tour of this artsy Eden with Randy himself. Just be a pal and bring the guy some wine. – If you turn around, and look
in that vessel right there, until you can see the horizon
shrunken and upside down. – [Ryan] Oh, wow, you can see that. – Yeah.
– The same refraction is taking place on the front of your eyes, projecting
an upside down image of the world on your retina
that your brain is turning over. – This is like a science lesson. – Yeah.
– It’s crazy talk! – Pretty good, huh? – Okay, you take it easy.
(Shane laughing) – [Shane] So where did the
idea for all of this come from? – This was sitting upside
down on my windowsill, and I was looking beyond
it, in my kitchen window, and I looked down, and I
saw a blazing light inside, that same blazing light
you see inside each one of these now, and that bright
light was the sun itself blazing away inside this
lens, and I realized, I could make a mosaic out
of a thousand shining skies. – Was the sun the only
thing that was blazing? You know what I mean? – No, no, it wasn’t.
(Ryan laughing) It turns out that a teardrop
vessel turns into not one, but two lenses. The edges of the stem cove in. – Okay.
– It’s strangely sexual. – Yeah, big time. – Well, that’s what he was doing. – I mean, yes, I agree.
– Well, the shape– – Is very sexual, yes. – The curving lazy S shape–
– Almost phallic. – [Randy] That you see
in all the, actually– – Almost phallic.
– It could be, if that’s where your imagination goes. – It is. – But it could also be the shape of a particularly attractive female body. – [Ryan] Or a big old penis. – You’ll notice, the central figure here is the Virgin of Guadalupe,
who is the Mexican apparition of the Virgin Mary. I’m not a believer, but
she keeps telling me to build her anyway. – Yeah, I mean, she’s pretty much in just every Mexican household. I’m half. – Los Angeles is named after her, Los Angeles is literally,
(speaking in foreign language). It was in honor of all
the beautiful immigrants and descendants of immigrants, evidently, not unlike yourself. – I feel like if I lived
here, I’d just sit here every night, and watch the sun go down. – You would, and it would
really irritate your wife. (both laughing) (gentle music)
(birds chirping) – God, I’d love to meditate out here. – Yeah. – It’s a bitching place
to mediate, it really, it works.
(Shane laughing) – [Ryan] After Shane’s unique
look at a man’s backyard, and possibly suffering from contact high, I found myself to be positively famished. Apropos to that, in a
city filled to the brim with famous flavor offerings,
perhaps no restaurant is more synonymous with
L.A. than Pink’s Hot Dogs. All right, big meal for the big guy. – Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho. – Arguable the most famous hot dog stand in the country, Pink’s Hot
Dogs has been serving up intrigue and flavor since 1939. This is the America the Beautiful dog. It has bacon, tomatoes, it has jalapeno. Pastrami is also in that dog. – I love it. – We have the Philly Cheese dog. – Pretty self explanatory. – And we have the old classic. This is a dog they’ve
been serving since 1939, the chili cheese dog. – So that’s the original. – That’s what started it all, baby. – Okay. (grunting) – Is it good?
– It’s great. Yeah. – All those flavors, all
the people are singing, and it’s a harmony that I enjoy. (laughs) – This, wow, that cheese
is really cemented to the top of my mouth. – It’s certainly tasty. – I think that’s gonna
be there for a few weeks. – [Ryan] That’s too much
dog, not enough man. – I heard that snap.
– Ooh, that’s got a kick. – Really? – The jalapenos are in the dog. The call is coming from inside the house. (foil crinkling) – That’s a lot of meat.
(Ryan laughing) – Oh Jesus. Oh, God, oh God!
(dramatic music) Police! – There’s no possible way
we’re finishing all this. That being said, what do you
think about the day so far? – It’s been a blast. We saw all the celebs
I’ve ever wanted to see. We met a wonderful man. Randyland? – How long you think it took
him to think of that one? About the time it takes to sneeze? You gonna sneeze right now? What are you doing?
