POC Factory Tour | GMBN Visits The POC HQ

POC Factory Tour | GMBN Visits The POC HQ

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– Neil, you’ve brought me to Stockholm, into a big building such like this and what are we doing here? – Blake, look we’re here at POC. Let’s take a look around the building. – No way, POC! Should we? Wait, I got this. (beeping) (sped up voice effect) – Yeah, hi it’s Blake Samson, I’m here to see Martin Soderstrom (sped up voice effect) – (laughs) Signatures? No, we’ve come to do stuff here. (sped up voice effect) – Yeah, I’m with Neil Donahue. (sped up voice effect) – Oh, whoa. – It’s the magic words. – Big deal, wow. You are a big deal around here. (energetic, percussive music) – As you all know we’ve
been wearing POC helmets, POC eyewear. They do a lot of other
cycling products as well as they’re quite heavy into the
ski and snowboard situation. – That’s it POC is a
really important thing. Their mission statement is this: To do the best they
possibly can to save lives and to reduce the
consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists. That’s us. So, let’s have a look around HQ. – Coffee. – That is pretty cool. Check out that brand new coffee machine. – Would you like a coffee? – Yes please. Alright Blake I’ll leave
you to make those coffees, I’m going to take a look around. Check out the kitchen
it’s amazing, really nice. Got some cycling books down here, Danny MacAskill book. He’s a POC athlete. As seen on YouTube, he must be a big deal. Also this is a bit we’ve
seen throughout the building, we’ve got the Atlas of
Human Anatomy and Surgery. Look at the size of that book. POC spent an awful lot of time and work on things like their helmets so they perform as best
as possible in crashes. So, let’s take a look around the building and see where they do all that work. (mellow, percussive music) So POC have just celebrated
their 10 year anniversary and it all started with ski helmets, which they still make now. There are also road bike helmets and the mountain bike
helmets you see us wear. This is a Tectal. I wear it myself actually. You can see on the back
we’ve got this label that tells you all the stuff
that goes into these helmets. So the shell is PC, the core is EPS, it’s all sorts of things to make this helmet really protective. POC say that they can make the most protective helmet in the world but it would just have to be massive, so it’s all about
protection and performance. So I talked to the main man, Oscar about some of that technology
that goes into these helmets. So what goes into making
a Tectal helmet like this? – So the Tectal is what
we call an In-Mold helmet. So we have this type of shell which is a very thin, flexible shell, easy to deform, quite good when it comes to yeah, it’s simply easy to
start deforming the liner. And the liner in this case is an EPS which is a fairly normal
kind of liner material which is a single impact type of liner. – So you have different
shells for different helmets. I recognise this one. This is the Coron. I wore this at Andes-Pacifico. And that’s different to say, the Tectal? – Yeah, so this one is
a fibre reinforced shell and a unique thing about the core in it is that the normal fibre shell, whether it’s fibreglass or carbon, they’re mostly single impact shells, so they’re brittle basically. But what we have in this case is that we have a matrix and resin combination which is able to withstand
multiple impacts. – And then the liners, we have two different
types of liner as well. I guess that depends on the
different types of helmet. – Yeah. – I recognise this one. It’s what most of the
helmets are made from? – Yes, so this is what
you’d find I would say in more than 90% of the
helmets of the world. So EPS, Expanded Polystyrene. Good liner material. The drawback of this is
that when you deform it, which is what you do when you fall on it, you deform it and then
it deforms permanently. So you can see it how I
pressed my thumb there and you have a permanent deformation. – Yeah. But we also work a lot with
a different liner material, which is a multi-impact type. You can see when I deform
this, it goes back again. – Yeah. – So it’s an elastic deformation. It deforms and then goes back and this is what we call an EPP liner. So it’s a different polymer. – And that’s the one
you’d find in the Coron? – Exactly, so in this case, we tried to match the
properties of the liner with the properties of the shell
so that they work together. It doesn’t really make sense
