Packing Carry On Only For Caribbean Cruise – Kids

Packing Carry On Only For Caribbean Cruise – Kids

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you ready to get this you ready to go ok hey cruisers welcome back to our
three-part packing series on our Caribbean cruise adventure where we’re
going carry-on only for 7-night cruise on MSC season MSC seaside yes it’s true
we are going on MSC seaside for a summer Caribbean adventure to where we go in
Cozumel the Bahamas Grand Cayman and Jamaica right basically the Caribbean so
today we’re going to be showing you what my nine-year-old son is taking in his
carry-on bag and his I’m sorry his personal item and his carry-on bag so
the correction there sorry about that folks he’s already getting as you can
see he’s getting this bag ready he is excited to show you what he likes to
take in his personal item he likes flying he likes cruising he’s a really
good traveler so we’re going to go ahead and start with the first item why don’t
you hand it to me so our viewers can see it ok ok your passports actually in
mommy’s bag but that was a good guess where did this pretty bag come from
do you remember JoAnn bagged it by Joann so one of our subscribers hand makes
these cute little bags so what my son has in here is he has a loop what is
this and a lanyard this is to put his cruise card around his neck I think
we’re gonna get wristbands on MSc but we shall see ok and then what is this Oh
charming port for my iPhone which is right here good what’s your iPhone it’s just an older
iPhone yeah he just uses a play little games and then what’s this
that is a charging port for I believe grace
okay so let’s cover what devices you’re taking now that you’re talking about
that let’s tell our subscribers what devices you’re taking and why why don’t
you start with the first one okay so the first one is my phone I’m taking this
just for fun on the plane and on the ship when I’m kind of bored maybe in
lines okay standing in lines or sitting at
dinner okay the second one is my candle actually this is for sitting at dinner
okay candles it to read books very nice can you tell us what you’re
reading right now so right now I am leaving the bronze key the third book in
the Magisterium oh that sounds really interesting so your Kindle you’d like to
take this to dinner and also at night right before bed right and then this is
an iPad what do you use your iPad for a little bit of Minecraft so if you have
time you’d like to play a little minecraft cool okay awesome so one other
thing that junior editor has in his carry-on bag is a sweatshirt in case he
gets cold on the plane so we always keep it in here it could cold on planes huh
and then in the front there’s something special that he wants to show you and
who is this a and why is froggy special tell me about froggy real quick really
likes to go right yeah he has been with us since our son was a teeny tiny little
boy and it’s just a fun cruise tradition to take our frog to dinner and what’s
the last thing we have in your personal item bag what are these those are my
Rayban sunglass those are they were expensive but you
take good care of them and what are these those are mine
you speedo hydro specs goggles Wow you knew the name and everything and what do
you use these for mostly swimming in pools hot tubs some
when I go to or at the beach that’s how what he uses to snorkel you did a really
good job so we’re all done with your personal item your backpack that you’re
gonna take on the plane so I’m gonna put this away is that okay okay cattails in
there so they are a little worn out but you know this young man likes his comfy
shoes he doesn’t want to buy any fancy shoes for dinner it’s like no mom I’m
wearing my tennies and then this is his second pair of shoes tell me about these
these are my New Balance New Balance yeah not Nike that’s okay you oh it says
New Balance yeah so what are these for those are for just what I’m regularly
walking around okay just kind of most most of the time you like and like to
dinner some stuff to write even formal night he wears his sneakers guys he even
does it’s okay with kids to let them wear sneakers now before I let junior
editor go any farther don’t want to let you forget that we did bring him a hat
so here’s his little hat any old baseball cap will do this one’s nice and
worn in also as I’d mention it if you have our other videos you may remember
that we were saying that there was extra room in his carry-on bag that is because
his stuff is tiny so some of the things that are gonna go in his bag are going
to be my husband’s tripod a pop-up hamper and this is our stateroom
necessities kit inside our stateroom necessities kit if you’re new to our
channel and you haven’t watched our videos before or seen this this has a
non surge power cord it also scoot this way just a little tiny bit sweetheart
just to tie it perfect thank you oh that’s a good idea you’re getting ready
for the next segment good next segment okay okay I’m gonna
get back to what I was saying give me one second okay don’t you love this
anyway my husband’s USB charger I have a few magnets in here for the walls as
well in case we have limited storage and that’s pretty much it other than my
travel alarm clock and a few wet swimsuit bags so again watch the first
two videos in this series and let’s get back to junior editor and talk about
what’s in your other bags yeah a ferry picture the surprise I’ll show you later
okay alright so do you want to go over this
bag first yeah this one here yeah this is one of the pairs of your shorts this
is all your shorts and your t-shirts so we have a lot of shorts that look a
little bit like this very casual he has this new cool tank hoodie that he got at
the tank what he at Anki he calls it and taking it to tank with a hood on it and
pull up the hood and show him yeah okay you want to show him okay sounds good
so this is his tank hoodie from Old Navy he has two of these yeah and so we don’t
yeah we don’t have to show them everything in the bag we’ll just show a
little sneak peeks but he has a lot of stuff like this to go with shorts for
