Reacting To Miss Earth 2019 Finals

Reacting To Miss Earth 2019 Finals

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Yeah Hey guys, welcome to the Critical Beauty Salon So the Miss Earth 2019 pageant took place last October 26 in Manila Philippines and Nellys Pimentel Puerto Rico won the coveted title. If you want to know what I think of the show, don’t go away, I’ll be right back! The pageant opened with 85 candidates dressed in outlets representing their countries national flowers Flowers were the main theme of this year’s pageant Honestly, I thought that the opening number and intro was disappointing. It felt rushed as host James Deakin announced the name of a country every three seconds which didn’t give the televiewers ample time to see the face of every contestant I wondered to if the judges or the spectators had a good look of all the contestants Since I didn’t see any giant TV monitors anywhere inside the venue I also think that the big LED monitors that flash the names of the countries and animated floral patterns clashed with a contestant sashing down the runway Actually all those bright patterns kind of hurt my eyes. Oh, and I didn’t know that the island nation of Fiji has changed the spelling of the country to Fuji. Anyway six of the contestants whom I assume were the best dancers in the group took center stage and performed individual dance moves including Miss Australia who did some tumbling Since this year’s theme is flowers this explains why the contestants came out in outfits bedecked with all sorts of flowers and why the focal point of the stage is a massive prop that resembled a flower. The pageant took place at Cove Manila, a massive entertainment space with indoor beach club and nightclub located Inside the new resorts hotel, Okada Manila. The stage is what I would call a thrust stage which is extended wall-to-wall with audience on just one side – on the front. For the first time in the history of the pageant the show started in the afternoon at four o’clock to be exact. This is the same stage that was used for the Miss Philippines Earth 2019 pageant last July which also took place in the afternoon. From a distance the stage did not look big enough to accommodate all 85 contestants? but when the camera pans closer to the contestants you’ll notice that there was more than enough space for the girls to move around to avoid colliding with each other. I think the venue of this year is a welcome change, a major upgrade from previous venues. There was a good reason to start the show at 4:00 in the afternoon – to use natural light which meant saving energy and to allow the audience to be awed by the column-free 30 meter high UV protected glass dome covering an area of 9000 square meters. The nightclub also boasts of the company’s first six-swing kinetic chandelier which can produce 10,000 kinetic and visual effects and a sunset approached the audience was treated to visual feast when the sun finally set and the lighting of a floral background turned from solid white to incandescent green. In my vlog entitled “Five things I hate about Miss Earth” I mentioned that the judging panel seldom consists of former Miss Earth title holders or any former beauty queens for that matter Last year, they had zero beauty queens unless you count a former Mister Bisexual World Philippines, and this year, they did not invite any former beauty queen Seven people sat at this year’s judging panel and five of them are Filipinos – Carousel Productions executive vice president Lorraine Shuck, Leo Valdez a renowned Filipino theater actor Ernie Lopez an environmentalist slash travel blogger Lorife Magadan-Otaza, an environmental activist and a city mayor and Cecile Guidote Alvarez the founder of PETA which stands for Philippine Educational Theater Association not to be confused with another PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, although I wished they would invite a representative from the world’s most influential animal rights group The girls wore swimsuits of different colors and cuts there were some in bikinis and some in one piece. There were some girls in top shape, some in mediocre shape, and some bad shape. Host James Deacon stated that the top 20 was selected “based under prejudging scores in this course from the Miss Earth Organization.” We know that the girls were pre-judged in three competitions each of which constituted 30% of the total score Face and Poise, Figure and Form, and Intelligence and Environmental Awareness. The the remaining 10% is Attitude. Now I have a question. Did the winners of the best eco video, Miss England, and best eco media, Miss Thailand, necessarily received high scores in the three preliminary competitions. What do you think? Please comment below? Anyway, the top twenty included the contestants from these countries In my vlog “My top 20 favorites for Miss Earth 2019” I had these countries on my list Seven on the list did not make the official top 22 in the finals Venezuela Mongolia Germany Vietnam Ukraine Nepal and India to me The biggest shocker of all was the exclusion of India’s Tejaswini Manogna whom I thought was a standout winner in the group I’m still trying to figure out the reason she failed a cut Could it be that she didn’t do well in all three preliminary competitions? Maybe she did but there were other girls who fared better than her? Did she have any attitudee problem that might have pissed off the organizers? I really don’t know. Unless you’re one of the chaperons who have spent four weeks with the girls you really can’t make any absolute judgment on their individual behavior and performance I feel bad that India did not make the cut but there’s no doubt that she represented her country very well and that she was loved and admired by many Filipinos. Now about Ghana Abena Evelyn Tapia. She was number two on my list Is it just me or did anyone notice that she didn’t seem as energetic on the finals as she was doing the preliminaries? Even though her gown was sparkling. You can’t say the same with her stage projection. Maybe this was the reason she didn’t make the top