Mountain Biking & Surfing In Portugal | The Ultimate Weekend Roadtrip

Mountain Biking & Surfing In Portugal | The Ultimate Weekend Roadtrip

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– Given that winter is upon
us in the northern hemisphere, the lure of winter sunshine destinations are playing on many
mountain biker’s minds. So just how easy is it to get away to somewhere warmer for just a few days of riding with friends? (energizing music) To find out, Blake and I headed out for a long weekend trip away. We hopped on a flight
from the UK to Portugal, landing in the capital, Lisbon. Picked up our van, thanks
to our friends at Mercedes, loaded it up, and hit the road. Blake we talked about this, all summer, about taking surfboards and bikes and and going on trip, and we haven’t done it. – We haven’t. But it’s been a whole
year in the making, Neil, and we are finally out
here with surfboards on the top of our van,
and bikes in the boot. – Yep, we’ve flown to
Lisbon, for a long weekend of surfing and mountain
biking, it’s going to be good. – It’s going to be amazing. Where to first Neil? – Surf. – Perfect. (energetic music) – Well, we had a really long travel day date, we were up at like four in the morning, so, bit of a slow start, we drove down to the South coast ’cause there’s better wind for surfing. West coast, the waves are massive, but it’s on-shore winds, so it’s not great. So, drove down South, down somewhere I’ve been
on holiday for, actually, down to Cascais and then
kept going to Carcavelos. Got the boards out of the
bags, went for a surf. (inhales) – Neil, I can smell the sea! – Is that you? – Or it could be me, I might, I got a new cologne, I did
get some duty-free, you know. – It’s called Eau de Crab Sticks. – It’s called Ocean Oceana. We’ve been looking around at some spots. Some were massive. It’s like us going somewhere to a bike park where we can’t actually hit the jumps. – Yes, sort of black run. – It’s like doing double-time it, we need, potentially a red is our max. – (laughs) Yeah. – I think blue is going to be fun. Red, woo. Out of our comfort zone. When was the last time you surfed, Neil? – Last year, probably? (laughs) – Neil, it looks tame. – It’s a bit smaller than
the West Coast, innit, but. – It is a bit smaller,
but that’s fine, Neil. – Lots of people surfin’. – There’s a hell of a lot of people. – It’s spot. – Right, Neil. You ready? We’re actually going to
build the surfboards, it’s like building a bike. I go surfing quite a bit, but lately I haven’t done much because we’ve been super
busy shreddin’ the gnar on our mountain bikes. But, I’m currently now trying to download a surf app. This is how digital I am. For my watch. So my Garmin comes with a cool surf thing, so you can track your waves. Basically you just see where you’ve been. It’s a bit of geeky, bit of geekiness. (light surf guitar music) Oh, surfing yesterday
was pretty much epic. We caught waves, saw Neil
catching some good ones. I caught a stinker, a real, real good, long one. Good fun, I had a massive crash, I wouldn’t say you would say crash, I think I just got pitted. the big washing machine and came out the other side with a board on my head. (light surf guitar music) – Surfing for me is just something I do for fun, whereas mountain biking I feel like I do it, I like the challenge of getting better at mountain biking, versus surfing, it’s just
something I do to relax. (light surf guitar music) I think we’re both kind of similar, we both love surfing. We just don’t do it very much. But it was good, I was quite impressed, actually. I’ve soft surfed for 15 years, like, just a few times a year, so I kind of know what I need to do, I just can’t do it very well. And Blake’s like that, but better. (light surf guitar music) – So I’m born in Zimbabwe, obviously Zimbabwe’s
a land-locked country, and I’ve always loved the ocean, hence why we moved to an island off the South coast of the UK. I got into surfing when I moved over here to England. I used to do body boarding when I was a wee little man, when I went to Durban in South Africa, as our getaway near ocean. But when I moved to England, I thought, hell, I’m going to try surfing. And then I got to know
Sam Pilgrim and then we just kicked it off from there. Went on surf trips. (gentle music) Nice. I got such a good wave. – So the weather’s been mixed. Can you tell? Just started pouring down. Yeah, it’s been pretty cloudy and foggy on the way back. It got super misty on the roads. – So the drive from the beach all the way to the hotel which is, we’re in Sintra, it’s beautiful, we’re up in the mountains, there’s cloud cover everywhere, it’s rainy, but it went from nice scenic roads through the woodlands past all the surf and