him I think we packed about five or six pairs of shorts with matching t-shirts
so one tip for when you’re packing for kids is same with packing with adults
try to lay the outfits out to match first so instead of for me taking stacks
of shorts and stacks of t-shirts that are just his favorites it doesn’t work
because he has so many wild prints like his Pink Floyd shirt everybody loves
this shirt that I really have to find things that match so a couple of nice
basic gray t-shirts are always good too so we’re not gonna go into any more oh
you want to show them this shirt oh yeah The Beatles this is his be alert he
loves this one yeah it’s really stretchy too you could stretch it like really far
yeah isn’t it soft too I want this as my pajamas I would love it if I had a shirt
like this for my pajamas so he does have some favorites there and so this is kind
of what I would call his casual wear shirts and t-shirts packing cube and
this is another reason we love cubes is because it allows you to separate and
organize and really just get things ready now this is junior editors pre
comfy clothes this is his pre cruise bag this is the bag
we’re taking to the hotel the night before so if you’ve been watching the
other two videos you know that what we’re doing is we’re taking a
convenience bag that we can take into the hotel with us the night before our
cruise that is gonna have dirty clothes put back into it or if you’re driving to
port you can put it back in your car with the packing cube so he has his Star
Wars jammies in here those are nice he’s I’m a Star Wars fans so we have a sleep outfit basically this is like a jammy set yeah yeah exactly and then yeah haven’t worn
this much so he has it basically this is a three-piece jogging suit with pants a
little t-shirt yeah it is and then like a little jacket so this is for the
airplane this is what he is going to wear yeah your socks are beat-up and I’m
sorry you like your clothes comfortable though every time mommy tries to buy you
something new I know whoops I forgot to put your jammies second so that is his
pre cruise bag and we’ve really tried to get better about making sure that every
member of the family has one of these so you’re not opening your suitcases when
you get to your hotel and digging through your cruise clothes for your day
of clothes so separation is a good thing with those all right now we’re on to the
swimsuits and the underpants and the ties for junior editors so he has his
little underwear we didn’t forget junior editors underpants she has underwear he
has three choices of ties he’s probably gonna want to match his dad so we have a
bow tie and a few other ties are you holding up your underpants son underwear
underwear exists so these are the little bow ties that he’s going to be taking
excuse me and regular ties they’re both they’re not the clip-on kind they’re the
type that go around the shirt show you his shirts later and then this is where
I’m keeping all of his socks so socks underpants and then he has his rash
guards this is just one of two to keep him protected when he is
in the sun and several little swim trunks so you guys can imagine what the
swim trunks in the rash guards and the underwear all look like but I thought
you might like to see his little ties are you putting on your tie son
backwards can I have it back to pack back in here are you gonna wear it for
the rest of the video okay you are looking dapper now so funny
okay so this is our last packing cube for you can you guess what’s in here
that we haven’t talked about yet normal night stuff okay so this is all his
dinner we’re not necessarily formal night stuff but we have and for the
white party yep he has no party and thus no party oh no I don’t think they are I
think they’re different we’ll see so anyway these are junior editors formal
pants these are a nice kind of probably like a polyester with an adjustable
waistband that he’s been wearing for a little while now he’ll wear these on the
two formal nights with his dressier shirts he he also has a he’s got his own
agenda he also has jeans that he’ll wear most nights to dinner and then he has a
pair of comfy fleece pants that he can kind of wear his jammies as you notice I
didn’t really pack him formal pajamas or specific pajamas because he tends to run
around in like a pair of underwear and a t-shirt or these and a t-shirt can I
show him your shirt you are you’re microphones down in your shorts yeah so
oh your fleece okay let’s go ahead and show everybody your shirts okay all
right guys this is junior editors one of one of his short sleeve shirts that I
got at Ross it’s really cute and he’s gonna wear this with jeans then for
formal night he has his stormtrooper shirt that all iured and he’ll wear with
one of the ties that we featured earlier he looks good with that he’ll tie yeah
and then this is his this is to match your dad huh yeah yeah so this is for
formal night and this he can also wear to the white party with one of his ties
all of this stuff still needs to be ironed
I don’t iron his stuff before we go you guys it’s just too much we’ll see if we
can get it ironed on the ship and then a few more dinner
this is one of his casual polos from Old Navy I love the hombre of the shirt and
I think he’ll look so handsome wearing this with yeah and that one matches
daddy’s that heee that we showed and then this last shirt here is just a
basic polo that we got on a $3 sale at Old Navy last weekend we were so excited
so yeah mr. uh mr. junior editor this rounds out your your stuff what do you
think you’re gonna keep going with the backwards theme you’re looking good so
tell us tell our viewers before we wrap up what are you most excited about for
the MS DC side well yeah for waterslides and the forest Aquaventure park yeah and
you forgot the arcade oh yeah I’m really excited about that it’s not gonna be fun
yes yeah you did a great job thank you for helping mommy now we’re gonna show
everybody how this all gets packed into the suitcase thank you all so much for
tuning into our packing series we’ll see you on the MSC side until next time see
you on the high seas Hey
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