Montreal Through The Eyes Of Tourists

Montreal Through The Eyes Of Tourists

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We’re wandering around Old Port and it’s so nice it actually looks like Europe there are cobblestone streets, and beautiful buildings I can’t even believe that this is in Canada excuse me, why have I never been here before? Notre-Dame Basilica it’s so amazing inside one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen Oh mon dieu, elle est trop belle Kay, one things for sure Montréal has some amazing food and amazing coffee We just went to Schwartz’s Oh my God What makes these different than a New York-style bagel? because they’re better How so? You guys have a reputation for making big apples we make great bagels It’ll be our first Montréal Poutine experience it literally is squeaking in my mouth when I chew it That’s what real Poutine is supposed– woah that is squeaky cheese It’s completely different than at home That’s real poutine He is cursing the day he was born because he wasn’t born in this This is fucking amazing So you see a lot of stuff like this in Montréal graffiti all over, murals but not just graffiti-graffiti but properly done, artistic and very colourful Mile End- that area was so cool it’s probably my favourite part of Montréal so far We going to Old Montréal well, we’re going to Montréal, but we’re staying in Old Montréal, one of our favourite places in the world Where we’re trying to catch the bus there’s these swing sets and when you swing on them they make music So this is what we love about Montréal so much there’s so many cool boutique restaurants and just so much personality It’s so good This is definitely the best Eggs Benedict I have ever had in my entire life right now l’Avenue du Plateau, in Montréal seriously one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had This is like, the first 15 minutes in the city and I’m already falling in love with Montréal it is so chill, super European vibe, cool architecture I recently came back from Montréal Pride I had an absolutely amazing time don’t get me wrong, I have been to a number of Pride Parades in my life but when I was at Montréal Pride, I was inspired because the group of LGBTQ+ people and their allies were just such a close-knit community of people who supported each other and the events there were so inclusive we went to drag shows where there were families and older people it just felt like a community that was very highly supported Where are you taking us Simon? what was this? This is a coffee shop? what? So this is the oldest bank for the Royal Bank of Canada obviously, didn’t make sense to keep it for a bank, so now it’s a coffee shop? Coolest looking coffee shop I’ve ever seen in my life Look up Yeah, check that out There she is, Montréal, we made it boys Beautiful There’s something about the city that makes you feel alive, eh? Hey, what do you gotta say? Love it here – favourite city I have no idea what that was but it was awesome Never seen anything like this before man really cool We just left the doughnut shop and came across this in Little Italy and it’s beautiful I love how you can just walk through the city and stumble upon something so big and grand like this it looks just beautiful We went to Montréal and we’re at Just for Laughs I’m so excited! I’ve known about Just for Laughs my whole life but we’re here! I have never thought that I would ever go to Just for Laughs, ever like watching it on TV? that is so cool, I wanna go never even been remotely an idea in my head The Google people are leaving we need to go We should probably go with them So we made it inside Igloofest this is so cool it’s like Coachella, but it’s freezing

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  1. I was an extra in an Arabic language film that was filmed here a few years ago. Wonder how that turned out.

  2. I'm a proud Monrealer of 30 years that moved abroad a decade ago. Each time I come back to visit friends/family I'm more impressed, although I think I see it more through the eyes of a tourist. This past summer we had a nice long walk along most of St Catherines and then came back through the old port and things have changed (improved) noticeably, especially around the Place des Arts and St Laurent pedestrianized area. The city has a buzz that’s hard to match, probably due to the different cultures that generally seem to mix nicely. I definitely don't miss the politics, psycho drivers, construction etc HAHA. I probably miss Mount Royal, Piknic electronik, La Belle Province and bitching about the Habs the most. And real bagels yumm.

  3. Sure I like Montréal but I love Quebec City.. we visit both cities two to three times a year … amazing people and great food….

  4. im going this year for my birthday i can't wait to hit the scene i will be applying for my citizenship soon too

  5. 4:53 holy shit guys in the background, this bald guy, he's matthew santoro, a super famous youtuber ! If that's not an epic photobomb I don't know what is !

  6. J'adore le vidéo, it's a great finger for the english canadian outside Québec in the ROC who try to make Québec and Montréal a worst place in the head of the people because we speak french and we have Bill 101! The tourist aroud the world LOVE/AIME Montréal and they like the fact that the majority speak french!! Only english canadian outside Québec can hate Québec and Montréal because they are french city!! But you know, Montréal is a french city and the rest of the city in the province ofQuébec too, but it's the only place in Canada who you can have service in the 2 language!! (French and English)

  7. Are smoked meat sandwiches not a thing everywhere? People looked so surprised about it lol.
    I can understand Poutine, but smoked meat?

