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Weekend violence leaves 6 dead in Philadelphia

Weekend violence leaves 6 dead in Philadelphia



  1. Happy Tuesday everyone. We aren't sure where you are all from but stay warm. We thought we would have a lot of snow this past weekend but it didn't snow a lot. Of course, we wanted it to snow. None the less, we had a great time exploring the city and having a quiet night at home. Thank you all for watching, the support and kindness you give us. We also have to thank our sponsor, Dollar Shave Club. Big hugs to each of you.

  2. Nossa que homens lindossss …..tô passada kkk por isso que estou solteira …😭 DEUS abençoe vcs dois casal lindoo ….

  3. هذوله شنو نيتي ماصفت ابد والله عليهم شكلهم مو راحه جنهم نثايه

  4. منو عربي ومثلي ااجنس انا ريان من العراق ساكن في بلجيكا عمري٢١س

  5. This will be my first time commenting on your vlogs cause I can't resist myself from doing it. I never thought I will be so much addicted watching your vlogs. You guys prove that love has no boundaries despite of the cultural differences and gender. You guys give me an inspiration on having a healthy lifestyle at this age (Im 17 though) and made me realize that there is nothing more important in our life than being with someone we love. Stay strong you guys. I still had to continue watching your vlogs. I was like having a movie marathon for 2 days watching your vlogs. Hahahaha
    PH 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  6. Bernardo are u Brazilian? 🙂 seeing you guys together makes me smile and I feel so happy for you! Don't ever take each other for granted. In a way I feel sad… but not because of you. Best of luck😘

  7. Much ❤️ to you guys. Love yawl. Do continue doing what you're doing just keep doing you, don't worry with the haterzzzz zzzz zzzz that's trying too bring you down by commenting crap.
    Love yawl. I enjoyed the video❤❤❤❤💋

  8. i like it when he snorted every video i watched he snorts in almost every video and i do it to and people laugh at me which it doesn't bother me

  9. A and B where can I find the original Q&A session you guys did I would like to see some of the Questions that was Asked

  10. Well you really had a relaxing weekend more than "lazy" but still cool, hahaha, love the video, nice time spending time having fun, walking for the streets, drinking coffee, enjoying the moment with each other….then in home cooking together…..I mean such a beautiful video……love you guys so much…..

  11. Hey,,am from India,,, you both are amazing, and hot,,,, ,, ☺☺☺☺☺, be happy always,, 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂,,,yoyo

  12. I love watching the between you two… gives me hope ❤️❤️❤️. Plus your both sexy and fun AF

  13. Dude need some help here. I just started gymming for about at least 2 n 1/2 years already but I'm still doesn't see the progress. I keep it simple by having as natural as I can ( not taking any protein shake or etc). So I want to ask both of u does any food that I need to consume to build up my muscles n plus I'm a vegan more than meat. Any suggestions?

  14. Oh im in love . Why i don't have a boyfreind and stay with me in everytime and everywhere 🙁i hope . But you gays so Amazing . Love you . Im from Alg😙😙😙

  15. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but r u guys full time you tubers / blogger or u have a day job? Endless good days it seems.

  16. Pessoal, devido ao Bernardo, vcs tem um grande público no Brasil e que falam português. Uma sugestão para o canal seria colocar os títulos dos vídeos em Inglês e em Portugues. Bjos

  17. Really, u guys make me feel like i lost my life😭😭😭😭
    That's what i always wanted in my life as a gay person, but life can be cruel some times

  18. Обожаю смотреть видео этой пары, красиво без всякой пошлости. Желаю им любви, любви, любви.

  19. if one of them became my husband I would have a very cute baby with blue eyes but unfortunately they don't like women oh god i lost🤣

  20. You two looked very amazing couple.. even though your culinary skills seemed serious consideration of good training… saw couple of videos of your cooking.. seemed very bland and non appetising… it seemed like you two are not for cooking… by the way I really like your videos

  21. Boys, I just enjoyed spending your lazy day with you and it was wonderful…you have no idea of how cute and adorable you are together…you compliment each other so well…just do me a favor…make sure you wear your scarfs and gloves and hats when you go out….Im always afraid you'll get sick….just means that I'd have to come visit and make you a big pot of chicken soup….be well and stay warm….from your Jewish "mama" …hugs and kisses😊❤👍🌹🎶🎵

  22. Bernardo e Adam amo vocês, mas coloque legenda no storis por favor sou do Brasil Rio de Janeiro oo.. 😍😍😍

  23. You need me to stir it ? Sure 😈 Olha o duplo sentido. 😂 11:27

    The question is. Did he stir it behind the cameras?

    You guys r awesome together!

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