Perfect Day in Paradise | Exploring the Bahamas

Perfect Day in Paradise | Exploring the Bahamas

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What’s up everybody? I’m Alex, a.k.a. Alexthevagabond, and in this video, I’m working with Royal Caribbean to experience one of their cruises. We’re going from Miami to a private island in the Caribbean, Perfect Day at Cococay and wrapping it all up in the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau. You ready to roll? ‘Cause I am. What’s going on ladies and gentlemen? Welcome back to the channel. Today is a great day. We’re in Miami, Florida, and we are boarding The Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas. It is a beautiful ship. We have a super fun long weekend in front of us. It’s Friday morning , and we’ll be sailing today, tomorrow, Sunday, and making it back to Miami on Monday. Along the way we’re going to be going to Perfect Day at Cococay, which is Royal Caribbean’s new, private island. There’s a ton of stuff to do on the island: a little bit of chill, a lot a bit of adventure, and we’ll also be stopping in the Bahamas. So it’s going to be a super fun little trip. I’m not alone. I have a Carrie Rad here. Hello everyone. I’m so excited. Yeah. I am excited for warm weather, beach and blue water, and a nice cocktail. Time to get on the ship? Let’s go. Already relaxing? We just got here. I know. That’s what this is all about, though. We’re all checked in. We’ve boarded the ship. We have made it to our cabin. We have a super-fun couple of days lined up. This is essentially just like a perfect long weekend. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve explored the Caribbean. I miss it. I’ve never been to the Bahamas before. I’m excited to check out Nassau. And I’m really excited to check out Perfect Day at Cococay. It’s going to be something that I’ve never experienced before. And to do it with Carrie, definitely a bonus. Marko we missed you, bro. Maybe we’ll catch you on the next ship. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a beautiful, beautiful morning in the Bahamas. I’m pretty sure every morning in the Bahamas is beautiful, but this one particularly beautiful. And we are at Royal Caribbean’s new private island. We have a balloon ride. The tallest waterslide in North America is here on this island, and there’s also a whole Chill section dedicated to relaxation, which we will most certainly be checking out. All right, we are hopping on the Up Up and Away. It’s a ballon, and it’s going to take us up up and away. This is cool. This is going to be a good way for us to get some perspective on the island. We’ve just entered into the Thrill Waterpark, home to the tallest waterslide in North America, believe it or not. It’s perfect timing because it’s just gotten pretty hot. It’s definitely time to cool off, and we might as well have a little adrenaline boost. I think Carrie might be a little bit worried, though. Well, it’s the tallest water slide in North America. Carrie, hold on! {Screams} So after checking out more of the thirteen water slides and taking a dip in Oasis Lagoon, the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean, we decided it was time to dry off. Well, we’ve made it over to South Beach here at the island, and this is so chill. We have just this beautiful pristine sand, turquoise waters. I think it’s time to grab a cabana, post up for the day, maybe go for a swim. Sounds like a plan. This is where I’m at my best.. when I’m lounging in the sunshine on a private island. I’m down for the Chill. That’s my vibe. I would have to agree, too. I’m definitely more of a chill person than a thrill person. Don’t get me wrong. I like my adrenaline rushes. I like all the fun stuff. But at the end of the day, you just want to hang out, kick it on the beach, and relax. And so that’s what we’re going to do. Until it’s time to get back on the ship, we will be right here on Chill Island. All right, well that was a super enjoyable day at Cococay. But now it’s time to leave. So we’ve pulled up anchor, and the ship is setting back out to sea. But for me personally, this is the best part about cruises. I’ve only done two in my life. This is my second, but you can’t knock the fact that every single sunset is over the open ocean, and there’s something just super peaceful and elemental about watching the sunset over the sea. This evening is not quite over yet. We have a delectable dinner lined up at Jamie’s Italian Italian food from Jamie Oliver. It’s been a really, really fun day. I feel great and watching another sunset over the ocean, it’s just a fantastic end to a really great day. Let’s go eat. Good morning ladies and gentlemen. It’s day two of the cruise. We’re in Nassau. We’ve just gotten off the ship. We’re renting a scooter. We’re going to do as much as we can in the five hours that we have off the ship. We’re going to start things off by heading to one of the older places on the island and learning a bit more about the history of the Bahamas. Let’s ride. Are you ready ready? Ready. Let’s go All right Well, we have taken the little scooter up to Fort Charlotte, which is an old British fort, and this is Raquel. She’s the local historian. She’s going to tell us a little bit about the Bahamas. Can you tell me about the history of pirates in the Bahamas because everybody knows the Pirates of the Caribbean, but what’s the story behind that? Pirates were basically here late 16th century, 1670. Blackbeard being one of those famous pirates, you know. He was in control for many years. Back then they referred to the island as Pirates Republic. The British didn’t decided to fully colonize these islands until 1717. In order to do that, you needed to get rid of the pirates. But during the time of piracy, Fort Nassau was the fort. Wow. Obviously, the harbor in Nassau is not filled with pirate ships anymore. It’s filled with very large cruise ships. We’re actually on a cruise. Okay. What is a message as a local Bahamian that you would have for people visiting on a cruise ship to kind of get out and really explore the Bahamas? What I’d like to say is you know you’re visiting on a cruise ship to another Island. Come out explore the history, explore the native people. We’re beautiful people. We have a beautiful island. If you hear our history and entwined with your history, you put it all together, you’ll see how everything just ties up in one big bowl like a present and give it to you. I like it. Yes. Thank you so much Raquel. You’re very welcome. I really appreciate your time. Okay, everyone we have hopped on the scooter and driven about 20 minutes up West Bay Road. Just tracing the coastline here, and we’re at a restaurant called Travelers West, which has all sorts of local food, ice-cold beers, and most importantly a view of the ocean because how could you not want to dine with that right in front of you? Oh nice. Wow. Oh my gosh, this looks good. Wow, goat curry. Look at that. Thank you So I got the goat curry with roti. The Caribbean has a lot of influence from people from South Asia, specifically India. With them they brought a lot of their culinary traditions best exemplified in the goat curry and the roti the roti bread, which you might recognize from India, some potatoes in there, lamb, couple of those garbanzos, boom. Roll it all up into a little Caribbean taco. I got the conch main because I just asked her what the most authentic thing on the menu was, and so I’m going with that. I am very excited about this. It’s kind of like calamari she said, but better. All right ladies and gentlemen, well unfortunately, that is the end. We are on our way sailing back to the United States of America, back to Miami, and it’s been a really pleasant and enjoyable experience. Not going to lie. Cruises have always been something that I’ve been kind of skeptical about. I didn’t really know what to think about them, but this cruise in particular has really changed my mind. I think cruisers are what you make them. This video, hopefully, has shown you that you can really get out and make the most of each day and explore and experience the culture, the food, the cuisine, the people in each place. One of my favorite parts is just being on the ship, being here on the balcony with an expansive open ocean view, watching the sunsets over the sea and just listening to the ocean as it’s breathing all around us. If you enjoyed this video, you know what to do: give it a big thumbs up and share with your friends. Hit that subscribe button, if you haven’t already. Once again, huge thank you to Royal Caribbean and the Navigator of the Seas for making this trip possible. And as always, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you on the road. Peace.

