New Years Eve Chaos! Goa India Vlog 011

New Years Eve Chaos! Goa India Vlog 011

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Look at all the guys helping. I’m wondering what’s happening
under this Tinder balloon here. Well, G’day adventurers, from
Goa beach on December 31, yes, it’s New Year’s eve and I have come across my other
travel adventurer Kristina. Hopefully, the wind is not
cutting us out too much. It’s building up, getting
crazy here already. There are boats out there, there
are people everywhere, and did you notice something about
the crowd here on the beach? It’s basically, It’s all men, this is men hanging out
in groups here, while the ladies are behind us, being very decent and talking. – Want selfie?
– Want selfie? Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! – Where are you from bro?
– Australia. – Australia! I like Australia.
– Yeah. – I like their cricket team also.
– Very good team. Great, OK, bye bro.
Happy New Year. So, I have gotten used to this, I was going to tell you
about it I haven’t yet, About 10 people took selfies
with me yesterday, as the foreigner and Kristina is
just getting used to it now. She had her first selfie
with an Indian. We’re going to try and
find something to eat, venturing the beach and I don’t know, we just let
Goa overcome right? Yeah. Yes, ma’am… miss… OK, so, Kristina you’re
in too. Ready? Selfie with everybody. Excuse me, one minute,
just a second. Let’s all get in. So we’ve got a growing mass here. We got to move on or it gets crazy. Let’s keep walking.
Thank you. Goodbye. So that’s been my life
for the past day. So entertaining, they were so happy. Yeah. – Please give me one pic.
– OK, yeah, one more. – Very big.
– Yeah. Do we have, we need, we don’t
have any fire, though. How do you, how do you light it? – Yeah, light it.
– Yeah, we don’t have any lighter. Lighter no, but if you’re
gonna buy this one, some time later I’ll
give you lighter. – Yeah?
– Yes. You’ll find me later, in these thousands
of people on the beach? Yes. So what happened just then?
What’d you get done? I got black henna decorations
on my hand from one of the beach merchants, she did a beautiful job. I haggled her down to 500 Rupee, which is, I don’t know, maybe
a little over five USD? And then, I got pooped
on by a bird, which is great luck. – Very lucky, very lucky.
– Yeah, we’re the new lucky. We basically got accosted by a whole bunch of local sales
people at the same time. I bought the lanterns, which
should be some fun for later, Kristina got the henna. And a little elephant bracelet,
for a hundred. So I paid maybe, a dollar
twenty-five for this? USD. So what we’re worried about
is people hustling us, but we’re talking about mere,
like, dollars and cents. So hopefully now they know
that we bought stuff, so we wont get hassled again
as the sun sets over Goa. Slowly turning into
an Indian woman. I think she’s been sold. What’d you get that for? 200. Isn’t it pretty? So busy now. So much traffic. So, everyone’s trying to drive to
the beach at the same time, and no one can move right now. Even people. Ready? Everybody’s waiting. It is the event, it’s
become the event. We’re sending a lantern up, it’s become the event
at Goa right now. – Good, now.
– We’re good. – Yeah, yeah.
– OK. Oh no, it’s lighting on fire. Yeah, good party. Straight onto the dance floor. – Happy New Year.
– Happy New Year.

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  1. there was no girls or women on beach becos they knew what could happen on the beach with this many men on there especially on new year eve ,
    all those fuckers were not there to enjoy , they were there just to score some girls and if they could not get one , they would surely wont mind to at least harass one ,
    good thing they kept away from ur girl maybe becos u was with her .

  2. Another cool video. I’ve been watching your content and I really enjoy the story you are creating. Appreciate the work you do. Kee[

  3. These are NOT locals.  They are Indian tourists, that are alien to the Indo-Latin culture of Goans.   They are generally groups of Indian males that descend on Goa,  & harass western tourists.  Goa has lost its charm of the 70s/80s

  4. 500 was more for that…black henna……its okay ….even i being indian …get cheated idk y….it happens all over the world……design on hand is pretty…worth it….peace

  5. Indian men just lack any kind of decency……but living in Kolkata I haven't seen foreigners are harassed by people like that for taking selfies…..although foreign tourist arrival is less in Kolkata compared to Mumbai or Goa but still this kind of harassment is not common here……

  6. As an Indian I feel embarrassed and ashamed for the behaviour of men in the video….these smartphones have ruined our culture and courtesy…..

