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Jersey Shore Drama

Jersey Shore Drama

(audience cheers) It’s a big hour glass. (audience chants) I have that. With the pink gum balls? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, […]

US State Department Will Now Deny Adjustment of Status on Tourist Visas

US State Department Will Now Deny Adjustment of Status on Tourist Visas

The state department over the weekend if you’re been paying attention to immigration news State Department had an article about […]


  1. I had them EVERY night on my cruise.Mr G our waiter was so awesome! I loved him. He retires in June after 25 yrs with Carnival

  2. I remember having this awesome waiter. He knew my name, and would call me “Ms. Aurora”, and I actually really appreciated him being so respectful. He treated me like true royalty! He always knew I’d want this for dessert. Right before I finish saying the word, he finished the word. He served it to me like a pro! It would be at its warmest, and the ice cream wouldn’t be melting at all unless you would plop some on the cake. I wouldn’t even have to do it! My waiter would frost it on my cake if I asked him to. He would offer me first, very politely. It’s sad that I don’t even remember his name, but I’ll never forgot how nice his work was ^-^

    Edit: Thank you carnival for giving us your secret recipe for this amazing creation 🙂
    P.S on the sunshine mikey said to try it with a scoop of peanut butter LOL

  4. This was my favorite dessert on the cruise 😭 best vacation I’ve ever been on. Got another cruise booked for March 2019!

  5. 🥰This was my favorite dessert when me and my daughter went on our cruise in July! Can’t wait for our next one in February I’ve been missing having this every night lol

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