(Shane belching) – Oh my God, that was my
body making more room. One thing I’ve noticed, if
you’re eating a big, big meal, you just want everything to sorta fall to the bottom of your stomach. – Oh, so you shit your pants? – No, no, no. Not a bad idea, but just a quick– – It’s not a bad idea. – Just a quick like, (thumping). (Shane thumping)
(Shane groaning) – Is that how you use
the toilet? (laughing) – I’m gonna grab a
quick 18 hours of sleep. (Ryan laughing) Let my body shut down
while it works on all this. And then, wake up,
bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to explore more of Los Angeles. – Shall we? – Our bellies packed with a meal that we look forward to
fully digesting someday, we turn our sights to another
underground spectacle, a relic of L.A.’s Prohibition Era strikingly resurrected
for modern sportsmen, like your intrepid hosts. Ryan, we’ve eaten far too many hot dogs. It’s time for some physical activity. – You know, I have to admit,
I saw pictures of this online. It lives up to them.
– It’s a beaut! – You much of a bowler?
– No. Opened during the height
of Prohibition in 1927, Highland Park Bowl originally
featured a doctor’s office where patrons could obtain a prescription for medicinal whiskey,
and as luck would have it, a short trip downstairs would allow them to pick up some of that good healing hooch while they knocked back some pins. Now this place, it should be noted, is usually packed to the gills, but they’ve graciously
allowed us goofballs in during a quiet afternoon. – You sure this hidden gem’s
not just a little too hidden? – [Shane] No, I assure you,
it’s quite the hot spot. – Really funny bit you did
with the shoes back there, almost as funny as what
I’m about to do with you. I’m about to wipe the hardwood with you. – I’m warning you that I have almost no hand-eye coordination. – I know that, but you
do look like you might be a bowling savant. You know how some guys
just have that look? – A lot of people who bowl
don’t necessarily look like they’d be good at anything. – What do you say we make
this a little interesting? – All right. – Later today, we’re going
to a place that has something that I’m pretty sure
you would not like to do under any circumstance. If I beat you today, you’re
gonna have to do that, no questions asked. – Okay, all right. I may go straight into the gutter. I got bad limbs. They’re too long, but I’m
here to just enjoy myself, so don’t make fun. – [Ryan] Man, do you hear that? – What? – It’s the excuse train. It’s pulling into the station. – Let’s see what you’re made of. – Yeah, it would be really embarrassing if I beefed this one. – It would be. – No whiffs today, no whiffs today. (ball banging)
Shit. – [Shane] Ah! – I think I’m gonna warm
up as the day goes on. – I’m feeling a little more confident. – [Ryan] That’s how I operate. Let’s put that flower shirt to the test. – How do you, okay. – Were you just gonna ask me
how do you throw the ball? – How do you bowl?
– Oh my God. (Ryan laughing) Oh, you hit a pin. Oh my God. (pins banging) I’m actually–
– It sounds like a strike. (bright whimsical music) – The gutter ball? Well, you know, they’re
not all gonna be winners. That definitely doesn’t look right. – [Shane] Holy smokes. – Oh my God! You know, that ball had some spin on it, I’m not even kidding. Oh! (pins clattering) – Still bad. Nope. – [Ryan] Wowzer. Were you aiming for the gutter? (rhythmic popping music) – I like that. As soon as the ball hits
the back of the swing, I sorta just black out. – Here comes a spare, baby. Oh, shit. (laughing) – You wanna see a show? I got a show for you. – [Ryan] Holy shit. (laughing) – [Shane] Oh! – That would’ve been perfect. – Yes, it would’ve been
perfect if it was perfect. I’m gonna deliver one
last cocky taunt here. Watch and learn. – Oh my. Oh my God, okay, no. Hold it, hold the pose. Now, turn around as if you got a strike. (bright music) (soothing jazzy music) Ah, big guy’s got some liquid. – I do, it’s a Belle of the Bowl, and I’ve got an Owen Loves His Mama. – Belle of the Bowl, refreshing
effervescent variation of the East Side, which is
where we are, and it’s gin, my least favorite alcohol. – I got it just for you. – You do know me. (laughing) So wanna talk about what happened out? – No, I don’t. – What happened down there? – You know, I know I’m bad at
bowling, and I prefaced that. – I actually think you undersold
how bad you actually are. – I mean, you’re lucky
you were against me. – That was maybe one of the
worst games I’ve ever bowled. – I’m sure.
