People in North Korea express interest in joining army amid threat of all-out war

People in North Korea express interest in joining army amid threat of all-out war

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It’s thought North and South Korea could be
on the bring of war as tensions have been rising between the two countries. North Korea’s state-run television KRT released
a video today showing young North Koreans signing petitions
to be allowed to join the army. This young North Korean says, we, the young generations are waiting to wipe
out the U.S. and South Korean gangsters from this peninsula. Meanwhile, many South Korean reservists expressed
willingness to rejoin the army on social media. They posted photos of their military uniforms
with messages such as “South Korean men are all ready” and “I will
fight for South Korea”. The current tensions between the two countries
began when two South Korean soldiers were wounded
by landmines along the border. South Korea said North Korea planted the mines,
something North Korea denies. South Korea have also angered their neighbour by restarting propaganda broadcasts after
more than ten years. Both sides say the other fired the first shot
in artillery exchanges that have brought the countries to the brink
of war. Officials have been holding talks about the

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  1. And WTF does US do in the faaaaaaaaaar far East?

    No matter what,expect troubles from US and against US .Thats exactly what happens when you send troops to somebody's land .

  2. Fake, fake, fake.
    All of these anger and yelling is nothing but posturing.
    Nothing changes inside North Korea; they aren't gonna prepare for a total war because it's not going to happen.
    Kim Jong Un is trying to get some attention by making noises.

  3. They are "showing loyalty" to their nation. That is all.
    What a load of bs this all is. Warmongering and posturing.

    Why is it so hard for people to see that collaborative culture pools resources for all and benefits all while competitive cultures vulture resources and fight against each others and require less brains to begin with.

  4. I have a friend who works for MI6 and as such he cannot tell me anything but I saw him yesterday and all he did say to me was that this crisis in Korea is higher on the agenda than even Isis . Big trouble coming I think …..

  5. Kim Jong Un just wants some rice from us, South Korea.. That's all… lol…
    As long as he's enjoying his life in his kingdon, he won't start a war..
    Maybe right before his time, he would…-0-
    Anyway, I am just so sad that those people are still isolated and brainwashed…
    Hope that they could see the truth very soon…

    By the way, I got my old army uniform and boots out, just in case, like many other Korean young men.. 😉
    Thank you USA for being here and helping us.. 🙂

  6. What…what did we do… leaves Isis alright guys u guys can have fun here while we fight in Korea and come back k?

    Isis- k

  7. North & South Korea should find their biggest & best Tae Kwan Do fighters for an ultimate battle royale… Winner keeps the peninsular & the losing population either go as a refugees to China or the USA. PROBLEM SOLVED.

  8. North Korea it gonna lose the war. They have weak air force with outdated military aircraft. The F-15K, KF-16, F-16C/D, F-15C, F-18EF, F-18CD, and F-22A would just knock out Mig-29, Mig-23, Mig-21, Mig-19, and Mig-17 out of the sky. While your IL-28, Su-25, A-5A and rest of your military aircraft would be bombed. Also they have weak small Navy can't compare to both South Korean and US Navy. They may have more artillery, tanks, IFV, and troops but they just gonna get pounded by bombs from B-52H, B-1B, and B-2A. Ah yeah by the way North Korean Army you better watch out the A-10C and AC-130U are gonna you and your ground War Machine. RIP NK!


  10. "I will fight to defend my country" All brainwashed people say this. How can you be so ready to kill your own people? The youth of today's world should stay as far as they can from military brainwashing.

  11. 전쟁은 없다. 남한은 전쟁을 원하지 않는다. 북한도 전쟁을 하고싶지 않을 것이다. 전쟁을 결정하는건 북한고위층 사람들인데, 그들은 시민들 등골 빼먹으면서 잘 먹고 잘 살고 있다. 그들이 무엇하러 전쟁을 하겠는가?

  12. I feel very sorry for these north koreans cos they dont really know how bad their president is. if only they know i think they will fight against him.

  13. It's about time South Korea liberate the North, to save million of the North Korean people under this stupid communist regime. It's about time for all the people on this planet Earth to get rid the Commies. We should put a bounty on Kim & Putin heads or at least cut their balls off so the world can live in peace.

  14. 한국은 대일전승 70주년 기념 식전에 출석할 모양이지만, 한국은 일본측이기 때문에 일본의 대신 사죄에 가는 것인가?
    실제로는 전승국의 미국에서마저 출석하지 않는데, 일본에 패배한 중국과 러시아의 전승 기념일?

  15. Good thing there are no North Koreans joining Daesh. Only one South Korean joined Daesh. Then again, Daesh is just as cruel as North Korea, adding to the fact that they don't represent Islam at all. They cut off people's heads, burned a fighter pilot alive and even locked a person inside a car when they blew it up.

  16. Volunteering to join a military in a country with conscription where all able-bodied citizens is a soldier or militia of some kind? Talk about redundant.

  17. What do you mean? They don't get a choice on whether to join the army! They are forced and if they disagree then they and their families are put in camps.

  18. Can I have Kim Jung uns head? Love to hollow it out and use it as lamp or scary pumpkin for Halloween. Oh I know it will be my new mailbox!!!

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