My First Cruise on Holland America Oosterdam with Friends San Diego Cabo Mazatlan Puerto Vallarta

My First Cruise on Holland America Oosterdam with Friends San Diego Cabo Mazatlan Puerto Vallarta

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hey everybody its Bruce here welcome to
my channel traveling with Bruce I hope you enjoy
the upcoming video if you liked it consider giving me a thumbs up if you
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the video right now everybody how you doing it’s Bruce here with traveling
with Bruce today’s video is going to be about the first time my wife and I went
on a cruise together and we did something that a lot of people actually
do when they go on a first-time cruise they go with someone else they know
that’s already done and taken a cruise in this case I had a friends of ours
husband wife that we joined on a cruise together it was out of San Diego down to
Mexico for seven days we went to Cabo we went to Mazatlan and we went to port
away artists so we had three stops in the seven-day cruise and then back to
San Diego all in America the ship was called the oyster dam fantastic
thumbs up across the board we loved it now here’s the thing my buddy had been
pestering me for years pestering meeting you gotta take a cruise you just gotta
take a cruise you really like it I’m telling an eye he said I’d be saying
tell III don’t know those cabins they look so tiny and and what if we get
caught in the storm and what if I got seasick oh you know I had all these
excuses so I kept coming up with just to kind of hold him off and you know get
him off my back but um he kept persisting and he was saying to me you
know I’ve been on 10 cruises now with my wife and I’ve been through the Panama
Canal I’ve been to Hawaii and back I’ve gone through the Caribbean I don’t know
why you don’t want to do it I I’m telling you as a friend of yours why
would I steer you wrong I think you’d really enjoy it so what I did was I
started investigating cruises by watching YouTube videos how about that
and I people take cruises on the Easter damn
and I I felt you know these are not staged videos these are videos of real
people who are telling you you know what they think and they were pretty happy
about it that I thought this is pretty cool so I investigated the you stirred
am ship I went to the Holland America website I looked up the all the pictures
of the hughster Dam I looked at the deck plans by the time I got on board the
Easter damn for the first time I pretty well knew that ship
it was that’s pretty obsessive about it but I say I loved it my wife and I we
had a wonderful time it was great to have another couple with us the way we
arranged it was they booked their cabin and they ended up conserving the front
third of the ship on the one side and we booked our cabin both by the way were
balcony cabins and we run the back towards the back third of the ship on
the other side and so we never felt obligated to have to see each other all
the time and be with each other all the time and crowd each other all the time
that was not the intent of either party so we knew they were on board they knew
we were on board they knew our room number we knew their room number and we
could always be in touch that way but we did make a pact we made an agreement
that when the ship got to port San Cabo or in Mazatlan or in Porto Varna
we go off the ship together as a foursome and we’d go and explore the the
sites and that way we could share a cab if we went somewhere and split it two
ways you know that type of thing and because they were the seasoned
cruisers they knew some of these ports they’ve done this cruise before they
knew what to see and where to go so that gave me a lot of comfort to the other
pact we made was that dinner supper time would be held in the main ballroom and
we’d meet for dinner at a set time on our usual table and so the day we got on
the ship in San Diego my buddy and I we made a beeline to the dining room went
to the the lobby with the main dining room as we caught up with the maitre d
there and my buddy said to me watch this and
he goes up to him and he tells him that we want a table for four every night at
the same time for the four of us and make sure you said yeah I will no
problem whatsoever and then my buddy says can we go into the dining room with
you and choose the table we want I thought you’ve got to be kidding me but
no yeah no problem whatsoever the guy takes us in there he shows us around
this wonderful dining room I think it was two stories tall and my buddies
looking around and we’re sitting out the very serious and then he picked the
table he said to me what about this one do you think you’ll like this Humber’s
and it was a beautiful table in the middle of the whole restaurant but not
beside where the dishes get stored with the Busboys and this kind of stuff like
a low traffic area where we can talk and yet you know see what’s going around the
room that type of thing it was fantastic yeah we’ll take this table so for the
for the next six seven nights we news including that night we’re where we were
sitting in the restaurant every night fantastic so that was that was the first
thing he did then he said to me okay I’m gonna take you to an area I know you’re
gonna want to see I’m gonna take you to the sauna you got to take the sauna to
her the spa I said oh okay so here we go to the spire yeah it was beautiful oh
man that the spawn board the Easter day fantastic so we we took the tour there
they they showed us all the work out there anywhere they where the workout
room is where all the machines are and they took us to where the changing
facilities are and the men’s shower they showed the wives the women’s side then
we saw the rooms where the massages are had and where you where the women can
get their hair done and where you can get a manicure and all that sort of
stuff and then they showed us the area where the the steam room is the sauna is
where the heated ceramic loungers are located and also the big whirlpool the
big one that can hold up there like 20 people at a time and made some inquiries
and found out they had a spa package that you could take which gave you
access to the private spa area for the entire length of the cruise you can
visit it as often as you like once a day twice a day three times a day it doesn’t
matter and you can have use of the facilities so you can use the the shower
area you can take showers in the in the in that or you can use the steam room
the saunas use the ceramic loungers towels are provided you can shave there
everything and it was a flat fee it was like maybe a hundred bucks for the week
it was such a bargain no children allowed under 16 perfect I grabbed that
deal and so for my wife and I we had access to the spa for the whole week on
this ship and it was an absolute joy a treat and I’ll tell you something for
the entire seven-day cruise we were in a balcony suite I never showered once in
the balcony suite all my showers onboard the oyster dam I took in the spa area
why you ask the shower inside our suite is a one-person type shower my wife
loved it she’s much smaller than I am I eat more
ice cream than she does and she found the shower to be perfect for her knees
in in our suite plus after she got out of the shower she would would dry her
hair do her hair and then put on her makeup and that was perfect for her but
for me I would go to the spa I would have my shower there because the showers
in the spa were huge they were double the size of the showers in our suite so
I had elbow room to you know get in there and no problem and this this
shampoo is provided conditioner is provided fantastic I could’ve brought my
own but I loved it so that worked for both of us I had my room to take my
shower every day or two showers a day whatever and she had hers in the
and we weren’t in each other’s weight fantastic what else can I tell you about
the ship the ship was great for walking around the decks we had the promenade
deck where you could walk around all the way around the outside of the ship
through the back end of the ship to the front end of the ship I love that then
of course you can go to the top deck and walk around up there and see the pool
decks below you what a great what a great vessel we loved that cruise and
with our friends there every night at dinner time we got to tell stories what
did you do today what did you do today and of course we could compare notes
about our on shore excursions of the day fantastic at the end of the seven days
we were still friends no hard feelings we loved that we still talked to this
day about how much fun we’ve had on that cruise and I would highly recommend it
if you ever get the chance to go on a cruise for the first time and you can go
with a couple that have gone before or two other couples or whatever I would
recommend you do it it is fantastic you’ll get so many pointers tips and
ideas and you’ve got someone there too to ask questions to where you won’t feel
embarrassed about well what do you do about that or how do we do this right
fantastic now the crew on the ship the same thing
they’re great if you’ve got questions about on shore excursions or what to do
for for you know a spa pass or dinner ideas the crew is great that’s what
they’re there for they’ll be there to help you with any questions you have but
our experience on this cruise the hall in America
ooh stirred am going down the seven days down the Mexican Riviera as they call it
we loved it and I’ve taken my wife and I have taken three cruises now to on our
own on the same itinerary we’ve loved it get out of Los Angeles and the second
date or like the second day when you’re on this on the sea it’s already warm and
even in January you’re in the 80s it’s fantastic we love it it’s a great cruise
it’s relaxing is it action-packed for like a 25-year old couple
probably not is it perfect for someone who’s so 35 40
old and older and needs a bit of a break and relaxed
yeah yeah that’s exactly what it is you need to chill relax and get away from
the stress of work family and the kids if you can offload the kids for a week
with grandma grandpa do it enjoy is it a kids cruise not really you
can take the children depending on the cruise line you’re on the princess
operates the cruise the region has been operating it and of course halt in
America you know you can you can take the kids and they’ll have a good time
there’ll be activities form but is it a Disney type cruise no way it’s not what
it is so more at all oriented yes and and
that’s what my wife and I really enjoy is is a getaway like that anyway there’s
a brief recap of the first-ever cruise we had on the Holland America booster
damn ship held about 2,500 passengers 1200 crew fantastic five-star service
great food great cabin wonderful linens just spotless really nice I think you’d
enjoyed thanks for joining me today that’s my video we’ll talk to you next
time bye bye I hope you enjoyed my video today if you liked it give me a thumbs
up subscribe to my channel check out my patreon page and if you have a comment
just leave it down below I’ll reply thanks for joining me today on traveling
with Bruce

