Patagonia, Wheelchair & I | A story of Inclusive Tourism in Chile

Patagonia, Wheelchair & I | A story of Inclusive Tourism in Chile

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I’m Jake Hytken and I have a condition called Congenital Muscular Dystrophy formally called Collagen VI Myopathy and I was born with it and through my childhood I was weaker than others This is really cool Wow! Then I had my adolescence and my body started changing and between 14 and 16 Crazy! I was growing a lot I can do this And during that time my body was growing but my muscles were contracting and atrophying So the ability to walk was something I was losing I was unable to keep up with the growth spurt and so during my adolescence I started using a wheelchair The chair is specially designed to take people to the outdoors It has one wheel on the center just below the seat and… it is easy to carry it’s not that heavy and with 2 people you can actually do really well in flat areas and 4 people for steep hikes I wanted to be more like in a real environment destination where life takes more presence than construction Holy sh… What a sh*tty view! It was an opportunity to dive into something that I normally don’t get the opportunity to do that I would really have to take the time to find to put the effort into If I could say that I had anything it was just feelings of smallness and kinda getting lost in the grandness of the world Look at that! “If they’re doing it so can I!” That’s not the point of inspiration Inspiration is anyone and anything in a place or in a situation that’s uncomfortable, that’s challenging pushing themselves forward So everything that I do is just as inspirational as everything you’re doing you being the ablest person I don’t want to go on the rock anymore! Where did I find inspiration? Looking through myself I found this moment today we were at this grand, beautiful waterfall I thought this is magic, this is poetry and I decided the only way to feel inspired to feel part of something bigger than myself was to go up to the water and to feel that misting in my face and to feel that I am a part of this waterfall I was inspiring myself that this is why I travel to get up in something I have never gotten up and to explore sensations I never normally feel So… The only person that can really inspire us is not at looking at others but looking within ourselves and know what makes us feel something we’ve never felt before

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