– I beat you handily, by over 50 points. – Well, I think we can never
show our faces here ever again. – They’re gonna put
your photo on the wall. Please never give this man a bowling ball. – It’s like the opposite
of the perfect game. And then there’s this guy. – Bad game.
– Bad game. (glasses clinking) (coughing) It’s got jalapeno in it. – Yeah, watching the big
guy eat hardwood was fun, but what he lacks in bowling
prowess and basic motor skills, he makes up for in bowling lane criteria. Seriously, how ’bout those lanes? But now, it’s time to
finish my tour of L.A. With a good old fashioned
theme park, Knott’s Berry Farm. Bowling was pretty fun, but you know me. I’m a big theme park head.
– You are. – And Knott’s Berry Farm, one of the best theme parks in the country. – Well, let’s dig in. I love theme, I love parks. – You do love immersion. Built in 1945, by the
entrepreneurial berry and chicken power couple,
Walter and Cordelia Knott, Knott’s Berry Farm is a
world-class theme park, with a variety of shows,
food, and of course, coasters. (dramatic music) Right now, we’re about to get to a very special part of the day. You remember when I told you that thing in the bowling alley, you would have to do something you wouldn’t like? – I didn’t know you
were hanging on to that. – Well, that’s it. (dramatic music) It’s gonna be fun. I know you’re a little
scared, so I brought a furry little friend to help us. (bright adventure music) – Will it be all right? You got it? Okay, all right. – We’ll see you when it’s done. – We’ll see you when we come back. – [Announcer] Enjoy
your ride on Hang Time. – No. (tense music) – Remember as we’re going
up this 180 degree drop, risk taking is fun. This is controlled risk. This is the best kind of risk. – Oh, why, why even? What’s the point? – [Ryan] This is an excellent decision. – You know what? This stinks.
– Does it? – Yes. Why?
– Now we’re gonna hang over the edge here.
– Oh, why? – Oh my God.
– Ooh. – Oh my God.
– Okay. (tense music) Oh no. – Don’t bowl a 45 next time, huh? (both yelling)
(intense music) I think it wasn’t that bad, right? – Yeah. Snoopy, it was so bad,
it was so bad, Snoopy. – Shane’s internal organs now liquefied, we decided to take on
some of the lighter fare the park has to offer. (whimsical music) (laughing) Oh my God. It’s amazing. All right, let’s get a look at this. Oh my God. (laughing) (whimsical adventure music) You know, so as a native Angelino, I actually came to this park
when I was in middle school because the park, as much
as it is a theme park, it also kind of is a living museum. So this ride we’re about to
get on, the Calico Mine ride, lots of history here about
the old Gold Rush days. – [Shane] Are we gonna get
black lung on this thing? – Well, we’re certainly not gonna see dudes blowing their arms off, but we are gonna see
them blowing stuff up. Just a guy putting his organs
back into his stomach. (yells) – [Announcer] We’re moving
on into tunnel number one of the Calico Mine. – I love it. – Remember, one stray spark, and we’ll all get blasted to kingdom come. – How’s that for realistic? – Are we going to die? (light country music) – [Ryan] Sometimes, to
get the kids to learn, you gotta really frighten them. – Apparently.
– So that it sticks. – Yeah.
