Qatar Airways Interview Cabin Crew + Miramaar Beach + Fusion Events | Go Goa Gone – 3 || 3N vlogs

Qatar Airways Interview Cabin Crew + Miramaar Beach + Fusion Events | Go Goa Gone – 3 ||  3N vlogs

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What’s up my boys ??? so new day. well, its 1 o’clock and haven’t eaten anything. from morning I was busy with work. and I’m ready. Only tie is left Bag too is ready. and I’m going. will make less vlogs today and we’ll see in the evening if we go out to some beach. Subscribe. What’s up my boys ??? so, I’m in Vivanta hotel. These guy with me are from Mumbai. It’s a very big Queue. Too many people. What’s up my boys ???
I’m in a good mood. It was for Qatar airways was an open day event and have submitted. and, They told everyone that they’ll receive a call or a email for the next day till night time. but, then on the spot they gave me offer letter for the next round and it’s in my bag. so, I’ll show you the image. now I’ve to work for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the assessment test let’s see what’ll happen. I’m going for lunch. for lunch, I went to a famous restaurant here name Bhosle. but I was late. It’s 4:30 now and It closes at 4. And it only serves snacks, juices and coffee. its famous. Bhonsle. and if you come to Panjim, Goa then must visit Bhonsle. so I wanted to try it but now i can’t. I’ll go at night for dinner. their Non-veg is famous. I’ll look something else for now, because here lunch time over at 4-5 pm and after that you’ll get nothing. then dinner time starts. and someone like get stuck. so have lunch before 4 or eat some snack and wait till 7. so, I’ll go to my hotel and get changed and will come back. I’ll have something on the way I’ve applied medicine on my face. so, I’m in Basserra restaurant which is nearby vivanta. And I’m having Prawns curry template fish, fried. and what was this one? salt, salt curry. This is very awesome. and if you come Goa try Basseraa restaurant It is nearby Taj Vivanta and atmosphere is awesome and at this time, around 6 no restaurant is open most are close after lunch is over. but here it’s available all the time. so i’m eating. Basserraa restaurant is infront of Vivanta very close. and ever in Goa you are late or want to eat early. Then you can come here. Food, Awesome, the best. I had Prawn’s curry for the first time my friend advised me which was good. with rice and fish, fried. the food was delicious. and the atmosphere was good here but the staff was slow. maybe was newly hired. their manager was screaming at them and there was a small fight in the kitchen between Chef and someone but, the food was good and I got my first GST bill. 295, food was 250 and after adding GST it is 295 so you can see it’s the first GST bill that I’ve recieved today now we’ll roam around. Vivanta Whats’s up my boy ? good..good voice is not going clear wind noise only Akshay Why are you driving through holes? see here, in video is it live? What’s up my bro ? so Rahul brother is with us. Wherever I go this event line never leaves me. Event’s guys are with me I met him and we rode the scooty and now we are going to his room and Hitesh sir is there we’re going to meet him and he don’t know that I’m in goa. We’ll surprise him. which floor? second floor. let’s go. and Akshay bro too is with us. let’s go well rooms here are good. these are OYO Rooms in Miramar can’t we do tripling here? no, we can’t. Tripling? how you feel when you saw me first. I was like, shocked what? (he won’t leave me) where did he came. and Rahul brought you, I thought is he a ghost. (he won’t leave me) yeah I go everywhere. so, now we are going out. where are we going now, Miramar? beach? you are going to Miramar? we are going for, venue, to the venue. And I’m to to my room so I’d my lunch very late around 6-7. so now I was here for dinner. Nothing much I just had prawn stuffed papad with feni (goa’s local and famous liquor) and nothing more, just 30ml so for tomorrow, I’ve to woke up early and I’ve to study like you all know I was here for Qatar’s interview and first round is cleared. Tomorrow is assessment round, second round. Let’s see what will happen let’s go and prepare. and now let’s go to my room and do some study. what you are looking behind me is It’s almost 9 and these are stall and they serve proper dinner and I saw something very good here but didn’t eat it will see if I’ll eat it today or not. It was back there and ahead also they serve butter chicken, fried rice and all and at good price. Street food type and they serve one really good thing omelette inside gravy burger type so I ate here yesterday fried rice with with chicken they served me this side. I had it here here they serve soda, cold drink, water everything. and it is open till 2:30 at night, if you ever want to come then you can come here, if you are hungry at night. It’s very crowded here and it runs very good. they have small stall but a lots of varieties omg What’s up my boys ??? so, I ate something and today I went Qatar’s interview day 2 was assessment day your bro was not selected but i’m happy I reached this far. There were so many rounds in day 2 I was not selected in assessment test and now I’m going to Goa university. The Fusion team is there. Hitesh sir and Rahul brother everyone is there. so let’s meet them and let’s see how is the event. here in goa but couldn’t leave the event line. let’s go there and I got this scuty on rent, 300 they were getting it for me for 200 that day but I didn’t get it. but I needed it in morning, I was late for the interview so I called from the hotel’s guy and he arranged it for me we’ll travel in scooty. Arre, let me wear the helmet. it’s a hat like, helmet here i’ll show you, is like a hat and you’ve to wear it. and they fine expensively to tourists is what I’ve heard It’s only a hat. I don’t know what will it even do why they make these [email protected]#k man! How am I looking? see you soon. I’ve to drive now I’m going to Goa university man! What a helmet. now I’m riding toward Goa university. It is from back to front. now I’ve to go to the auditorium. It’s very nice way from Panjim to here is a beautiful road, slope one. feels good. Rotary Club of Panaji. where I’m going I’ve to find it. auditorium. will look, go and then come. so, we’ve to go there. this is water tank and the cars here are so cool and they fight everywhere in goa finally, I’ve reached the Goa university’s auditorium Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee multipurpose indoor stadium Goa university It’s a stadium maybe It’s the auditorium too because event is here maybe I’m at the right place. we’ll find out inside. bro, It’s locked I’ve to enter from the other side [email protected]#k man! It’s a very beautiful place here I find it beautiful. let’s go and meet our guys. let’s see what’s work going on here of event okay Rahul: What’s up bro ? are you going to start ? now say. (what should I say) (first tell me the script) What’s up brother. have to say this ( Whats up brother) super duper fine Rahul: Where are you? we are here at Goa university auditorium we came to see you all. these are busy people. (camera is there) we’ve met yesterday. we’re meeting again today. that’s nice see, do theevent management, how good it is here. you’ve to do nothing just sit in the shade and see the work progress. right sir? right now it’s only this. and it’s a big. back of the mind we’re having tension because we haven’t got the where will 2500 individuals will stay how will they go to the hotel by buses so here will be the event, what was the company sir? NGA? NJ, it’s NJ mutual Fund’s event. 2500 will come and It’s seems like, will it be red carpet here?( not red carpet. It’s foot area) It’s foot area. And we’re sitting outside the auditorium here will be a conference inside and Taj is catering and Taj is earning 900000 from this from this event. 3500 per plate. and 2500 are there. calculate total 2500? yes they will send some extra plate. may complete 90 87 all hotels in Goa are booked fusion is booked too for how many days will they be staying? one, one day? for two day conference is for one day but they stay for 2 days Daler Mehndi will be here. If anyone want to see him be come here anyway, this video will be uploaded much later will do it in delhi now can’t, haven’t uploaded the previous ones Rahul: Who do edit?
only I do. we’re near miramar beach let’s go a little close arre!! sand. pika pika pikachu I forgot my goggles today. was having problem while driving the scooty,even now The sun rays are striking the eyes and there’s a lot of sand beneath me. and who loves Pikachu? Hit like if you love Pickachu. and the Capri I’m wearing today, I bought it in Delhi many year ago I thought, if I ever went to Goa I will definitely take this one. And finally today I’m wearing it in Goa only wear it at home in Delhi It’s has a very nice shade I can’t see wow, lovely wind let’s shoot from near Subscribe my vlog channel, It’s free.
I need your support. Lub U oll 🙂

