Mya, Pretty Vee, B. Simone & Chilli Talk Body Image Insecurities ‘Sneak Peek’ | Girls Cruise

Mya, Pretty Vee, B. Simone & Chilli Talk Body Image Insecurities ‘Sneak Peek’ | Girls Cruise

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(upbeat music) – [Chilli] so are you guys
happy with your outfits? – Yeah.
– I think mine is really cute. – Your outfit from last night, the party. Make that face. Okay, hold it, freeze. Just like that.
(women laughing) Now, it took you six hours to get dressed. – Chilli.
– What? – Baby hairs, we’re losing connection ’cause usually I would
know where you’re at. (Chilli laughs) Lately you’ve been gone.
– No, I haven’t. – Her outfit today isn’t difficult though. – But it was beautiful. – Thank you. But yesterday was kinda cute
’cause Charlie spoke to me about how I looked and how
beautiful he thought I was and my outfit, and he was
just like, don’t be insecure about your shape, he
said I been around a lot of model bitches and they’d
kill to have your shape. It really meant a lot, ’cause you know I’m always saying I’m like the lizard, I’m always said I’m like the Geico, I’m always talking about, look like the roach off Men in Black. – What?
– And he’s like, no, really embrace everything. Your freckles down to your
bunion on your left feet. Embrace what you got. Last night, outfit was dope but I was uncomfortable wearing it. Char made me realize that
I’m more than enough. Don’t get me wrong, I get into some areas where I be feeling down and out, so again, I’m not perfect. We go through those stages
that we don’t wanna do it or we feel overwhelmed and it’s a lot. But I have to remind
myself, girl, you’re good. – Chilli, does your outfit fit? (Chilli sighs) – I am really excited about carnival. But what’s most important
to me are the costumes. It’s gonna be uncomfortable. But I don’t know, I just gotta, we gonna have to figure some things out. (women laughing)
– Got you. – You know, making sure
that it’s not too skimpy. I don’t want my buttocks hanging out. My little As need to be covered. They say small booties matter too, small boobs matter also. And I need them covered up. Look, Mya. – [Mya] Oh my goodness. – [Chilli] Everybody’s
wearing sneakers, right? ‘Cause it’s the longest today. Ooh, look at me.
– Those are hot. – [Pretty Vee] Are you
finna let loose today? – I did. Y’all said let loose. (women laughing) This is letting loose. This is like a, you know, a fun time shoe. – I wanna see a split. – [Chilli] I don’t know
how to do a split like you. – [Mya] Ooh, I do. – Mya, we know you can do a split. You can tap dance, I mean, I
don’t know what you can’t do. You do everything. – In heels.

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  1. B. Simone😍is Beautiful😘 B. Simone😍is definitely the prettiest girl on Girl Cruise. #TeamB.Simone❤️ #QueenB.Simone👑

  2. I can’t believe these iconic women are being dragged in the comments. Women need to do their history research on all these beautiful women and on many subjects that are relevant and in the media being talked about daily, well they’ve been taking about them. These comments are disappointing. Small girl group bonding moment being hated on. These are queens in their own right. You are being influenced without even knowing it and pay no attention to the whole message but stay posting hater ass comments. Fucking diabolical energies.

  3. What’s the point of this show.., it’s like why? I’m confused. I hoped they’d don’t bring this show back. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. When “pretty” people open their mouths and speak the fact that labels mean nothing become terribly evident. 🤫🤭😷🤐

  5. These ladies are all beautiful but b.simone you too petty too loud and can be inconsiderate with the insults I like her until she opens her mouth I hope chilli n the gang teach you something from the cruise really

  6. I can definitely relate to Pretty Vee on body image issues because growing up I was called names such as ugly or that I looked like an alien I'm glad to see it wasn't only me that has had this bad experience

  7. Mia that lipstick has to go that it’s old I remember late 90s they where out.. Mia u have to look nice n fresh. Silver lips silver 👁 eyeshadow naaaaa!

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