r/EntitledPeople – LET EK VISIT THE DR*GDEAL3R! (Reddit Entitled Parents) | ep. 56

r/EntitledPeople - LET EK VISIT THE DR*GDEAL3R! (Reddit Entitled Parents) | ep. 56

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yo guys welcome back it is ripe again back with episode 56 of our reddit series and today we have some special and titled mothers these stories are going to be from our slash child free where EMS are called mombi's aka moms on bees so without any further ado let's hop right in mom bee thinks that friendly dog wants to hurt her baby it's been a while since this incident took place but I still get angry when I randomly remind myself of it a mom bee was carrying her precious blessing into her arms the kid being about one year old or so she was walking in front of me down the street when a person coming from the front with a dog caught her attention she quickly motioned to her child to look at the doc saying something along the lines of Luke would a pretty dog in disgustingly screeching voice then she lowered herself a little and called out to the dog or kill dog come see my baby something along these lines naturally the dark seeing the inviting gesture started going towards her while wagging its tail in happiness and then all went to hell as the dog got closer wanting to sniff the woman's leg or something she suddenly yelled at the top of her lungs oh my dude did the beast the way it almost bit my baby the owner of the dog looks at her and shock like what the f she called the dog to herself and when it moves towards her she accuses it of something so outrageous luckily there was nobody around that could have actually hurt her and think that something like that was actually happening the mom B then pointed at the owner and said this is a business you need to put down it wanted to viciously hurt my baby the dog was now hiding behind the owner who glared at the crazy lady and I could not tell if she told her something quietly but she took the poor dog and left in a hurry meanwhile the crazed mom B was still yelling about how her baby would have gotten murdered by that killer beast if it hadn't been for her maternal instinct to pull the kid away so far I've never seen an entitled mother treat an animal kindly I really wonder why that is a startling encounter with a mom B Karen in my shop so I have always been on the fence about having kids but within the last few years realized it is definitely not for me quite a bit of experience working in education and childcare helped to assist that there are some kids I love a lot of kids I don't much like their adult counterparts currently I manage a very small high-end pet store it's great because I love dogs have a degree in wildlife and make way better money than I did at a local horribly mismanaged Zoo and of course in retail life you get some entitled folks karent's if you will and we all will however this was the first truly horrifying experience with a breeder and her accompanying goblins we are about 30 minutes to close and I've been working for 9.5 hours at this point I am ready to go home but I see a car pull up and watch a lady get out and collect the dog from the back seat hooray I think always nice to see a puppy at the end of a long day but then the next creature she pulls out of the car isn't approximately six year old girl followed by two more dogs followed by another toddler probably four and I was immediately less excited the whole family walks in two parents two kids three dogs their presence is immediately mayhem mom and dad have given control of one of the dogs to the four-year-old who's literally getting dragged across the store screaming mum and dad just laugh dirty boots they call after her the dog tucks her to the treat wall and immediately snags the bone I start to approach to try and help but the parents catch up and grab the leash back okay cool maybe that's diffused for now the daughters continue to be holy terrors the four-year-old is screaming incoherently about something and the 6-yard runs and skips and smacks into things like we are playground the parents are barely controlling the dogs who are barking and trying to make a run for it I am exhausted wondering if I can let this play out until closing with no fatalities but then another customer enters a soft-spoken single guy with a clearly nervous snots a puppy want to guess what happened next if you said the daughters ran up screaming to wake at the dog without permission you win a prize the new customer is clearly uncomfortable and to make matters worse the six-year-old manages to get a leash away from her parents and is again dragged by this dog to see the puppy who is terrified this dog leaps all over them with the handler who has zero control at this point finally I approach the parents what you might have an adult held onto all the dogs please I asked quietly just because we have so many people and animals coming in and out we need to make sure you have control over them it's a safety concern I've been going over this in my head and sincerely I was as respectful as humanly possible they were putting other customers and frankly the children in danger I've had a few people take issue with our animal rules before but they all crumbled and listened but not this carer she hiked up her sweat pants snatched the leash from a daughter and shrieked flood we'll just leave them we will go to another pet store with even more stringent leash rules than us we will be supporting another local business at which point she begins to stomp out her