  7. 500 rupees for henna??? It is something like 30 rupees or half USD dollar while she shelled out 8 dollars USD. OMG!!!

  8. 500 for that mahendi? Thats too much! Next time plz try to bargain! Its about 5 times of the original cost!

  9. Lighting a lamp has become the event of goa? ? U white people really live in your own little world, don't u??.😂😂

  10. because of hippies and bollywood Goa has become so popular among lower middle class that every year these small town groups come to this place in hope of spending time …so their way of life is quite different in Goa than people from big cities or higher middle class….So they behave like this with white skin people because they never see you guys hanging around in their places so often ….

  11. Hey Brendan I'm really digging the style of your videos. Just out of interest what's your approach to getting that polished look on your film?

  12. 500 for that Henna?? You got ripped.. $1.25 for that bracelet?? Got ripped again..!!
    On all such major events, I advise any foreign woman travellers to be aware and cautious of her surroundings. These events are major attractions for perverts from across the country. Do not travel alone to such events, travel in big groups, or pair up with some man you trust. Do not wander off to areas dark or with large number of men. In India it's not normal to hug or touch a stranger of opposite sex, so anyone trying to do that, you should avoid. Hit me with a reply or personal email for anymore details or advice.
    Dresses: Women Cover your chest properly, skirts or pants longer than knees.
    Be safe, enjoy your trip to India. Thank you.

  13. Dude had you ever been to Kerala? Though you have n number of beaches in Australia I assure you of more refreshing experience

  14. Good video.I don't mind getting asked for selfies.The guys are usually harmless and are very happy once they have the photo.I also like to talk ask here they come from and what sort of place they stay.The goans and Indians are the friendliest people we have met.In fact I arrive in baga just 10 days and I know I will be greeted with big smiles.

  15. why are there so many damn Indians?(I'm Indian ethnically myself) what part of Goa is this? Dang what part of Goa can you find Westerners?

  16. ohhh guys instead of feeling embarrassing on selfie incident. just think about the greatness of heart of peope who made them feel like celebrity.I didn't feel ashamed.Iam proud of my nation and respect all the tourist because iam true Indian and haapy new year with regards☺

  17. ohhh guys instead of feeling embarrassing on selfie incident. just think about the greatness of heart of peope who made them feel like celebrity.I didn't feel ashamed.Iam proud of my nation and respect all the tourist because iam true Indian and haapy new year with regards☺

  18. Ive seen this myself in goa, tourist getting grouped for selfies. Its really embarrassing. Tourist from all over the world visit goa for vacation to have some good time but these kind of groups of men harasse them. Just leave them alone nd give them their privacy. This harresment is more common mostly with females. For all the tourist If u feel ur comfortable taking selfies go ahead but if you dont pls dont b afraid to say no and just walk away. If still they bother you please approach the nearby cops.

  19. Hey that Black Henna cost was way too much and you should have given her 50 rupees for that.
    And yeah that selfie part was quite embarrassing but it's in our genes lol

  20. Most of them are villagers who don't see foreigners too often and they believe that a guest is like god so they will ask for photos and be really friendly with you … so for new tourists it will be creepy but after a few visits you will get used to it!

  21. Uff kya hoga is india ka… Jaha v foreigner dikhe tut pdo unke sath selfy k liye… Are yar insan hi h wo v Color ka hi to fark h bus… Nd 500 Rs. ki mehandi omg… Chandi ki h kya… Phle to lamp wala fuddu lamp chipka gya fir ye mehandi wali 500 rs lekar chlti bni.. FEELING shame..

  22. Don't mind of selfi , when foreigners come to India they take thousands of pics , pics of buildings, pics of traffic, garbage, labourers, daily life, people, so many pics and in return Indian love to have selfi with foreigners. That's karma what u give – u receive.

  23. Lol …. These type of illetrate motherfuckers are making the image of our country down…… Sorry guys you had to face this because the people acting wierd are nothing just a bunch of idiots …… In today's time if you visit any good city like Mumbai ….80% people have a class and standard they are modern not like these assholes …..sorry from their side guys

  24. The reason of selfies are , in
    India we treat all foreigners as our guest and moments with guest should be captured and other reason is that beautiful ladies are appriciated everywhere!! 😍😍

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