  8. That was great. After watching this through the eyes of other people makes me realize how great my city is. Thank you.

  9. Montreal is my home town, and seeing this clip makes me proud. I miss my bagels (BEST in the world), Schwartz's smoked meat, Norman's patates frites… Beaucoup de choses. Where is the French? Didn't these people run into any French people? Hard to believe.

  10. When asked if the Giant's Causeway was worth seeing, Dr Johnson replied that of course it was worth seeing. It just wasn't worth going to see.

    I suddenly feel that Montreal doesn't even make the former category.

  11. This reminds me why I always come back… No matter the time of year there's always something going on ! And this montage did a wonderful rendition of what Montreal is. For my American friends – you got a few towns name Montreal – we're talking about the francophone city in Quebec, Canada… just sayin ….

  12. Sweety, if you think Notre Dame is beautiful, then you should book a trip to Italy. There, you will find the worlds most beautiful cathedrals, starting with the vactican, and continuing with the cathedrals in Florence, Venice, Milan, and more. Montreal does look nice. The cathedrals are probably some of the finest in North America. I see a ery European vibe, which is nice.

  13. As if Montreal cuisine could be summed up with bagels and smoked meat… There's so many excellent French and Quebecois restaurants that serve high quality cuisine that I fail to understand how one can limit Montreal to these original but lowly foodstuff. And stop bothering us with poutine. It was determined by "outsiders" that poutine was Quebec's national dish which it is not !

  14. Born and raised in the amazing city. I currently live in Ottawa due to work but one day I will move back to my hometown!

  15. I beg to differ about coffee… I mean, you can find good places for great coffee, yes, but most places still brew filter coffee like in the US. A half gallon of sock juice for a buck fifty…Horrendous!
    And most people rave about Tim Horton's!! That gives you an idea of the local standard.
    I mean you can say that about Italy, Malta, France and many more, but coffee isn't a staple of Montreal. Come on!!
    Great video nonetheless!!

  16. I'm in Kingston and planning a trip to be a tourist in Montreal as I'll soon be moving back to Calgary. I'm excited about most everything in this video… apart from 'The Habs' (boo)… once a Leafs fan, always a Leafs fan. And don't hate, cause I've heard it all

  17. très belle vidéo!!
    Merci de faire un tour sur notre chaîne. Laissez-nous savoir ce que vous en pensez! 🙂 Merci d'avance!!!

  18. I love Montreal specially the different kind of festivals. Montreal has a beautiful name (The city of festivals)♡

  19. Hello everyone (especially Montreal natives) hoping someone out there in the music scene can provide some additional info on this rather obscure band…

    A million thanks🤗🇨🇦

  20. Guys I´d like to share with you my "tour" video in Montreal … … Hope you like it.

  21. 6:07 YEAH!!!!! my buds from the group "Les chiens des ruelles" (translation: "The alley dogs") . Representing our amazing and lovable city. Je t'aime a la folie ma belle ville:)

  22. ‪My posting today September 26,2018 in Montreal ; I domenico Catania lobotomized 41 yrs old need surrogation caregiving . I’m dealing with depression ,my leukoplakia is healing but I’m very weak and tired and need guidance.also need living in your house.i sleep most of the day. I’m on disability, can’t afford much if your private or covered appreciated.‬

  23. La cuisine montréalaise est autre chose que le smoked meat de chez Schwartz, les bagels Saint-Viateur ou la poutine de la Banquise. Montréal est la ville où il existe le plus grand nombre de restaurants per capita (plus de 7000 en 2016, selon Statistiques-Montréal) de toute l'Amérique du Nord. Il n'y a que les anglophones à s'émerveiller et se régaler de ces comfort food, ci-avant mentionnés. Cette vidéo, bien qu'intéressante à bien des égards, ne rend pas justice à la gastronomie montréalaise.

  24. they show what’s nice about it, but that’s 1% of what mtl actually is & looks like, trust me it’s shit during winter, and that lasts 4-5 months.

  25. i live in montreal. it is such a beautiful city.

    and… am i the only one that saw justin trudeau at the pride parade… yes… ok

  26. Si vous voulez habiter au Québec apprenez le français! Ici c'est français, pas anglais, pas mandarin, pas espagnole mais FRANCAIS! Montréal ou pas!

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