husband who has been completely checked out this entire time lingers let's go Karen screams at mr. Caron taking his time clearly unsure of what happened mr. Karen meanders through the door and they all leave I am staring after them open mouthed literally speechless because I've never had that insane of a reaction over a polite safety request but it's overall a happy ending since the previously horrified customer is now relaxed and able to shop at his leisure his puppy was adorably behaved and he spent loads of money that he undoubtedly wouldn't have if this nightmare family had been allowed to roam unchecked and scared him and his dog away I am still waiting for the one-star review of my shop freaking about our hatred of kids but you know what bring it I know you're miserable with a horde of children and animals and barely conscious husband but that was your choice and my choice will always be prioritizing safety over your crotch goblins constant 10 dirhams sorry not sorry we have plenty of parents who come in the shop who understand the need to actually you know parent and they are welcome by all means boycott us make my year you know for someone like me who is terribly afraid of large dogs that would have been a nightmare but honestly I still feel bad for those dogs my first Sunday of in months was ruined by a mummy and her breads I work all day 12 hours Sunday every Sunday since I go to school Monday to Thursday I usually have to work Friday Saturday and Sunday to make at least 30 hours which is how much I need to afford rent bills etc luckily I just finished school for the semester and was able to switch shifts with a co-worker who wanted me to take her Wednesday in exchange for my Sunday my boyfriend's only day off is Sunday so you know we were excited we slept in had great morning sex and slowly made our way across town to a friend's house him and his girlfriend invited me and my boyfriend over for a barbecue his pit bull puppy is best friends with our left puppy so they played when he made us frozen margaritas and got the meat smoking two margaritas and a plate of hot dogs later we are sitting on the couch waiting for the burgers and she stuffed bacon-wrapped jalapenos poppers to be done we several bullets in as well at this point so everyone was stoned drunk and having a great time the girlfriends kids 18 and 23 years old we're also on the way and we were waiting on them to continue stuffing our faces tell me why I'm sitting on the couch hasn't it ease out it's hot as Cynthia Texas right now so I was wearing Jean cut-offs and a tank top with no bra literally hitting the pipe when the doorbell rings and in comes a damn four-year-old Q mom be a kem of the day and her for effing kids who all come into the house and start immediately being annoying a 12 year old girl and then three boys all under the age of eight apparently she's an ex of his from 20 years ago and they are still friends and she brought her kids over not his kids mind you as a surprise immediately they load up plates and make a huge mess not even eating most of their food just messing it up they are loud obnoxious screeching and running around bumping into people and not listening to a word their mom says the oldest girl was okay but he was still trying to talk to anyone who would listen so she could get attention every time they would do something stupid their mom would just scream at them but not actually do anything to stop them too busy on her phone and of course they did not listen one of the younger kids screamed and freaked out when my puppy ran up to him just to sniff him and started crying to me that he tried to get me then his brother went into the backyard with the dogs and somehow could not open the door to let himself back in he started banging on the door and screaming which of course got the dogs riled up and they started jumping around him finally someone let him in and the dogs were going crazy barking up a storm and he was crying and screaming they were going to kill me she then proceeded to stay for two effing hours and everyone was so exhausted by the kids that our energy died and me and my boyfriend fell asleep on the couch it killed the whole mood and my friends girlfriend who was really irritated with this whole thing as well ended up just telling her kids not to come I have many questions after this whole thing how are you going to walk into the wheat man's house where people are obviously drinking and smoking and then make us all stop doing those things because it's incredibly uncomfortable doing that stuff in front of kids then proceeded to let your kids have a free fall on our food and he had to go back to the store to replace the food they messed up so there would still be enough moreover then stay for two hours letting your kids act like fools on top of that the four year old was effing sick and cuffing mouth open all over the place his girlfriend was so effing mad she had me and my boyfriend come smoke a blunt outside with her so she would not get homicidal I don't get how people don't understand how rude this is like did she seriously not understand it's not appropriate to bring your toddlers to an adult party where there's drugs and alcohol and she had the balls to give me and my boyfriend dirty looks when we would say a cuss word or something I get so irritated and drank my kids and I cannot believe my first Sunday often months was ruined by them wait let me get this right so the e/m aka the mom bee actually brought her kids to a drug dealer and then proceeded to