then through the city, and then up into the mountains was, it was amazing. Super moody, ’cause the cloud is super low over here, ’cause you’re quite close to the ocean. So you got that big kind of condensation of hot air, cold air, sea air, you know… – [Man] Science. – It’s science, yeah, it’s, what do you call it. Yeah, science. – Oh man. Sintra is not a great place to drive around. We found the hotel and
tried to find the parking. After going down to, sort of switchbacks, I had to stop and reverse on anyway, they were so tight, we got to a spot where literally my both side of the wing mirrors were less than a centimeter away from the walls and it
was getting narrower. – Tight streets, Neil. (laughs) Tight-ass streets. – And slightly stressful. – (giggles) It is a little bit stressful. (alarm beeps) (laughs) Careful, Neil. Careful. Watch the bird. The van, yeah. The van is beautiful. It comes with a chauffeur. It does. His name’s Neil. Great guy, he hasn’t let me drive that van once. I dunno if I will, and I actually quite like
being chauffeured around. Less stress because the roads around here are nuts. – Yeah, that’s sort of why we came here. I’ve known this is a good place to ride and surf and never done it. – So tomorrow, we’ve been surfing today, which is great, it’s a nice warm-up, because we’ve been riding bikes a lot throughout this year. And to do something different like surfing is pretty cool because it just gets your mind away from biking and you’re going to do
something different, and then when you go to
biking, oh, it’s the best. And tomorrow is all about biking. Oh, look at that beautiful building, Neil. Lovely. (relaxing music) That is, that’s Neil’s sort of bottle. Look at that. Lovely dinner! Lovely! I recommend that place. I recommend it. Actually, I think it’s time to go to bed. ‘Cause tomorrow is another big day, and it’s our favorite day. It’s mountain biking time. Night. I hear music, too. The night is still young. Bye. (waves crash) First thing in the morning, woke up, got dressed, splashed my face with some water, and said to Neil, let’s
go down to breakfast. ‘Cause we’re in a swanky, nice hotel, and breakfast I thought would be nice. – [Man] How much did breakfast cost? – I think it was quite reasonable. It was like 46 euros each?
– (laughs) – We unpacked the bikes and got ready for ride. (energetic music) Well, driving around in the old town of Sintra is not for faint-hearted. It is very tight,
there’s lots of tourists, but we made it without
a scratch, just about. And then we headed toward the trails, just past the old, I think it’s called Estoril, isn’t it? The old former one-track,
up into the hills, and the sort of topography
completely changes. – We’re getting further and
further into the clouds, Neil. (energizing harmonica music) – After a right top back into the clouds, and we got to a trail called Burros. – Well, bit wet. Look at this place, it’s amazing. – It’s a bit moist. – You ready to rock and roll? I was slightly excited. I’m always excited when I ride me bike, but today was exceptionally
more exciting than others. (high-energy rock music) ♪ I got wasted ♪ ♪ Up on dry land ♪ ♪ Somebody tell me ♪ ♪ What the hell is going on ♪ ♪ Then it hit me ♪ ♪ Like an anvil ♪ ♪ I must’ve known you would ♪ ♪ Do this right from the start ♪ ♪ Hidden treasure ♪ ♪ A displeasure ♪ ♪ I was too blind to see ♪ ♪ When it fell apart ♪ Scared of the corner, Neil! (laughs) ♪ I was wasted ♪ ♪ Up on dry land ♪ ♪ And I lost my judgment ♪ ♪ The moment I met you ♪ ♪ I keep on falling down ♪ ♪ I keep on running around ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ Please tell me what
are you looking for ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ I don’t know, I don’t know ♪ ♪ I don’t know ♪ ♪ I saw you run in ♪ ♪ To an alley ♪ ♪ An arrow pierced me ♪ ♪ Right through the heart ♪ ♪ So I went down ♪ ♪ By the river ♪ ♪ And I tried to drown you ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s all I can do ♪ ♪ I keep on falling down ♪ ♪ I keep on running around ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ Please tell me what
are you looking for ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ I don’t know, I don’t know ♪ On the trail, the view of that trail, like we had to stop, look around
to see where we were, because it was stunning. There was not a tree in sight and you could see for ages. We were just on the level of the clouds, so you could just see cloud, and then underneath you could see ocean, beach, surf, city, to the left, sun was firing
