Overly Excited Tourist Can’t Deal With The Heat In Phoenix

Overly Excited Tourist Can’t Deal With The Heat In Phoenix

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– Hot cross bones, I am in Penis, Arizona. Home of the devil. Let’s go take a dip in the Graham Canyon, and have a good time. (adventurous music) Piss on the small of my back,
look at this spooky danosaur. They say it’s a hundred feet big and it (screaming) no, it’s just an illusion. Hey honey, could you tell me the times? I forgot my, um, it was a prank! Go, go! Holy snopes, it’s 106 degrees. But Phoenix you’re still pretty good, pretty well, pretty fun,
pretty nice, pretty cool. I think my ass might die, so I’m gonna take advantage of this. Nah, it doesn’t taste good. Whoa baby boy, now I know
why Phoenix is so hot. President Dan Trump is in town. Only the hottest president of all times! I wish one of these racists
would give me some water. Egh! Get out of my ass but make sure your wrist is stamped so you can get back in, look at the size of these pandy bears. They say they’re 100 feet
big, and they trust no bitch. Something about Venus is kinda fishy. Hi honeys! Surf’s up to you too, ya nasty boy! Are you joking my ass? Virgin hair. Mmm, yum yum yum, I’m starving. I wanna go get some but I kinda
feel like I’m being watched. They say there’s 100
communities coming soon, but I’m just like, Watt Communities? Yeah! Ho! this turkey’s on fire. Are you joking my ass? This must be where they
filmed Human Sesesipuede. I’ve never been much good at cactusing. I think it’s time for
some cactus practice. (upbeat music) Discipline my children in public, look at this upside-downasaur. Holy snopes, did you know
that all my haters’ moms opened a bakery here in Fleenus? Bon Jovi’s ass, what a day I’ve had here in Phoebe, Pensacola. I never did see the Graham Crayon, but at least I lost 15 pounds. It even was the best day of my whole life. (upbeat music)

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  1. "Get out of my ass but make sure your wrist is stamped so you can get back in" is the finest line you've come up with yet. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA BRAVO DUDE, BRAVO!

  2. ADDICTIVE – Weird, each time I say to myself, "I'm gonna unsubscribe from this nonsense, next time.." and said it again at the next video … and keep watching … addictive, but stupid.

  3. I know that's not the way he talks in real life. Does he have a video where he talks the way he would normally talk? I'm just so damn curious what he sounds like and I bet his madeup voice hurts like hell. I'm in pain just hearing him talk in his videos. He's funny but I'm in pain as well. LOL

  4. the fish swam towards you omg lmao get almost all the way out of my ass but change your mind and go back in, this is funny.

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