eat all their food as well as ruining the evening also on a side note I've actually used this subreddit before so it's not completely new but let's continue on my first job at an indoor waterpark obviously we had to deal with a lot of children and they're very entitled parents the worst incident I was involved in was during one of my last shifts before I moved off to college at this point I'm totally over this job and all the screaming wet children that day I was working the ticket register and you measured people's kids and gave them the appropriate colored wristbands so the lifeguards could quickly tell if someone was not tall enough for a particular ride I sold passes to father and son who was just under the main height requirement we were always supposed to err on the side of caution because it's a massive liability issue I already knew I would be dealing with some blowback from the father before the end of my shift couple hours passed and the debt is back at my counter fuming mad he told me that I was a racist because he had seen a white boy the exact same height as my son with a different colored wristband this takes me completely off-guard because what a ridiculous thing to accuse me off I am NOT maliciously using my shitty first job to screw with non-white children I am one of those people that tends to awkwardly laugh when I feel uncomfortable and yeah let's just say that it was a big mistake he completely blew up we had to get the lifeguard manager involved and to this day I do not understand why she did this she went out into the water park found the white kitty was talking about and re-measured both children totally bizarre that she would involve the other child she ended up giving dead kid the better wristband to appease the raging dead I was told I did my job correctly and by their standards he was under but no manager felt like dealing with it anymore I've never wanted children but my experiences at that waterpark solidified that belief forever it's crazy how entitled parents again and again willingly and dangered their own child just to get what they want mom be a nice kid at Vivid Sydney so Sydney Australia has an event on called vivid it involves a ton of colourful lights all around the foreshore art installations etc and is a wonderful event for all ages my mum 50s and i25 went to the taronga zoo display which is one of the few parts of vivid you have to pay to see and the number of entitled parents pissed me off you see all these wonderful lit up sculptures and displays are begging to be photographed they really go all out at the zoo and everyone is taking photos selfies and having a great time until the mom bees show up it's common sense to wait five seconds until someone has taken a photo before walking in front of them especially if they are getting a photo of someone else with the lights it's also common sense to wait until someone finished taking the photo before pushing an overtired or sugar hype child next to them and whipping out a phone as we all know a lot of mom bees lack common sense the one I will never forget is the child with more sense than his mother my mom and I had stopped in front of the sea dragon which was undulating dark blue and black with red highlights on its edges it was a dark sculpture but we both loved it and wanted a picture with it being a dark sculpture at night meant we needed extra effort to get the camera to focus and not blur with small hand motions so it was taking a few moments to get ready we had started this process when there was one of those random breaks in the crowd and when people filtered by everyone seemed fine to go around us while we try to get the photo then I heard a voice beside me saying give sterling full of dead wood I had nearly gotten everything perfect so I tried to hurry up to get the photo before it was ruined I got the shot and was expecting to find a kids head in the corner that I would need to crop out later instead I heard now mom they are taking a photo I quickly got a couple more photos in as the mother said something along the lines of the does murder go old I was done by them so turned to the kid seven to twelve I guess I don't know I suck at guessing ages and thanked him fully ignoring his mother she gave me a filthy look but I did not care her kid had more courtesy than most of the parents death I truly believe some people lose all their manners when they become parents and they think the whole world revolves around them and the children I love spending time with my mom and I love going to adult-only events or a late night and payment with my friends and seeing the parents at Vivid losing the chance to enjoy themselves made me feel sorry for them honestly I don't think many of the parents actually enjoyed themselves that night and it's a pity because the display was gorgeous but they had to entertain their kids instead of taking the time to really look at anything and have a nice night you know I really enjoyed these stories where the kid has better manners than the mum B aka e/m sadly most of the time when there's an e/m there's also an ek all right guys that was all the content I have for you today as I said this was not a slash and title parents or people but instead this was our slash child free which does indeed have a lot of good entitled parents stories so please tell me in the comments what you think of this subreddit and I hope you have a great day and I see you tomorrow oh and also don't forget to check out my pro revenge video which I uploaded around five hours ago