a little bit on the horizon, you could see it. Beautiful. ♪ I got wasted ♪ ♪ Up on dry land ♪ – Proper well-built trail. Really nice berm, sort of amazing view down over a beach. Just amazing view, kind of reminded me of Madeira a bit, where you’re just up there, there’s clouds, and like, those beams of sunlight hitting the water and you’re just bombing
down towards the sea. Yeah, I think Blake got over-excited, as Blake does. Went bombing down the trail, so I followed him in, and he sort of hit this berm so hard. It was like a moto roost,
I literally had to duck it. And as he sort of pushed through it, and he hit it so hard,
he slipped his pedal and shredded the back of
his calf with his pedal. Which took a little bit of fixing, it was quite a deep cut, actually. – Nurse Donoghue was amazing. His hands are soft, delicate, he knows what he’s doing with them. – Right, get the scissors, watch this. – I haven’t got… Golly. – Oh, that’s going to sting. – That’s going to sting
my frickin’ leg off. – And then a big plaster? – Nah. Bit dirty there, Neil, innit? (groans in pain) (laughs) Look how big that is, oh. Okay, I’ve been on the road with Neil for a lot, three years now, and, yeah, I feel quite comfortable with Neil. There’s no, well there’s a lot, actually is a lot of banter, there’s just no tension, it’s just easy, it’s nice. I like hanging out with Neil a lot. Let’s have a look. (groans) – Um, Blake bombs, all the time. Just like an Energizer Bunny. Usually you stick
something in front of him, a bike or a surf board, it’s just like, bah, does it. If I could take a bit of Blake’s sort of riding characteristics, I think it would probably more
like, his just overall, look, like, I’m more
mellow the whole time, and Blake is more like rah. And when he gets on a bike, or does pretty much anything, he just like, goes at it with full energy, and I could probably do a
little bit more of that. – [Jack] So are you saying you’re boring? – I mean, I’m happy to
be called boring, Jack. (both laugh) – If I was to take one thing from Neil from his riding style to put into mine to make it a lot better, I would say his line
choice, his smoothness, his calmness whilst riding down the trail is nice. Whereas me, I’m like
(mimics Tasmanian Devil). I’m like uh, a Tasmanian
Devil going down the trail. – From Sintra, our root
took us directly North, following the Atlantic Coast. Just 25 kilometers up to the surfing mecca of Ericeira. (mysterious music) (calm music) (waves crash) – Ericeira, this beautiful
town we’re in right now. You’ve got the ocean over there, you’ve got some humongous
waves firing off. But the best thing about this place is, that big shiny thing in the sky is out. And that hasn’t been out for a while. – Ericeira’s a cool little town, proper cool, little cobble streets and terracotta rooves and loads of little bars and restaurants. Proper surf town. Loads of people like that here, sort of backpacking or whatever. And yeah, seen a lot of
this place over the years, from like, surf videos. – Fleecy things. (gentle piano music) – It’s a proper little Portuguese town where all the old boys are just out, hanging out in the streets, chattin’, so we stopped, thought we’d join them for a coffee. This is a nice, chill start, Neil. Rock, paper, scissors
who has the bent one? I really, I want to get
an Ericeira T-shirt. I had a great time
shopping that surf shop. It was an amazing surf shop. First thing I walked into, saw the surfboards, and I was like whoa. I want that one. Oh, look Neil! Look! – Cool spot, innit. – I think, are we going
to meet the man himself? – Kelly Slater? Are we? Is he here? – I dunno. Biggest pineapple I’ve ever seen. – I don’t think it’s edible. I don’t think it’s edible, Neil. (energetic surf music) – Yeah, that’s probably the biggest surf shop I’ve ever been in. And to have a skate park
right there as well. Though I reckon the,
sort of surf and skate community must be massive in Ericeira. – And there’s a nice,
nice concrete bowl there, it looks super cool. Looks like if I had my jump bike it would be fun, but I think it’s no bikes. Skating now was not king, I didn’t want to fall
over and hurt myself, and actually damage my pride skating. Ankles. – The surf yesterday was just big, on-shore winds, which just means big swell, still, so, which means it’s pretty horrendous. – We had great intentions to go surfing, but we did look at the forecast, and the forecast was a little bit over our pay-grade of our surfing skills. – Fancy a surf, then, Blake? – Hell no, Neil! Look at the size of those things. Plus, there’s rocks. And I don’t surf on rocks. – That is massive. – That is massive! – Magicseaweed, the app,