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  2. I have a friend who is a giant and takes all of his showers in the spa showers, too. I love the spa showers, but since there is no height concerns, typically only do half or so of them there, although they are much nicer!

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  5. I was on Oosterdam for Alaska. I always used the spa shower too. Plenty of new towels. However, one time, the water stopped running. I had to walked outta there with soap still on my back LOL! Overall I enjoyed the ship, but things tend to quiet down way before 9pm. It's not a party ship for sure.

  6. I had never been on a cruise before so I went on a two night repositioning cruise from Melbourne to Sydney on the Dawn Princess. I booked my next cruise whilst on board

  7. Bruce, thank you for your video. I took the Zaandam from Vancouver to Alaska, it was a NIGHTMARE, the ship was filthy and smell like rotten meat and sewer, activities: Nothing, Gala night a fraude lasting about five minutes, harassing people to buy, buy, and buy even when touch the ports of call in Alaska: the Zaandam was in cahoots with the local shops to sell to the passenger items at an outrageous prices and high pressure sale, what a fiasco. The lied, outright lied when back to Anchorage, to take the flight back home, scheduled with plenty of time to spare, because of their lies almost lost the flight, I clearly remember reaching the gate when there was less than ten passengers to aboard the plain. Horror, the ship more like a cargo ship, the activities, dead (I am not asking for wild programs), but the thing was more like a nursing home, no programs whatsoever, I remember a singer woman that was screeching nasty sounds that I couldn't believer my ears, etc. … the whole trip was a nightmare. No comparison with other cruise lines that I had experienced, including the Norwegian, Princess, etc. Maybe it was my bad luck, and the pictures you showed from the ship are so much, much better, completely different experience.

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  9. I just booked on the Oosterdam this October for a 17 day cruise, in a unimpeded Ocean View cabin……(First Time cruise)…I've got 9 months to learn every detail of ship life, and the things to do (and not do) in ports.

  10. Was looking at videos about HAL cruises and ran across of this one. Libby and I are Booked on the Veendam October 23. Thanks for your objective review

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