Princess Cruises Carribean Princess Balcony Cabin Tour / Review

Princess Cruises Carribean Princess Balcony Cabin Tour / Review

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Hi I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips for Travellers, and I’m about to take you on a tour of a balcony cabin onboard the Caribbean Princess. The Caribbean Princess is part of Princess Cruises and it was originally built in 2004. It had a big revamp in 2017. There are 1556 cabins holding 3,100 passengers, but 40% of them are balcony cabins like the one I’m going to show you. So let me take you through the cabin where, as you can see upon entering, it’s a pretty bright room. One of the things you should note is that in the revamp the only real change to the cabins were the beds. The beds were replaced with special new Princess beds which are very very comfortable. So I have it set here as a king-sized bed, but of course it can be set as a twin beds. Now it’s not a massive room but it’s a good size and the decor, look and layout is a fairly traditional cruise ship layout. You have the bed area then across on the other side you have a little work desk / dressing table area. To the right of that is the television, glasses etc and a minibar underneath. If you’re an Elite passenger the minibar is actually stocked complimentary, if you’re not an Elite passenger then you obviously have to buy your own drink. Being an Elite passenger comes from being the highest level there is on the loyalty program. One of things you should also take a look at is the television. The television has a whole mixture of internal channels, so their own “Wave” channel with all the announcements about things that are going on. It also has a cross section of news channels from the US the UK and shows movies throughout the day and into the night. So now let’s go to take a look at the storage area and the bathroom. It’s an open storage area, so there’s no doors on the cupboards, but there’s a lot of hanging space as you can see here. To the left of that is some cupboard space which has a safe as well. The bathroom is relatively small and it is only a shower room. So there’s a show, there’s a toilet obviously and a basin. Although it’s a premium line, you don’t get brand name toiletries, so the toiletries are Lotus Spa toiletries. So again taking a look at the room it’s a decent size. It’s quite a nice bright room, fairly traditional look and feel with those very comfortable beds. The balcony I really liked. It’s a good sized balcony. There’s two chairs and a table, nice glass sided balcony. So it’s a really good sized balcony and great obviously for those nice sunny days sailing in and sailing out of port – or just relaxing on. A nice touch is the complimentary tote bag which everybody on board was given the Princess Cruises tote bag. Also in the room every night you get left a daily program which is called the Princess Patter, which has the events for the next day. And also if you’re in port, you get a port guide. So for example the one here for when we stopped in Dublin. It is really good and has maps and suggestions on must-do things to do, contact details and lots of advice for finding your way around the city that you’re visiting in. So there you have it that’s the balcony cabin. As I said 40 percent of all the cabins on board the Caribbean Princess are balcony cabins, so the bulk of people are going to be staying in these cabins. There are seven grades ranging from suites on board the ship all the way through to inside cabins, so there’s a wide range of choice – but balcony cabins are the main option. Now if you want to find out more about Princess Cruises and also the Caribbean Princess then watch my other videos where I do ship tours and also give you various tips and background on Princess Cruises, I’d love it if you liked the video and please subscribe and you’ll get more inspiration, advice and tips on travel – so do that right now please subscribe to the channel!

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  1. What do you think of the cabin? Is it one you would like to cruise in? Leave your thoughts in the comments

  2. Wow, those rooms actually look spacious! The only cruise I have ever been on was very cramped! I love that almost half the rooms have a balcony, that's always a plus.

  3. That bed looks comfy. I heard that the beds had gone downhill before this change, which would affect my decision to book. We're going to try Holland America first, Yukon-Alaska tour, but I would consider Princess in Alaska too.

  4. Looks like a lovely cosy cabin and I like the little balcony seating area.Another great video Gary.Have a great week.

  5. Very insightful! By the way: how many trips or miles one needs to accumulate to become the Elite passenger??? Can’t help contemplating my mini fridge stocked with the complimentary tomato juice with cute Tabasco bottles! Just returned from my trip to Armenia! Very lovely and Epicurean place!!! Although, they don’t have the ocean there, so the cruise ships can’t get moored there… What is your opinion on Ryan air, by the way???

  6. One day??!!….Did two cruises in Dawn Princess in an Inside Cabin. Always come back refreshed and looking forward to the next one

  7. Please dont get mad at me but you SO sound like Hannibal from the silence of the lambs🤣😂😍😘 in a wierd way your voice is so so soothing, I just hear you saying the famous movie lines ….a……. bottle of Chianti 🤣😍😗🤣 you know the line…love your reviews👏👏👏👏

  8. This video was super helpful! We are going on a southern Caribbean cruise in May on Caribbean princess. I haven't been on the ship in probably 5 years! The update is so nice! Great cabin tour 🙂

  9. I’m going on this ship in 3 weeks we got the min suite… it looks so nice can’t wait to chill on the ship🤙🏻

  10. Hello. How did you get a king bed? My choices on this ship for balcony stateroom is 2 twins or a queen. I’m also wondering if 2 twins is better and can they be pushed together.

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