says it’s 18-plus feet. – Yeah. – I don’t want to go out there. – I think it’s time, so, just to sit back and have a coffee and watch it and make our way to Nazaré. – Did you bring the coffee? – I did. – Oh! – Though the cups are in the back. – Do you want me to get the cups? – Dunno where it is. Will you hold that? Watch this. – Is it, have you seen a bag like this? Is it under there, Blake? – You found those cups yet, Neil? – (bleep) knows, it’s gone. – What does it look like? – It’s like a, one of
those douchebag black bags. – Oh yeah. You’ve found it, Neil? – Yes! – Ay! The sun’s coming out as well. – I’ve got one cup. – Get out, you’ve got one cup? – One cup. – Two guys, one cup? (laughs) That’s ridiculous, Neil. We went to two spots, one was completely blown out, which we knew, but we wanted to go to this place called Nazaré. Nazaré is a place where there’s massive, massive, massive waves. A bit like hitting Darkfest, but I could ride that, but I would never get in the water there, ever. (high energy music) – From Ericeira, our
journey headed further North on the motorway passing signs for another famous surf town, Peniche, where just a week or two earlier, the World Surf League had seen the best surfers in the world take on Supertubos. But we were headed to Nazaré, home of one of the biggest
waves in the world. (high tempo rock music) Nazaré was amazing. I’ve seen that viewpoint from up on the hill looking down at that sort of castle or
church or whatever it is, from, you know, hundreds
of videos and magazines, so it was really cool to
be able to go and see it. And see a break of, I think, Magicseaweed was saying 18 to 26 feet? – So this, when we’re walking out from that viewing point at Nazaré, there’s some music
coming from, I was like, where is, how is, what is this? It sounds amazing! Walk past and there’s
a dude and his guitar, he’s got this music set-up, he’s got a system going, he was pretty good at whistling, good at bird noises, and all that. It was, it was actually quite nice. Kind of resonated what was going on. The music was in tune with
what the ocean was saying by breaking up against those rocks. Cor, that’s deep. Whoa. (mythical music) – A sign, when you get
a set wave comes in, it just like goes off like a bomb, just down here, like here’s one coming. (waves crash) – Oh, wow. This is gnarly now, dude. This is where it gets real. So we’re going to go down there, get in amongst it, get in amongst the action of Nazaré. This is basically going
into Nazaré’s stomach. – I couldn’t believe these
steps you could go down, right down into that big rock, and I’m normally all right with heights, but the steps were sketchy, they were made out of plastic. – And they were wobbly. Like, really wobbly. (mythical music) As the sun set over Nazaré, we jumped back into the van with bikes on our minds. And set off to Lousã, a small inland town that will host the opening round of the 2020 World Cup Downhill. – Neil, is this the uh, the rollins, the walkup? – Yeah, first round. 2020. – Whoa. – It’s going to be a good one, it’s a big old hill. – He’s a flippin’ big old hill. – We’re not riding that one, we’re riding thisaway. (energizing electronic music) It’s a bit soggy. – It is a bit soggy pants. Got that, let’s go. Oh! – Boom. That was quite an abrupt end to the trip. – Yes, my wrists are still sore. – It was quite a big crash, wasn’t it. – It was a big crash, Neil, horrible. Body slam. – Reminds me to get travel insurance. You don’t need it until you need it, and I’ve needed it in the past, obviously. In Chile, I used it to go home. – I nearly used it, I nearly used it. – And it’s good. Obviously in the UK you can fly to Europe so easily and cheaply that if you split the cost of hotels and things like that,
– You can, yeah. – You can do it really cheaply. – Yep. – Although I think, you
know, in the summer time, to do it even cheaper, just chuck a tent in the back of the car. – Exactly. – Love doing that sort of trip. – You don’t have to actually
stay in hotels, either. Hostels are really good value for money. – Plus it’s easier than
ever to find the trails, where you’re going, like, using apps like Komoot, or Travel Fox, even I stalk some people on Instagram, see where they’re riding in Sintra. Found some cool, some local
trails we didn’t ride there. – Yeah, exactly, yeah. – Also, local bike shops. Go in and get your bike fixed, and ask them where trails are. – I see. If you want to see another video from us and Mercedes, down there
for Pickup vs. Van. – That’s a good one. Don’t forget to hit
that globe to subscribe ’cause you’re missing out. – Hit that bell for notifications as well. Thumbs up! – See ya. Surf?
– Do it.

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