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Tura, Garo hills Village Tour: Episode 12  Tribe food, Meghalaya | North east India

Tura, Garo hills Village Tour: Episode 12 Tribe food, Meghalaya | North east India

Namaskar friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali. Right now, we are in Tura, the district headquarters […]


  1. Civvie: Complains about having no weapons in the hospital
    Me, playing apocalypse weekend, walking out of the hospital with 30+ health pipes, and nearly every weapon in the game except the WMD and Nuke launcher: visible confusion

  2. "You kick open Hydrolic doors in this game OH SHIT"
    love that also loved how the dog fetched him an assault rifle, he sounded surprise as if its something newly discovered, a dog fetching a gun for you without you ordering the dog to, that is like Elizabeth who is the greatest escort, she stays out of the way, stands on teh side line and throws you salts, ammo/weapons, and meds

  3. The best out of context line on this channel; "I've only killed 84 people today and two of 'em were Gary Coleman."

  4. 10:30 A-Mod is my hero ! THAT's how you deal with those demons . Finally some footage showing the menace they are .

  5. I thought The Walking Dead killed off Rick because the actor got another job offer and wanted to leave, not as a ratings stunt? IDK, I don't actually watch the show.

  6. Swear to god I couldn’t breath laughing when you were running around trying to kill Gary Coleman again in the streets
    “ oh I see how it is you’re going to protect celebrity guest star Gary Coleman well you would both go to hell cause that motherfucker snitched on me 4 days ago and maybe one day I’ll forgive them but not today!”

  7. Civvies I just discovered your channel. One of the best on youtube man. It's a crime you don't have a million subs bc you're fucking hilarious.

  8. joke's on civvie, rick grimes never dies on the show. He's just shipped off to another settlement where his fate is left ambiguous

  9. Love your content, but did you actually just segway into an Orange Man Bad rant from a bit in the game that is mocking EXACTLY what you just did?

    Either way, I really enjoy the content, and I hope I'm wrong. I would've been fooled in believing you were just a little.more self aware then that.

    Also, just in case anyone might assume, no. I don't like Trump. I don't like Democrats either. I hate both parties.

  10. 25:01 look to the left and you will see a ton of warheads and if you kick them (or damage them in any way) a cutscene will play where the whole earth explodes and the game takes you to a black box and kills you to simulate that dude died in the big nuclear explosion. I found about this the hard way

  11. If you use a diseased cow head on the Phraud boss fight, he runs into a corner and vomits while you can just fill him with bullets and kill him before he fires a single rocket

  12. One of the dumbest expansions IMO for one simple reason! It completely destroys the free roaming/open world which made Postal 2 so great! Instead you get a shitty ass linear campaign which is boring af! The missions in the original game were way more interesting. But here you are required to jump around boxes and step on the edges of the buildings and fight tons of cats with scissors which you did in the original game.

  13. I offed 1799 people around 430 cops and got Ex Military Killing Machine. That was a Monday to Friday AWP playthrough. T'was fun.

  14. i always thought that the phone ringing in the office was the cliche joke from sitcoms when someone gets hit in the head and always asks "is someone gonna answer that phone?"

  15. Fun Fact: if you play on "A week in Paradise" mode at Saturday right before you exit the hospital you can find all your weapons from Friday at the desk where you open the security gate. HAVE FUN!

  16. That thing regarding the dogs makes me a little hesitant to postal 4. The cat noisesin that are a little too realistic for me.

  17. To be honest, I don't like this part of the game very much, it becomes very repetitive in the long run and there are almost no good jokes.

  18. This game is a half assed mess. Why does the "rocker launcher" fire rockets when its has no barrel to fire anything but bullets? Oh well, this game is a confused meandering mess. The magic rocket launcher is just a tiny piece of shit and a perfect metaphor the game.

  19. The Postel dude was studying to be a brain surgeon but he got screw over and ended up in paradise. Nothing can convince me otherwise.

  20. These extra days completely kill pacifist runs. If you pick doing the full seven days then you can't get the achievement for getting pacifist in the days where it's actually possible.

  21. I've watched this playthrough many times on your channel. Kinda cheesy to say, Civie, but your vids and choice of content always feels nice to come back to. Didn't even know Blood was a thing until your channel. Hope you're doing well.

  22. "I treat everything in Postal 2 as a joke cos I'm not the creation of generations of incest."

    Okay, I gotta remember this line next time someone's a whiny fuckwit blaming games for every evil in the world.

  23. You think I think about Gary Coleman was prophetic or the walking dead achievement but there's the whole thing about a Muslim cult in Arizona now.

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