– For me, this stuck in my head as a child. – Look at this guy. – [Ryan] He’s having a grand old time. – That’s gonna be me in 40 years. – That’s you right now. (bright music)
– The charges! – No!
– It’s too late. – Oh!
– Oh my goodness. (bell ringing)
(Shane coughing) Now I challenge you, sir, to learn in a more fun and vivid way. – There’s no way to do it, I think. I mean, I could read a book, but. – You could do that. – [Shane] There’s simply no way anyone, even a snob like me can resist the charms of Knott’s Berry Farm. Our time there was so
sublime that I suspect it will one day feature in
the rapid-fire highlight reel that flashes through my elderly brain before the lights go out of my eyes. But now, tacos! (gentle music) – All righty, closing out the day. – It would be a crime not
to come to a taco truck in Los Angeles.
– That is true. We’re in Los Angeles. What’s on the menu? – [Shane] We’ve got Tacos de Camaron, we’ve got Aguachile. – I do love ceviche and fried tacos. – I know you do. – Let’s do this.
– Yeah, let’s boogie. To tell you the truth, taking
a gamble on any taco truck in L.A. is the safest
bet you’ll ever place. So it’s all the more impressive
that Marisco’s Jalisco rises above the impressive
fray as one of the city’s appointment roadside dining experiences. – You know, it’s not
often you see a taco truck that has an indoor seating location. – It’s ’cause this
place is in such demand. – I mean, you look at the wall. A bunch of plaques, it’s like
a decorated Ph.D in here. – I’d like to point out, were
you aware of Jonathan Gold? – Yeah, I think I know
where this is going. – Renowned food critic? – Yeah, I’ve heard of him. – He wrote this funny little
blurb about this place. “If you want to understand
Los Angeles in a single bite,” a single bite, it says,
“you should probably escape “that line at Pink’s
and find your way down “to the Marisco’s Jalisco
truck, out in Boyle Heights.” I just thought that was very funny. – Multiple things could be good. It’s not one or the other.
– That’s true, that’s true. This is not a competition. This is for both of us. We’ve had an incredible time in this city. – I will accept the
metaphorical olive branch. There we go. And now, let’s dig in and
eat before I pass out. – Please, I’m going to die. – These fried tacos, my
grandma used to prepare the tacos she made this way. – Let’s get into this crunch. (crunching tacos) Oh my God. – It’s really good.
– Yeah. – I’m really happy right now. – Me too. – I’m gonna dig into the Aguachile next. We got shrimp, lime, and
then, we got cucumber. (taco crunching) Are you okay? – Oh, yeah, you know I have
very Caucasian taste buds. – Yeah, those singeing them off? You think if we do enough of these, we’ll actually be the
gravitas of a Jonathan Gold? – I don’t think quite, no. – Like Johnny Bronze? – Yes, The Bronze Boys.
– I’ll take that. You know what? I’ll take it. You know, despite us having a little friendly competition here, I thoroughly enjoyed this entire trip. – In all honesty, your
touristy things were a blast. – I gotta say, all of your hidden gems, pretty enjoyable, as well. So out of all the things I showed you, what was your favorite? – It’s gotta be Knott’s. It’s a balance of fun, education. These animatronics, Ryan.
(Ryan laughing) They’re gonna haunt me. – I love those animatronics. – I’d ask you about
your favorite experience that I took you to, but I’m
gonna guess that it’s bowling. Solely to see me not fail, because I did get 47 points, but. – As much as I like to see
you knocked down a peg, this was pretty damn good. – This is pretty good. – It’s pretty hard to top this. – Yeah. Well, how very fitting that
this is our grand sendoff? Let’s finish these tacos and then. – Go to sleep for maybe a week? – [Shane] That sounds good. – I feel like I need a week
to decompress after all this. – Yeah, time to shut the cameras off. We’re really gonna go
to town on these things. (Ryan laughing) (bright adventure music) (both crunching) – God, this is a good taco. – It’s a fucking good taco. (bright adventure music)

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