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  1. ⭐️ Hippity Hoppity, your drugs are now EMs property! ⭐️

    You better post some Ripe ⭐️⭐️⭐️ s in the comments, otherwise a horde of MOMBIES will come and get you ..

  2. Baybee Mother is like some strange cross between Freaky Drama Queen and Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Honestly, should probably have her kid taken by CPS and her mental health seriously evaluated.

  3. "I don't like how that mom handled this situation, so I'm not going to be a mom." That's some sound logic there… Absolutely not shitting on people who choose to be child free, to each their own, but that's like saying I don't like the way my neighbour arranges his flower garden so I'm never going to keep flowers.

  4. 1:49 – It sounds like the woman was trying a rather ill-concieved scam to blackmail the owner of the dog, which fell flat when she had no means of stopping the owner from just walking away.

  5. Hi sir! I would love to go to a place with such beautiful sounding pieces but…I think it's best I not cause I'd end up drop kicking a Karen lol

  6. I don't understand why people say they don't want children because of overexposure to other people's shitty children. The kids are shitty monsters because the parents are irresponsible shitheads. If people believe all kids are automatically like that, it only prooves they themselves don't actually know how to raise a child properly, with boundaries, so should never have a child themselves anyway. YOU and YOUR choices determine whether your children will be entitled brats or not. If you can't do it responsibly, don't do it at all.

  7. Say what you want about Boomers but we were taught to sit down, be quiet and behave while visiting our elders (including our grandparents) and to follow the rules of the adults of the house. We were brought to enough art galleries and other sites so that we knew how we were to act. I don't believe in hitting but I do believe in firmness and consistency. Yeah, it's hard but the job of a parent is to raise their child to be a functioning member of society. Sorry for the rant but damn these EP's tick me off!

  8. I have a service dog and if I went to a pet store and this woman comes in with no control of her dogs or kids and they hurt or scared my dog, I'm not afraid to sue them.

  9. @14:45 You shouldn't use EPs and/or EKs as an excuse Not to have kids. Their behavior is no reflection on what you will do, unless you know that you are no better than them.

  10. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  11. She should've left immediately when she smelled the weed. That's rotten to have your kids at an adult party, aweful parent!!!

  12. It's not that having the kid makes them Entitled. It's that their Narcissism shifts all of it's focus on their children.

  13. Yeah, the doggy Schitzo Mombie, and all Entitled Parents see animals as a chance to let out their narcissism on.

  14. somebody needs to put those pieces of shit down and their shitty kids. It would be doing the world a favor.

  15. Hey, my favorite EP story remains the one where the parent was telling their kid to harass my service dog & the kid told off their parent because you're not supposed to bother dogs when they're working…

    I just about spit my drink through my nose laughing, I was stressing out initially, expecting to have to deal with an EP & instead watched an EP get schooled by their kid.

    It was sweet! I love such stories, they are a real balm to the pain of the regular EPs.


  16. I've worked at a pet store it sucks when the parents bring dogs and there crotch goblins at the same time, the dogs were much better behaved then the goblins. I hate children so much…

  17. Never had kids and control my animals. Sometimes I think kids should have leash laws too. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  18. OMG! If the good people are going child-free, our future generations may consist only of THE ENTITLED.

  19. You were the fool for letting a woman with children into an adult party! You should have opened the door and say "No children allowed"!
    It was totally YOUR F.U.!

  20. For all the…I've never wanted kiders…understand a child is a product of it's environment. Don't blame the kids, blame the parents.

  21. I really don't like the name Karen. I have a very good friend who would never act like these monsters!!

  22. This video reminds me of why I never wanted kids. I teach some lovely children but it’s the ones of entitled parents that made me realise why I never wanted my own

  23. – points a sign saying free stuff and watches the mombies walk in – 3.2.1 – shuts the door and presses the launch button – SEE YA

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