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This is me during the worst week that I
told you about last time and now I’m finally setting off from Delhi after
three months of living there to travel! Almost two-day journey on a train wasn’t
as bad as one could imagine Not only was I given at berth to sleep but also food Notice how these men are using a piece of cloth spread between the seats as a table Some people were already sleeping and some people were still sleeping I kept my backpack with me just in case Overall I always felt safe on Indian trains You can always get a chai on a train for
10 rupees and aside from the train staff selling food and drinks there are
always people coming in and out especially on the stations, who sell
different kinds of snacks like spiced chickpeas, samosas or fruits People who are sitting by the window called me down to show me
this thumb hIll in the state of Maharashtra This is the cheapest class
of a train known as a sleeper class You could recognize it by the 3 berths on
each side of a compartment and opened windows as it is not air-conditioned The trains of higher class include air conditioning and they’re known as 3A, 2A or 1A with three berths two berths or one berth (private double room) respectively Sometimes you can witness some pretty
amazing things Of the countless times I traveled by train in India this was the only time I encountered this It took 39 hours to arrive from Delhi in
Goa In GOA! I got off the train at the main Goa railway station in Margao which was 70 kilometers away from my final destination I was lucky to get a lift to the bus stand in Panjim, the capital of Goa and I was already halfway It took me two more buses from there. I caught another local bus in Mapusa [This one’s mine] It is easy to get around. At the bus stand you simply ask people preferably the bus drivers as they know best, or look for a [window] board You buy ticket from the conductor inside the bus who is kind enough to let
you know when to get off I loooved that bus journey in Goa. The
Portuguese vibe, the chill-out vibe of vacation and those palm trees Goa is divided to North and South which
are supposed to be somewhat different It is also known as the most touristy part of India associated with partying and hippie travelers especially the North where I was going so I was about to find out about that I got off the bus in Arambol, a very
small town, but once you walk down towards the beach the touristy scenery spread around I went straight to the beach as I knew I could find a place to stay there and I easily found a hut literally at the beach I just couldn’t believe… I was going to fall asleep and wake up to the sounds of the sea [this is the sea] in Goa…! [and this is the place…] Thank you guys so much for watching! This is the place I stayed in. Put a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video, subscribe if you
haven’t already and I’ll see you next time! Bye! Thie is my hut This is what it’s made of This is the bed Ceiling, fan attached washroom behind the curtain that’s it you

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  1. If you had a choice, would you settle in India for a few years? Like in a city doing a job or setting up a business? Implying did you find it that intresting at any point in time? In a city

  2. ok I would strongly consider a month in such a hut and get fresh cooked food from nearby

    so what's that about 200 U.S. $ a month

    200 $ can't get you through a few days in usa

    what was the rent for the hut?
    I like it

  3. 3:48 : I don't understand this Young man (foreigner, I guess) giving nothing to the Young musician girl (except if he has no small change in his pocket). Anyway, many thanks for this nice video and all your vlogs…

  4. You’re always a great traveler I really want to try riding a train together with this kind of local people

  5. Trains are soul of india…..its always a memorable experience to indian trains…ppl are always so lively and friendly

  6. if you travel without ticket in train…… that's mean you are now a true indian(bcz they always do) …. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. To be a traveller in India u just have to travel somewhere without getting yourself a ticket. So kudos. You are now a hundred percent authentic traveller.

  8. you should have got down @ thivim…. why u went till Madgaon and came back all the way almost 70km to mhapusa bus stand ??? πŸ˜›

  9. This is how you travel. Hats off to you for taking a chance and travelling in the sleeper class of the Indian train. Indian people are always very friendly and always ready to help. Your videos are a delight to watch and very informative.

  10. Dear Reborn in India ( sorry don't know ur name )
    During world war II some 300 womens and 200 kids were sent on boat by the polish army to save dem from Nazis they went to America, Russia,Arab,Australia and India den ruled by British all said no coz they were scared from Hitler

    Somehow the king of Jamnagar informed about this he gave them shelter and they all been looked after so good for decades they still come here in Jamnagar every year just as a goodwill gesture ..thats my India for u this is just for Info.. but this is missing from my history book whigh is extremely sad and the other great Ramanujan don't know wen will India recognise such legends

  11. C bad people can b any where..i was robbed in Detroit in 2016.on gunpoint.
    But crime calculated as per population is very less….india has 1.20 billion people..v add up australia population every year…but so take care..metro cities r fine
    South delhi mumbai banglore goa hydrabad jaipur etc..
    India is only.place where u can find all kind of terrain from desert to evergrwen forest ..to beaches to himalayas..to snow and glaciers….from tropical climate to extreme hot ..and very cold in winters..

  12. I do not know how you handle this crazy travel in India! Dust, heat and street food is recipe for getting sick. And you survived for 3 months (and apparently many times enjoyed) this madness. Hope to learn thr' your experiences how to survive and enjoy different cultures.

  13. FYI Goa also has an east and west. Ive heard on the grapevine(laundry line) that is where some of the cutest laundry in Goa can be discovered.

  14. Amazing that you could travel solo from Poland to India then travel to distant places in India that too by the Indian railways. You prove that a woman from west can easily travel solo in India showing a different perspective than others very nice work please keep it up.

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