four? After the top 20 were called they had to return backstage to change into their evening wear while guestt performer Shontelle entertained the audience Now about Shontelle, to be honest I’ve never heard of her so I had to google her and I found out that she’s originally from Barbados like Rihanna and that she and Rihanna were in Cadet Corps together and Shontelle was actually Rihanna’s drill sergeant interesting Shontelle performed and judged for the first time in 2017. I would have preferred to see a different performing this year or even a dance performance by a local dance group and that would have been so much more interesting. In the long gown competition My favorites were Chile, Portugal, Ghana, Czech Republic, Colombia, Thailand and New Zealand But I think the best for me was Czech Republic. Notice that Filipinos call it long gown instead of evening gown. Why is that? Filipino fans, please comment below There were some gowns that wore the girls instead of the other way around like England whose stunning gown just sort of like draped her. USA who kept holding up the lower part of her gown and Netherlands whose high and low romp dress made her look like a hoochie mama. When it came for the top 20 to be reduced to top 10 Each of the top 10 finalists called had to pick a hashtag from a bowl. Of these 10 finalists only Russia use an interpreter Since I don’t understand a Russian, I’m not sure if the interpreter did a good job or not But based on the English translation Russia’s answer was not that strong Regarding her hashtag earth, she said , “Our earth is the biggest part of the universe. Our earth is where we live So we have to save our earth. We have to work hard with our soul to save our earth.” Dasvidaniya Russia, but earth is not the biggest part of the universe Do you want to know what the biggest thing in the universe is? It’s a super cluster known as the Hercules Corona Borealis Great Wall, it’s so big that light takes about 10 billion years to move across the structure My favorites in this hashtag segment were Puerto Rico USA Netherlands Chile and Nigeria But the best was USA because of her great delivery and good job in transitioning the word influence to her advocacy Influence is extremely important to me my advocacy is working with an organization called Enactus and I actually Implemented a recycling program at an elementary school and with that I’ve been able to influence them to get excited about taking care of our environment and they have influenced me to Give back to my community even more and that is why I’m here working for them and showing them that if you want anything You can do it. On a sidenote Czech Republic Klara Vavruskova resembles a young Melania Trump No wonder I like her The hash tag portion was followed by a second performance by Shontelle which I thought was ok, though I think she should have changed her outfit like her backup dancers had done Host James Deakin announced the top four finalists in this order Belarus Czech Republic USA and Puerto Rico who was generally surprised Each of them had to respond to the final question and the question was “How would you convince those who don’t believe in climate change that it is a serious problem?” Puerto Rico gave the best answer based on her good delivery, good content, and the sincere and convincing tone of her voice. I would have to say that addressing this issue of people not believing in climate change is more of a matter of lack of education and not only a lack of education but also the ignorance and not wanting to inform themselves of The fact that we are living in a planet that is our biggest home and we have taken advantage of it Instead of putting back what it is giving to us making notable leaders and a lot of influencers engaged with themselves and become better people is the most important thing to do The outgoing queen Phuong Khanh from Vietnam did her final work as Miss Earth 2018 looking divine in a beautiful white ball gown She was joined moments later by two of her elemental queens, Miss Earth Air 2018 Melody Mader of Austria and Miss Earth Water 2018 Valeria Ayos of Colombia However, inquiring minds want to know why Miss Earth Fire 2018 Melissa Flores of Mexico did not show up. Was she not invited? Did her national director go broke and therefore was not able to pay for her airfare? Or she did not really want to go? If you know anything, please comment below Belarus was crowned Miss Earth Fire, Czech Republic was crowned Miss Earth Water, Miss USA was crowned Miss Earth Air and the rest is history Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Earth 2019 goes to In my vlog , “My top 20 favorites for Miss Earth 2019,” I mentioned that Nelliys could win Puerto Rico’s first ever Miss Earth crown and that’s exactly what happened Nellys’ victory has made Puerto Rico as the first country to have won all the big international pageants. The country now has five Miss Universes, two Miss Worlds, two miss Internationals, one Miss Supranational two Miss Intercontinentals, and one Miss Earth. Tthe Philippines proved once again to be an outstanding host country; there were no allegations of sexual harassment this time and no stories of food poisoning either and the schedule of activities is twice as long and hectic as that of another major pageant which will take place in Atlanta starting November 28. but the best part of competing in Miss earth when it is held in the Philippines is that there will never be a shortage of sponsors who are willing to donate their goods and services to the contestants and that’s a good thing! Oh and host James Deakin didn’t yell the names of the contestants this time. Good job, James! We hope to see you host again next year . And there you have it my review of the 2019 Miss Earth pageant. Do you agree or disagree? Comment below. If you like this video give it a thumbs up, like, or share. If you’re new to this channel please subscribe and hit the bell below to receive instant notification for the next video. A big thanks to the new subscribers for helping this channel grow! Until the next time guys Bye