to make a multi-impact liner if you don’t have a multi-impact shell. – Great. Thanks, Oscar. – Thanks. – Let’s take a look around the rest and see what else goes
into making a kit here. (mellow music) – Even before any design work goes on, POC worked with some specialist units on medicine and performance. So that’s POC Labs and POC WATTS. POC Labs is all about trying to prevent spinal and head injuries. They work with some really
well-respected experts who are specialists in those fields. And WATTS Lab is all about performance. So some really high-tech stuff. So aero-dynamics and wind
tunnels and also CFD, which stands for Computer Fluid Dynamics. One really cool department
in POC is POC Aid, and they work on concepts and
ideas for future products. So here’s Johan to talk me through it. So what sorts of things
are you working on? – So, POC Aid is all about
integrating and finding electronic solutions and applications to support our mission. Not only work with effective protection, but also proactive and
then also post-active. It’s everything from more
advanced technologies like Aerobag technologies that we actually have in our production line right now, but also have as a research object to see how we can use
that kind of technology. – So commonly this is just
skiing technology, is it? – So this specific product
is for race skiers. So it’s for high-speed athletes going really fast down a mountain and need an extra protection
when they, you know, have the rotation and the crash. RECCO is one example of a
really simple integration. We integrate a small radar reflector and the back end system at
RECCO is really, really cool. With the Star One system, they can scan huge areas to find people. It’s all about being searchable. – So you’ve seen this for
avalanche safety in ski helmets, but also this is now a
mountain bike helmet. – Also for mountain bikes, because they have the new
technology with the Star One, the zone that can reach
big areas in short time. So it makes sense to
integrate the cycling stuff. (upbeat music) – Now this is another cool
piece of tech in the office. This is a ski helmet that
POC has been working on with this HI system in it, so that’s Helmet Integrity. They’ve won loads of
design awards for this. Just a concept at the moment, but it’s all sorts of things in here, so electronic gizmos I
don’t really understand, that basically tell you the
integrity of this helmet after a crash. So it’s really going to help
us in the future work out how often and when you do
need to replace that helmet. So POC also make a lot of apparel. For 2018 they’ve got a
new Resistance Collection. It goes back to that mission statement of trying to protect and
perform in everything they make. So, Amanda, talk me through
some of the cool features about the Resistance Collection. – Yeah. So in the Resistance
Collection we focus on the fabrics and the
function of the fabrics. And this is our Resistance Pro DH pants, which has a panel on the side and the knee with ceramic printing. So it’s a low-friction fabric and really durable. – So when you crash, you
slide rather than stick. – Exactly, exactly. – Also you have cross-country stuff, so you’ve got cross-country,
downhill, and enduro kit? – Exactly, yeah. This is a cross-country tee that is designed to look like a T-shirt, but it has an internal gaiter, we call it, to hold your pockets in place. So the pockets will not
flap around your back, it will stick to your back. And the same goes with the sleeves, so we have a sleeve gripper inside, like for a tight-fitted jersey. – So that is POC HQ, it’s
very cool I must say. But I hear there’s some really
good mountain bike trails just five minutes from here where they test out all their equipment. So, where’s Blake? Let’s go for a ride. – Neil? (sighs) – I’m going to be real
fast on the trail, though. – Alright. What are you doing? – Well, you know, I thought I’d put this
on because it’s cool. (energetic, percussive music) – So that’s a full POC run, walk-through. – Yeah, what a place. And look at these trails
five minutes, literally, from the office. And there’s Oscar, Frederic, Damian, part of the crew, design or kit, and this is why they also
test it out on the trails. Nice job. – Don’t forget to click this
button right here to subscribe and you won’t miss another video. – Click here at the left for another fact-filled tour of Continental and down here for an Andes-Pacifico video where I put the Coron
full-faced helmet to good use. – Thumbs up if you like meatballs. – Yes! (laughter)

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