Poland | Europe’s Top Undiscovered Travel Destination?

Poland | Europe’s Top Undiscovered Travel Destination?

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What’s up everybody I’m Alex aka Alex
The Vagabond you’re watching Vagabrothers and right now I am in
Poland in Warmia and Masuria a beautiful Lake District in the northern
part of the county. I’m here exploring with the polish tourism organization and I am extremely excited to explore this country that I’ve never been to. Marko has taken a vacation back in California so I’m bringing my fiance Carrie Rad
along for the ride. Let’s go! All right everybody well welcome to
Lidzbark Warminski This city was once the
capital of the region of Warmia It was founded in the mid-1300s and this is the castle of the Bishop. It was ruled by a Bishop, the Bishop of Warmia for over 500 years until the mid-1800s The castle was built
in the Gothic style but this was the private chapel for the Bishop and the
people who lived in the castle and it was redecorated in the mid 1700s in the
Rococo style which is just ostentatious and elaborate and luxurious and to be
honest I have never been in a house of worship as beautifully decorated as this. Also, fun fact if you’re coming to Poland and you want to get married you can rent
this place This is the most stunning Catholic
Church I have ever been in in my life it’s definitely a nostalgic feeling
being in here I grew up In Catholic school so I went to Mass every single
Friday when I was young and it’s just beyond anything I have ever seen before
it is so decadent and just stunning gold trimming on absolutely everything and it
just feels really a peaceful in here I think my mom would really love this
place So we’ve left the town of Lidzbark Warminski and we have come here to the palace of Galiny which is not
only a palace, it’s also a farm it’s also a restaurant which has won some awards
for their cuisine We’re starting things off with some polish dumplings and a nice spring salad most of which grown here on the property but we didn’t just
come here to eat we’re here to learn how to ride horses now it’s not the first
time that we’ve ridden horses but let’s be honest how often do you get the
chance to polish up your equestrian skills probably not that often so we’re
gonna ride some horses but first, it’s time to eat. How do I say cheers in
Polish? Riding horses is by no means a simple
thing these beautiful beasts are sentient they know what we’re doing they
know what we’re not doing and when you do not have equestrian skills like
myself it can become quite a challenge The trot, especially difficult but once
you figure it out once you get your practice going and you have a great
horse it starts to flow a little bit let’s go I’m not gonna lie it has been quite a
long time since I was last on a horse when I was growing up I loved horses so
thank you to Palac Galiny for allowing me to kind of relive that thank you to
Alabama for being such a good girl and and teaching me the ropes again quite
literally. In this modern world that we live in, we lose connection with natural pace you know everybody talks about how many horsepower are in their cars or in
a motorcycle but this is the original horsepower it’s only one but it’s great
and trust me it is the most powerful experience in the natural world I think
that these animals along with dogs Two the best most loyal creatures As much as I would love to ride Alabama to the next destination unfortunately that’s not
quite possible so I’m gonna take you back to the barn all right babe let’s go
come on let’s go Alabama. well it doesn’t get much more
quintessentially rural than this we are on a horse-drawn carriage going through
the Polish countryside here at Palace Galiny, they have over 350 hectares of land there are farms there’s rolling grass
you can ride horses you can hike you can ride bikes you can also stay here you
could stay at the palace which was built in the 16th century or over at the newer
accommodation they have over 60 horses honestly this is really really nice I
think that as people and society continues to urbanize part of a part of
our soul is begging to be back in the countryside it feels a million miles
away from the city and the hectic city life that most of us live so I’m loving
it and I highly recommend if you get a chance you come out and try for yourself Alright well we have made it to a new
town it’s called the Mikolajki and it’s also on a lake but we are hopping
on a boat to do things a little bit different it’s lunchtime and we’re gonna
switch it up we’re gonna take a boat to a restaurant
in the middle of the lake renowned for its fresh fish each day fishermen bring
their catches to the restaurant and then you eat it on the water it’s gonna be
super rad let’s check it out Once again we are going from one Lake to another via canal I love how the forest just comes like right up to the lakes
edge and many of the islands in these lakes are actually nature preserves. Overall I think the most surprising thing about Poland to me is that the
people are really all about enjoying life because we’re in an area that is