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  1. The new Miss Earth 2019 is Nellys Pimentel of Puerto Rico. Do you agree with her win? And what did you think of the show?

  2. Thank you for your support to miss India. She did tried Hard but sad that she couldn't reach top 20. I think miss Venezuela was having attitude problem that is why even performing good she did not place and Ghana should atleast be in top 4. I want miss India to participate in other pagent if she is willing to join so.

  3. you're absolutely right about the intro. the candidates didn't had a chance to shine, no close up shot. the background is so distracting, and it's so fast like they're running. the stage is beautiful but MGI stage is modern and more stunning

  4. Until now I am questioning of judging why Miss Ghana didn't make it on the top 4 she deserving for a crown she gives her heart and soul for the pageant she stays almost a year in the camp and study of culture and trait of Filipino's now I question in one month stay in the competition she get 6 gold and darling of the press and 1st runner-up at preliminary in Naga Bicol region to me she in the top 4 elements crown even main crown she deserved to win she must consider her I don't like Czech Repub in the top 4 Miss Ghana she deserved that position. Stop Racism of Colors or Nationality!

  5. Puerto Rico deserves to win. But contestants from Ghana and India, in my opinion, should be at least in the top 10 instead of Russia.
    Also, nice review video! I'm curious what do you think about the Miss Universe pageant? Its length (only 10 days) and late announcement of host city may signify something not OK with the current organisation?

  6. Exactly I was so disappointed when I saw that Fiji was written as Fuji
    I m from fiji and I can tell it hasn't changed its name
    It's a real embarrassment that they can not spell a countries name correctly

  7. Miss Earth Air last year was unable to go. She announced it in her IG that she can't afford to go here.

    Also I would like to know why the VP of Miss Universe Org, Shaun together with Chavit Singson were present as Miss Earth.

  8. There are previous editions of Miss Earth where none of the elemental attended to crown their successors. If I remember it correctly, when I watch the 2014 coronation night at the UP theater, I never saw any of the elemental queens and as well in the pre-pageant activities.

  9. Did anyone saw Miss INDIA Dr.T was in tear in a photo with her stylish (stylish's instagram)? That made me shocked and I'm sad for her.

  10. Maybe the girls' attitude while they are doing various tasks. Because it will reveal their behavior especially when they are tired.

  11. Miss Fire-Mellisa Flores of Mexico did not attend because of the reason no money to covered her flight going to Philippines because some issue make by her National director! Remember Miss Mexico 2019 who resigned by her tittle because she did not received her prices

  12. Specially this year MGI ME broke my heart with their biased top 21 though winner r good. I respect all country. Just can't accept . Expected Few country including my India. I don't know why this pageant authority Cook their show before starting. They don't value hard working girls emotions. Now stop following beauty pageant. I feel if u really wanna shine your country there are multiple ways rather than participate such cooking beauty pageant.

  13. india’s body was her downfall,
    there were too many great body too …
    her intelligent did not help her to enter the semis…
    and there were many intelligent girls too..
    no make up round, yet there were to many pretty girls without make up too…
    too much hyped made her countrymen angry,…
    in all fairness, miss earth is great when it comes to judging…

  14. India was a lovely girl, I felt her national costume could have been more realistic instead of a muppet looking hands. She should try again with a better team

  15. Hey! It was actually Miss Austria who did the tumbling – I injured myself doing the splits during rehearsals so I wasn’t in the solos 😂
    Susana Downes
    Miss Earth Australia 2019

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