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  1. Epic Video guys! Looks incredible 🙂 Hoping to achieve even just a little bit of what you guys do. Awesome content 🙂

  2. Following your vlogs for long time. Really like the way you guys present your vlogs. Love from Bangladesh

  3. I only like the private islands of the bahamas, can't say I particularly liked Nassau Bahamas when I went! great video

    Edit: I did not go to the cool places lol

  4. I think traveling with a Cruise is really sending of a wrong Signal. If we want to keep exploring and traveling our Planet we also have to help preserving our planet. Cruises are an enviromental murder and really not something you should promote.

  5. Me gusto mucho su video amigos. Cuando tenga oportunidad visiten mi canal. Exitos y bendiciones a ambos.

  6. Marko we miss you buddy but Alex you killed it in this Bahamas video. Great job and well done. By the way could you watch our latest Peru video as we'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

  7. You guys deserve a break – now and again – but this post is not what I normally expect from you lads. This is luxury travel and not your usual budget travel vlogs. But enjoy yourselves anyway.

  8. Beautifully done – that brought back a wave of nostalgia. Growing up as a kid, several of our family reunions were aboard Caribbean cruises. That warm sea air at night is wonderful 🙂

  9. Loved the music and the presentation. Some great footage and wow! What an escape. Thank you 🙏 for taking us along. Magical!