filled with lakes filled with things to do in the outdoors the locals are all
out sailing taking boats around to have lunch and just enjoying the sunshine
we’ve just been really lucky this trip and I’m loving going from boat to boat
and there’s really no better place to be with the Sun is out
shining like this so I’m enjoying it. We have arrived here to Barca restaurant and it’s absolutely beautiful it’s a
floating restaurant that you can only get to by boat specializing in
freshwater fish caught from the lake every morning the fishermen bring the fish
here this place is the perfect cherry on top of a nice Polish summer afternoon we
have two different types of Lake fish in front of us with Zander and a Burbot
we’ve got some french fries and some coleslaw / like pickled cucumbers
ice-cold beer right on the water. I don’t think you could ask for much more, cheers. Well it’s been an awesome afternoon on
the water but it’s time to hop off the boat and head to our hotel which just so
happens to be right there Wow! Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are putting
the cherry on top of an incredible day we’re at the Hotel Mikolajki, a
five-star hotel right on the lake incredible views right out in front of
us the city of Mikolajki behind us illuminated by the sunset and I’m just
feeling really happy I’m feeling a ton of gratitude right now coming to a part
of Europe that I never even knew existed to a country I had never visited before
and getting to do it with my fiancee Carrie this has just been such an incredible experience and I feel even happier that
I get to share it with all of you back home so I think it’s time for me to put
the camera down be present enjoy this sunset enjoy this
moment and check in with you all tomorrow so have a good night Alright ladies and gentlemen welcome to
Kosova Gorne, we are at a research facility for the Polish Academy of
Sciences dedicated to researching the Cervid family. The servant family you may better know as the deer family. There are five different species of Cervids here in Poland and this beautiful place is dedicated to better understanding
those animals so there are over 500 animals on a hundred hectares of land
here and we are going to meet some of the scientists who are dedicating their
lives to better understanding these creatures and if we’re lucky maybe get
some good Instagram photos. Let’s go! So welcome on the research station of
Polish Academy of Sciences this is also a deer farm when you can observe how
these animals behave. This is not typical deer, Gabby,
she’s a Red Deer hind. She was hand-raised because of the human activity who
stole her from the forest. If I raised her I’ve also become her mother and I have a responsibility for her whole life. How are you feeling Carrie? Can I live here with you? It’s hard work. I don’t care. It’s a beautiful thing that you have a connection to her like that What to learn from these animals? They are social and if they are social they are close to us we are also
social species they are very sad when they are alone they cannot be alone Pretty incredible this is it first for
me I’ve never been this close nor touched a deer but Gabbi super nice. I think that coming here and being able to walk with the deer and hang out with a
deer there’s a whole new understanding of these animals and I think that that
in itself also just shows how close of a connection we can have with animals and
how we actually are animals as well I think in this modern-day and age with
technology and cars and airplanes we kind of forget that we are a part of the
world not apart from the world so coming here is just a nice little reminder of
that To be honest I’m pretty sad that this
trip is ending it’s kind of a bittersweet ending it’s been
so fun it’s been such an eye-opening experience exploring this corner of
Europe one that I had never visited before I had never visited Poland before
and Warmia- Masuria, in particular, has just blown me away I didn’t know that
this nature existed here I didn’t know that these lakes existed the forests the
people the culture it’s all been such a pleasant surprise and one that quite
honestly I’ll never forget I’ve had such a great time exploring Poland with Carrie
and getting to share it all with you has just made it that much more meaningful
so if you’re looking for your next European vacation an off the beaten path
destination then I highly recommend you come and visit Poland and if you can
make it to Warmia and Masuria and follow some of the recommendations that
we gave you in this video So huge thank you to the Polish Tourism Organization for making this trip possible it’s been such a great experience if you need more
information for planning your visit to Poland
check out their website in the description box of this video if you
enjoyed the video you know what to do give it a big thumbs up share it with
your travel buddies hit that subscribe with notifications enabled make sure you
check out Carrie’s channel check out my personal channel as well and as we
always say stay curious keep exploring and we will see you on the road. Peace

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