Lost in Tokyo | Travel Video | Japan

Lost in Tokyo | Travel Video | Japan

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38 Million. Thats the amount of people gathering
around you day and night in the biggest city of the world. This sheer dimensions can make you feel intimidated and some may even question their purpose in a system
that huge but once you let this city conquer your heart it will never get out of your mind because it is absolutely unique in terms of everything and no matter how lost you feel there is always a light that will lead your way.

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  1. I’m now watching all of your videos, so good! I want to learn how to edit those transitions like you do, so seamlessly and smooth. 😮

  2. I wish I knew how to edit like this. You're edits are sublime. I can follow a few things here and there, but I'm still lost. I hope you show some bts of how you did some of these edits.

  3. Your videos are incredible man !! Reminds me those good memories when I was a child living there. Such a unique place > Thanks for the good vibes bro !!

  4. this is such a beautiful video! i'm going to japan soon and it got me excited! what lens did you use for the video?

  5. Good morning, i'm about to make a video for french people, i'm new but i'd like to show that beautyful video you made as a background, can i play please your video ?

  6. WOW! editing, camera movement, cinematic shots, transisions, hyperlapse are so amazing in this video! what camera are you using?

  7. I watched your own neat and beautiful video so well. I would appreciate it if you could watch the travel video on my channel.👍👍😮

  8. Crazy edit! Love the idea of the intro and the outro, amazing video! I made travel video too when I was in Bali and Labuan Bajo. And even for small editing like that, it takes a lot of hours. I can't imagine how many days you spend to edit this! This video deserves lots of views. 🙂

  9. Wow! Such a cool video! 😍 This deserves so much more views! And the edit is insane!

    I just uploaded my own japan Travel Diary. It's my first ever video on Youtube so I would be very happy to get some feedback!
    Thanks in advance!

  10. This is a masterpiece !!!! The footage…. the soundtrack… can't even think of a word to complement!!! LOVE IT

  11. wow, you are definitely need to be more famous.
    You are very talented, amazing filming, very smart and creative editing.
    you are the first person i am ever subscribe in Youtube channel. hope to learn more from you.

  12. look they made a city based on Anime Kappa but seriously though this place looks dope and lively asf but it probably shares the same issues with other metro cities like LA where overpopulation,expensive living,overemployment problems and other issues

  13. Wow loved this ❤❤ the way you portrayed 👌👌🔥🔥🙏🙌🙌 This is the best video of TOKYO I've ever watched 👌

  14. Great video, with a story and great visuals. Nice job. If you get a chance check out my channel. Thanks.

  15. O my……. Whta the heck that is a MASTERPIECE. What an epic film,,,, this actually shows how the city and the people really are and not just the well-known places of the city. Also a really nice vibe wich tells the story nicelyt. An absolute masterpiece!

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  17. First this video made me so emotional because it’s amazing and I’ve been to Tokyo last summer it was the best trip ever. I would like to share something about me even if nobody asked for it. I feel like I’ve always had a sad part in me, I don’t know why, I’m not depressed or anything but I just feel like a part of me is missing, something is missing so I can be fully happy. When I went to Japan, I’ve felt that the missing piece had been found. My soul was so relaxed, I’m constantly stressed over things but when I travelled there I had no worries. I want to live there to find my true freedom and happiness 🙂

    thank you if u read everything just wanted to share smth

  18. Very nice video. I am making something similar so wanted to see what is out there and this is great. Hope my next one can be as good.

  19. im going to tokyo and i want to make small edits for instagram and im looking up ideas and omfg this just seems so difficult and so professional 😭 make mine lmao

  20. Your edit, plot, hidden meanings and operator work make me shocked as f. I really sad because of 75k views (at this moment). I hope this video will get at least 1m views! One of the best Tokyo short film I've ever seen for sure. Thank you for that big and hard work!

  21. I was feeling down lately and this reminded me about my trip to japan last year. made me want to edit my videos as well <3 THANK YOU!

  22. I also try to shoot and edit the video)) True, so far on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and on the cheap Hubsan Zino drone))) https://youtu.be/lnEqp3U4RJw

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  24. Holy… this really helps with my Japanese class thank you 🙏 😊✨

    -Oh and I love your edit 🌼 It’s completely perfect… ☀️

  25. Hi! I love a airplane , train and travel video ! Your You Tube video is so nice and I subscribed your channel !
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