Overly Excited Tourist Goes High Octane In Charlotte

Overly Excited Tourist Goes High Octane In Charlotte

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– Fire up the barbecue, I’m
in Scarlet, North Carolina. The queen city of the south. Let’s go see if we can find Scarlet’s Web, and have a good time. (motor revving) (guitar music) (exploding) Get out of my ass and take
out the trash when you leave, look at the size of this airplane. They say he’s 100 feet shiny,
and he hasn’t been able to fly since he discovered Bojangles. Ew ew ew, are you joking my ass? What happened to your organs,
ya nasty freak boy bitch? Holy snopes, holy snopes, holy snopes, baseball danosaur! Man, Charleston really blows. No I like it though. Ugh, nasty hiccupotamus, why don’t you just freakin’ go extinct? My three friends were telling
me that Starlet’s kinda fishy, and I said “Nah I think
that’s just you guys.” Hi Honey! You know, I can really see
myself living in Carlsberg. High times! Charmin, North Carolina,
you are one of the most- (Sniffs) you are one of the most
beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. Are you joking my ass? They got a hundred feets worth of books. I wish I could- I wish
I might- I wish I did- I wish I knew how to read. Flick my daughter between the eyes, it’s the Napster Hall of Fame. Gentlemen, start your Indians! (techno music) Toly Crobus, the crosswalks
are checkered flags. I finished honey. Ooh, yum yum yum, they got a Brazzers. Maybe we can see some boobs and ass. Help my ass, I got lost
and now I’m on Mars planet. No, it’s just an illusion, fucking go! Sweet ass of Christ, I’m
sad to leave Charlesville. But the world keeps turnin,’ ya know? Ass full of chess pieces,
what a day I’ve had here in Charlotte. Isn’t that right, honey? It even was the best day of my whole life. Oh and by the way, go Panthers! (techno music)

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  1. Fuck funny or die stop copying people. Dr Disrespect is the true high octane internet personality, go make some more Will Ferrel little kid sketches you unoriganal copycats. ps the 2 time would never dab

  2. This is the best thing on funny or die. Funny or die for ONLY do these videos and I'd be down. Jus put all your eggs in this basket, this guy is hilarious.

  3. Get out of my ass and come to Richmond, VA! There's a danasoar hiding in the fan just waiting for you to see it. They say it's 100 feet tall and it's full of crobus

  4. These videos are always high times! Funny or Die is lucky to have this series honestly, its the only think that keeps me coming back

  5. That guy seems like a rapist. No Siri. I said fascist. Rapist. Racist. Why do you do this Siri? Send. No don’t say that I haven’t spellchecked it yet. Send send send

  6. I never looked so I never realized: there is a dangasaur in every major US city. Oddly depressing considering their inevitable end. Or if you are an Evangelical, they never existed. So big whoop, right? I was upset with the Panthers loss. For Will: "Cam Newton on 2" thank you for the joy

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