  10. Sweet footage of the ship and Coco Cay! What’s with your pronunciation of Nassau tho? Is it nas-saw or nas-sow? 😂

  11. Always enjoy when u feature Carry, she brings a touch of chic to a already stylish vagabrothers. Must say u two are one of my fav couples to..I would say ‘watch’ but it feels more so of an’ experience’ [giggles] ☺️💗☀️

  12. I've been on a cruise once and it was so much fun! Really need to do another one someday soon!!!!!

  13. When I went to Nassau, Bahamas I didn't enjoy it. Very overated with not much to do besides seeing Atlantis.

  14. What a perfect video, "Vagabond Alex" and the beautiful Carrie Rad! Everything about it I loved, it was all presented so masterfully and appealingly. And to think that you could do all this on a long weekend! Makes me want to live in Miami! I have been on three major cruises, but haven't experience a private island yet, but I really want to! I could do a hundred zip lines, but I am bit too claustrophobic to squeeze myself into a little darkened tube half full of water swirling around in unpredictable directions, but maybe I should somehow get free of that malady. I am thankful to see somebody saying something good about Nassau as a cruise destination. I had take along vacation in the Exumas and really fell in love with the people of the Bahamas. Like you, I rented a motor scooter and went EVERYWHERE on Exuma. I was stupid to NOT do that in Nassau when I was there on my most recent cruise (alas, more than a year ago). Well, I had gotten a second degree sunburn on my face in Miami a couple of days before, so I wasn't feeling too well. I missed out on something really good like what you and Carrie did. I would have liked to have had a tour guide like you did at that fort. All I did was take a horse and buggy ride around downtown (a pretty common thing to do), the best of which was that the driver allowed me to pet his horse afterwards (hard working animal). I also met a gorgeous policewoman who looked so good in her sharp uniform who gracious gave me permission to take her picture. My favorite "cuisine" in the world is a mix of Indian food and tropical, such as the AMAZING lunch you had in that perfect place. If I go back to Nassau, which I hope to do, I will rent a scooter, go to that fort, and find that restaurant! One of my favorite things about Fiji when I was there was having food that was a mixture of foods from India and this Melanesian tropical island (to contrast with a Polynesian or Micronesian island)–about 52% of the inhabitants of Fiji are from India.

    Such a beautiful ship that is, and my favorite part of my last cruise was my balcony room on the MSC Seaside. Everything you said about it is what I like so much. Thank you for an absolutely 'right-on" and perfect travel video, filled with ideas and beauty (I want to do each and every thing you recommended). I have now subscribed and rung the bell! Thank you!

  15. Just got off the Harmony of the Seas today. My fiancé and me experienced Perfect Day at Cococay and had a cabana at chill island. That place was incredible. We also went to St. Thomas and went to Magens Bay, and did the Regatta Race in St. Maarten. It was also our second cruise and plan to keep cruising because it is my favorite time to just relax and disconnect from everything.

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  18. I lasted less than 3 minutes, and that only because it took me that long to eat my nectarine.
    It's not sailing if you're on a big ugly cruise ship without sails. And those cruise ships are horrible for the environment. The title is a bit clickbaity because "Perfect Day" is the name of the resort, and you use loud and unpleasant "music".
    I'm out.

  19. This man made island/cruise type travel is so not you. Looks fun and I might of liked this type of travel when my kids were young but definitely not anymore. Your videos are always great though.

  20. We're SO excited to do a cruise with our toddler. 🙂 Great video! You and your brother have been a HUGE inspiration for us starting our own travel / family channel. Thank you!

  21. Yum Conch!! My dad used to pickle it in lemon juice, then add coconut cream, and eat it with roasted Taro, back on Niue Island where my siblings and I were born, food of the islands, soul food.

  22. wow~footage is amazing. everything in your video are so beautiful including people and nature. i love it~❤❤❤

  23. I always liked your videos. But I just wish that you didn't promote cruise ship travel as it's one of the most polluting industries in tthe world.

  24. Everything seems so fake and plastic, from the cruise ship to the private island. It seems like the perfect vacation for people who enjoy living in gated communities and spending their free time at the shopping mall. The video was well made though.

  25. I'm a proud Bahamian, and this is only a drop in the bucket to the true beauty here. (Great video though), As a long time subscriber , I was so excited to see you'd finally did a "Bahamas" video, only to be underwhelmed. So I can imagine others who don't live here. The problem is these private cruise cays are not a representation of us. they are an interpretation of what foreign companies and investors think paradise should look like. Same with mega hotels in the capital. I always advise persons, to get the real Bahamian experience, they should visit areas outside the tourist districts or our amazing, authentic Family Islands. (aka, the other 699 islands and cays)

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