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  1. approximately how many people were there at the interview? specially girls! Can you also tell me how the assessment day went?Thanks 🙂

  2. Apne open day me question ko kaise javab diya? Like they always ask "why do you want to be a cabin crew?" And aap kis professional background se belong karte ho? Thanks

  3. Dude, you should get a modeling job, not FA. Your handsome face is worthy of a magazine cover. (Sick and tired of those white guys and latino guys who thinks they are the handsome race on earth)

  4. Thanks a lot bro for all yur videos iam studying from Frankfinn can YU please suggest me when Iam ready to go for interviews I already completed 6months of study….and plss give yur cell no.

  5. Hello bro…I really admire ur work and position..Had a querry if u can plz help me out with. I recently applied for qatar airways cabin crew Event Goa three days back but yet i have no confirmation from them in note it has been written to come and submit my application personally should i go or wait for them to reply however they told that they would reply me in due course… thank you so much really need a help…..

  6. Hi sir
    Kindly guide me how to apply for Qutar for interview
    If u can text me on what's app that's so kind of you
    Plz text me 8109369826

  7. Bhai AP sy puchhna tha k vacancies Jo net per ayi thi,main ye likha tha k only shot listed candidates ko hi bulaya Jaye ga

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    N also at wat time yh came back how much time they make u wait

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  10. U r very cool buddy but plz making a video to how many rounds in quater airlines and which type of questions in a quarter airlines

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