Old Goa | Must Visit Churches | Wandering Minds VLOGS | Day 9

Old Goa | Must Visit Churches | Wandering Minds VLOGS | Day 9

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We couldn’t fly the drone over St. Augustine church and other churches of Old Goa as these are Government protected areas. However, If we by any chance get to shoot, we will show you guys it’s aerial view. There are no such photos available even on Internet, very rare photos to find. Click here to watch cinematic video. Let us know how do you like the aerial view. Good morning, Guys. It is day 9. We are right now in Old Goa. There are three churches situated here near one another. First one is a chapel. Saint Catherine’s chapel. It’s an old chapel. The next one is St. Francis d’assisi church and after that is St. Cajetan church and exactly opposite to it is Basilica of bom jesus. All churches were closed. So we decided to take a halt and have breakfast. There is a restaurant called Viva Goa oppsoite to the Basilica. We had Omelete and Bhurji Pav. It was tasty and you may try this restaurant as well when here. Guys, this is Basilica of bom jesus church, it’s quite an old church. It was inaugurated in 1600’s. It is approximately 4 centuries’ old. If you guys want to visit these churches, I would suggest you come by around 10 or 11 am in the morning. The churches are within a short distance from each other. Now, we are going inside the basilica. So, let’s go. There is a museum in the backyard of St. Francis church. What? Where do we leave from? Our car is parked in that direction, yes? No, it’s there. If we go there and if we don’t find car there, I wouldn’t be moving an inch. Why aren’t you convinced even when three people are saying the same thing? You won’t leave without me, I know. I will make it there by then. Morning, Noon, Evening, Night. Vadapav at all four times a day is all I need. Three masala soda and one regular soda. We are reaching the ruins of St. Augustine. But already. ( Mimicks her) We are reaching But already But already Cut it out! But already it’s under renovation. Let’s find out how much can we explore it. It’s awesome! I have seen it from distance so far. It was never open for tourists whenever I was here in goa. But this is the first time, I am getting to see it from the inside. I wonder how enormous this church would be, guessing from it’s massive ruins! How stupendous it would be in its time! This one place in Old Goa is unmissable. Doesn’t matter even if you decide to skip the rest of Old goa. Do not miss out on this beauty. You will see a tower once you enter, which is a part of the church. Adjacent the church, a convent of three storey was constructed in 1572. This is the are where the convent stood. Can you imagine how fabulous it would have been in it’s day! Why don’t you ever show any interest? And then you tell me to show some! It was constructed in 1572! We have covered all the churches of old goa and we just had lunch in a restaurant called Ratna Sagar which is opposite to the Basilica. It’s a good place for lunch as well as it is budget friendly. Now, we are leaving for Panjim. We are at Immaculate conception church. This church is quite famous and is situated right at the centre of the city. So, there are parking issues here, but if you turn to right of the church, there is a narrow lane where you may park your car. Make sure to park it under shadow if you are coming here post noon. That huge bell you see at the top was originally at St. Augustine church. But when St. Augustine was abandoned and demolished approximately in 1968, the bell was shifted to Aguada fort and later it was shifted atop this church here Today was a great day. We got to shoot quite a lot of places. Apart from that, if you know about any other churches in Old Goa or anywhere else in Goa, do let us know by commenting below. If you enjoyed our video, like it , give us your feedback and subscribe to the channel. Bye bye.

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  1. बेन ओल्ट गोवा बहोत खूबसूरत हे मेने पूरा देखा हुवा हे12/9/2017 को मे वहा था आपकी एक बात बहोत अच्छी हे की आप पूरी जानकारी हिंदी मे दे रहे हे

  2. Come to the Chander Church where the Singham movie had taken the shoot and there is the Maharaja palace you can visit there it is in Chander which was the oldest capital of Goa and it is in South Goa anytime you can visit it thank you nice log

  3. From 4:48 to 4:58 U can also watch full garbage
    Garbage uppar be video banao because of indian tourists that go to goa…

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