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Emily and Oliver became curious about
Porto since a friend talked about the amazing
time he had while he was there. They started to research about the city
and after some time they found the Porto Tourism Official
website. Their search became easier because here they had the right tools to organize their time in Porto. From the various and diversified events and experiences with a few clicks they had a
personalized guide. After they’ve done it they’ve contacted the customer care
service from the Porto Official Tourism website to confirm all their bookings they’ve just done. It was time to pack their bags and catch the plane to Porto. When they
arrived they went to one of the official tourism offices.They got their
map and selected some of the suggested experiences Porto Tours has. Then they bought the Porto Card and the
great benefits and discounts that come with it. It was now time to explore enjoying the
experiences and the tours that they had planed. They
went to the most emblematic wine cellars where they’ve
experienced the traditions and tasting sessions of Port wine. They even got a boat trip to the World
Heritage Douro Valley where they saw the vineyard and
participated in the wine-making tasks. They took the iconic tram from one of
the many sightseeing tours. They’ve visited various landmarks from
museums and heritage to architecture and
contemporary art they even had the chance to admire the
magnificent World Heritage Site from a helicopter. By walking around they
discovered the charm of the city and met the friendly local people who
showed to Emily and Oliver where they could find all the great
places to eat and drink the tasty local food and wines. Unfortunately the trip came to it’s end, so they packed their bags and went back home. But now it’s time to
share with their friends how great all the experiences were and
how they had such a great time in Porto

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